Typing in random words until i join someone's private match...

22 okt 2020
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In today's Rocket League video, I join random people's private matches by typing in random words/numbers until i find a server. From there, I just invade the match, freestyle, hit musty flicks, make the opponents rage quit, etc... Once I get to the server, whatever happens just happens lol.
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  • Musty: Tryna Join Pearson: *I FOLLOW*

    Zicki 13Zicki 13Månad sedan
    • Eh

      NRG DestinyNRG Destiny12 timmar sedan
    • hes a stalker

      Jack MasonJack MasonDag sedan
    • He iutl

      Dakota AlmazanDakota AlmazanDag sedan
    • He tracks EMAR of musty using bakkesmod and running an algoritme to get only on his match

      Francisco GasparFrancisco Gaspar3 dagar sedan
    • @Ben Neill Recent Players

      Oliver PeckOliver Peck3 dagar sedan
  • Pearson is ur stand

    SparkyTheEevee [Overseer]SparkyTheEevee [Overseer]2 timmar sedan
  • yes plz add me it LittleWig_

    Connor HelwigConnor Helwig2 timmar sedan
  • plz play with pearson

    Mr.Fortnite.1200Mr.Fortnite.12004 timmar sedan
  • musty:i got this c-block:i think otherwise

    Nicolas Tabima AlegriasNicolas Tabima Alegrias4 timmar sedan
  • Pearson is good at rocket league

    GavinGamerXX XxGavinGamerXX Xx7 timmar sedan
  • alright that’s cool and all but, where free styling with Pearson at?

    knightknight8 timmar sedan
  • Freestyleing w Pearson

    Sus_ AspectSus_ Aspect9 timmar sedan
  • This guy is gonna do musty flicks for the rest of his life...

    NFN_StefanNFN_Stefan13 timmar sedan

    V0LT1FY _V0LT1FY _15 timmar sedan
  • You are an impostor😂

    Cetina FlorinCetina Florin16 timmar sedan
  • If I’m ever losing I’ll just pray

    Detectve69Detectve6918 timmar sedan
  • Bro if musty makes freestyling with pearson a thing, that would be hilarious

    Lantz ThomsLantz ThomsDag sedan
  • bro pearsons stalking you

    Jack MasonJack MasonDag sedan
  • 10:19 lol

    EmirSorEmirSorDag sedan
  • 6:14 what are you doing stepmusty?

    xD SkitzifyxD SkitzifyDag sedan
  • Who else watched suits and is triggered he doesnt say pearson soecter litt

    adriaan van Waasbergenadriaan van WaasbergenDag sedan
  • Musty should make that series. Free styling with Pearson

    NorsauveNorsauveDag sedan
  • This is a vote for freestyling with pearson

    QuinGamerQuinGamerDag sedan
  • pearson freestyling (like for musty to see this)

    BeastMode BraydenBeastMode BraydenDag sedan
  • was he streaming this

    rreewwqqaaa PlayZrreewwqqaaa PlayZDag sedan
  • Oh my god. PLEASE. Do a series called “free styling with Pearson”... on God that would be so awesome.

    Átila Bagano GonçalvesÁtila Bagano GonçalvesDag sedan
    • Pearson and Musty got that chemistry tho...

      Lantz ThomsLantz ThomsDag sedan
  • You should find out who Pearson is and meet him

    Joshua RoperJoshua RoperDag sedan
  • Free styling with Pearson we all want to see it!!

    Clawed.Clawed.Dag sedan
  • You may be first You may be last But best of all... NO ONE ASKED

    R10TR10T2 dagar sedan

    Marcelo MilaniMarcelo Milani2 dagar sedan
  • yes

    S HS H2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine pearson is your fbi agent just watching you

    ReaperofStorms ,ReaperofStorms ,2 dagar sedan
  • If mustycow hearts this it will make my day

    Keaton HutsellKeaton Hutsell2 dagar sedan
  • Yes freeestyleing with Pearson’s

    E's AdventuresE's Adventures2 dagar sedan
  • He wants him to mostly flick perfectly first try with that pressure and he missed his flick like 3 times

    Damien ArronaDamien Arrona2 dagar sedan
  • 6:14 the way he said nice sounded like David504 lol

    Jayden TaylorJayden Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • In 14:32 theres two people in the lobby Pretty sus?

