PacMan: Arcade Classics #14 vs My Arcade | Pac-Man Mini Arcade Showdown!

15 okt 2019
46 221 visningar

Arcade Classics is at it again. With the third version of Pac-Man, #14, now released, there's finally a fair fight between AC & My Arcade. In this video, Jon compares Pac-Man as it is on both platforms (even talks a bit of history about the previous releases) and tells you which one he thinks is the better of the two (or three... or four).
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  • Thanks for info :)

    Laurie ChavezLaurie ChavezDag sedan
    • You bet!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp13 timmar sedan
  • I'm glad I never got #7. Thank you for giving me reviews of these c:

    JoeyGamer53JoeyGamer53Dag sedan
    • My pleasure, Joey. And thank YOU for watching!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpDag sedan
  • I have a question for you Jon, thr Xix did a review of the My Arcade Pacman game featured in your video. His ghost roll call after the title lists their names in Japanese, while mine list the ghost names in English. Which version of the ghost roll call do you have? Do you know if the Japanese named ghost version is an earlier version of the game? I prefer the Japanese version myself.

    Philip DefibaughPhilip Defibaugh23 dagar sedan
  • What do you think pac-man is eating(real food, not pelots)? -Pizza -Burgers - Ghost poop

    THE epic BUMTHE epic BUMMånad sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp ever noticed the sliw one "Pokey" aka Clyde was made the sly leader and the "leader" Blinky was the coward the 82 cartoon show?

      Philip DefibaughPhilip Defibaugh3 dagar sedan
    • You know, my imagination was heavily influenced by the '82 cartoon, so I pretty much just always envision dots as white spherical candies. Kind like Tic-Tacs or the like. Certainly never ghost poop, as you proposed! 😬

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • Cobra Kai hat

    Preston and Baby yodaPreston and Baby yodaMånad sedan
    • #GoodEye

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • I pulled the trigger on 07 because I thought your review was done, and then you told me 14.

    Ron MorrisRon MorrisMånad sedan
    • You're kidding, right? You ordered a product mid-review?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • Arcade Classics #14 where to buy best?

    sagartiesagartieMånad sedan

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • How many levels does this mini pac man have

    EricEricMånad sedan
    • How many levels? Do you mean mazes? Both are faithful to Pac-Man in that they have just a single map layout. If you mean levels of play, it's up to how long you can survive!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • Ok, I got one of these arcade games back in 2017, yes I am a pac man collecter/fan. I love pac man and I won’t stop playing it on one of these, When I got the My Arcade Pac man, I played it NON STOP! I still have it to have fun during the 2020 pandemic. I’m suprised it lived trough dropping it 5 times, it only got scratched... I still have it though and it still works

    Russian-Chinese EmpireRussian-Chinese EmpireMånad sedan
    • It's good to hear that the MA unit is durable. It's mostly an empty shell with a tiny single-board computer nestled inside, so there's not that much to break, I guess. 😀

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • I would buy the version of My Arcade because 1.- I love the arcade design, very similar to the original arcade. 2.- It has a demo mode, with the names of the ghosts and a gameplay, and I would love to leave it on on a shelf like an arcade waiting for you to insert a coin

    FFireBall108 YTFFireBall108 YTMånad sedan
    • Go for it!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpMånad sedan
  • Basic fun is going to make a gold version of the 14 Pacman at Walmart online for next day delivery

    The Frick 2007The Frick 20072 månader sedan
    • Oh, I tried, Jayboy!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp2 månader sedan
  • I found out that there's a gold version of this that actually plays the arcade ROM it's going to come out soon

    The Frick 2007The Frick 20072 månader sedan
    • It's just a rumor I think

      The Frick 2007The Frick 20072 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp also it's for the 40th anniversary of Pacman

      The Frick 2007The Frick 20072 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp yes we know it

      The Frick 2007The Frick 20072 månader sedan
    • The re-re-re-releases of Pac-Man will never end. 😃

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp2 månader sedan
  • Game there is a new arcade of pac man online on Walmart

    Lety LovatoLety Lovato2 månader sedan
    • That doesn't surprise me! 😀

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp2 månader sedan
  • If you could, please let us know which ones can be modded to unlock more games?

    Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne2 månader sedan
  • I have the 14 it's awesome I really want the mortal Kombat one

    Ya Boi CarsonYa Boi Carson3 månader sedan
    • @Ya Boi Carson If you have time, take a stroll through the comments on that video. After lots of group testing, we've come to the conclusion that the codes are recognized, but do NOT activate the bloody fatalities. It's nerfed.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp2 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp yeah I watched it I think there might be a code that you can put in with the buttons to add blood and normal fatalities

      Ya Boi CarsonYa Boi Carson2 månader sedan
    • It's certainly the best of this bunch. Have you seen my review of the MK? Just know that it's the Genesis ROM and the blood code is disabled. Otherwise, gameplay is faithful.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp2 månader sedan
  • Try the tiny arcade pac man it is closer to the original

    That one CataquackThat one Cataquack3 månader sedan

    Eric TruongEric Truong3 månader sedan
    • On what?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp3 månader sedan
  • Pacman My arcade = NES Pacman Pacman #7 = Virgin Pacman Pacman #14 = Chad Pacman

    MisterMA 5MisterMA 54 månader sedan
    • You've got me curious - tell me more about virgin/chad. Are these manufacturers? Developers? Models?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp4 månader sedan
  • I have the my arcade is goes very good

    Cristina HernándezCristina Hernández4 månader sedan
    • Yep, not bad. Have you tried any of the other units hands-on?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp4 månader sedan
  • The rom game is so small on the screen i can’t barley see it / 😔 / overall it’s okay

    • GenXGrownUp / in some arcade classics games they take advantage of the full screen / I don’t wear glasses / but i can see / sorry for the confusion / i just have to be real close to play the arcade classic game machine / maybe next time you do a video of one of them maybe you can mention it / when they put in the game to take at advantage of the full screen / because some games are not full screen / thanks for listening 👍 / oh & by the way I like your videos there cool 👍 😄

    • Just wear reading glasses like me! 😀

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp4 månader sedan
  • I bought one and after the first use now has a line going though the screen on the right side. Anyone else get this?

    Mr. One TwoMr. One Two4 månader sedan
    • You don't indicate which one you experienced this with, Mr. One Two. I've not seen this with either model personally.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp4 månader sedan
  • I’m more Confused on which is the best one to buy lol he rambled on a bunch and got confused along the way 😤😤🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    BLacK HarTzBLacK HarTz4 månader sedan
    • Yeah, what a dummy. He should've used some sort of rating system to make it clear. 😘

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp4 månader sedan
  • the arcade classics seem so good I don't understand why they make them so so small a little bit bigger would make a huge difference

    sabbathtributesabbathtribute5 månader sedan
    • I know what you mean. I feel like this is the sweet spot for something you could put on a shelf. Much bigger and you would start to need counter space. I get the impression that these are much more intended as collectibles than daily drivers.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp4 månader sedan
  • I want to see videos

    Stephanie SpearmanStephanie Spearman5 månader sedan
    • Then you've come to the right place. SEworld has literally dozens of them. 😜

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp5 månader sedan
  • God, I’m so glad that when I went to the store one day and bought this for 20$, it was the good looking version with good sound. I’m 13 and I used my allowance to save up and buy this at the store for 20$, i didn’t to any research before buying, I didn’t know there were so many bad versions, I’m just so glad I didn’t accidentally buy one of the many bad ones, I would have freaked out if I saved up 20$ for a junky version of pac man

    []soup[][]soup[]5 månader sedan
    • Very nice!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp5 månader sedan
  • coolest video and coolest game

    Anahi AcunaAnahi Acuna6 månader sedan
    • Thanks, Anahi! 😀 I hope you will subscribe and check out much more of our GenX-inspired content!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp6 månader sedan
  • Do You Have Any Of The My Arcade Pocket Players?

    ABTube27ABTube276 månader sedan
    • I have this Pixel Player:

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp5 månader sedan
  • My arcades are hackable though. There are jumpers that let you play galaga, dig dug and mappy among others

    MoondreamMoondream6 månader sedan
    • Cool

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp5 månader sedan
  • Can the #14 be switched into the my arcade cabinet? If it's possible then you would have the best of both worlds.

    Cycloptyc FilmsCycloptyc Films7 månader sedan
    • I'm sure with a little MacGyver'ing it could be done, but if I was gonna go that far I'd just put a Pi into it and use the real McCoy!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp7 månader sedan
  • I own number 1 of arcade classics

    Neon hyattNeon hyatt7 månader sedan
    • Yeah well trying to I still haven't found any other ones yet

      Neon hyattNeon hyatt7 månader sedan
    • Nice. Working on a full set, are you?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp7 månader sedan
  • I always watch your showdowns because I don't actually know what to spend my money on and I subscribed to you and I agree #14 arcade classics plays exactly like pac man the sound really sounds like the arcade I really had so much fun with my arcade classics collection. I take them to school with me just for me not to be bored and I share with them to my friends.

