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31 jan 2021
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I am trans, I like trans memes, here are some wholesome and relatable ones I wanted to react to
*Off my chest* artwork: @Leo Mateus

  • Go check out: and use the code: DODGER. 50% Off 1 item + Free Shipping in the US & Canada. *some exclusions apply*

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    • @Lachlan Emrys thank you🖤 I came out to my mum dime days ago and she accepted me🌱

      711 Ameri711 Ameri8 dagar sedan
    • If only I’d watched this video sooner...

      Meow911Meow9119 dagar sedan
    • @Lachlan Emrys Nope. All male, I've tried actually crossdressing and presenting female for a time, but didn't feel right at all. But *THINKING* about presenting female and most especially physically transforming is an appealing fantasy that I like to cultivate on a purely mental level. My identity as far as behavior and outwards appearance is fully binary cis-male. It's all I have any interest in performing for others. Performing for myself on the other hand, purely in the privacy of my own mind is another matter and that's okay and I know I'm fully valid.

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    • @Lachlan Emrys it’s been worked out, it was because it was a back order (I had assumed they keep hold of the care-kit and bag until the main item was available.) I’ll be waiting another week or so, but I know it wasn’t missed out or taken out by someone during shipping.

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    • @Lachlan Emrys thank you

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  • I went from i don't know what transgender is but it's bad to oh god I'm transgender I came out as trans 3 weeks after finding out what it ment

    Keith BunnhKeith BunnhDag sedan
  • Trans women also get he fun, extra joke about orchiectomies. Grant by the time most of us have gotten it, we no longer have the balls to make it

    BandanaDrummer95BandanaDrummer95Dag sedan
  • hi i am going to rant about my labels and explain them and also why you should respect them (because i am talking about neopronouns and xenogenders) transgender non binary but i prefer the label endergender they/them + end/ender (end/ender preferred) lesbian ok so non binary lesbians exist, yes. because you can't call an AFAB non-binary person straight because they like men, or an AMAB non-binary person straight because they like women (more on this later), some non binary people prefer to use lgbtq+ labels. especially if they are closeted about their gender but not their sexuality, they may prefer the label gay/lesbian. of course, non-binary people can also use the label straight if they feel comfortable with it! alright. so xenogenders and neopronouns. a lot of people say this is harmful to transgender people, and while i have NOT medically transitioned, i can say it doesn't. i have seen trans people who HAVE medically transitioned say that it doesn't harm or offend them. xenogender labels can be used by pretty much anybody who doesn't feel like non-binary or transgender is a label that fits them. take me for example. i prefer the label 'endergender' because it describes my personality and i feel way more comfortable using this label (due to me not fitting into the binary). now... neopronouns. neopronouns can fit with a xenogender, but remember that *pronouns do not equal gender!* you can be non binary but use she/her pronouns, or a demiboy that uses she/xer pronouns. in my case, yes, my pronouns match with my gender. however, if i were to stop using the label endergender, i can still use these pronouns. anyways, neopronouns are actually used by WAYY more people than you think. take the french pronouns, for example (warning: i'm SUPEr rusty with my french). in french, the pronouns that would replace he or him would be il. for she or her, elle! by not supporting neopronouns, you could unknowingly be saying something xenophobic / racist. just remember that anyone can use neopronouns, you don't have to be from a different country/speak a different language to use them! ( p.s. please do a video on xenogenders.........)

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  • Not going to lie when I first heard about binding and wearing a binder my dumbass thought you just put a school binder in your shirt to make your chest look flat. Yes I tried it. Yes I was 17 at the time.

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  • wait dude you look like my German teacher, the resemblance is uncanny

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  • Thats a a lot of "trans memes" said in a minute!

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  • Who dosent love Jamie at this point I think I've saved everything single one of ur videos cause I'm I'm bout to get top sugary (Finally) and you always make me feel happy! Gonna have a Jamie marathon

    Turnip 00Turnip 002 dagar sedan
  • You are the first American that I have heard that said Brisbane correct. YAY!!

