Are Prebuilt PCs GOOD Now?

8 jan 2021
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Have prebuilt PCs gotten better recently or should you still build your own?
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  • can you watch my video and suggest what pc should I get as my first pc

    cursebl4ckcursebl4ck2 timmar sedan
  • 2021: a year where prebuilts are cheaper than building pc

    The AgamerThe AgamerDag sedan
  • I was going to build but I just bought a prebuilt for $1080 with a i7 10700k and a rtx 2060 with 16gb ram 480gb ssd and 1tb storage. Mid covid I couldn't build that for anywhere near the price.

    Cult of TristianityCult of TristianityDag sedan
  • No prebuilt pc are just glorified tablet

    Damien HartleyDamien Hartley3 dagar sedan
  • You can save just as much money by building your own PC. Fun fact: Stay away from Intel. Good Intel motherboards are almost $200, while good AMD AM4 motherboards are almost $100. Not only that, but Ryzen CPUs are $100-$300 cheaper than Intel CPUs, and they outperform most Intel processors. Most top of the line pre-builts I've seen are $800-$1400, and I've seen them break down quickly (Don't let this discourage you from using Ironside, since you pick the parts). On the other hand, you can build your own PC for $600-$1000, and it will last far longer than pre-built rigs. While a pre-built can break down in 3-5 years, a home-built can last almost a decade, and even over a decade if the CPU slot your motherboard has is still in use for over a decade. Now, AM4 is extremely efficient and may not be replaced for almost two decades. With the soon release of Zen 4, a new adventure for the potential Zen 5 awaits. I currently own a Ryzen 5 1600, which is very efficient, and out-performs a lot of Intel CPUs (It also uses way less wattage, so it doesn't usually get as hot). Not once have I gotten this CPU over 60% usage, and it always idles at 32-33c, and while it's working, it goes to about 37-38c. What most people fail to realize is that you don't need peripherals. do you have a working keyboard, mouse, and monitor or two? If so, you don't need to buy new ones. If you have a good PSU (450-600+ watts) rip it from your old system and put it in the new one. Oh, and headphones- You can get a good pair of gaming headphones for around $20-$35. The final thing it all boils down to is performance- Which the user can kill performance by not paying attention to clocks and temperatures. My system runs so cool because I keep every fan on the max- I wear headphones, so why should it being semi-loud bother me? I can't even hear it over my game. some bios auto-set CPU voltage to 1.5, which you do not want. At most, a CPU should run at 1.35 or 1.4 voltage. Also, a good graphics engine is MSI Afterburner- maximize GPU fan speed, and you're set (If it still goes over 70-75c, lower the power going into the GPU). To monitor other system temps, get Speedfan- It monitors CPU temp, motherboard temp, GPU temp, etc. (The only thing it's bad at monitoring is PSU temp- If you see AUX anything at 90c+, that's your PSU. Speedfan has never been good at determining power supply temp.) I encourage people to use these two programs, because it's helped me in determining the temps of everything without going to the Bios. Speedfan can also mess with clock speeds, but don't do it. If you want to change CPU clock, go to the Bios, and if you want to change GPU clocks, do it in MSI Afterburner. Finals words: Don't be discouraged to build your own rig- It will run better and last longer, and they're extremely future-proof. I have a $700-$1000 rig that would be priced at $1200-$1500 pre-built. It's simple and easy, and just follow the motherboard instructions. And do not buy peripherals you don't need- If you currently have working peripherals, keep them and wait to upgrade or replace them later.

    RedSolsticeRedSolstice4 dagar sedan
  • Dell: Wanna ask insurance? Buyer:No. Just A Gaming PC please. Dell: You mean"Gaming Gear warranty?" Buyer: just Dont. Dell:Alright forget about the pc we just sell the warranty. How about the laptops you want also buy includes with 2 years antivirus? Buyers: OK Boomer. Never buy PC from Dell then.

    Muhammad RafifMuhammad Rafif5 dagar sedan

    Aditya Narayan MishraAditya Narayan Mishra5 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Dell: Would you like a computer with your warranty?

    iam_StretchTViam_StretchTV6 dagar sedan
  • i think the market industries going to gaming beacause of the younger generation so they will start building pre-built pc's that only count on performance (and LED's) over profit

    P1X3L_PLAYP1X3L_PLAY6 dagar sedan
    • Gaming pc nowdays become a standard pc. Nobody want a PC with celeron CPU inside anymore even in office.

