I rigged a Discord Spelling Bee...

13 maj 2019
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I held a spelling bee in discord with some youtubers, but it was a HOAX
♦ People in the video ♦
ConnorEatsPants - seworld.info
Cscoop - seworld.info
Jawsh - www.twitch.tv/its_jawsh
JC the Caster - seworld.info
Joko - seworld.info
Pyrocynical - seworld.info
Quackity - seworld.info
Slimecicle - seworld.info
Traves - seworld.info
Twomad - seworld.info
Weest - seworld.info
Jschlatt - seworld.info
Tuxbird - seworld.info
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I rigged a Discord Spelling Bee...

  • Heyy

    Fret NFret N3 timmar sedan
    • What’s up

      nate_2nastynate_2nastyTimme sedan
  • Im still surprised twomad didnt know what *d o n k e y* is

    lami3790 lami3790lami3790 lami37904 timmar sedan
  • 1:02c.

    Dan TaDan Ta5 timmar sedan
  • The only competition in which the host wins...everytime

    WOLLEYWOLLEY5 timmar sedan
  • Ent·schul·di·gung /Entschúldigung/ Substantiv, feminin [die] 1a. Begründung, Rechtfertigung für einen Fehler, ein Versäumnis o. Ä. "eine plausible Entschuldigung" 1b. [schriftliche] Mitteilung darüber, nicht anwesend sein, nicht teilnehmen zu können "die Mutter schrieb ihr eine Entschuldigung" English: 1. Sorry

    Scotty DoScotty Do8 timmar sedan
  • No one gonna question the “do you kno da wae?” Picture?

    Anime_ Noodle23Anime_ Noodle238 timmar sedan
  • Fact-The language which they said is upside down Russian this is my language which is in kearla India it is most hardest diffuclest languagest language in india

    sreeraman koyyonsreeraman koyyon11 timmar sedan
  • N

    Gon and Killua are in my basementGon and Killua are in my basement19 timmar sedan
  • After this heartbreak, twomad went into a downward spiral, started overeating, and became FAT AS FUCK

    Dd FfDd Ff21 timme sedan
  • .

    ジョナサンU suckジョナサンU suck21 timme sedan
  • Кыргызтан(Киргизия)

    Поли ЛаксПоли ЛаксDag sedan
  • funniest video i ever watched

    ZpindoZpindoDag sedan
  • I rigged a discord spelling B, because time travel is to hard

    LeahPVPLeahPVPDag sedan
  • schlatt getting a 1300 on the SAT is absolutely terrifying to me

    StinkyStinkyDag sedan
  • Tux had me laughing so hard I think I self diagnosed myself with covid because I coughed so much

    The Idiotic gamerThe Idiotic gamerDag sedan
  • Perfect.

    Biu CouBiu CouDag sedan
  • Carson is the swiftor of discord

    Unkown userUnkown user2 dagar sedan
  • To be fair the russian one you still pronounce the same lol, maybe he needed to do it in a russian accent?

    Jay ShushJay Shush2 dagar sedan
  • നേരായ പോഗേഴ്സിനെപ്പോലെ ഇത് എത്രത്തോളം നല്ലതാണെന്ന് നിങ്ങൾ imagine ഹിക്കുന്നതിനേക്കാൾ രുചികരമാണ് പൂപ്പ്

    Puppycoolioo Roblox And More!Puppycoolioo Roblox And More!2 dagar sedan
  • I still approve of Don-key-ke

    ShrekShrek2 dagar sedan
  • good

    Cai LaoCai Lao2 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t understand the air then you fucken blew on your mic lmfao ily

    GasBagelGamingGasBagelGaming2 dagar sedan
  • Can’t stop laughing at the “Fuck you” “Gay”

    Peko pekoyamaPeko pekoyama2 dagar sedan
  • Donkoy

    Connor BallConnor Ball2 dagar sedan
  • 3:23

    Sarp DurusanSarp Durusan3 dagar sedan
  • i can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and that was not copy and pasted someone could ask me how to spell it on discord and i would get it right