    GlueTyGlueTy2 dagar sedan
  • I did this

    Harry KaneHarry Kane2 dagar sedan
  • u guys talking about person when peguin had 1k on the line and wiffed it R.I.P Soccer penguin

    Teri MisTeri Mis2 dagar sedan
  • A fish, that is gummy, and is raging Oke

    Moldavian FoxMoldavian Fox2 dagar sedan
  • musty: hi guys I'm burnt out

    NattyNatNatNattyNatNat2 dagar sedan
  • Next time do ggggggg and password 5555555555555555555555555

    Glizzy GangGlizzy Gang2 dagar sedan
  • #freestylingwithpearson

    Paccyd33Paccyd332 dagar sedan

    sneakerhead xabiisneakerhead xabii3 dagar sedan
  • I now mustycow from a vid

    Mihai DucaMihai Duca3 dagar sedan
  • You stole my idea. This is how I would shut down random Kahoot games (with my name 😂) last year

    AJAJ3 dagar sedan
  • If every time musty failed to a musty flick I'd be richer than bill gates

    CASH RBLXCASH RBLX3 dagar sedan
    • what did u just say lol

      Todoroki ShoutoTodoroki Shouto2 dagar sedan
  • There I just solved the mystery

    jeff playsjeff plays3 dagar sedan
  • He is in his lobby it's easy In the chat his name was highlighted in blue which means he was just waiting in lobby and to hide that musty kept on zooming into a part of the lobby that did not show pearson when he had to go to lobby and join a new game

    jeff playsjeff plays3 dagar sedan
  • Ok but like Musty lost to bots lmaoo

    #The Best!#The Best!3 dagar sedan
  • Yes freestyle with pearson plz

    Félix LabbéFélix Labbé3 dagar sedan
  • Person musty freestyle series plz

    Dan GuirguisDan Guirguis3 dagar sedan
  • When musty got denied by c block can we have a rip in the chat for musty

    Luca QuirozLuca Quiroz3 dagar sedan

    Nugget BrawlsNugget Brawls3 dagar sedan
  • Plz make a series with him 🥺🥺

    TL RJKingTL RJKing3 dagar sedan
  • i started dying of laughter on 10:21

    Raymond GuzmanRaymond Guzman3 dagar sedan
  • Freestylen with Pearson go brrrr

    Get noob screen test I curseGet noob screen test I curse3 dagar sedan
  • Freestyle with Pearson heck ya

    Theo LambrakosTheo Lambrakos3 dagar sedan
  • Musty españa

    ItZ_ LuKaRItZ_ LuKaR3 dagar sedan
  • Did I just watch this entire video, with no interest in rocket league: yes

    CTCuberHDCTCuberHD3 dagar sedan
  • Free styling with Pierson

    Floppy Cow422Floppy Cow4223 dagar sedan
  • Funny thing is my name is Pierson too but just spelled differently lol

    peapot1187peapot11873 dagar sedan
  • that dude is creepy bro, did he watch u when u were a kid

    Ocean LopezOcean Lopez3 dagar sedan
  • 10:24 rip musty got blocked by a bot

    merin garrymerin garry3 dagar sedan
  • free styling with peirson pls do that

    MynameIsHoodMynameIsHood3 dagar sedan
  • This video was hilarious to watch

    B.W GamingB.W Gaming3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone talking about Pearson but not the fact that a random dude on the internet knew musty played soccer when he was 5

    Kim KarrasKim Karras3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone: yooo Pearson and musty and mentally connected Me: that’s cap Pearson: watching musty play through his window and hacking into his audio feed

    Kim KarrasKim Karras3 dagar sedan
  • Pearson where ya at?

