150-Pound German Shepherd Loses 50 Pounds | The Dodo Comeback Kids

18 jul 2020
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Tony was so overweight he couldn't walk up stairs. But he's lost over 50 pounds thanks to a house full of dogs. Now he gets to go on the craziest adventures around the country...with his dog girlfriend!
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  • "This dog _never_ like _anyone_ loved *him* " .... *EVERY* dog deserves love

    Ruby LoveRuby Love3 timmar sedan
  • It's a beautiful concept, loving and being friends with animals. However, cleaning up daily after the puppies might be time consuming,

    Sally FoxSally Fox4 timmar sedan
  • Your accent is true to form. God bless you!

    Susan StandardSusan Standard4 timmar sedan
  • Big tony

    Jok LaxtJok Laxt4 timmar sedan
  • Love that dog

    Tyler EdwardsTyler Edwards5 timmar sedan
  • this was so beautiful it almost made me cry

    Amelia BerryAmelia Berry5 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else literally just smiled throughout the whole video cause I can’t not smile.

    PolarFishysPolarFishys5 timmar sedan
  • im vrying and ima boy instead of having a girlfriend im gonna have a pack of dogs and geta big truck to travel hopefully

    PUMPKIN MANPUMPKIN MAN5 timmar sedan
  • 0:12-German Shepherd speciality... They love you back as a soulmate.. they are pure souls...

    subham jaiswalsubham jaiswal6 timmar sedan
  • I only lose 1 milligram each week bruh

    AlvinPlaysYT RobloxAlvinPlaysYT Roblox6 timmar sedan
  • Everyone needs a friend like Tony

    BurgerplayerBurgerplayer6 timmar sedan
  • This guy is the best

    The RiskyBaconThe RiskyBacon6 timmar sedan
  • Cutest doge award >w

    SkskMOOP445SkskMOOP4456 timmar sedan
  • Perfect tail of a dogs tail. LOL

    George TuckerGeorge Tucker7 timmar sedan
  • What is the song called which ist played from 2:40 it starts with „all my life I been petrified...“ Just need the name Please and thank you

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne7 timmar sedan
  • Now this is why a dogs best friend is a man.

    Skyline YTSkyline YT7 timmar sedan
  • NICE job dude :)

    Nikolai MasuokaNikolai Masuoka7 timmar sedan
  • This video made me cry because how sweet this man was

    Emma Jean PinderEmma Jean Pinder7 timmar sedan
  • Tony x Lillie Best dog couple of all time

    D3AD3YE GAMINGD3AD3YE GAMING7 timmar sedan
  • This video motivated me to help my dog get back to himself again

    Inocent /:Inocent /:8 timmar sedan
  • I legit couldn't stop smiling ;_)

    SomeRandomChildSomeRandomChild8 timmar sedan
  • I would love to see vlogs from this guy

    flex-xflex-x9 timmar sedan
  • This is awesome. I hate the idea that people abuse animals. we need to find ways to get Humans off the street who have the same problem with lacking self trust or abilities in themselves because they came from abusive families or never educated and got into drugs. a place to put these people and get them off the streets. I was there myself (though I had a job and a truck to sleep in) i'v seen people with far worse issues that I feel while talking with them, that they needed a program to go to, to get a new skill and start inching their way out of the streets and into a home with a paid job and responsible of paying bills and not doing drugs. easier said than done though. the problem in the USA is still happening as it is in the UK, Canada etc.. world wide issue

    Thom PabolThom Pabol9 timmar sedan
  • CMON TONNYYYY god this video got me so hype this guy is a legend

    J GJ G9 timmar sedan
  • Give this man a Netflix show where we see him travel with his dogs!

    James WayneJames Wayne9 timmar sedan
  • oh man that was beautiful to watch! I would like to do this as well when i have my own place

    MosesesMoseses9 timmar sedan
  • This man is king of dogs

    That one guy Productions 2That one guy Productions 29 timmar sedan
  • I wish this was a movie

    999 fatalz999 fatalz10 timmar sedan
  • You know what, dude?!? How about you give some affection a homeless guy, who can suffer like you do??? You can play later then, when these guys stopped feeling threatened all the time in their existence.

    Räuber HotzenplotzRäuber Hotzenplotz10 timmar sedan
  • God bless u for being so kind to yr dogs..