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  • Such a fun video. I love your hair just like that. Thank you for saying "subscribe if you like. No pressure" that's why I subscribed😊 HUGS and Love

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  • For the meme about how you have to wait for approval to start transitioning, i have good news! There are some doctors who don't require referrals from a therapist. For instance, I'm looking into some leads in Nashville, Tennessee where this is the case. If, however, you're not able to find any professionals near you who don't require a referral, do what i did: Find a therapist who is also trans! Not only will they be able to help you find what resources exist in your area, but they're also so much more likely to understand your experiences on a base level and not gatekeep. Use google and stay hopeful, keep looking, and keep motivated. We're all in this together.

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  • Okay I wasn’t expecting the Adam and Eve code that’s awesome

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  • How it went “What’s transgender?” “I’m not transgender” “I support transgender” “Am I transgender?” “I’m nonbinary” “I’m Male ftm”

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  • There was this art post where it was a butterfly and a snail and it was about transphobia Butterfly: hello I am a butterfly Snail: hello you are a caterpillar

    Jared and 19Jared and 193 dagar sedan
  • Transphobes: trans people don't exist Trans people: **slowly fade out of existence**

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  • You are always the happiest and most smiley whenever you're looking at trans memes it makes me so happy idk why

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  • So, like, when trans people buy stuff is it always a.....TRANSaction? I’m sorry if I offended anyone I don’t mean to I just feel like I’m slightly funny

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  • the he/they never being called they thing is what makes me hesitate, because i do love the idea of both he and they! but i feel that if i put he/they it will almost always be he lmao Edit: ADORED when marks tweet showed up!!! i absolutely adore how inclusive and open he is about his support of the LGBTQ+ community! anytime i get upset or feel invalidated i always turn to him:)

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  • me in elementary school: I just don't have any crushes on any guys. I'm sure I will later me in 6th and 7th grade: I'm just a really good ally! me in 8th grade: .....huh. Maybe I'm bi? me in freshman year: gay gay gay gay

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  • dude actually pronounced brisbane correctly, absolute madlad. what's next, pronouncing melbourne correctly?

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  • im just trying to use my laptop and watch some wholesome videos but my cat just keeps coming up to me, bitting me, and then walking away. please help me ;-;

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  • Honestly if it says he or she on my assignment and I rewrite it to say they

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  • FaceBook is the boiling pit where we make sure the transphobes, homophobes, and general insane people stay so to keep away from us. Somebody make sure That Vegan Teacher gets back on, she escaped

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  • Me two years ago: Girl, boi, then there’s the people who are like switchy switchy (I never learned what gender fluid was until a year ago dont @ me T^T), and then there’s the people who are trans (not like under the umbrella, I mean like transgender transgender) Me now: *angry gender confusion* wHIcH pRoNoUnSsssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    AstrophelTheFloofySpaceDoggoAstrophelTheFloofySpaceDoggo9 dagar sedan
  • 6:50 I've mentioned my cousin in these coments before but he is the most respectful dude in my family it's great. 10:10 I was in costa once with a trans pride shirt on and the barista commented on my shirt (positively) I'm not sure if she knew what the colors ment but I think she did.

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  • Me (an Enby): **exists* Pěřîôd čřâmpš: _I'm about to ruin this _*_person's_*_ whole career_

    Kory DudeKory Dude9 dagar sedan
    • Same

      Billie NachnameBillie Nachname6 dagar sedan
    • Omg same. Pêrīødś suck when your Afab

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  • I find the whole birth certificate name argument crazy. I’ve changed my name twice and my mum (who is a single parent) has always supported that and calls me by my preferred name. So if she can do it (and she named me!) and would never in a million years dead name can everyone else!

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  • I feel like I'm going down that path...Maybe not. IDK. If I am, I'm late into stage two

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  • I don't like trans memes... I FUCKING LOVE THEM!