    Oooof OooofOooof Oooof3 dagar sedan
  • bro its slovakia and czech republic 😫😫

    Mirek ŠvabkaMirek Švabka3 dagar sedan
  • 7:33 after taking a german one class i know what he said, all he said was excuse me not a direct translation but basically what it means

    HarmonicaHarmonica3 dagar sedan
  • Show us your bakugan

    Douglas PinedaDouglas Pineda3 dagar sedan
  • This was my introduction to callmecarson and gosh was it a good one

    Isaiah DouglasIsaiah Douglas3 dagar sedan
  • do this again carson pl

    Night TrashNight Trash4 dagar sedan
  • "Your word is Yugoslavia." "Country of origin?" "No."

    LT. SurgeLT. Surge4 dagar sedan
  • if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

    Dinh NhaDinh Nha4 dagar sedan
  • Spell your Would have been another rigged one

    Connor GrantConnor Grant4 dagar sedan
  • Next: spell Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów

    Sebastian DuczkowskiSebastian Duczkowski4 dagar sedan
  • 4:45 that actually spells kyrgyztan imma mongolian person

    brawl stars contentbrawl stars content4 dagar sedan
  • 1:22 the boys locker room.

    Lily_Of_The_VallyLily_Of_The_Vally4 dagar sedan
  • Missed the opportunity to make them spell *I cup*

    Phr0gPhr0g4 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Jay millerJay miller4 dagar sedan
  • Keybored?

    Eton EtonEton Eton4 dagar sedan
  • Ok. Ik I’m a year late but is anyone gonna talk about how at 0:48 someone snorted?

    EmilZoEmilZo4 dagar sedan
  • If I were asked to spell there... I would've said Their (space) They're (space) There.

    Ze Baby CatZe Baby Cat4 dagar sedan
  • P

    SuspooppSuspoopp4 dagar sedan
  • 𓂺

    CatazalCatazal5 dagar sedan
  • Those moon runes are what we call " Malayalam " which is used in southern parts of India 🤣🤣

    praveen vilayilpraveen vilayil5 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to кыргызстан

    AniViRus Prod.AniViRus Prod.5 dagar sedan
  • "They're building their house over there" would've tortured them more

    I ExistI Exist5 dagar sedan

    SquidSquid5 dagar sedan
  • C-Z-E-C-H-O-S-L-O-V-A-K-I-A

    Proxi_mityxProxi_mityx5 dagar sedan
  • Omg.

    Enm XuEnm Xu5 dagar sedan
  • Spell theie're

    GraceGrace6 dagar sedan
  • I bet all of those dislikes are twomad and all his alt accounts.

    ZaWARUDOZaWARUDO6 dagar sedan
  • 3:48 I can’t stop laughing XD

    ZaWARUDOZaWARUDO6 dagar sedan
  • I was like "he should do a face reveal" after watching the whole video, totally forgetting the fact that his face is literally on his profile picture

    Leila RashidianLeila Rashidian6 dagar sedan
  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

    Din TrinDin Trin6 dagar sedan
  • I remember when Carson was the “Dream” in 2019

    Flying MonkayFlying Monkay6 dagar sedan
  • *bruh it’s FRIKIN Travis scott*

    LuchusPlayzLuchusPlayz6 dagar sedan
  • 3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry

    Duoc Le thanhDuoc Le thanh6 dagar sedan
  • Breme

    Heath1234 BruhHeath1234 Bruh6 dagar sedan
  • did anyone else get an ad where a lady held out a manscaped razor and said "i like rides on smooth surfaces"?

    trevor garretttrevor garrett7 dagar sedan
  • the clapping was interesting...