    Ratna RajashekarRatna Rajashekar10 timmar sedan
  • Dude start having kids. Looks like best father to me. :)

    robys gorobys go10 timmar sedan
  • i see those abs coming let’s go i luv this kid bro

    ARcuhARcuh10 timmar sedan
  • Now I want a dog

    This PonyLoveThis PonyLove11 timmar sedan
  • you did a good job keep on doing your work good to make me cry I love dogs thank you if I want to want to adopt them all. you just gained another subscriber this is so cute

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips11 timmar sedan
    • GOOD JOB

      Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips11 timmar sedan
  • 6:14 "OMG Toni, You're so athletic!" He said as Toni reached for the cheeseburger haha

    LocomótivLocomótiv11 timmar sedan
  • Bro I need tony as my weight instructor

    【anii-aesthetics】【anii-aesthetics】11 timmar sedan
  • Dog breeding should be outlawed or at the very least highly regulated.

    CHARLIEM1010CHARLIEM101011 timmar sedan

    krillenwillenkrillenwillen12 timmar sedan
  • 💫Story Time💫 I actually didnt 'adopt' my dog from a shelter but we did save her, My family and I were going out to get food and there were two dogs outside of the store leashed to some of the outside furniture One was in a cage. My dad went up to ask what was going on and my and my little sister went to see the leashed up dog this dog per say was a female about 1 years old and a beautiful jack Russell Terrier she loved humans and had multiple patches of fur missing and a fee scars and scratches almost like she had better in many dog fights or something

    Tamaki -UA traitorTamaki -UA traitor12 timmar sedan
    • The other dog was a black Deer chiwawa he was aggressive and would bark and snarl when anyone got close to The female dog this chiwawa was in the cage Because of this and few moments later my dad looks at us and tells us to stay out here with the dogs and he would do the shopping (my grandmother was with us) so we did, when he came back with the groceries we noticed that he had two dog beds and dog food we were taking the dogs. When we got home with the dogs we noticed on both dogs there ribcage was so easy to see you could take one out (my little sisters use of words) Chico (the ciwawa) and Rosebud (the Jack Russell Terrier ) would never leave each others side sadly a few weeks after getting Chico he pasted Because of infection from a internal wound from dog fighting. We still have rosebud after 4 years she is the happiest dog in the world and so athletic she ways 98lbs most of it is muscle and we are glad we saved her from her previous Dog Fighting owners. Another good thing that came out of this was that they let her tag one her with a phone number they were put in jail for the dog fighting it is illegal Because of animal endangerment

      Tamaki -UA traitorTamaki -UA traitor12 timmar sedan
  • Jake Playz robloxJake Playz roblox12 timmar sedan
  • this isnt mans best friend. this is dogs best friend

    Eryn BeeEryn Bee12 timmar sedan
  • You are blessed my friend ❤️

    Abhi debAbhi deb12 timmar sedan
  • This makes me cry, Tony truly motivates other people to always believe in yourself. Don't doubt it, this is who you are, no need to be afraid.

    VllixyVllixy13 timmar sedan
  • 👊👊 to this guy and tony and all his pack

    IglumanIgluman13 timmar sedan
  • Rt frgtttyy01

    Piotr PożarowskiPiotr Pożarowski13 timmar sedan
  • *Then on there run Penny in his hand: 👆👇👆👇👆👇👆👇😟

    Josiah CamarenoJosiah Camareno15 timmar sedan
  • U know you've hit rock bottom when this hits you harder than it should have

    Kathy RKathy R15 timmar sedan
  • he has so many doggos I wanna live with! and help tony out!

    Jake BennettJake Bennett16 timmar sedan
  • He is a chonker, but thats why we love but!

    Hunter TitanHunter Titan16 timmar sedan
  • Lol it looks like Tony will eat you No offence

    still that guy that makes vidsstill that guy that makes vids16 timmar sedan
  • Lowkey would watch a movie about these dogs talking to each other and tony's adventure

    adriancito arroyaveadriancito arroyave17 timmar sedan
  • tony is iust helpless dog but now he got a proper home all he needs is altention, love, exercise we should give all aninals a chance

    Xx wolfie cheese xXXx wolfie cheese xX17 timmar sedan
  • God bless this guy!