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  • Okay, this may offend some people, I don't indent it to! I never got the whole misgendering thing, like even if I don't think it's right to be trans I will still say your preferred pronouns cuz I hate the dramaaa (irl anyway)

    April WeloseApril Welose10 dagar sedan
  • Last year I was a straight girl, kinda scary to think about 😀

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  • 7:54 hey look at the comment it's me /j

    Robbie Abbott RamsayRobbie Abbott Ramsay11 dagar sedan
  • I DID need this video, Jamie. Thank you ❤️

    Lachlan EmrysLachlan Emrys11 dagar sedan
  • Just because you put a cup over a cupcake does not mean the cupcake 🧁 is not there

    AniShyAniShy11 dagar sedan
  • "A king squisher" PLSSS THAT WAS SO CUTEEE UwU

    Gae stuffGae stuff11 dagar sedan
  • I think we can all bond over the large amount of lorry photos we have

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  • 4:03 Wasn't expecting Jamie's Borat impression today. Yet, here. we. are.

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  • every trump supporter in my family is on Facebook everyone else is on TikTok/ youtube.

    Isabella hollcraftIsabella hollcraft11 dagar sedan
  • I came out to my irl friends as non-binary, and one of them replied with "Nice, I'm trans man, so we can be ass now" and that's the funniest sentence I've ever read

    Katrina BrownKatrina Brown12 dagar sedan
  • I need an air horn My girlfriends family sucks

    James DawleyJames Dawley13 dagar sedan
  • 2:44 if I'm in a room with some people and someone says "hey where is (name here)?" I respond with "they probably just evaporated. Y'know, global warming and all that"

    Sandric BendiksenSandric Bendiksen13 dagar sedan
  • My parents didnt get to see me for the first week of my life, I was in ICU and they never got told my gender. I was a boy in my parents eyes until a week later, when I was a girl. SO. am I a boy because that's what I was labeled as for a week OR and am I a girl because my parents edited it? Im not either but if they bring up the birth certificate thing thats what I ask

    S. R. WHYS. R. WHY13 dagar sedan
  • My English teacher would always say "he or she" instead of "they". That is, until one of my classmates just called her out and said "just use they instead, that's the correct term!" After that, out teacher actually started using they!

    Wilma WalkerWilma Walker13 dagar sedan
  • lol my therapist thought i was talking about a school binder when i said ima buy a binder and we had a good laugh about it.

    Rowan CoffeyRowan Coffey13 dagar sedan
  • Chestnuts

    Matthew BarbourMatthew Barbour13 dagar sedan
  • The chestnuts thing, I used to make that joke all the time, but for myself. I was like "there is no difference. Literally no difference."

    Emily WingEmily Wing13 dagar sedan
  • This is everyone's daily reminder not to ignore the "they" in "she/they" and "he/they" pronouns😊

    Sune Van BoschSune Van Bosch14 dagar sedan
  • Petition to call binders "King Squishers"

    Sam PepperSam Pepper14 dagar sedan
  • Never thought I would see Jamie get sponcered by a adult toy company

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  • 10:03 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it wasn't even that funny why am I laughing?! Help me please I'm dying I can't breathe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cydney McNeeceCydney McNeece15 dagar sedan
  • facebook is full of boomers, if you are not a hetero, cis, white, christian male you WILL be targeted on facebook...

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  • 9:08 “go *straight* ahead Me: laughing my hecking arse off

    I C E D C R E A MI C E D C R E A M15 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been struggling with so much internalized transphobia and this kinda thing helps me see the beauty and joy in our experiences as trans folks ⭐️

    Loki IagoLoki Iago15 dagar sedan
  • w h o l e so m e ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Loki IagoLoki Iago15 dagar sedan
  • curious folx: why didn't you get the nipple grafting me: i wasn't very attached to them

    Foxy JambreadFoxy Jambread15 dagar sedan
  • wait youre trans? huh, i couldnt tell

    MimicceringMimiccering15 dagar sedan
  • I remember seeing on TikTok, that Ancient Greek people accepted trans people, because they believed that the God of humans (don't know the God's name) got drunk one night and gave many people the wrong sex.

    Serafina FoolSerafina Fool15 dagar sedan
  • 6:05 I genuinely said the same thing when I met a trans person for the first time. I came out trans about a year after meeting them.

