India is Planning to Dominate Smartphone Manufacturing

23 okt 2020
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  • Very funny; maybe if they build enough toilets in India they might have a go 🤣😂😂

    Raymond GuoRaymond Guo18 timmar sedan
  • Nice vedio

    G P. RaoG P. Rao8 dagar sedan
  • Will be the worst iphones ever made

    দুর্জয় দুর্নিবারদুর্জয় দুর্নিবার12 dagar sedan
  • To be honest it's all F#c%3d up! industry will always go where it can be done cheaper and easier regardless of the real costs. Big companies and the greed for money will always take advantage of the poor but eager countries - until they're not cheap enough! its the way of this world. for now

    ShaneShane12 dagar sedan
  • I don't actually think China will let it happen.

    John b ezehJohn b ezeh17 dagar sedan
  • What happens when China says they don't want Indian made iPhones?

    OneNine EightyNineOneNine EightyNine20 dagar sedan
  • After China bull crap with covid India should take over

    Ryzen ManRyzen Man22 dagar sedan
  • The plan is cancelled because of Indian workers uprising

    Ayie CoburnAyie Coburn22 dagar sedan
    • That was solved pretty quickly and the Manufacturer accepted their fault of not paying wages on time.

      Abhiraj AroraAbhiraj Arora15 dagar sedan
  • Use a better source.NDTV is like CNN.

    deemanshu mehradeemanshu mehra24 dagar sedan
  • I love how you quoted NDTV....a network channel which is hated by the govt

    Kuldeep KashyapKuldeep KashyapMånad sedan
  • I love how the script is flipped in India I remember when every new android phone for years was branded the "iPhone killer" when it launched now Apples bringing the heat to cheaper Android phones

    Simeon LathamSimeon LathamMånad sedan
  • America First

    busin essmanbusin essmanMånad sedan
    • Not for long

      Sounok SSounok S28 dagar sedan
  • this is a bad video... first according to the video itself the whole decision of moving to india wasnt apples initiative, was FOXCON'S ... apple didnt look for a manufacturer in india or anywhere else... they only look for CHEAP SUPPLIERS the suppliers itself came to conclusion that india workforce is cheaper than chinas... and this is an obvious turn of events since the past decade... china WAS once a super cheap laborfoce market... now? no way... is far from being cheap. so why didnt the companies moved out from china? BECAUSE the whole infrastructure china built during the period has no pair anywhere in the world... switching the supplier chain isnt easy as swtching wifi network... it comes with tons of pro/cons considerations plus time to adapt and change... this whole hassle makes most companies stays in old contract even when there are possibilities of creating cheaper ones [from scratch] so yeah... companies looking for cheap labour force will move out of china, maybe to india.... but also to AFRICA

    sorteio mastersorteio masterMånad sedan
  • The next thing you'll know if everything goes well, India could manufacture everything for the world from a toothpaste to your highest end microprocessor in this decade itself, also be assured we won't manufacture viruses like a disgusting neighbor of ours does 😁 , we welcome more companies to invest in India and we hope to also give rise to a healthy competition from within this country as India get's into designing and R&D more, Imo it's high time for our govt to provide a reliable infrastructure and supply chain to the companies moving here, besides the iron was never more hot, so we better strike now.

    Pawan NirpalPawan NirpalMånad sedan
  • The boorish football logically dress because debt pathogenetically suffer from a hissing mary. capable, halting liquor

    ba thich thiba thich thiMånad sedan
  • First of all india has to come up with simple but new designs. Most of the indian phones rip off the apple iphone.

    g 1g 1Månad sedan
  • This reminds me of when North American Businesses moved their customer support help lines to India and the customer service quality tanked! Good luck with this venture.

    micomenmicomenMånad sedan
  • Indian can’t make any phone Indian in editos

    Ahmad MunirAhmad MunirMånad sedan
    • 🤡

      Sounok SSounok S28 dagar sedan
  • Yes! India is very poor, and needs to produce poorer products for the massive poorer market. E.g. The lower-end/lowest-end Suzuki cars is the best seller in India.

    Alfred WangAlfred WangMånad sedan
    • Man, the chinese really have forgotten how they used to be some time ago.

      Abhiraj AroraAbhiraj Arora15 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand one thing can't iPhone have their own 🏭 in their country like tesla? 🤔

    vimal tirkeyvimal tirkeyMånad sedan
  • why would you want to buy a curry phone?

    AntonioAntonioMånad sedan
    • Why would your mother want to give birth to you?