    Bendy45617 The ink demonBendy45617 The ink demon7 månader sedan
    • Thanks, Bendy!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp7 månader sedan
  • Hey Jon, I just found out that there a few hidden jems inside the My Arcade Pacman game. They are Dig Dug, Galaxian, Galaga, and Mappy ( I love that game) and are playable. I find them fascinating yet creepy at tge same time. Creepy in that just like your Joust/"Defender" video you have to take them apart and be like a Dr. Frankenstein and put it together again. A great money saver when successful.

    Philip DefibaughPhilip Defibaugh7 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp it's true! You should do a video taking a My Arcade Pacman cabinet apart and checking out the secret games inside, especially Mappy!

      Philip DefibaughPhilip Defibaugh7 månader sedan
    • Interesting!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp7 månader sedan
  • You should do a review of the Coleco Pacman/Ms. Pacman man.

    Philip DefibaughPhilip Defibaugh7 månader sedan
  • Arcade classics by Basic Fun kept trying to "Improve" the Pacman from being a Gamboy Pacman knockoff to a Coleco knockoff to being an accurate version of the gamescreen, BUT I still wish they would have used the classic cabinet like the My Arcade. Was it a rights issue???? The Basic Fun coin drop "whacka" sounds a lot better than the generic coin drop Ms. Pacman and looks like it plays better than than Ms. Pacman. I think I picked up the wrong pac game lol. I still HATE the cabinet art!

    Philip DefibaughPhilip Defibaugh7 månader sedan
  • I have this new version #14 as well, I removed the plastic and had reset it and it still won’t get out of trial mode 😩 please help!!!

    Haisha MalaveHaisha Malave8 månader sedan
    • Oh, no. Sounds like the trial button is stuck. I'd gently open it up and check on the trial switch inside.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp7 månader sedan
  • That’s what my friend has

    Random Pacific nationalRandom Pacific national8 månader sedan
    • Nice.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp8 månader sedan
  • i am soon gonna have the my arcade pac man game

    Kai ShyrievKai Shyriev8 månader sedan
    • Cool.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp8 månader sedan
  • my friend has my arcade version of mini pac man

    Jeffery TruesdellJeffery Truesdell8 månader sedan
    • Cool

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp8 månader sedan
  • He doesn't get into much or anything about the controls..

    sabbathtributesabbathtribute9 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp I'd like to know how responsive the controls are. Anything compared to arcade? Totally playable? Somewhat playable?

      sabbathtributesabbathtribute9 månader sedan
    • What would you like to know, sabbathtribute?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
  • Definitely worth the pick up without having to sell off both of your arms for the Coleco or the Tomytronic versions of our 80's...

    Matthew HolyoakeMatthew Holyoake9 månader sedan
    • Funny

      Stephanie SpearmanStephanie Spearman5 månader sedan
    • That's for sure, Matthew!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
  • Why do you like the basic fun instead of the my arcade

    The Frick 2007The Frick 20079 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp my mom is getting a basic fun Pacman number 14 not the number 7 Pacman I have the number 1 Pacman but Getting number 14 Pacman

      The Frick 2007The Frick 20079 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp the my arcade version shape of the arcade machine looks like a Pacman arcade machine but the arcade classics looks like a basic arcade machine

      The Frick 2007The Frick 20079 månader sedan
    • Mostly for the reasons I outlined in the video, Jay.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
  • The old basic fun one was decent

    Sample Text 8504Sample Text 85049 månader sedan
  • #14 arcade classic Pac Man is a great improvement over the #7. Hopefully they'll fix Asteroids and Space Invaders too.

    Chester FumblenuttsChester Fumblenutts9 månader sedan
    • Me too

      Onsu SolarOnsu Solar6 månader sedan
    • That was a horrible version of Asteroids.

      Vicious Alien KlownVicious Alien Klown8 månader sedan
    • Yes indeed! Their Asteroids release definitely needs fixing!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
  • Nice video, thanks. Next up on my wishlist is the Numbskull 1/4 sized arcade cabinets. Just gotta save some pennies and convince my wife...

    FoxBox72FoxBox729 månader sedan
    • Yeah, those are pretty steep but pretty!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
  • Were can I find that number 14 arcade you show?

