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Chilobrachys sp. 'Cambodian Blue'
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Ornithoctonus aureotibialis
Pamphobeteus sp. Cascada
Phlogiellus cf. moniqueverdezae
Phlogiellus sp. 'Rusty leg'
Pseudhapalopus sp. 'Colombia'
Sericopelma sp. 'Santa Catalina'
Liphistius sp. Krabi province
Phrynus whitei

  • Petco: thank you so much for sending me these. Petco 5 minutes later : meh, it's nothing special. Lol

    Moo's loco LandMoo's loco LandMånad sedan
  • "who doesn't like a free box of spiders?" Frend I'm afraid to tell you, I'm not on that list.

    Andrew McBrideAndrew McBrideMånad sedan
  • What a fun video. TIGHT editing!

    Gloria DossettGloria DossettMånad sedan
  • Petko: 90% STONKS Bolty fellas: 10% STONKS

    Anthony AllenAnthony Allen2 månader sedan
  • This was by far my favorite video:)

    Shannon PerezShannon Perez2 månader sedan

    Ashley ShehanAshley Shehan2 månader sedan
  • Some people unbox pokemon cards, then you have this guy... The video on the other hand is great!

    AveCommenterAveCommenter3 månader sedan
  • Just an dude taking about his cups

    JustZaneeJustZanee3 månader sedan
  • all the people who enjoyed this really need to go and see a doctor

    H G EH G E3 månader sedan
  • Where are you from u sound balkanian

    AdicioAdicio3 månader sedan
  • You're such a generous man, i really enjoyed your video! :D

    Martin SchillerMartin Schiller3 månader sedan

    TrollioliTrollioli3 månader sedan

    Jude TellingJude Telling4 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oKmtxta6emmayJM/video

    Assiya AssiyaAssiya Assiya4 månader sedan
  • Wheredo you get your spider from i live in la, ca and no one seems to have legitimate websites or breeders they buy from any advice

    jay Vjay V4 månader sedan
  • I've been thinking/wanting to get a tarantula for a while now. I think this has finally pushed me over the edge!! Some super cute lil critters displayed here.

    Adam ShepherdAdam Shepherd4 månader sedan
  • I particularly enjoyed the little whip scorpion. Very pretty.

    Johnny 2 hatsJohnny 2 hats4 månader sedan
  • i fkn hate spiders and have comepletely no idea how i get here but i watch the video for 12min now wtf

    iLoveKetaiLoveKeta4 månader sedan
  • I would like to receive free creepy crawlers lol but for real

    james chitwood jrjames chitwood jr4 månader sedan
  • Why am I watching this at 2am? I F*cking hate spiders!

    PhattyMoPhattyMo4 månader sedan
  • I came expecting collectible toys, not buuuuugs.

    Sappo ManSappo Man4 månader sedan
  • Hello, im new to this. I have a doubt, doesnt the little thingys suffocate there? I really dont know, can someone tell me? Thanks beforehand

    Sebastián SotoSebastián Soto4 månader sedan
  • so unpopular question, are u planning to own a ravine trapdoor spider

    Skamburo ShoalSkamburo Shoal4 månader sedan
  • i see a german drink xd

    Miyasashi_DEMiyasashi_DE4 månader sedan
  • who felt the intro walking in his neck??????

    ThomsonBeatzThomsonBeatz4 månader sedan
  • This man got some big ass donkey nuts letting spiders crawl on him

    Stephen MStephen M4 månader sedan
  • Another episode of "Why is this in my recommendation"

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  • Congrats on the wedding.

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  • dont they breath

    Lord MuckLord Muck4 månader sedan
  • Why was this in my recommended when I'm scared of tarantulas?

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  • Hi everybody, I'm just discovering. Aren't tarantulas dangerous?