      Muhammad RafifMuhammad Rafif5 dagar sedan
  • me watching this video without a dollar in my pocket

    SpammingtriggerSpammingtrigger7 dagar sedan
  • All pre-built PC sucks

    Mr. BSMr. BS7 dagar sedan
  • no

    部首部首8 dagar sedan
  • Summerized: Just get warranty,man

    Danilo MrševićDanilo Mršević9 dagar sedan
  • Really, the only reason for me to buy a prebuilt in my opinion is to get a component that I need which is either completely sold out or really expensive due to soulless scalpers. Even better when it comes with a cpu/gpu combo. Why pay $1000+ on just one component when I could just spend a little more on a prebuilt... and hey I would have a decent PC to give away so that's a plus.

    Mary JaneMary Jane9 dagar sedan
  • I build my computer myself because with every single pc laptop or whatever that I have ever bought prebuild I ended up being pissed about at least one thing inside. I can only use a system with ease of mind if I 100% built it myself. I know what's inside. I chose the parts. That just feels good.

    glichjthebicycleglichjthebicycle9 dagar sedan
  • If you have enough money you can get past the poor expandability with external egpu and das raid drive enclosures, but a set of those two combined is getting close to what people spend on a budget build already. and even then its not quite the same, usb hickups from time to time, very annoying for drives storage. 5 bay raid ~$250+, egpu ~$300 and you aren't saving space at that point to boot.

    ThorableThorable10 dagar sedan
  • oled vs micro led, topic to cover in the future

    Zak jeyZak jey10 dagar sedan
  • Prebuilts are only good if they have enough head room for a midsize graphics card. Because if your not careful you won't be able to upgrade the GPU.

    Leo GLeo G10 dagar sedan
  • pre built still lookin to rob you blind

    NekminuteNekminute10 dagar sedan
  • Prebuilts come with Windows. That negates the cost savings from building it yourself.

    Spoofy JulianiSpoofy Juliani11 dagar sedan
  • Just to get your hands on one of the popular new GPUs, you might just have to go prebuilt these days. We can't all stay glued to PC waiting for discord notification and checkout in 1ms.

    JinJin11 dagar sedan
  • I have one of the most basic prebuilt that Asus can offer. Built in 2017 \ bought from me in december 2018. I don't play games and\or use "heavy" programs with it. So i'm fine for now X-D P.S. I have used an old HP laptop with Windows XP since 2009 until 2018 ...

    Alessandro CussinoAlessandro Cussino11 dagar sedan
  • I was just eating crispy salad when you said that.

    TASHHHHTASHHHH11 dagar sedan
  • You put the desktop version of my laptop (not same make and modal) in the thumbnail. (HP pavilion gaming)

    Jaxon LavinJaxon Lavin11 dagar sedan
  • check indian pre builds from stores like smc international and tech dreams

    Tanishq TanwarTanishq Tanwar11 dagar sedan
  • Two years ago i bought my CyberPower PC from BestBuy on sale for $999. When i went online and "built" it the components came to around 1100 bucks. Unless you enjoy doing it as a hobby building a PC honestly doesn't make much sense. My brother had the same experience, bought a Prebuild and he saved over $200 dollars VS if he went and built it. Just have to wait for those good sales to pop up.

    Kyle AKyle A11 dagar sedan
  • Five minutes of nah theystill suck.

    Matthias LeeMatthias Lee12 dagar sedan
  • I love the boutique builders cause I can customise my PC and get those people to built it for me.

    Lee Hong JinLee Hong Jin12 dagar sedan
  • A PC is literally the sum of its parts

    Nigel HNigel H12 dagar sedan
  • What do you guys think about legion t5 desktop? Seems like an ok pc but the psu ir ultra weak

    Krišjānis ViļčevskisKrišjānis Viļčevskis12 dagar sedan
  • Here now cause of stock and skyrocketed prices it's cheaper to get an oem pre-built desktop and just change some stuff on it.

    Chris ZerzelidisChris Zerzelidis12 dagar sedan
  • HP Inc files for bankruptcy! inshallah!

    mubariz salimmubariz salim12 dagar sedan
  • they are still selling $3-4k prebuilds with HDD when high end 2tb nvme ssds are only $250-300

    Yu TubYu Tub12 dagar sedan
  • Pre builts are still the realm of mid range computers. Most of your PC builders don't offer the God Tier part options needed to earn the title of "High End Gaming Rig" which coupled with the increased costs makes pre builts a questionable choice for anything more than casual gaming or for those that can afford to update their computer every 2 or 3 years.

