Neymar speaks out about playing with Messi again | Ousmane Dembele shines against Ferencvaros

3 dec 2020
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Following PSG's win over Man United in the Champions League, Neymar openly admitted that he wants to play again with Lionel Messi next season - but will that be at Barcelona or PSG? There's also further analysis on Ferencváros vs Barça - with Ousmane Dembélé impressing!
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  • Some VERY interesting quotes from Neymar... how do you interpret them guys? And also what's your thoughts on a possible contract renewal for Dembélé?

    TalkFCBTalkFCBMånad sedan
    • @- Kings - RM - nah, bro he has so much talent. If that were the case, why isn’t every fast player not hyped up?

      Kevin MartinezKevin MartinezMånad sedan
    • Neymar should shut up and play at PSG. At least until things at Barca stabilize. Its not helping anyone. He is only stirring controversy. He is the one who left. Now he wants to play with Messi so badly.

      Karthik GurumaniKarthik GurumaniMånad sedan
    • Obviously he's talking about a return to Barca. He's been exiled in France since 2017.

    • Messi Playing with neymar would be nice but at Barca and how Dembele is on his best would be nice to have Ney and Dem and Leo on Barca everything wil be easy for Barca

      pinas jason Dpinas jason DMånad sedan
    • It will be nice to have him back but it's a bad timing to say that because of Dembeles performances of late and we cannot lose a guy like that ..

      Clement AssabilClement AssabilMånad sedan
  • ... you should never have left, Neymar. Now you realise how good you had it. By the time you’ll have the opportunity to play with Messi again, he’ll be long past his peak. The opportunity has passed you by Neymar and it won’t come round again.

    robbiepeterhrobbiepeterhMånad sedan
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    Harsh GuptaHarsh GuptaMånad sedan
  • we won 3 times away just to lose at home after 7 years :V

    Sadi RahmanSadi RahmanMånad sedan
  • And Dembele is injured again😂

    MBA PresentsMBA PresentsMånad sedan
  • As much as I love Messi at Barca he can just imagine his future honesty with a lot of great player but also with many people that want him there no like our club...our club has been treating him poorly. Plus he can only be welcomed as he is such a legend and I can’t imagine how overpowered Messi neymar kylian and di Maria would be

    Efren AmayaEfren AmayaMånad sedan
  • With Barca becoming so ordinary, Messi may certainly be tempted to go to where football is the in-thing.

    Salihu Baba MusaSalihu Baba MusaMånad sedan
  • Neymar is always a joy to watch he plays brilliantly like it's soo outstanding

    kamran ahmedkamran ahmedMånad sedan
  • Jamie upload something...was waiting the whole day

    Hamza KhanHamza KhanMånad sedan
  • Many fans want neymar to return to barca, But I think him returning is very bad. Of course I love neymar, but first of all we can’t get him because of our financial position. Even if we do get him in the future, neymar returning might stop the progress of dembele and fati. Not only that but if his second spell at barca is not as good as expected, it will tarnish his name at barca. We need to move on from MSN era.

    Om AnnamrajuOm AnnamrajuMånad sedan
  • I hate Neymar very much, my be he's good as player but he's very bad as person.

    وائل الحميريوائل الحميريMånad sedan
  • Maybe Messi goes to PSG and they give us Kylian Mbappe

    TMBash familyTMBash familyMånad sedan
  • We should not be too happy , because the UCL group was very easy , except juventus , but our game against strong teams are not that good . I am a barca fan too but we need to give this time for 2-3 years to perfect game play.

  • It’s funny that dembeles temporary replacement is now enjoying goals with him every game

    Jake ForgioneJake ForgioneMånad sedan
  • I want mesii stay

    Tharindu PabasaraTharindu PabasaraMånad sedan
  • I wouldn't mind seeing dembele leave for a good amount of money the kid has potential but I dont think he will live up to it

    A JA JMånad sedan
  • “We have an incredible squad” - Parades....... lmao psg’s midfield and defence are trash, they almost just got relegated to Europa league.... Messi wouldn’t have fun easily winning league 1

    Fraser RichardsonFraser RichardsonMånad sedan
  • That moment when dembele step in for the penalty am like hell yeah get it bro🤩I like that confidence who else did hit the like bottom 👇✌️

    Omar Papis MessiOmar Papis MessiMånad sedan
  • The club should offer him a new deal. He's a fantastic player.

    Nkanu OkpaNkanu OkpaMånad sedan
  • Just Imagine in upcoming years Making Ansu playing from Cf, With Konrad from Left Wing Trincao/Dembele from Right wing, Pedri from AMF/CAM Puig and alena from Mid field and Araujo and Mengueza from CB and Dest from Rb and a new left back with Marc as goalkeeper or with our young goalkeepers. We have a bright future.🔥 Hope we can succed greatly in upcoming years.