    3rr0r .-.3rr0r .-.18 timmar sedan
  • Stfu, the owner made him fat. Poor guy

    FLAMEFLAME18 timmar sedan
  • 1:44 like "dood"

    xHécadosx [VG]xHécadosx [VG]18 timmar sedan
  • tony toned haha

    RonTronicsRonTronics19 timmar sedan
  • Tony is so cuteeee

    elliana pierceelliana pierce19 timmar sedan
  • Echt super schön gemacht

    Zuko DreßlerZuko Dreßler20 timmar sedan
  • About the statement about that if you go to a breeder that you leave a dog in the shelter I agree but people can have allergies so then they might need a dog with less allergens and if a dog is a mix then it might not be suitable for then

    guymanhumanpersonguymanhumanperson20 timmar sedan
  • And there is the beginning of TONY STARC

    Muhammad 5-oMuhammad 5-o20 timmar sedan
  • Good man

    naadsovnaadsov21 timme sedan
  • wholsome 100

    Lucas CooksonLucas Cookson21 timme sedan
  • Give your dog's all you r love

    Midas comes back givingMidas comes back giving22 timmar sedan
  • Get Tony starkes away the Tony dog is more cool like if u agree

    Technical cpm gamerTechnical cpm gamer22 timmar sedan
  • Awww how amazing :)

    Justin melvinJustin melvin22 timmar sedan
  • you people are the ones that bring back faith in my heart

    kevin bennettkevin bennett23 timmar sedan
  • this footage made me cry

    kevin bennettkevin bennett23 timmar sedan
  • this guy has an little plot in heaven

    Gustavo MenbreñoGustavo Menbreño23 timmar sedan
  • Its cute to watch 😢

    Vilius GudavičiusVilius Gudavičius23 timmar sedan
  • I am not crying. I am not crying. I just was cutting onions.

    TheBlazersfan22TheBlazersfan2223 timmar sedan
  • I love how the all stay together its so cute c:

    Amélie Mathieson élèveAmélie Mathieson élèveDag sedan
  • this guy makes me want more dogs *hes good at his job*

    davidea ealanddavidea ealandDag sedan
  • Get running you little dumplin

    Johnpaul RosarioJohnpaul RosarioDag sedan
  • This feels like it could be a disney movie

    Perry WysePerry WyseDag sedan
  • Lee Asher you are an incredibly special person "forged in fire". The world needs you!! And many more...

    Lynn KowallaLynn KowallaDag sedan
  • size doesn't matter

    FO10FO10Dag sedan
  • This is so sweet you turned this dog’s life around 🥰🥰

    Ollie HOllie HDag sedan
  • i love fat dog tony and his huge family

    Olivia's Internship VlogOlivia's Internship VlogDag sedan
  • chonky boy

    boss kofiboss kofiDag sedan
  • This man is the best dog owner! Hi tony! Good job buddy!

    siimplyskyysiimplyskyyDag sedan
  • Tony

    Caylee BelandCaylee BelandDag sedan
  • Bo carried

    JustinJustinDag sedan
  • :( I’m so happy for tony

    JcoadeJcoadeDag sedan
  • such a great dog dad. animals should be spoiled and only spoiled 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    I found a liquor store and I drank itI found a liquor store and I drank itDag sedan
  • This will make me feel like I'm going to cry

    Sudipta SarkarSudipta SarkarDag sedan
  • that is beautiful

    Alice GreshamAlice GreshamDag sedan
  • chunky

    AngeloldofthehahasAngeloldofthehahasDag sedan
  • my shepard has the pretty much opposite problem. my dog ryder has this disease that causes him to not be able to digest food properly so he's super underweight and skinny.

    D-boi VidsD-boi VidsDag sedan
  • Chonkster lmao

    OP GamingOP GamingDag sedan
  • Awwww

  • i’m tryna be like him

    ZyxZyxDag sedan
  • 3:22 oh wow

    Allie KelleyAllie KelleyDag sedan
  • You’re a good person who gets thanks to dogs 🐶🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🐩

    Britt ValadezBritt ValadezDag sedan
  • I wish there was a smarter, bigger, more loving creature that raised humans and took care of us when we were down, who considered us their best friend and would encourage us when we need it.

    Julian BulianJulian BulianDag sedan
  • i cried watching this!! its so beautiful and this man is making a difference in teh world

    T LT LDag sedan
  • Lovely story. They are all so happy.

    Pam DoylePam DoyleDag sedan
  • Love this story, very inspiring. You could tell Tony was a handsome beastie, even with the extra 50. He is extra still.

    Dee_xxDee_xxDag sedan
  • Oh lawd he chonk

    Flaken MaskFlaken MaskDag sedan
  • I honestly wanna be just like this man when i grows up

    adnielpow 225adnielpow 225Dag sedan
  • In October my cat that I rescued got hit by a car so for my birthday soon we are going to my local shelter to get a new one

    Carter TackettCarter TackettDag sedan