    Wert MyerWert Myer7 dagar sedan
  • the fact that quackity spelled colonel in spanish like coronel, made me relate in a spiritual way with him

    ZafkhaZafkha7 dagar sedan
  • 0:43 the language is malayalam

    Aswin KrishnaAswin Krishna7 dagar sedan
  • I type this with my knows

    XTX TheR34PRXTX TheR34PR7 dagar sedan
  • ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    Han GonHan Gon8 dagar sedan
  • Il this

    El SiilvioEl Siilvio8 dagar sedan
  • When he spelled air, I got a simba chips add

    StupidMobileKidStupidMobileKid8 dagar sedan
  • Keybored

    Jace gamesJace games8 dagar sedan
  • Still watching this in 2020

    Given CodeGiven Code8 dagar sedan
  • Malayalam!!!

    Kris U JKris U J8 dagar sedan
  • What’s the definition of donkey?

    MichaelMichael8 dagar sedan
  • weest when he gets his first strike sounds so animated it’s weird

    Lauryn BoyleLauryn Boyle9 dagar sedan
  • This is rewatch gold

    THAT 1 GUYTHAT 1 GUY9 dagar sedan
  • Piece of art

    Riley MumblerRiley Mumbler9 dagar sedan
  • Why is twomad genuinely stupid? Like, I’ve meet some dumb people in my life but this man is another level.

    Kree McCormickKree McCormick9 dagar sedan
  • Carson:"spell poor" Joko:"c-a-r-s-o-n" Carson:"correct"

    Puppy LoganPuppy Logan10 dagar sedan
  • I had a sprite cranberry add before this

    Brycen CatonBrycen Caton10 dagar sedan
  • wait’ll he pulls out ICUP

    supremechaosbeingsupremechaosbeing10 dagar sedan
  • Donke- ayy

    Jacob TJacob T11 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Tomad:If you strike me I'll strike you

    Charles the absurdCharles the absurd11 dagar sedan
  • It’s not russian it’s our native language malayalam faak

    Mr YellowMr Yellow11 dagar sedan
  • I just realized u were too torchering us. Lol I was in there I was jawsh

  • this is the first ever video from Carson that i’ve watched. this is like my 5th time watching it. it never gets less funny

    Madison PatswaldMadison Patswald12 dagar sedan
  • Why was TwoMad having so much problem spelling fucking donkey

    KING BADKING BAD12 dagar sedan
  • I am Yugoslavian :(

    XxEgodXxXxEgodXx12 dagar sedan
  • 11:34 When you get voted off as crewmate just because you stood at a task for half a millisecond longer *DoNt KiLL ME PlEasE*

    Red CrewmateRed Crewmate12 dagar sedan
  • Carson:spell czechslovakia Me:lol my country isn't czechslovakia anymor My dad:im half czech and half slovakia

    Pocky- UwUPocky- UwU12 dagar sedan
  • 12:14 that's Malayalam

    Reshmi HarishReshmi Harish12 dagar sedan
  • Still one of my favorite Carson videos he ever did

    the running manthe running man12 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Issac EvansIssac Evans12 dagar sedan
  • 10:28 why did josh say it like that

    lucky is epiclucky is epic13 dagar sedan
  • Lol Entschuldigung is german and it means sorry

    Nagisa_chanシNagisa_chanシ13 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny cause my mums from Czechoslovakia and my dad is from Yugoslavia

    Sofia JevicSofia Jevic13 dagar sedan
  • Donkay

    SovietSquidwardSovietSquidward13 dagar sedan
  • Btw I know no one cares but entschuldigung is german for sorry

    ItsAtalexItsAtalex13 dagar sedan

    Benjamin OrtizBenjamin Ortiz13 dagar sedan
  • Czechoslovakia

    Dominic EllsworthDominic Ellsworth14 dagar sedan
  • I died at your word is czechoslovakia

    Chillfreeze YTChillfreeze YT14 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching this a year later and at 11:48 he made a terrible typo Wrong their buddy

    Lil HaydooLil Haydoo14 dagar sedan
    • YoU aRe WrOnG

      CatsaintCatsaint14 dagar sedan
  • So he rigged his own spelling bee... THATS GENIUS

    The_beast2005lit D tourThe_beast2005lit D tour14 dagar sedan