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  • I wana b anunimes, great vid thoo

    XenoXeno4 månader sedan
  • Dude ... where did you get the drink from? Vita Energy is a Brand from east germany

    I Am Marco PoloI Am Marco Polo4 månader sedan
  • You’re precious I love you

    Brandon LeonardBrandon Leonard4 månader sedan
  • you sound like youre from Serbia or Croatia and i love that accent XD , cheers from Croatia

    Just A HoboJust A Hobo4 månader sedan
  • Im from belgium

    quintinnnquintinnn4 månader sedan
  • my 2 new albopilosum escaped their house even tho the lid is very secure and the holes for the air is small they can't escape out

    DontDiveRivenDontDiveRiven4 månader sedan
  • God bless anyone reading this! Seek him while you can! Jesus is the way and he is coming soon! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV bible.com/bible/1/jhn.3.16.KJV

    lopezfamlopezfam4 månader sedan
  • I love pamphobeteus. Imo, great beginners

    LarciellLarciell4 månader sedan
  • looks dope :)

    dqwner 101dqwner 1014 månader sedan
  • Video starts at 5:20 otherwise you listen to him talk about nothing but crap

    YoungCorruptionYoungCorruption4 månader sedan
  • That Columbia brought tears to my eyes 😭 They're so tiny 😍

    evilal20evilal204 månader sedan
  • Bro please turn around your top down camera 180° because I can't read upside down

    KeviKevi4 månader sedan
  • Why you do dis to me SEworld ????

    spekulatius90 dspekulatius90 d4 månader sedan
  • what a generous gift, awesome

    Lilly VDLilly VD4 månader sedan
  • Hi. I'm an avid fan of your channel. I love seeing you and your tarantulas. Feeding, playing and most of all caring them. But the thing is I don't have tarantulas "that's the saddest part of my life." I feel jealous 😭. Can I have one Mister? I'm from Philippines everytime you uploaded video I watched it several times because it's addictive. Thank you mister! I hope you and your tarantulas notice me. Love you! God bless you and your family and more power to your channel. 😀😀😀

    Mina BiasoraMina Biasora4 månader sedan
  • Ornithoctonus aureotibialis. Gotta guess a little at the species name. Ornitho- is "bird" stuff (like Ornithology) "octonus" regarding the 8 legs. Aureo -> Aurum -> golden. tibialis -> tibia -> part of the legs. So more or less the "8-legged bird (spider) with partially golden legs". Might be wrong as I'm not fluent in latin, but it helps with the pronunciation.

    Reb elReb el4 månader sedan
  • Dark den do u ship scorpions snakes spiders

    mike reptile kingdommike reptile kingdom4 månader sedan
  • Any Idea what was the name of the enclosure of those sling's? Looks like a shotglass with lid.

    nico gutierreznico gutierrez4 månader sedan
  • Imagine someone adding sounds to the spider running I would have died of laughter

    xa-lg14x19xa-lg14x194 månader sedan
  • i really dont like spiders but dam there is some beautiful ones there looks amazing :)

    TPZFBGAMING 21TPZFBGAMING 214 månader sedan
  • Spiders is #2 priority

    OptixiaOptixia4 månader sedan
  • When u catch a spider with a cup... They have more space than here

    Cam HCam H4 månader sedan
  • Cuttety-cut-cut

    Becky McDonaldBecky McDonald5 månader sedan
  • I have arachnophobia and for some reason I can watch only your videos. When the spiders crawl on the table I scream. I was sad when the one got smashed a long time ago.

    Mrz FeuquayMrz Feuquay5 månader sedan
  • That website has no way of purchasing any of the spiders and is in both English and Russian it’s kinda confusing I really want a Euprhrynichus aminica

    Olivea RodriguezOlivea Rodriguez5 månader sedan
  • @18:55 two puncher wounds on his index finger from one of the Tyrantulas biting him. Its 100% a bite.

    Phillip SmithPhillip Smith5 månader sedan
  • hoarder! lol

    nom3n nescionom3n nescio5 månader sedan
  • Congrats for the engagement i wish the best for you, her and the 8 legged puppies :)

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  • I saw skittles and my stomach immediatdly started to growl.

    Vex WolfriumVex Wolfrium5 månader sedan
  • Many congratulations Petko and Maya?? Spelling? Will we get to see a wedding picture Petko? 🥂

    Wizziewife 450Wizziewife 4505 månader sedan
  • Hello, why not try to use only one hand🤔

    Michael LohnMichael Lohn5 månader sedan
  • Congrats on the Engagement and upcoming wedding, My hubby and I were together 5 years before we got married in 2014. Also Amazing spiders.