    Hybris51129Hybris5112912 dagar sedan
  • Just built it yourself.

    Gilang RamadhanGilang Ramadhan13 dagar sedan
  • I still don't understand we we call it "building a PC" and not "assembling a PC," because they're really not complicated to assemble, and you're not building anything.

    László BuzasLászló Buzas13 dagar sedan
  • What about your other sponsor(s)? The manufacturer(s) of motherboards, video cards, AIO coolers, and high end PSUs?

    Todd no last nameTodd no last name13 dagar sedan
  • What song is in the background

    Andres PAndres P13 dagar sedan
  • what is a good prebuilt from 1,000 to 1,150 usd im gonna play mostly fortnite

    Thatguccimolian FnThatguccimolian Fn13 dagar sedan
  • Dell: Lets put the numbers 3080 in our low end pc's so real gamers will find it while looking for a 3080! Me: Microcenter searches "3080" 3 different Dell Optiplex at the price of a 3080 with no 3080 in them ... WTF! Dell: WHAT!? Some idiot will fall for it! Would you like a warranty with that?

    PSOCrockerPSOCrocker13 dagar sedan
  • the first pc im getting is during covid, so if i want to buy a pc with the exact same specs as a prebuilt its like 4000 dollars and its out of stock. (NOTE: not buying from dell dont worry)

    SweeSwee13 dagar sedan
  • Don't waste time watching this the answer is YES. Buy a prebuilt and game on or wait for eternity for parts that are never going to be back in stock and game never.

    SuperQBoiSuperQBoi13 dagar sedan
  • I just bought a prebuilt pc from nzxt yesterday because I figured out that it was better and more efficient than building it myself

    Boromir HúrinBoromir Húrin13 dagar sedan
  • Oh God I still remember how hard Linus destroyed dell over the warranty bs they did

    TheSonicFan4TheSonicFan413 dagar sedan
  • Back in 2018 I bought a pre-built ROG computer from Best Buy. At the time it was a good price for the components, and even to this day it's still able to run basically everything (even getting a solid 60fps on Cyberpunk 2077 with all the settings cranked up but with resolution at 1080p). But looking at the pre-builts now, I could get an ROG computer that has even better specs for less money than what I paid in 2018.

    SirKappySirKappy13 dagar sedan
  • Okay Linus Tech Tips.

    MemerGamerBoizMemerGamerBoiz13 dagar sedan
  • When i got my first pc i did a lot of research to build it myself. I had never done that before so i looked at prebuilts and found one with nearly the exact specs i wanted for just about the same price as the parts. I went with the prebuilt to save myself from tearing my hair out trying to build it

    David DyerDavid Dyer13 dagar sedan
  • i never thought i would see "good" and "Prebuilt" in the same sentence

    RelixRelix13 dagar sedan
  • After 25 years of building my own computers, I bought a pre-built. It had all of the features I wanted with only a small premium. It’s perfectly serviceable, although I would have used other components in some cases... the truth is that I have a Ryzen 6 core that in most reviews has performance that almost equals even the newest higher cost CPUs out there (for gaming). I’m good. It works flawlessly. I did upgrade my power supply though...

    Maine GuideMaine Guide13 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else cringe when they saw the screwdriver in the photo at 0:47?

    Jack PaterackiJack Pateracki14 dagar sedan
  • Wait, You don't have option in a shop to say that you want PC with this and that, and they will build you PC and they charge you only extra on building part that is even less than 5% of PC price?

    Matelight FreeMatelight Free14 dagar sedan
  • can be, can be, can be...... Interesting would of course have been comparisons between prebuilds and customs with siilar hardware :|

    Johan FredrikssonJohan Fredriksson14 dagar sedan
  • Please make a video on new WhatsApp privacy policy.

    Rucha AkerkarRucha Akerkar14 dagar sedan
  • no

    iixDEATHiixDEATH14 dagar sedan
  • In the UK, you can actually buy a 3000 series GPU... If you buy a prebuilt.

    C MedlinC Medlin14 dagar sedan
  • My prebuilt had a good cpu/gpu but came with terrible ram and a motherboard that was pure cancer. "Upgrading" it was basically building a new pc. Just build a custom pc from one of the many companies that do this.