    Abhi SinhaAbhi SinhaMånad sedan
  • I think the club should wait until the end of the season to offer Dembouz a new contract

    Lou KoumathesLou KoumathesMånad sedan
  • I really hope he does not get injured

    Poop ManPoop ManMånad sedan
  • Man I hope we keep up this good run of form we're in 🙏

    Romario LorenzoRomario LorenzoMånad sedan
  • Tiki taka Barcelona

    Thundewr FoxThundewr FoxMånad sedan
  • And if he ever do he should consider him self forgotten

    Samuel NwaiwuSamuel NwaiwuMånad sedan
  • Why on earth will messi swap Barcelona for French league for God sake?

    Samuel NwaiwuSamuel NwaiwuMånad sedan
  • Every thing of dembele has speed his passen to alba 😂😂 alba kept sprinting

    adjako joresthoadjako joresthoMånad sedan
  • Dude I remember fighting for dembele in the comment sections in Instagram and on SEworld. I always knew and believed he would show his talent I'm just mad that the hypocrites are now supporting him and lying I just hope dembele stays healthy and keeps balling out

    RantingBeanieRantingBeanieMånad sedan
  • I don’t mind Leo joining City but he shouldn’t go to PSG. Not of a fan of him going there to play in a much much lower league.

    Emmanuel StephensonEmmanuel StephensonMånad sedan
  • Stop playing Sergio Roberto, Busquet, and Pique. Lets watch, and enjoy the youth players Barcelona club can offer. Please! Let the new generation of Barcelona players shine. Barcelona can level their financial sheets, by using players from "La Masia".

    jaime blancojaime blancoMånad sedan
  • Messi will just hurt his own legacy if he goes to PSG. And If Neymar realy want to drag Messi to Paris he is being very selfish here. He personally knows how shit it is to play for PSG. So why drag your friend into this shithole too?

    MessiManiaMessiManiaMånad sedan
  • Messi playing in PSG ! it will be a silly move from him, to end his carrer there. SO SILLY.

    V For VarGoV For VarGoMånad sedan
  • Well...if PSG wants to win everything out there. then get Messi.

    Crispus KhorCrispus KhorMånad sedan
  • Let’s all be honest with opened eyes braitwaite is the one who came in and let griezmann looks soft which drives him to step up😅💪🏽well he makes life easier for the wingers he’s been proper up top winning penalties scoring and few assists he’s got speed and that’s what beaten Suarez over the few years lack of sprint /darting runs .

    Klinikal BrownBossKlinikal BrownBossMånad sedan
  • At Barcelona surely not.

    bitangbitangMånad sedan
  • Mingueza Is Far Better Than Garcia Koeman Should Give Mingueza Playing Time

    Roopace Singh GurungRoopace Singh GurungMånad sedan
  • You guys understand we played against bad teams? 100% Win record woooow. We will see how they do against big teams

    GameExperimentGameExperimentMånad sedan
  • Messi will leave Barca. Neymar wants him at PSG but he could go to City.

    Neuro PhilosophersNeuro PhilosophersMånad sedan
  • Koeman is growing on me

    CarpusMedia IncCarpusMedia IncMånad sedan
  • Now we will see hw much they miss playing with each other.if messi is serious about winning the champions league again he will not renew at barca he knws we dnt av the money to provide a winning team anytime soon.lets see who he values more neymar or pep

    marc bryanmarc bryanMånad sedan
  • Messi in the French league gives me nightmares

    Carey Churchill Ken ArthurCarey Churchill Ken ArthurMånad sedan
  • Messi in the French league gives me nightmares

    Carey Churchill Ken ArthurCarey Churchill Ken ArthurMånad sedan
  • Osacar Mingueza is SERGIO RAMOS of our team a good talent which FC Barcelona shouldn't sell.

    Task ForceTask ForceMånad sedan
  • it's cz dembele lack the final touch barca got knocked out from UCL by liverpool in 2019 it's not ok it's a 150m euros

    hamza Eddhamza EddMånad sedan
  • Nah! I don't see Leo in PSG shirt no lies! And i believe our best player in our history gone renew his contract... 🤝

    Joseph UbuJoseph UbuMånad sedan
  • Atack with neymar mbappe and messi would be great

    Radu GrosuRadu GrosuMånad sedan
  • He's really a talented player

    Alaska SuarehAlaska SuarehMånad sedan
  • I think this is a very bad idea to offer dembele another deal. Many young players are injured nowadays throughout their contract and then when their contract is almost up, they "play". But it seems as though its short-lived, as soon as they sign their new contract then they are down and out again. I think if he´s playing well, sell him. Bring in a talent that is actually equally a long-standing professional. Goes to practice, trains, stays healthy, isn´t in the negative lime-light etc.. and someone that fits an actual plan for the club. Not some galatico. The Masia MUST be the first "shopping ground". Then abroad. I say sell him while he´s hot.