    Zero XZero X9 månader sedan
    • GenXGrownUp maybe you said they aren’t order able online for some safety reason, but I just found it online -_-

      Zero XZero X9 månader sedan
    • Sorry to hear that, and I'd give you a link if I could, but they're not order-able online -- you'll need to go to a brick and mortar store. I've heard horror stories of people trying to order specific units online and getting different ones when they pick them up. Just hit the stores and look for a #14 on the side. If that's not do-able, you could always try paying inflated prices on eBay. Search for "Basic Fun 14" or similar.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
    • Maybe a link ?

      Zero XZero X9 månader sedan
    • GenXGrownUp well my kid has that first one you played, which is probably the worst one, My kid got it as a gift and didn’t like it :/ so I want the closest one to the original Pac-Man but when ever I go to Walmart I never see any, I just see the one he already has.

      Zero XZero X9 månader sedan
    • It's now in most Wal-Mart stores, Zero X.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp9 månader sedan
  • The first two Pac Man games from Arcade Classics were terrible. MyArcade version was decent and it looks like 14 from Arcade Classics wins. I also have the Tiny Arcade version which is decent but slow. I did a comparison of Dig Dug on my channel from 3 different companies.

    Vicious Alien KlownVicious Alien Klown10 månader sedan
  • 7:16 there sounds

    Chistopher PepperChistopher Pepper10 månader sedan
    • What about the sound at that timecode?

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp10 månader sedan
  • They did Pac-Man 3 goddamn times. I am still left waiting for them to make a backlit Space Invaders.

    Sean The BermanatorSean The Bermanator10 månader sedan
    • LOL!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp10 månader sedan
  • i have the 14 my arcade version my high score is 9,363

    matthew womblesmatthew wombles10 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp thanks. now its 15673

      matthew womblesmatthew wombles10 månader sedan
    • Keep practicing! 😜

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp10 månader sedan
  • Hello, where can I find the Arcade Classics pacman 14???

    Olivier HayatOlivier Hayat10 månader sedan
    • Distributed almost exclusively through Wal-Mart.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp10 månader sedan
  • the arcade classic's version of pacman..the screen looks smaller than the my arcade's. The design on the my arcade looks much better..I also like the joystick..what sucks is the rom it's nes version.

    ChristopheChristophe10 månader sedan
  • I have the my arcade version of pac man. I love it. Tajes ne back to my youth lolxxx so addictful.

    Paul MillerPaul Miller11 månader sedan
  • You watch cobra Kai?

    marlon umarlon u11 månader sedan
    • I do, Marion -- how could you tell. 😆 It's nostalgia mining done right.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp11 månader sedan
  • Hey sir why haven't you reviewed the smallest arcade Pac-Man it's in the form of a keychain in my opinion it has the best graphics in the best sound quality for what it is

    Manuel SilvaManuel Silva11 månader sedan
    • @GenXGrownUp thanks for the quick response much love to your Channel, this little mini arcade keychain is pretty legit when it comes to the sound and the quality is very similar to the one that you reviewed but in smaller pixels of course still for being the size it is it plays really good

      Manuel SilvaManuel Silva11 månader sedan
    • Great suggestion, Manuel!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp11 månader sedan
  • I always find it disappointing when these manufacturers don't work off of an original arcade ROM with a custom version of MAME.

    MagCynicMagCynic11 månader sedan
    • If they went that route the little toys wouldn't be $20.

      Chester FumblenuttsChester Fumblenutts9 månader sedan
    • I don't mind the NES port of Pac-Man. It being on a miniature arcade cabinet that has the original Bally Midway art just ruins it, as if it is false advertising, and I got scammed.

      Daniel SladeDaniel Slade10 månader sedan
    • I disagree. Pac man's NES port is great, but limitations could also be the problem to work with on a device that small. Fun and nostalgic game system, in my opinion. I think My Arcade did an excellent job with the art design and taking the time to release this product in stores. It is Pac man. Game itself, is somewhat like the original arcade. Graphics of course, no! Their is problems with the port itself that will be mentioned, issues have with: 1.) Cannot save highscore. 2.) No two player 3.) Hard to move Overall I think the game deserve's a 2nd chance. I really do not care if its not the actual arcade rom. Find it fun and exciting to play it

      Xbox 360Xbox 36011 månader sedan
    • Yep, I'm right there with you, MagCynic. 😀 I hope you will subscribe and check out much more of our GenX-inspired content!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp11 månader sedan
  • ..My Arcade Pac-Man is king!