    Tinman3187Tinman318714 dagar sedan
  • Discounted pre-built PCs are way better than building your own pc especially if you plan on spending around 1000$ Check out ABS at newegg they have good options.

    محمدمحمد14 dagar sedan
  • Good enough for me

    Infinity HubInfinity Hub14 dagar sedan
  • As a console peasent I'm not ashamed now.

  • In 2011 when I was 18 years old and in year 12, I would look up 'gaming PC' in eBay and be blown away at the colourful 'gaming PC's' selling for $700. Once I built my own PC in 2012 and subscribed to Linus' content, I realized those eBay PC's didn't have graphics cards lol.

    Y KY K14 dagar sedan
  • Not enough anti dell sentiment.

    Iuri GrangeiroIuri Grangeiro14 dagar sedan
  • I have the dell g5 just like the one you see in the video and it over heats a little bit when I run games like forza 4 and minecraft with shaders

    MRSgamiMRSgami14 dagar sedan
  • I watched this video the previous 3 times Techquickie/Linus made it. Is the answer still 'yes' as it was in the others?

    Zuon94Zuon9414 dagar sedan
  • Good thing my prebuilt is built from a list I put together

    ImYourEnderImYourEnder14 dagar sedan
  • Memory is a big 1 prebuilds cheap out on too. Which means a good bit on Ryzen.

    Nob odyNob ody14 dagar sedan
  • I need help pleas Ok so in my msconfig i messed up with the boot and set the memory to 234 and now it keeps giving me the blue screen of death

    CHEESCHEES14 dagar sedan
  • Your face is the exact reason why I will never subscribe to the channel

    BarDownSnizzzzy19BarDownSnizzzzy1914 dagar sedan
  • meh, got an asus one a little over a year ago, and they managed to fuck up the cooling with a lump of aluminium and an 80mm fan to cool it

    Lagwi n1980Lagwi n198014 dagar sedan
  • That jumper could have been a size smaller, just let my mum wash it, it will be nice and snug.

    Howard PayneHoward Payne14 dagar sedan
  • "It sounds horny..." Wait what?

    PablistreamPablistream14 dagar sedan
  • Back in the mid-2000s it was much easier to just buy a pre-built PC and put a decent graphics card in there and I can't tell you how many times I ran into random game crashes on my custom built PC that did not happen to my friends on their pre-built system...

    bryant nonyabryant nonya14 dagar sedan
  • why do you sound like tv-shop

    Jätski.fiJätski.fi14 dagar sedan
    • but can it run crysis

      Jätski.fiJätski.fi14 dagar sedan
  • what kind of question is this. we all know pre builds are silly.

    liamliam14 dagar sedan
  • Got a Cyberpower PC with an RX 5700 XT and a 3700x for 1000. I really wanted to build my own but I would need to settle with like a 1660 for the same price and just said “fuck it”

    SmugumiSmugumi14 dagar sedan
  • Got a Dell G5 “gaming” desktop a few months ago... worst decision ever!! Ended up selling it and building my own

    Lucas B.Lucas B.14 dagar sedan
  • I've bought my last few PCs from server builders like ABMX and had them built to my specifications. The nicest thing about doing it this way is that they don't pre-install any shovelware on your PC!

    Fredashay KlaviersteinFredashay Klavierstein14 dagar sedan
  • Me who doesn’t know how to build a pc: hmm very interesting

    a bad bad potatoa bad bad potato14 dagar sedan
  • I got a pre built because of the warranty legion are really good

    RedEyeJediRedEyeJedi14 dagar sedan
  • No mention of bloatware. Not uncommon for prebuilts and especially laptops to be packed with useless programs.

    Fool's RequiemFool's Requiem14 dagar sedan
  • to be honest,I built a lot of pcs,but when I wanted to get one for myself,I went with a used dell,because for 410 it gave me the computer and monitor and some junk while buying the parts separately used would cost me 500 something for a motherboard cpu and ram

    PetruVPetruV14 dagar sedan
  • To get a good value prebuilt you need to know alot about pcs and what makes a good value pc. Y'know the opposite of the target prebuilt audience

    FineManFineMan14 dagar sedan
  • Cool !

    gamefluxgameflux14 dagar sedan
  • I just placed an order for a customized prebuilt on AVAdirect for a mini itx 5600x + 3070 build for like $1400 usd plus SSD storage. Idk if I had a pricing error or what, but even without pricing error, their prices are pretty good, you can configure a barebones system without storage or windows, and you can place orders even if parts are on backorder.

    dogboy0912dogboy091214 dagar sedan
  • like laptops

    Aurobindo GhoshAurobindo Ghosh14 dagar sedan
  • *laughs in smoking gaming laptop*

    machiadannymachiadanny14 dagar sedan
  • I bought from a boutique online store because they claimed to have a great graphics card in stock. It's been 45 days since their "10-14 shipping days" went passed their promise of delivery.

