Funny Yearbook Quotes

20 maj 2018
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These are the only worthwhile and funny senior yearbook quotes to use, don't use any others, unless it's to tell people to sub to me.
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Funniest Senior Yearbook Quotes

  • Anyone else wishing the video was longer for more quotes?

    Meme DogeMeme Doge9 timmar sedan
  • * Why am i yellin * - Dj khalid

    Aaronzkie DelosreyesAaronzkie Delosreyes11 timmar sedan
  • * I woke up Chris Breezy * - Lil Dicky

    Aaronzkie DelosreyesAaronzkie Delosreyes11 timmar sedan
  • we all know why we're here

    txtsitxtsiDag sedan
  • 17 year old- Carson King

    memes foryoumemes foryouDag sedan
  • jail

    bruh poopyheadbruh poopyhead3 dagar sedan
  • I used to watch this video and laugh, now I can’t even think of the video anymore when watching.

    Risky BusRisky Bus3 dagar sedan
  • This didn’t age well

    Christian TroyChristian Troy3 dagar sedan
    • Tf you mean

      SmallFriSmallFri3 dagar sedan
  • “Wait who are you guys” -Osama bin laden probably

    ItchyPitItchyPit3 dagar sedan
  • "When do you turn 18?"

    Paul PotatoPaul Potato4 dagar sedan
  • Carson's Yearbook Quote: "I groomed Sam" it's the truth you did you fucking creep.

    AboundingVampireKiller20AboundingVampireKiller204 dagar sedan
    • @SmallFri exactly

      Majin landerMajin lander3 dagar sedan
    • She was 17 he was 19 2 year gap

      SmallFriSmallFri3 dagar sedan
  • POV: All you see is unoriginal comments saying “tHIs diDN’t aGE wELL”

    samurichsamurich4 dagar sedan
  • This didn’t age well...

    Acoy campbellAcoy campbell4 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else here after the drama

    TreppadonTreppadon5 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      Srikar17 Is GoatedSrikar17 Is Goated4 dagar sedan

    Andrew_The_ Andrew_The_Andrew_The_ Andrew_The_5 dagar sedan
  • I know whoever is reading this sorted by new because you wanted to talk about Carson allegations, you wanna debate? This is where I stand, both of them at the time lived in states where the age of consent was 16. Also I don’t buy the manipulation since the messages suggested that Carson wasn’t really forcing her, and she was clearly into it. The only thing wrong was the nudes, but think about how many high school seniors would be going through this right now if they were famous, hell even kids in middle school. I do not believe anything he did was morally wrong, but he did something illegal and that’s where he fucked up.

    BhungBhung5 dagar sedan
    • @SpeedyJohnson preach

      Exhale InhaleExhale Inhale3 dagar sedan
    • @Exhale Inhale Even more yikes... that's a weird game to own regardless.

      SpeedyJohnsonSpeedyJohnson3 dagar sedan
    • @SpeedyJohnson 14 years old, and it was 107 hours according to the account before it was blocked off. the game was apparently perhaps 40 minutes long so that he played it for 107 hours - which is the equivalent of 160 playthroughs - means he either had it running in the background for a long time before noticing and switching it off, or he has a weird obsession with it, both of which are bad in the first place...

      Exhale InhaleExhale Inhale3 dagar sedan
    • @DynaXiasT You don't.... have to read the comments....

      SpeedyJohnsonSpeedyJohnson3 dagar sedan
    • i just wanted to watch the video...

      DynaXiasTDynaXiasT3 dagar sedan
  • “How to catch a case 101” -CallMeCarson

    Abel MorenoAbel Moreno5 dagar sedan
  • I’m seeing this at the wrong time😖

    CaleIsNotFunnyCaleIsNotFunny5 dagar sedan
  • Peeple

    Just a personJust a person5 dagar sedan
  • May Le4che be with you

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  • You know how people said 2021 would be better? *Not even 2 weeks in, and we have thousands are calling Carson a ped-* *This year already wants to make me commit Toaster Bath.*

    Alpaca Boi 7Alpaca Boi 76 dagar sedan
    • @lilothy Doge I I ドージェ I I What about tall building

      Alpaca Boi 7Alpaca Boi 74 dagar sedan
    • @Alpaca Boi 7 IMPOSIBLE wait what about fork outlet?

      lilothy Doge I I ドージェ I Ililothy Doge I I ドージェ I I4 dagar sedan
    • @lilothy Doge I I ドージェ I I or ROPE THROAT!

      Alpaca Boi 7Alpaca Boi 74 dagar sedan
    • @Alpaca Boi 7 or knife neck!!!!!

      lilothy Doge I I ドージェ I Ililothy Doge I I ドージェ I I5 dagar sedan
    • @lilothy Doge I I ドージェ I I or even knife wrist!

      Alpaca Boi 7Alpaca Boi 75 dagar sedan
  • Why does the thumbnail look like shark boy?

    HD NeelyHD Neely6 dagar sedan
    • That’s the actor of shark boy

      Tiffany KellyTiffany Kelly6 dagar sedan
  • This came up in my recommended after you know what incident,...Thanks youtube.