      Sounok SSounok S28 dagar sedan
  • India surely beat China in manufacturing iPhone and other phones and will be the economic superpower

    Raj SahaiRaj Sahai2 månader sedan
  • HUAWEI Is much better It's just people so are idiots in the head.

    youku Qr codeyouku Qr code2 månader sedan
  • india was taking charity from the uk not long ago. the uk government was sending a large sum every year for the slums problem. the uk withdrew that as they have a space program and the uk does not. dont be fooled. india is crooked. if the uk withdrew it its not needed. obviously with a space program u cant have serious poverty problems. they keep folks poor with poor wealth distribution to seek aid from other countries. thats dishonest. boycott india now until they have no more slum problems. boycott india

    Nianga ManNianga Man2 månader sedan
    • Burn baby burn

      Sounok SSounok S28 dagar sedan
  • Until we ( the USA) dumps India when they become to expensive like China , and the circle repeats itself

    Alex DentonAlex Denton2 månader sedan
    • 🤡

      Sounok SSounok S28 dagar sedan
  • They started to manufacture iphone 11 in India, we started buying a lot of them. Currently iphone 11 has managed to capture 55% of that price segment in India. Thats quite amazing

    LE MONKELE MONKE2 månader sedan
  • Just got my made-in-india phone.. its awesome 👌.

    adarsha raoadarsha rao2 månader sedan
  • finally those Indian youtuber will have better job and better camera for their tutorials

    Cool PurpleCool Purple2 månader sedan
  • In video (2:14)... showing Nepal #Swayambhunath ... visually appealing India???

    Suman Kumar RaiSuman Kumar Rai2 månader sedan
  • watching this video from india Love u sir 😍😍😍

    Vibhavasu BhadouriaVibhavasu Bhadouria2 månader sedan
  • That’s good and all But being an American company as the wealth gap is getting massive and unemployment higher than it was in the the Great Depression & poverty at an all time high why wouldn’t these oligarchs lift up there own country economically it looks like putting short term profits over all else is a bad thing for the country that provided the opportunity for some of the richest people in the world it seems a fair practice of capitalism for a common wealth dose exist and slows progression

    Coolcatamapro CatCoolcatamapro Cat2 månader sedan
  • Sounds like these companies just moved to the cheapest and ,'ready', country to manufacture their goods, 10 years time it will be a country in Africa.

    po lopo lo2 månader sedan
  • Infrastructure and logistics will be some of the biggest challenges India will face to become a manufacturing giant. If they do not have enough adequate infrastructure and logistics to deliver products or goods on time, companies would look somewhere else. Eventually India would overcome these hurdles, but they need to think 10-20 years ahead to stay competitive and ahead of the game.

    TechieWidgetTechieWidget2 månader sedan
  • India 🇮🇳 ❤️

    Vraj ParikhVraj Parikh2 månader sedan
  • I think Taiwanese and American companies desperation to get the fuck out of China will fuel India's growth.

    Lucas WardLucas Ward2 månader sedan
  • Future lies beyond smartphones. Investment in technologies like AI, ML, renewable energy are the things that will lead a nation forward. China today is experiencing diminishing returns on labour and capital, it needs to move up the curve rather than moving along the curve.

    somil07somil072 månader sedan
  • india is a much better partner for the west than china, in almost every way, they still have a long way to come compared to chinas infrastructure though

    R1bR1b2 månader sedan
  • I thought all big tech was owned by China? This doesnt make sense. Oh wait.. men in tiny hats with crooked noses run everything.

    B DB D2 månader sedan
  • apples gonna love new child labor potential

    kk2 månader sedan
  • Good video, but dislike that you used NDTV.

    Suraj RathoreSuraj Rathore2 månader sedan
  • i hope the brand name is unique and easy to remember....of course build quality/price must be reasonable

    Prabowo1996Prabowo19962 månader sedan
  • That initial video of stupa of swoyambunath was from Nepal

    Megh RazMegh Raz2 månader sedan
  • Modi is selling India and a biggest liar and a big actor....New age Hitter

    SummerWine Breeze & BreatheSummerWine Breeze & Breathe2 månader sedan
  • It's unlikely probably due to more environmental regulations, less money to invest and automation. Will India be willing to circumvent get technology transfers? How good is there corporate espionage? All these are questions other than the local challenges - ethnic tensions, corruption, not centralized, etc

    EricEric3 månader sedan
  • Did u know that all the toaster brands are made in china..

    Rusty 2kRusty 2k3 månader sedan
  • An Indian iPhone 💙

    AryAry3 månader sedan
  • Apple happy to get anyone to produce at any cheap cost no matter how much they pollute their enviroments

    David PyeDavid Pye3 månader sedan
  • Meanwhile Apple continues to fuck over employees in India by paying them only half the salary they were promised when they signed the contract. Fuck Apple, I have no sympathy for their stores getting smashed up.

    HamsterwheelHamsterwheel3 månader sedan
  • Apple found someone who works for less and no environmental rules.