    Max WooksMax Wooks14 dagar sedan
  • You forgot the biggest advantage of prebuilts: you can take the GPU out and sell the rest

    Andrew BordersAndrew Borders14 dagar sedan
  • The situation depends a lot on where you live. If you live in a country where buying a graphics card separately costs a fortune with something along the lines of 200% markups (yes places exist where it’s like that), a prebuilt very well could be your best option if there are boutoque system builders and system integrators in your area.

    Akoshus75Akoshus7515 dagar sedan
  • the pc on the Thumbnail is my dream, saw it in the french Amazon (Cdiscount)

    Final MiroFinal Miro15 dagar sedan
  • I bought a system from NZXT BLD 3 years ago. They used all off the shelf components, and at the time I priced it out and the cost was almost identical to if I had purchased all the parts myself. There was a $50 build fee and $50 shipping, so I paid about $2k for a computer I could have built myself for $1900. It's been running solid ever since and I've been a happy customer. I haven't had to contact customer support (because I've had no issues) so I can't opine on that, but overall a good experience.

    Ryan AndersonRyan Anderson15 dagar sedan
  • The only reason I would recommend a pre-build now, is when you want a 5000 series Ryzen or 3000 series RTX. Getting them as components in currently nigh impossible.

    kvaestrkvaestr15 dagar sedan
  • Am i the only one listening to this dude i feel like i am full and cannot eat for a whole day , no offense , it's a complement.

    Mohamed ChaalMohamed Chaal15 dagar sedan
  • Dell are the worst

    radoslav gorgievskiradoslav gorgievski15 dagar sedan
  • HP Dell PC is 💩💩💩💩💩💩

    RTX 5080tiRTX 5080ti15 dagar sedan
  • i think the best place to go if you are worried about DIY are shops where they will build it with you. Then you know about how your pc works, can ensure things are the way you want and you can customise it later without help

    name herename here15 dagar sedan
  • That's pretty good advice but your missing information on workstations. I get that this is a mostly gaming centered channel and most people coming here are not nearly as involved or advanced in to systems like that but some of us are and workstations are important. While I largely agree a workstation could be just a souped up XPS pre-built, businesses and individuals alike buy workstations for two major points: lots of power and serious warrantees. When dealing with Dell you should always use their business unit side of customer service, as their consumer side honestly sucks. You can get call, get a rep and get exactly what you need. I have a personal rep because I have a number of systems under their "pro support" coverage, and yes while it's probably cheaper to build my own workstations nothing beats buying a system specifically tailored and certified to work with specific programs like CAD or Photoshop and your not just buying a system that's tailored but your also buying a peace of mind. Be it a corporation or individual, having systems specifically designed and certified for specific programs can save you time and money. This could work in favor for gamers too, it's not as crucial but it's still very relevant. You could run out and build a workstation to run Cad programs, but if something goes wrong you won't have that support to help you and you'll not only be out time but money for that time as well. It's why people will spend thousands for these systems.

    R.a. WheelerR.a. Wheeler15 dagar sedan
  • The law requires me to say no

    AdiTheUnstop GamingAdiTheUnstop Gaming15 dagar sedan
  • The few pre-builts I've owned or had the "pleasure" to try to troubleshoot a problem, I ran into a common problem: proprietary parts. And IF you can find the proprietary parts, they have generally been a lot more expensive than corresponding standardized parts (or else had to be special ordered, taking weeks rather than days to get). The older the computer, the less likely to be able to the parts. After facing this in the latter 90s, I took an in-depth course on building computers and have never gone back to prebuilts. I like the planning as well as the control over the parts used in the system. I find it a lot of fun.

    John BalesJohn Bales15 dagar sedan
  • Beware of cyberpower

    mark sosmark sos15 dagar sedan
  • im buying a pre built pc cuz pc parts are hard to find in my country edit:the pre built im buying is customize so im fine

    Pyrandom GamingPyrandom Gaming15 dagar sedan