World Falling Mod with Ranboo is Hilarious!

15 feb 2021
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Me and Ranboo played the "Falling Falling" map and had lot's of funny! I PROMIES!
Editor: @LlamaNeck

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  • just make the spawner a blaze

    Graham SilvaGraham Silva6 sekunder sedan
  • 14:42 *F I A N L L Y*

    xxꜱᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇxxxxꜱᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇxx36 minuter sedan
  • anyone hearing smash music at 19:34??

    fillvaderz SKfillvaderz SK40 minuter sedan
  • "ranboo has a crush on the enderdragon" "he wants to do bad- AHH" if the block didnt fall: "ranboo has a crush on the ender dragon" "he wants to do badboyhalo"

    Skep GMDSkep GMDTimme sedan
  • wait am i the only one that ranboo sounds like techno he said the last obsidein he sounds like tehco XD

    Joshua Elizur GrapaJoshua Elizur GrapaTimme sedan
  • My pick-up line I'm more useless than you and that's a good thing

    CHEESECHEESE2 timmar sedan
  • Tubbo: thank you boys for 1 mil me: I AM OFFICIALLY A MANNNN FEAR MEEE !!

    ionelikeponyionelikepony3 timmar sedan
  • How does tubbo have less subs then ranboo I always thought he had more

    ElectroElectro4 timmar sedan
  • 14:42 "fianlly"

    • Malia •• Malia •4 timmar sedan
  • I saved my friend in the nether with a fishing rod When he was in midair I grabbed him and pulled him up to the surface BC he accidently walked of he had diamonds, tools, armour-

    Anna LigierAnna Ligier4 timmar sedan
  • Everyone: focusing on the blocks Me: “Why does Tubbo chop wood with a iron pick?”

    Edith HyrskyEdith Hyrsky4 timmar sedan
  • Serotonin is leaking from my eyes

    Taylor CurrieTaylor Currie5 timmar sedan
  • Your bringing back the thing that was supposed to happen when i was born

    The Emarald puppy 2012The Emarald puppy 20126 timmar sedan
  • tubbo: * respawns and calmly jumps onto block creeper: BITCH YOU REALLY THOUGHT

    Pokemon Card CatcherPokemon Card Catcher7 timmar sedan
  • tubbo deals damage to ranboo ranboo dodges block on his own Tubbo: i LiTeRaLlY jUsT sAvEd YoUr LiFe

    Pokemon Card CatcherPokemon Card Catcher7 timmar sedan
  • At 16:38 both of them just shout 👁️👄👁️

    {•}Cãłlÿštå{•}{•}Cãłlÿštå{•}7 timmar sedan

    Hanz RhojanHanz Rhojan9 timmar sedan
  • 21:57 *Meet The Soldier*

    CodeMan1131CodeMan11319 timmar sedan
  • why there 59 enderpearls i thougth is max is 16

    Acer miken GomezAcer miken Gomez9 timmar sedan
  • Don’t MIME me? Isn’t it don’t mind me-

    endangered.penguinendangered.penguin10 timmar sedan
  • What if you, wanted forgiveness, but God said: *B L O C K S*

    BlueshiDX DeluxeBlueshiDX Deluxe11 timmar sedan
  • I remember 60k

    We like FORTNITEWe like FORTNITE12 timmar sedan
  • Tubbo calling ranboo "big guy" is very endearing

    AcrimonyAcrimony12 timmar sedan
  • Does anybody else hear terraria music in the background sometimes?

    PersassyPersassy12 timmar sedan
  • At 17:45 there's a mistake in the subtitles

    AppleanimationsAppleanimations12 timmar sedan
  • i think tthe barrel that they found is from tommyinit i think he is givng them a sign the he is jeaulus cuz thers litelary a disc in there

    Park Ha SeokPark Ha Seok13 timmar sedan
  • im suprised this stuff didnt happen in 2020

    nightmare foxynightmare foxy14 timmar sedan
  • so whens the south park content coming

    kenny mccormickkenny mccormick14 timmar sedan
  • “My helmet just broke.. **tubbo dies** and so did you...” I SPIT MY COFFEE EVERYWHERE RANBOO IS SO EFFORTLESSLY FUNNY I CANT

    RayRay16 timmar sedan
  • Tubbo slowly turning into tommy with title names

    Ghosty !Ghosty !17 timmar sedan
  • typo

    SxlarBruhhSxlarBruhh17 timmar sedan

    HazardousLeoHazardousLeo18 timmar sedan
  • I was on the stream!