    Nicole WolfCryNicole WolfCry5 månader sedan

    Claricia NataniaClaricia Natania5 månader sedan
  • Hai 👿👿👿

    wahyuning wardaniwahyuning wardani5 månader sedan
  • Make more scorpion videos!

    Chxccy-MilkChxccy-Milk5 månader sedan
  • does the seller ship to the US?

    MqgicalMqgical5 månader sedan
  • Is there a place I can buy those kind of cups?

    Thea JørgensenThea Jørgensen5 månader sedan
  • Bee keeper here: if you’re not too attached to your tube method of transferring these little guys, see if a “one handed queen catcher” would suit your needs : seworld.info/will/b36bvd6Ua4iClXU/video

    Seth KobergSeth Koberg5 månader sedan
  • Who doesn't like free spiders 😂

    popofabulouspopofabulous5 månader sedan
  • Someone send this man a decent knife for opening his boxes/packages. Perhaps I may

    Ross 2077Ross 20775 månader sedan
  • Why does Felix's tongue not work?

    Dávid PávelDávid Pável5 månader sedan
  • That’s an ingenious design, Petko! I don’t keep Ts but if I did, I would totally use your rehousing contraption. Sending you love from Canada!

    ThurstonThurston5 månader sedan
  • Congrats on your engagement

    Daniel RamirezDaniel Ramirez5 månader sedan
  • When you said scorpion I thought you meant an actual scorpion..what in the world is that thing!!! It’s terrifying can’t believe you held it so calmly I’d cry if that was on me lol it’s like a daddy long leg but with a bigger thicker body so why’s it called a scorpion?

    Blondeassbitch xoBlondeassbitch xo5 månader sedan
  • Centipede update

    DemonXDemonX5 månader sedan
  • Is it okay to start with an sling? What a beginner needs? I've read a lot,but would like to know from "experts"

    VinQ VonQVinQ VonQ6 månader sedan
  • Do you have an Australian tarantulas?

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  • hey Petko! congrats for the weeding! Wish you a happy life together with Maya! =)

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  • "Who doesn't like free spiders?" Me.

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  • Can I come to the Dark Den and see these spiders in person? Pleeeeeeeese?

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  • Can you do a video on the communal 360 enclosure please?

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  • What a haul!! Congrats on all the new additions! Really love you 2.0 design for rehousing a bolty sling! 🤘🏼

    PETROCK ‘N’ROLLPETROCK ‘N’ROLL6 månader sedan
  • I like the new transfer method, but with my clumsy hands I could see myself pinching the two containers wrong and flinging both across the table. Good stuff as always Petko.

    Jordan AntonioJordan Antonio6 månader sedan
  • Well that was exciting when they started running. Something tells me though that your very cool high tech room is escape proof .

    TomsawyerTomsawyer6 månader sedan
  • Man so many different creatures. I can't believe you handled that scorpion though, that would freak. me. out. Especially being called a tail-whip scorpion! 🤣 I've started seeing spiders around my driveway and trying to see if I notice anything special. One night, I saw a female wolf spider carrying an egg sac! It was so cool and unexpected.

    Kyle FlounderKyle Flounder6 månader sedan
  • Why doesn't Felix's tongue work?

    Diabetic DanDiabetic Dan6 månader sedan
  • i was wondering what happen to the 100% fool proof method. Also i wanted to know why you had stopped using it in most rehouses. Sorry I usually do not comment.

    Earl-Ty-KCC GainesEarl-Ty-KCC Gaines6 månader sedan
  • I just love the cascada. Those bloodred fangs oh my good. And that booty 😍

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  • That box is from exotic's lair

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  • get a Solifugae

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  • Uhh very nice and tiny Spider Slings😍

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  • For me sling its best 2 handling when spider grows no way!

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  • You should 3D print the anti-bolting caps

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  • all I want for my birthday is for Petko to subscribe to my channel

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  • my favorite is the panpnobeteus sp. cascada hope i got that right

  • Engaged?! CONGRATS, PETKO! Best wishes to you and Maya for a happy life together! Fun video, too!

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  • Wait, Petko's engaged?!?! Omg, congratulations!!! 💙💙💙

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  • "In the hole pleaseeeeeeee"... =)

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  • what kind of cups are u using?

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