    Levi MarincusLevi Marincus3 dagar sedan
  • @pearson

    Damage PVP JacobDamage PVP Jacob4 dagar sedan
  • Love the suits reference

    J03 G4M1NGJ03 G4M1NG4 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else die when cblock saved his goal

    Keiz VibingKeiz Vibing4 dagar sedan
  • It’s 30$

    TTB _C_4_MTTB _C_4_M4 dagar sedan
  • Why do I imagine Pearson being Jessica Pearson playing rocket league lmao

    Vasilios SotiropoulosVasilios Sotiropoulos4 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone knows mustys goal explosion name

    Dimitri IsrailovDimitri Israilov4 dagar sedan
  • do the freestyle with pearson

    Alex MendozaAlex Mendoza4 dagar sedan
  • I got trappeddd

    ⲢⲏⲇⲇⲦⲓⲭⲬ_ ツⲢⲏⲇⲇⲦⲓⲭⲬ_ ツ4 dagar sedan
  • Did u try ,join, or ,dont join,

    Senapsgrisen !Senapsgrisen !4 dagar sedan
  • God damnit, Pearson just spoiled the show "suits" for me

    A WA W4 dagar sedan
  • You should add him

    Crimson 4 RealCrimson 4 Real4 dagar sedan

    frosstyYTfrosstyYT4 dagar sedan

    frosstyYTfrosstyYT4 dagar sedan
  • 6:15 what da hell 😳

    davidgamer1357davidgamer13574 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see a freestyling series

    Trine DuesundTrine Duesund4 dagar sedan
  • Yes please make that series

    Jana EnglishJana English4 dagar sedan
  • Ya Musty is not Musty, Musty would never get rejected by a bot

    CatninjaOGCatninjaOG4 dagar sedan
  • 14:10 yes

    Ropelli11Ropelli114 dagar sedan
  • i want pearson and musty freestyle

    Jonathan2844Jonathan28444 dagar sedan
  • MUSTY u should make a siries called freestyling with piercion

    Matthew BrooksMatthew Brooks4 dagar sedan
  • Why do I actually want to see a series called “ Freestyling with Pearson”

    Barnett TorelliBarnett Torelli4 dagar sedan
  • Musty play with him again do a series

    BlaDeZ _clanBlaDeZ _clan4 dagar sedan
  • yes we would love to see trickshotting with pearson

    Joshua CharbonneauJoshua Charbonneau4 dagar sedan
  • Pearson is lit

    Maxime GagnéMaxime Gagné4 dagar sedan
  • Pearson tho.........😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Cdog3010Cdog30104 dagar sedan
  • i love musty dude he is so chill and just a great content creator theres no way he only has 1mill like he should have like 10mill keep up the amazing workk

    matooバカmatooバカ4 dagar sedan
  • New video idea*add random people that added u and play a tournament with them*

    XDIncident WarderXDIncident Warder4 dagar sedan
  • Musty=dad Pearson=son

    TiggeyTiggey4 dagar sedan
  • Pearson my boy you gotta tell me how you did it because i wanna be in a video too!

    Jack SchneiderJack Schneider4 dagar sedan
  • u should try "poes"

    Gipi HumphriesGipi Humphries5 dagar sedan
  • Pearson is a sticker

    Carolina GearyCarolina Geary5 dagar sedan
  • Pearson and Musty got that chemistry tho...

    Yo ManYo Man5 dagar sedan
  • 14:15 yes i want to see that x)

    KarasuKarasu5 dagar sedan
  • Musty: Hops into ranked. His TM8: pearson specter litt

    ulster utdulster utd5 dagar sedan
  • Pearson:what is up my dude. yea idk how I kept on finding u are do I know how to find u...hehehe

    Mac HockeyMac Hockey5 dagar sedan