    Tobias StrifeldtTobias Strifeldt18 timmar sedan
  • THE SKY IS FALLING *Chicken little quote*😏👉👉

    ITSWOLFY 27ITSWOLFY 2718 timmar sedan
  • Somebody needs to animate the moment where Tubbo was singing about Rambo having a crush on the ender and then screamed because of the obsidian.

    RainBlayzeRainBlayze19 timmar sedan
  • My mouth decided to just make a noise that sounded like a endermen...

    Diamond Flame FlameDiamond Flame Flame19 timmar sedan
  • Tub man: (finds enderman) The main character (ranboo): kill it! Me: aren’t you part enderman? we’re witnessing a murder

    Diamond Flame FlameDiamond Flame Flame19 timmar sedan
  • What is the server name ?

    Nick van PuttenNick van Putten19 timmar sedan
  • a' yes

    Acid ToxicAcid Toxic21 timme sedan
  • I like how he just assumed that we’re all boys who watch him

    Fay DurstFay Durst22 timmar sedan
    • @RandomSEworldWatcher same way I say "dude" or "guys". The word isn't really gendered anymore

      occhiolistocchiolistTimme sedan
    • Actually, whenever Tubbo says "boys" he means it in a gender-neutral way, it's his way of calling his viewers :D

      RandomYouTubeWatcherRandomYouTubeWatcher2 timmar sedan
  • i feel like im so used to doing stuff like its adventure mode, but ive never played it that much

    MrBeanieMrBeanie22 timmar sedan
  • Even after tubbo called ranboo raboob they still friends

    Lanman546Lanman54622 timmar sedan
  • 17:29, there were 4 'we need to go deeper' achievements...

    Finn DonaldFinn Donald23 timmar sedan

    TinTin UyTinTin Uy23 timmar sedan
  • 7:22 "you were mining inside of a bRuH" - Ranboo

    Lenovo HomeLenovo HomeDag sedan
  • blocks are falling from the sky and we are all going to die, little baby, Jesus has screwed us for the last time

    Michael Sower (Student)Michael Sower (Student)Dag sedan
  • Lambda λ You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal

    Master killerdakiMaster killerdakiDag sedan
  • how come ranboo forgets his silk touch XD

    yeet boy :3yeet boy :3Dag sedan
  • "I kid you not" I dont blame you ;-; as I am am almost da same TwT

    Megan ChiuMegan ChiuDag sedan
  • i found out recently by my friend that i share my birthday with this man... ig thats pretty cool

    DarklyDarklyDag sedan
  • Ranboo kind of sounds like technoblade when excited

    GangoZango PlaysGangoZango PlaysDag sedan
  • It is literally impossible to not be friends with tubbo

    GooseGamerGooseGamerDag sedan
  • 4:09 was that a reference of Brimstone from Valorant or was it just a coincidence

    Heatwaves.Heatwaves.Dag sedan
    • @Chunky he plays valorant so he made a reference mate

      WissleWissleDag sedan
    • I have a feeling it was a refference

      ChunkyChunkyDag sedan
  • Tubbo:I will only call you squad leader --me:no you will call him ranboo my beloved Ranboo:squad leader or ranboo my beloved Me:.....YES He SaiD iT

    Louisa FisherLouisa FisherDag sedan
  • I was half expecting Philza to of commented what the f***

    Tri-WingTri-WingDag sedan
  • Me being proud of tubbo for gaining almost 300,000 subscribers in a week

    Zi UwUZi UwUDag sedan
  • i just know some weirdos are gonna ship them 😣😒

    【 BlankGalaxyGamer 】【 BlankGalaxyGamer 】Dag sedan
  • Tubz

    Nikhil DiwanNikhil DiwanDag sedan
  • Wtf Hahahhaha Tubbo actually Said FVCK hahahahah ill clip that♡

    Bryan CampanaBryan CampanaDag sedan
    • He curses normally? Lmao

      occhiolistocchiolistTimme sedan
    • He's a teenager?

      GhostingGhostingDag sedan
  • the ender dragon is a she and her name jean

    Deaft_shotDeaft_shotDag sedan
  • Tubbo's "du du du du" like every 13 minutes is adorable but i just think of the TV static thing LOL

    Elijah_Xx •Elijah_Xx •Dag sedan
  • 20:58 Ranboo's "humana humana" lol

    Elijah_Xx •Elijah_Xx •Dag sedan
  • 12:49 I dunno this moment just felt worth timestamping When he’s the ✨squad leader✨

    Paigey-pooPaigey-pooDag sedan
  • Bamboo farm more like ranboo farm

    Crazy ThingsCrazy ThingsDag sedan
  • 15:12 Ranboo betrayed his family

    Moni WangMoni WangDag sedan
  • *tubbo about to say "ranboo wants to do bad things to the enderdragon"* magical obsidian from the sky: "i t h i n k t h e f u c k n o t"

    Elizabeth :]Elizabeth :]Dag sedan
  • Botw music??!???