    George NiggGeorge Nigg3 månader sedan
  • Lol hopefully iphones become cheaper in india

    Vijit ChandnaVijit Chandna3 månader sedan
  • Not going to happen. iPhone is overpriced and Indian consumers are smart enough to see the iPhone's BS.

    Good MorningGood Morning3 månader sedan
    • Iphones BS??? Iphone 12 is the best smartphone out there.

      Lollipop UmmLollipop Umm2 månader sedan
  • India is always trying to mimic China, and so many people also do. But China and India are totally different in almost everything. Maybe the only thing that is similar is the size of their population. How could India compete with China in phone manufacturing? Do you know or ever heard of any India brand Cellphone? But have you heard about Huawei OnePlus, XiaoMi, OPPO? Don't make me laugh, to prove a point, the clip at 2:25 bolstering "India is the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world" was a shot of worker moving Chinese phonebrand XiaoMi. Apple moved the manufacturing from China to India is mostly because it's much cheaper in laboring cost, period.

    Sweet PoisonSweet Poison3 månader sedan
  • India iphone factory labor just destroyed their facility because of unfair wages cut. Cmon India, you have chance don't waste it!

    Hilih KintilHilih Kintil3 månader sedan
  • Wait Indian economy wasn't just bad due to lockdown

    Mayank JairajMayank Jairaj3 månader sedan
  • sounds very expensive

    Rakesh DamaRakesh Dama3 månader sedan
  • India is rioting in the factories you mentioned

    Account NameAccount Name3 månader sedan
    • a single factory in Bangalore...LOL...FACTORIES..YOUR A LOSER

      NavaneethNavaneeth3 månader sedan
  • do not follow NDTV for news from India, they air lot of fake news

    Bring RiseBring Rise3 månader sedan
  • does it stock android though

    Rd RzRd Rz3 månader sedan
  • As a Indian i would luv to see them succeed but government,banks and courts corruption is a huge problem and the caste system is always up for exploitation. And the media ...i really hope they can do this were it benefits everyone in the country.

    Jesse SinghJesse Singh3 månader sedan
  • Tesla is also coming to India.

    Aditya SolankeAditya Solanke3 månader sedan
  • This is great! India has some fine products, and I would certainly buy an India produced phone and phone components. 😃

    Mickey PayneMickey Payne3 månader sedan
  • Unlike China we are Greatful and we have the power to raise as the manufacturer of the world.

    KarthikSounKarthikSoun3 månader sedan
    • hmmm, missed a news last December? “Thousands of iPhones Stolen During Protests at Apple’s Manufacturing Plant in India”

      Leo WestsideLeo WestsideMånad sedan
  • Hell yes. India is so much better than the CCP in every measurable way, they deserve it. Much respect from Australia.

    Ernst PreussErnst Preuss3 månader sedan
    • workers of Indian iphone factory has been rioting for their pay.

      Defence BangladeshDefence Bangladesh3 månader sedan
  • You guys are doing fantastic job..keep it up👏

    Tejas GNTejas GN3 månader sedan
  • 6:10 I come from future. Things went wrong.

    Chico Veinte MinutosChico Veinte Minutos3 månader sedan
  • If Made in India = cheaper iPhone then I welcome that Else, I don't care lol

    Yohanes ChristianYohanes Christian3 månader sedan
    • Well depends it will definitely will be cheaper to make but apple may increase its profit margin so price may remain same

      Shivansh NAShivansh NA3 månader sedan
  • Wtf you showed clips from RandiTv

    Sanchit MehtaSanchit Mehta3 månader sedan
  • No, China has Lithium for the batteries, and India doesn't. This is a filler video. Nothing to see here.

    Tom JonesTom Jones3 månader sedan
  • china will still dominate manufacturing hub because of its massive infrastructures.

    Ronald LapazRonald Lapaz3 månader sedan
  • it's the india and yankee's dream. the new master of indian in the 21th century

    Boonchai TangsiriBoonchai Tangsiri3 månader sedan
  • Why can't we USA create our own cellphones?? hmm

    Ricky A.Ricky A.3 månader sedan
    • @Sanchit Mehta I know It sucks lol Damn America come on, we can do it. damn they should at least TRY IT. You know :-)

      Ricky A.Ricky A.3 månader sedan
    • @Ricky A. That's reality lol

      Sanchit MehtaSanchit Mehta3 månader sedan
    • @Sanchit Mehta smh

      Ricky A.Ricky A.3 månader sedan
    • Labour cost

      Sanchit MehtaSanchit Mehta3 månader sedan
  • as a non indian i really hope india never leave their history culture religion etc in the name of superpower and superiority like "the neighbor country"

    yitzhak rafaeli shekkelsteingoldmanbergyitzhak rafaeli shekkelsteingoldmanberg3 månader sedan
  • And now China is provoking Indian communists in trader unions to damage iPhone's factory! and then releases statements that India is unsafe for Phone manufacturing!