    Robd collectorRobd collector11 månader sedan
  • I love those my arcade ones I got alot of my arcade and basic fun's I got one of those mini Nintendo things and pac man and burger time are way better on my arcade

    Snickers the killer dogSnickers the killer dog11 månader sedan
  • Good review. Also, you win the contest for looking like former Cubs/Red Sox/Angels pitcher John Lackey. 🏆

    Dr. AwkwardDr. Awkward11 månader sedan
    • Thanks, Doc. You're the first to point out the likeness, but I can sort of see it.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUp11 månader sedan
  • Better to play on phone 😅😁

    I'm AsNI'm AsN11 månader sedan
  • I own the arcade classics q-bert and they didnt even hide that it's a NES rom they took out all logos of konami but left in the pause sound so yeah

    Mr peanutbutterMr peanutbutterÅr sedan
    • Yeah, My Arcade is the worst. I think just about all their arcades are just NES roms. Some are good enough to play though.

      Vicious Alien KlownVicious Alien Klown8 månader sedan
  • I have the myacrade brand ms pac man machine. It only plays the nes version though.

    Raccoon BoyeRaccoon BoyeÅr sedan
  • Glad to see they stepped up. Have you tried Namco Museum Mini? Supposedly 20 arcade rooms for $99? I might have to get just because. It includes Pac-Man and Galaga. :)

    alexshdvideoalexshdvideoÅr sedan
  • This one was pretty good

    Its a Rome Thing EverydayIts a Rome Thing EverydayÅr sedan
  • MyArcade has the original cabinet art. If your looking for 'authentic' look for a shelf display, it's the way to go.

    Billy ShermanBilly ShermanÅr sedan
    • I'd rather get the more authentic play. #14's where it's at. I've bought 5 of them so far. Whole family loves it!

      Chester FumblenuttsChester Fumblenutts9 månader sedan
  • I have the number 7 and in my opinion it's great. I love the fact that it looks like a Game & Watch. It's also more challenging.

    Pacster RetroPacster RetroÅr sedan
    • Pacster Retro hey I saw in cvs or Walgreens something like this pac man but Bluetooth radio do you know if they still sell them I like this mini portable only thing is you get tired easy hard to control if you got big hands

      John McclaneJohn Mcclane9 månader sedan
  • Got into porta-arcades just a little while ago and I'm glad I found your vids. Talk about a coincidence that this was one of the games I was thinking about getting, great work and good catch on that goof!

    Fellow HumanFellow HumanÅr sedan
  • In truth, the Number 7 Arcade Classics' screen is based off an older model Pacman tabletop "portable" arcade machine by ColeCo that used some kinda funky late 70s/early 80s era LED display. The 8-Bit Guy did a video about it on his channel a while back where he tore it apart for a clean-up and got it working again.

    That Filthy WeeabooThat Filthy WeeabooÅr sedan
    • I saw that, Weeaboo. I enjoy the 8-Bit Guy as well. As much as I enjoy the old Coleco games (I own a DK), that's not what I expect in a modern tabletop. 😀

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpÅr sedan
  • Dangit Jon! You're not supposed to catch your own goofs! That's what we're for!

    stewbacca2119stewbacca2119År sedan
    • Haha! For just a second I was going to just reshoot like it never happened, but it accidentally proved my earlier point, so I figured I'd leave it in. Don't worry, Stew, I'm sure I'll make plenty more foul-ups for you to catch in the very near future. 😜

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpÅr sedan
  • About time you made a video lol been trying to tell you about the new version from arcade classics

    SlenderManSteveSlenderManSteveÅr sedan
    • Doing my best, Slenderman! Sorry you had to wait, but appreciate you sticking it out.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpÅr sedan
  • I have the #1 but never opened it, it's just shelf candy. The new box looks better to me. Maybe.... no I'm not buying another lol

    Back In The Day GamerBack In The Day GamerÅr sedan
    • Yeah, you should sell the #1 on eBay for an easy $100. Then you can buy like 5 other arcade classics with the money!

      Chester FumblenuttsChester Fumblenutts9 månader sedan
    • Hey, BitDG. I like the new boxes as well. You ought to just eBay that #1 and get yourself a #14, my man!

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpÅr sedan
  • Hi

    Houndog 5Houndog 5År sedan
    • Hello.

      GenXGrownUpGenXGrownUpÅr sedan