    PotatoPotatoDag sedan
  • Looks like Tubbo has an older brother like relationship with Ranboo and just like Tommy and Wilbur

    Xgamer 19Xgamer 19Dag sedan
  • 6:00 Rambo’s scream sound like a pokèball

    ClockClockDag sedan
  • Tubbo: OPEN UP THE SKIES Me, being the Valorant pleb I am: :0 *brimstone*

    SquirrelSquirrelDag sedan
  • Who thinks tubbo’s voice makes him so cute?

    Golden RavenxGolden RavenxDag sedan
    • @Golden Ravenx yeah

      slate is boringslate is boringDag sedan
    • @slate is boring well I guess it’s just me 🤥

      Golden RavenxGolden RavenxDag sedan
    • not really

      slate is boringslate is boringDag sedan
  • Whats the music at 16:23?

    Aanik GhoshAanik GhoshDag sedan
  • Ranboo pog

    R KR KDag sedan
  • 6:43 wtf why does tubbo have a 3090 and 10900k to play mincraft

    DeDoG1011DeDoG1011Dag sedan
  • This is my second time watching an when Ranboo was mining the Obsidian I thought Imagine if Ranboo just died there.

    Dona SomervilleDona SomervilleDag sedan
  • I love how tubbo copies tommy but in an inferior way

    MortalkingsxMortalkingsxDag sedan
  • I think I felt a rain rock

    Graham BallingerGraham BallingerDag sedan
  • Rangoon and i

    Anya KricsfeldAnya KricsfeldDag sedan
  • I can't believe I just subscribed omg I should have so long ago

    •Jinx• .-.•Jinx• .-.Dag sedan
  • 19:24 Tubbo mate your using an axe when you got a sword

    Jana DeebJana DeebDag sedan
    • @God yeah I know that but just for my mind I like the swords shape

      Jana DeebJana DeebDag sedan
    • do know an axe does more damage than a sword right? And has been used in combat for years?

      GodGodDag sedan
  • These are wholesome :)

    Jana DeebJana DeebDag sedan
  • ranboo: I'm on glad a heart I need to make a- tubbo: -punches ranboo-

    zeggityzeggityDag sedan
  • Hot take: If Tubbo didn't update that lava, they would've beat the Ender Dragon

    Matt AberMatt AberDag sedan
  • So it’s basically snow but random Minecraft blocks

    Jana DeebJana DeebDag sedan
  • ‘Do not interact with the elder man’ Me: but it’s his brother :(

    Jana DeebJana DeebDag sedan
  • I’m god make a song.

  • 9:33 @saxologic

    dporc04dporc04Dag sedan
  • Tubbo

    Jordan ReidJordan ReidDag sedan
  • I love how these comments are normal but my comments are how jealous tommy is of ranboo

    Wife HaverWife HaverDag sedan
  • New title: two 17 year olds getting hit on the head with Minecraft blocks for 22 mins straight.

    eeDag sedan
  • Alternative title: Playing a falling mod in minecraft whilst screaming with my beast friend!

    Kamron FoucaultKamron FoucaultDag sedan
  • Aaaaaa the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!

    LED had an ideaLED had an ideaDag sedan
  • 7:59 i cant make an amongus joke here please

    danendanenDag sedan
  • Is no one gonna talk about this? 1:42

    mo3lay _PHmo3lay _PHDag sedan
  • I’m a girl

    Kryptic Wolf2Kryptic Wolf2Dag sedan
  • BOYS? you think only boys watch your channel? I AM A FRICKING GIRL

    Iman IzzaraIman IzzaraDag sedan
    • @Puress _ OH-

      Iman IzzaraIman IzzaraDag sedan
    • Just a reminder that when Tommy and tubbo say that they mean it in a gender neutral way ._.

      Puress _Puress _Dag sedan
    • Not a hate comment though- just saying lol-

      Iman IzzaraIman IzzaraDag sedan
  • Boys? *E* where is wamen

    Team ToksTeam Toks2 dagar sedan
  • Tubbo: "do not- do not interact with the enderman-" Ranboo: **intense body language**

    Eva Azra BasarirEva Azra Basarir2 dagar sedan
  • Tubbo is the most friendliest member of the dream smp server

    ZelfixZelfix2 dagar sedan
  • You should make a cake with tommy

    Nightmare SansNightmare Sans2 dagar sedan