    Asher EslickAsher Eslick15 dagar sedan

    • ItzWolfieStudio •• ItzWolfieStudio •15 dagar sedan
  • Gah yeah, I’m enby and I’m fine with any and all pronouns and everyone uses either 'she' cause I’m afab and like wearing skirts and dresses, or 'they' cause nb, and like both of those are fine! But mix it up a bit people! Use 'he' some times you cowards!!!

    BryonyonBryonyon15 dagar sedan
  • 'Quickly goes on google to buy an air horn'

    AlexAlex15 dagar sedan
  • omfg my mother thinks that neopronouns and all the newer genders exist bc people wanna feel special and they'll get over it and it actually makes me so mad as a closeted genderfluid 12 year old >:(

    foreign swaggerforeign swagger15 dagar sedan

    foreign swaggerforeign swagger15 dagar sedan
  • What do you call it when a trans person gives someone a fur coat? A trans-fur

    Ember DragonEmber Dragon15 dagar sedan
  • May have already been mentioned but The r/curlygirl is very positive to all folks with curly/wavy hair goals.

    hmac312hmac31216 dagar sedan
  • Litterally this past year I went from definitely female to maybe I’m non-binary to nope I want to just be a cute transman and lemme say, seeing trans men like you and Samcollins is really inspiring. So if you’re ever feeling down just remember that you are an inspiration to all the trans babs who may be questioning or just begining their journey

    Cinnamon RollCinnamon Roll16 dagar sedan
  • you'll never be a woman just like i'll never exist

    Ama BlakeAma Blake16 dagar sedan
  • His beard is so long

    Jessica FarmerJessica Farmer16 dagar sedan

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  • " 'You are what you're born as' Oh, so I'm a baby then?" I died.

    Cruz the Brown GuyCruz the Brown Guy16 dagar sedan
  • I was just like why does he do so many trans videos and then he said he’s trans I’m like oh I’m so f-ing dumb

    Samantha MohlmanSamantha Mohlman17 dagar sedan
  • Had an interaction with TERFS today and MAN this was a palate cleanser

    sleepy smart boysleepy smart boy17 dagar sedan

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  • thank you. just... thank you

    SelkieSelkie17 dagar sedan
  • the whole thing with "we need to know if youre actually this gender to enter this bathroom to protect cis people privacy" doesnt make sense because nobody asks if a man is gay before he goes into the toilet. if LGBT people are really that perverted, then gay men and lesbian women would constantly harass people in bathrooms because "oh thats the gender i'm attracted to so i must act like im a jock walking past a girl with a dress on the street. i MUST catcall"

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  • Me when watching SheRa 2018, Season 4: I love Double Toruble he's the best!! The show:They, they, them, they, them, them they Me:Oh shit how long have i been saying he? (For the record, Duoble trouble's pronouns are They/Them, I just picked it up in their last appearance because I suck at pronouns... I support them though)

    Carmen MercedesCarmen Mercedes18 dagar sedan
  • I Went From "Gay, Wtf Is That!", To " Eyo Im Trans And Bi!"

    BokubroBokubro18 dagar sedan
  • I’m not trans or gay but I randomly found Your videos and I can’t stop watching

    Cookie And me 23Cookie And me 2319 dagar sedan
  • Me 13 during the Adam and Eve ad: 👁👄👁 is that religious?

    Evelyn C.Evelyn C.19 dagar sedan
  • Hi there I like your hair

    SaYm :0SaYm :020 dagar sedan
  • The more trans things I watch the more obvious it is to me that I'm trans

    DarthFennecDarthFennec21 dag sedan
  • Me: I could be trans... not sure though! Someone on the internet: *calls me a "he"* Me: *happiness noise*

    Maurice The GeckoMaurice The Gecko22 dagar sedan
  • Yesterday I found out that cosplay stores in Japan sell binders for those moments when you want to do cosplay of a male character but happen to have boobs

    Lucía ChacónLucía Chacón22 dagar sedan
    • Japanese cosplay stores are heaven

      Lucía ChacónLucía Chacón22 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jamie, I am trans but haven’t changed my name legally yet so at school in the register it still says that my name is Marlene but every body calls me Lenny so my Maths teacher is always saying Marlene or Lenny to me. So ocward

    stinktier3.0 Bauerstinktier3.0 Bauer22 dagar sedan
  • The never called they thing I deal with and its annoying