    Krystal ballKrystal ball7 dagar sedan
  • bad ending

    DubsDubs7 dagar sedan
  • ahh memories...when times were simple with Carson :/

    Antonio DavanzoAntonio Davanzo7 dagar sedan
  • Why'd you do it carson.

    spoonspoon7 dagar sedan
  • My yearbook quote would be "E!"

    MrDoctor73MrDoctor737 dagar sedan
    • ahahahaha 😐

      Phœnix 777Phœnix 7777 dagar sedan
  • Carson: Imagine having a number in ur name lol. Elon Musk:WRITE THAT DOWN

    CustardCreams OfficialCustardCreams Official8 dagar sedan
  • "Taylor doesn't wear shirts, not even during winter..."

    Rick N MortiusRick N Mortius8 dagar sedan
  • "You can skydive without a parachute, but only once." -Albert Einstein

    Ruckhus StudiosRuckhus Studios8 dagar sedan
  • Dose Carson sound like technoblade

    kevin ferguson sheldon jrkevin ferguson sheldon jr8 dagar sedan
    • wtf

      Catchy NameCatchy Name7 dagar sedan
    • Thank out my glimmer is trage

      kevin ferguson sheldon jrkevin ferguson sheldon jr8 dagar sedan
    • does*

      markmark8 dagar sedan
  • the fact that this is coming up in my recommended 2 years later and after what happened wtf youtube 🦧

    nicole snicole s8 dagar sedan
  • Pain

    Ben Shapiro Consumer of WorldsBen Shapiro Consumer of Worlds8 dagar sedan
  • You’ll be missed, Carson.

    Marco 4500Marco 45008 dagar sedan
    • @goy yes he will

      SmallFriSmallFri3 dagar sedan
    • @goy yeah he will.

      TelbithTelbith5 dagar sedan
    • No, no he wont

      goygoy6 dagar sedan
  • This video would be funnier without Carson.

    KryptosKryptos8 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      Mr V I B EMr V I B E5 dagar sedan
    • Eh, I would rather not go into an argument rn, I'm gonna leave it at that.

      MetrooXMetrooX5 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      EffiJeffyEffiJeffy5 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      Senju GhxstSenju Ghxst6 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      The Official Nudah YouTube Channel Not Fake On JahThe Official Nudah YouTube Channel Not Fake On Jah6 dagar sedan
  • Man I'm gonna miss Carson's content like this.

    CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ]CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ]8 dagar sedan
  • its kinda funny how im getting recommended all of Carson's videos NOW

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  • when your high school doesn't do senior quotes :(

    bleach__bleach__8 dagar sedan
  • shit

    YeetoYeeto8 dagar sedan
  • "what is minecraft alex was 17" -CallMeCarson

    DSM ChipDSM Chip9 dagar sedan
    • English?

      Nate LenaghanNate Lenaghan8 dagar sedan
  • mine would be “ i completed the genocide run so shut the (BLEEP) up”

    FIFTHFIFTH9 dagar sedan
  • Oh Carson

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya9 dagar sedan
  • This video hits differently now since the drama happened it doesn’t sit well with me anymore

    the running manthe running man9 dagar sedan
  • but if you close you're eyes

    Abraham FuentesAbraham Fuentes9 dagar sedan
  • Mine would be: If you know you won’t pass on the exam then cheat. Sun Tzu, Art of war.

    Rollin_RayRollin_Ray9 dagar sedan
  • "If nobody travels back in time to stop you from doing it how bad of a decision could it possibly be?" Gonna be mine

    Jeremy McCartneyJeremy McCartney9 dagar sedan
  • sapnu puas

    Strate Up GamrStrate Up Gamr9 dagar sedan
    • Lmao

      C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 dagar sedan
    • Lmao

      The DolphinThe Dolphin9 dagar sedan
  • Flashbacks man, flashbacks.

    Capo Serves the Soviet UnionCapo Serves the Soviet Union9 dagar sedan
  • The perfect quote for 2:00 or “Dick Long” would be “name checks out”

    Aidan LangAidan Lang9 dagar sedan
  • Carson isn’t a pedophile nor is he a groomer but, him keeping nudes that were from a minor is weird and that should be the main reason people go after him. For cp not pedophilia or grooming.

    Trump LostTrump Lost9 dagar sedan
    • @Phœnix 777 right so you’re saying that Carson was a pedophile that was setting up a kid to have sex with? That’s ridiculous. She was 17 and he was 19. He wasn’t a groomer.

      Trump LostTrump Lost7 dagar sedan
    • but that’s literally grooming...

      Phœnix 777Phœnix 7777 dagar sedan
    • @Comment Cop i like how you say that so casually

      oreo catoreo cat8 dagar sedan
    • @Salem Bendeck yeah that’s true too

      Trump LostTrump Lost9 dagar sedan
    • I just hate the fact that he knew what he was doing wås wrong, I am truly disappointed

      Salem BendeckSalem Bendeck9 dagar sedan
  • "your'e" Carson 2018

    chodeIAMchodeIAM10 dagar sedan
  • CallMeCancelled

    Evan FitzsimmonsEvan Fitzsimmons10 dagar sedan
    • @Hat Guest YT :(

      Evan FitzsimmonsEvan Fitzsimmons6 dagar sedan

      C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 dagar sedan
    • Overused joke and its not funny

      Hat Guest YTHat Guest YT9 dagar sedan
    • bruuuh

      ChipperChipper9 dagar sedan
  • Little did we know......