    Israel AusuaIsrael AusuaMånad sedan
  • PSG fan here, Neymar and Mbappe are currently in negotiations for contract renewals. So far Neymar wants to stay, but for Mbappe it's a little bit more complicated... But if Messi joins PSG it means PSG are selling Mbappe. PSG's finance cannot afford three giant salaries for Neymar Mbappe and Messi. For Barça fans, this scenario means they'll lose their absolute best player of all time, and see a dangerous player like Mbappe join their favorite rivals in Madrid.

    Paulo RaobsPaulo RaobsMånad sedan
  • Every time I see Demboouuzzz I always smile! Love you man! Great work! Been and always routine for you! ⚡️⚡️☄️☄️

    Wealth Street MagazineWealth Street MagazineMånad sedan
  • tbh i think bye bye messi but i don't want to believe it

    msn 10 9 11msn 10 9 11Månad sedan
  • PSG is the worst place Messi could go to and I think he knows that. Please don't make me swallow my words though. I pray he either stays or goes to City.

    Henrik AnderssonHenrik AnderssonMånad sedan
    • Also, we need to keep Ousmane. He brings an element that we sorely need, he's young, let's put our faith in this guy.

      Henrik AnderssonHenrik AnderssonMånad sedan
  • I think trincao has more than enough to butcher off dembele from barca starting lineup. No doubt about dembele, he is a special talent with lots of tricks and flicks but trincao has what dembele lacks, that is, maturity and adaptability. His playing style is very similar to Di Maria. Both are tricky but both knows where to put the ball and where to leave it. Something which the latter is a master of than the former, but no doubt trincao will get there too, if he keeps his head upright and keeps working.

    rohan Dybala 21rohan Dybala 21Månad sedan
  • Messi will be on free transfer and Neymar's new sponsor is puma and puma may somehow assist man city to buy neymar and Man city uses the money to finance Messi. I predict this is well counted move they will both join man city. It will be same situation as Jeep helping Juventus to buy Ronald.

  • dembele is fit. he looks muscular than ever. he will not get injured again. he will ball!

    kingsleykingsleyMånad sedan
  • I laugh at all the haters that called Dembouz "useless" "speed poacher" "not gonna do anything injury or not"

    Ebrahiem •Ebrahiem •Månad sedan
  • I can’t imagine messi playing in a shirt that isn’t Barca’s. The new president must persuade him to stay at all costs.

    Raghav SethiaRaghav SethiaMånad sedan
  • Dembele's contract should be renewed 100%

    Dominic FredrickDominic FredrickMånad sedan
  • Dembele must stay he's the only width providing forward in our entire squad alongside Ansu who will surely become a striker in the future

    Srihari 27Srihari 27Månad sedan
  • So guys Do you want KOMEAN to stay or leave now that he is improving upon the mistakes that he did ....

    Clement AssabilClement AssabilMånad sedan
  • I like the way Koeman doesn't depend on one player to be the centre of Barcelona but in different matches he changes his center man Just like the way he did with Dembele

    Clement AssabilClement AssabilMånad sedan
  • Dembele being paid ≈ €12m yearly and have been injured for almost 3 years, he owes Barca a contract renewal. Basically, he was getting paid €12m an year for 3 years for doing nothing except visiting the hospital. However, at the same time, I do not think that Dembele suits Barcelona. He should play for a club that has a lot spaces. Barca opponents always play defensively which leaves no spaces for Dembele to run into. We need a player that knows how to play in tight spaces, Dembele simply can’t, he is fast, he makes runs into wide areas which is absent in Barcelona style of play. He would also be great in counter-attacking because he is fast but, again, Barcelona does not play counter-attack, they build up from the gk which also does not work for Dembele. Also, he is very INJURY PRONE which means that we should not rely on him, everytime I watch somebody tackle him, I get really scared. Also, he is not a disciplined player. Therefore, best thing is, don’t renew his contract(eventhough he owes Barca a renewal), and sell him at a good price( 50m or more).

    The OneThe OneMånad sedan
  • If Dembele can stay fit, i am all up for giving him new contracts BUT his injury prone nature makes me sceptic....

    Umair Ahmad KhanUmair Ahmad KhanMånad sedan
  • Demebele just need finishing. If we win champion league this year, it would be dream come true. Then Ronaldo fans will stop barking about him wining 5 CL.

    Arbin ChamlingArbin ChamlingMånad sedan
  • Mingueza reminds me of Ramos. His attitude, defensive style just wow.