    KernowShinigamiViper Lil'DragonKernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon22 dagar sedan
    • I have only told my closest friends about my gender, and luckily they're really respectful and we usually address eachother as 'foolish mortal' anyway, but I cannot tell you how much better I feel with them than with the hes and hims I experience with my family. It's not that hard to use a mix, and yet people still seem to not be able to do it. :(

      Person_4Person_416 dagar sedan
  • 4:30 *cough* ifunny

    Johnnie VoorheesJohnnie Voorhees23 dagar sedan
  • I want wholesome heterosexual memes next! :)

    1Eyed1Eyed23 dagar sedan
    • @Person_4 that's kinda gay srry 😔

      1Eyed1Eyed7 dagar sedan
    • Are you talking about "r/straights being okay"? Cuz he's got a couple videos of that subreddit on the channel if you wanna check those out.

      Person_4Person_416 dagar sedan
    • . _ .

      tiltedcloudsztiltedcloudsz16 dagar sedan
  • roses are red violets are blue singular they predates singular you

    BreadCat 2300BreadCat 230023 dagar sedan
    • thats very true

      MrBreadStoneMrBreadStone20 dagar sedan

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    • @Person_4 oooh good idea thank you!

      Ash BakugouAsh Bakugou16 dagar sedan
    • I have started just not putting my gender on the forms they've sent me. Somehow, no-one's mentioned anything.

      Person_4Person_416 dagar sedan
  • Holy crap, Jamie is TALL! I'm a solid 20 cm shorter than him!

  • Your videos always make me smile! Keep up the great work :D

    beesqueetbeesqueet23 dagar sedan
  • When a customer says "maam, sir, uhh, maasiirrr? Im so sorry it's impossible to tell these days" Im just over here 😊😊😄😄😄 bc as a nonbinary person that's the best i come to passing in public. Frigging beautiful. It's my favorite thing when people aren't sure what to call me. I just tell them it's okay and ask what they need.

    Noah FoxNoah Fox24 dagar sedan
  • Literally my birth certificate listed my eyes as blue, they've been brown for the past 20 years, but if my birth certificate counts for so much I want a refund, I would rather have the blue eyes back

    Jay ManiloffJay Maniloff24 dagar sedan
  • I see that he/they only having he used, thing a lot. Me as someone who use he/they, literally everyone except my trans male friends uses they (when using correct pronouns), I put he first because out of the 2 I prefer it, I feel most validated when my trans friends call me he/him, my close family uses they which is right I'd just prefer more balance, especially towards the most comfortable one, they is seen as 'closer' gender-wise to my agab I think so it's more comfortable for her, probably same reason she keeps slipping to the wrong ones. Personally I find using hehim is going that extra mile and actually recognising I'm nothing like my agab and my still very effeminate appearance and voice ( I haven't started T yet), not to say that they isn't different, I'd just prefer both to be acknowledged by those closest to me, it might help the slipping and especially because she finds me wanting to start hrt as another stresser right now rather than when I look at it which is something to really look forward to especially because of how things are right now. Idk

    Elijah JonesElijah Jones24 dagar sedan
  • When I have children if I have a girl I will name her Max and if I have a boy I’m going to name him Jamie. 😊

    SydSydney700SydSydney70024 dagar sedan
  • It's true, Jamie. You are, in fact, Baby

    MartieMartie24 dagar sedan
    • reject adulthood, accept baby

      MrBreadStoneMrBreadStone20 dagar sedan
  • I laughed so hard at this: "so you are a baby then" xD

    Rose ACRose AC24 dagar sedan
  • I don’t remember what country but there is a place where they believe that trans people exist because Apollo got really drunk and gave people the wrong genitalia. I’m sorry but I think that’s the best thing ever

    Mandy ElmersMandy Elmers24 dagar sedan
  • The golgi apparatus has a cis face and a trans face.

    Valentine WigginValentine Wiggin25 dagar sedan
  • _chestnuts_

    SAMC: AnimatorSAMC: Animator25 dagar sedan