    thiruvettithiruvetti3 månader sedan
    • unpaid for 4 months

      Defence BangladeshDefence Bangladesh3 månader sedan
  • And India fucked it up by not paying their employees. The corrupted system is an obstruction for a company like Wistron to operate smoothly there.

    desaturateddesaturated3 månader sedan
  • Thank you for the information.. It was very much helpful for my assignment ❤

    Rithik PaulRithik Paul3 månader sedan

    No offense PleaseNo offense Please3 månader sedan
  • Proud to be Indian😎😎

    Thota Kesava ChandraThota Kesava Chandra3 månader sedan
  • I don't think it will dominate but yes it will be a major player in manufacturing of mobiles.

    ରଙ୍ଗିଲା ଟୋକାରଙ୍ଗିଲା ଟୋକା3 månader sedan
  • India is spending millions sending satellites into space.....can't be that poor....

    Elliot RowleyElliot Rowley3 månader sedan
  • It is hurdles to Apple to moving all production to India cause by government protectism policy and monopoly company such as Apple need to pair up with local big compony like Tata, reliance and so on. The are so many examples that fail Joint -venture between international MNC’s with indian company and normally Indian company will bully the MNC’s to take more control of that JV. One more, the India have a quantity of prospect buyer but they don”t the purchasing power in this recent. The government need fully open that market to attract more investment. thank

  • India has a hudge market for investment. like here only copycat startups like swiggy and paytm just crossed billions of dollars turnover, and it just nothing because india has massive graduate people who are just jobless , if some companies invest here only on training and development services it will turn gold in decades

    Vivaan SharmaVivaan Sharma3 månader sedan
  • I want India to win this. They are a democratic, multicultural and multilingual nation. It turns out that is probably the most important factor for business investment and geo-politics. JAI HIND my friends =)

    dinner85dinner853 månader sedan
  • Why no one talking about Xiaomi and Oppo opening manufacturing in India?

    kkxkkx3 månader sedan
  • Hmm what happen to wistron factory in India recently lol

    kkxkkx3 månader sedan
  • Yo, what is the name of the light dnb song at intro? 1:12

    Suryaa KRSuryaa KR3 månader sedan
  • Wistron Factory: Wistron Factory workers: I will be the judge of that! lol, too soon ColdFusion, too soon…

    0pTicaL0pTicaL3 månader sedan

    21boxhead21boxhead3 månader sedan
  • This aged well

    Bilbo BagginsBilbo Baggins3 månader sedan
  • China copied all the world technologies & made cheaper duplicate products of its own. Though Japan, US, UK, EU knows of this copycat prblms, they had no choice left other than to relay on china bcoz of superior infra & cheap labour of China. Now the tech world have clear choice of shifting their base... that is to India. Gudluck India.

    Ramanand BhattRamanand Bhatt3 månader sedan
  • India is an assembler using China made parts.

    NadarNadar4 månader sedan
  • I love how she says "You r watching Cold fusion TV"

    Yashvardhan OjhaYashvardhan Ojha4 månader sedan
  • With India Politics hell bent on import taxes among other things ain't a chance Apple gona mass produce there...Vietnam is my bet

    felipe367felipe3674 månader sedan
  • I have no hope

    50 Mrunal Jadav50 Mrunal Jadav4 månader sedan
  • Indian products ward best colitis.

    manoj khairnarmanoj khairnar4 månader sedan
  • But first thing to do before wants to dominate China smartphone, get free workers without paying! Jaiho 🤣 what a crap!!!

    Nicholas ZhuNicholas Zhu4 månader sedan
  • Well, when modi says India he means Ambani & Adani.

    PIYUSH MATEPIYUSH MATE4 månader sedan
  • Angry Indian workers raided one of the apple factory today.

    Yawn RongYawn Rong4 månader sedan
  • All these companies have already shifted and started manufacturing in India. The question is why the product price is still the same? #Apple #iPhones are sold at twice the price than any other country. Same story with #Samsung. Sumsung's largest smartphone manufacturing factory (in Delhi) and largest Samsung hub (in Bangalore) are in India. Still, Their smartphones are super expensive. Their lower price models have very cheap specifications. So it's all pointless I guess cuz I thought if the products are manufactured on your own land then it's supposed to be at affordable prices.

    The ArchmageThe Archmage4 månader sedan
  • The funny thing is...globalisation or open market economy has been designed for "exploitation". China is a smart country rule with an iron fist that is why it saw prosperity. Same can't be said for India. India's weakness is India herself, no outside forces per se.

    iWatch YutubiWatch Yutub4 månader sedan
  • iPhone ❌ indian phone ✅

    Mr INDIANMr INDIAN4 månader sedan