    PekkaPekkaMånad sedan
    • Yup he scores headers like Ramos too...did you see his header Vs Cadiz...exceptional talent..........fucking stop overrating players is all I want to say😂😂😑

      Shivam PawarShivam PawarMånad sedan
  • Look i think dembele is very importent to barcelona

    Football beastFootball beastMånad sedan
  • Dembele ⚡️ is a unique talent. He must stay. Add Laporta . Keep Koeman. Barca will be on top with or with out Messi.

    Michael SolanoMichael SolanoMånad sedan
  • What would you rate Koeman out of 10? So far. For me it’s a 7.5/10

    ThronThronMånad sedan
  • If we win trophies this season I think Messi will renew his contract, but we can never know till the time comes

    John OkerekeJohn OkerekeMånad sedan
  • Oscar Mingueza is so good that when the opposition team attacks we don't worry anymore..

    Maripane JTMaripane JTMånad sedan
  • Araujo is better than mingueza

    Prateek ChauhanPrateek ChauhanMånad sedan
  • I think messi will always choose pep over neymar.

    2EG Gaming2EG GamingMånad sedan
  • But there is Icardi at Paris.... So... Will Messi go to PSG... No, But if PSG sells him Then....

  • Given current conditions, Messi to PSG is more likely than the latter

    Edward SayeyahgbayEdward SayeyahgbayMånad sedan
  • 0:17 even that guy got frustrated for getting owned

    Syed BadrizSyed BadrizMånad sedan
  • I would love a neymar return.however we have a great team atm wich can win it all👑

    maximillion. 7maximillion. 7Månad sedan
  • F u c k neymar man i dont want him to join barca cause we have fati

    Sleepy Slippy GSleepy Slippy GMånad sedan
  • Unpopular opinion, barcelona don't need Eric Garcia, our 2 youngsters are at least at the same level as him or even better

    Praise MukonoPraise MukonoMånad sedan
  • I know we need to be more clinical but that comes with confidence. We're almost there.

    AceDevil's DenAceDevil's DenMånad sedan
  • Messi leaving would be the ideal result for both Barca and him. It's just beneficial for both parties given how things are.

    WtfhowWtfhowMånad sedan
  • If Messi wants to leave at the end of the season, he has to go to Premier league instead of Ligue 1 !

    Abdulla E AAbdulla E AMånad sedan
  • Mbappe messi swap

    Varun GummaVarun GummaMånad sedan
  • The fact that this season so far,every game Barça scored first,we had won and kept a clean sheet except two games.Do you think that will help us with our champions leauge run because recently we been going out of the champions leauge because Barça couldn’t defend leads.In this season I feel like Barça know how to defend a lead.What do you guys think?

    Nizar elissaNizar elissaMånad sedan
  • I don’t think Messi should play in psg because if I am being honest ligue 1 is shit And Messi likes football more than money

  • Maximum importance

    Delano GardnerDelano GardnerMånad sedan
  • Messi leaving for PSG would be a shock for Barcelona but then he would also be able to build better bonds with Parades, Di Maria and Icardi which might help Argentina to challenge for the World Cup

    Kartikeya JoshiKartikeya JoshiMånad sedan
  • So Neymar wants an increase in the salary again. Nothing new

    Sharique ZiaSharique ZiaMånad sedan
  • If Neymar joined PSG I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo decides that too. They got the money after all and in this era of football glory means nothing compared to money.

    Kofi KurtKofi KurtMånad sedan
  • Neymar realised that.Barcelona is special he enjoyed his fútbol with lucho and Messi enjoyed fútbol like 3kids scored lots of goals an had lots of fun psg is a golden cage Barcelona has the warmth of Catalunya neymar misses home where he was happy with his mate Messi barsa is rising for 1more cup with the triangle N M Kevin visca el barsa siempre !!!

    Walter PerezWalter PerezMånad sedan
  • Dembele should stay barca should make sure of that. I think messi will join PSG or both of them will join City.

    ARJUNARJUNMånad sedan
  • Messi should move to psg

    Prakash KandelPrakash KandelMånad sedan
  • Messi should go to psg

    King SamuelKing SamuelMånad sedan
  • Messi to psg is a disaster. City is a good decision though

    haya1512haya1512Månad sedan
  • Messi to PSG will be a horrible move.

    NicoNicoMånad sedan
  • Neymar is a pussy. He just needs a better contract at psg

    haya1512haya1512Månad sedan
  • I think we should let Messi go if he wants

    Archisman ChakrabortyArchisman ChakrabortyMånad sedan
  • We've actually kept a clean sheet in all away games

    Soham VarshneyaSoham VarshneyaMånad sedan
  • Keep Dembele for sure

    Hubert_201Hubert_201Månad sedan
  • Am late.

    Ndidi DoualaNdidi DoualaMånad sedan
    • Better late than never 😉

      TalkFCBTalkFCBMånad sedan
  • MingueTHa better than pique rn 😂😂😂😂

    Harold KimHarold KimMånad sedan