    ThatGamingLife 316ThatGamingLife 31610 dagar sedan
  • youtube les stay off this place for awhile oki

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  • F

    john smithjohn smith10 dagar sedan
    • F

      Mr V I B EMr V I B E5 dagar sedan
    • F

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  • :/

    zaftigzaftig10 dagar sedan
  • Worst time for this video to be recommended to me

    HelmerHelmer10 dagar sedan
    • Helmer yeah same here

      Recon GamerRecon Gamer10 dagar sedan
  • Ouchie

    YunocideYunocide10 dagar sedan
  • Soooooo, we gonna address the elephant in the room?

    Davy GravyDavy Gravy10 dagar sedan
    • @Davy Gravy nah I’m sorry I thought you were genuinely angry and wanted to fight someone

      ChipperChipper9 dagar sedan
    • @Salem Bendeck ikr lmao

      Davy GravyDavy Gravy9 dagar sedan
    • Bruh why the fuck are people getting upset at this comment

      Salem BendeckSalem Bendeck9 dagar sedan
    • @Chipper wtf, I was literally making a joke and you guys are getting butthurt

      Davy GravyDavy Gravy9 dagar sedan
    • @Davy Gravy rly

      ChipperChipper9 dagar sedan
  • Carlos Carlos

    Seb GonzalesSeb Gonzales10 dagar sedan
  • long live carson

    lofirelofire10 dagar sedan
  • I never noticed how much Taylor Lautner looked so much like Shark Boy.

    AngyCactusAngyCactus10 dagar sedan
  • ᐯIETᑎᗩᗰ🇻🇳

    Jack FramholtJack Framholt10 dagar sedan
    • ok

      ChipperChipper9 dagar sedan
    • ok

      Obama GamingObama Gaming10 dagar sedan
    • ok

      RainEEpicRainEEpic10 dagar sedan
  • Ugandan knuckles

    CallMeCarsonCallMeCarson10 dagar sedan
    • @B MICHACA nah he is

      To mTo m7 dagar sedan
    • callmecancelled

      *wheeze* excuse me?*wheeze* excuse me?10 dagar sedan
    • woah

      Obama GamingObama Gaming10 dagar sedan
    • Ayo wt

      LittlelolomaLittleloloma10 dagar sedan
    • Are you the real Carson? (Ur not)

      B MICHACAB MICHACA10 dagar sedan
  • We just gonna ignore the fact he found James Charles

    Paully O'BrienPaully O'Brien10 dagar sedan
  • Stop farming attention and having your lil hyper-panicks in the comments.

    Jorseoph PetersonJorseoph Peterson10 dagar sedan
  • This hits different now.....

    Павле ЈовановићПавле Јовановић11 dagar sedan
  • Who’s here after the controversy?

    Click Egg Or u badClick Egg Or u bad11 dagar sedan
    • Everyone you dipshit it's call fucking space&time

      C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 dagar sedan
    • @Chipper im talking about the comment??

      naashikashinaashikashi9 dagar sedan
    • @naashikashi what the fuck this was two years ago? are u ok?

      ChipperChipper9 dagar sedan
    • litarally everyone because comment was posted after

      naashikashinaashikashi10 dagar sedan
  • I’m disappointed, he seemed great but what he did was inexcusable

    Eric VasquezEric Vasquez11 dagar sedan
    • @Eric Vasquez what he did wasn’t even illegal

      Pretty Boah!?Pretty Boah!?9 dagar sedan
    • @Pretty Boah!? ok kid

      Eric VasquezEric Vasquez9 dagar sedan
    • I excused him

      Pretty Boah!?Pretty Boah!?10 dagar sedan
  • Carson.. I'm on your side of this case

    MikecubeTheDestroyerMikecubeTheDestroyer11 dagar sedan
    • Breaking news : He did the same with an other girl

      C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 dagar sedan
    • @Bobataco *you're

      Fear1ess16Fear1ess1610 dagar sedan
    • I think both are in the wrong

      Insane DestroyerInsane Destroyer10 dagar sedan
    • @Lɛօռ Rɛαɖɛʀ exchanging nudes was illegal and he used his fame and popularity to Coerce the two fans, I’m a huge fan of Carson but this is inexcusable

      Eric VasquezEric Vasquez10 dagar sedan
    • @Bobataco I’m not, the actions of Carson are completely disgusting and wrong his friends all confirmed that it was a one time thing and he lied about getting help

      Eric VasquezEric Vasquez10 dagar sedan
  • Send pics of u -Carson, 2018

    memo babamemo baba11 dagar sedan

  • damn carson...

    Pαulα Mella VegaPαulα Mella Vega11 dagar sedan
  • What car

    Tommy RocksTommy Rocks11 dagar sedan
  • Well I enjoy these less now

    Woah where am iWoah where am i11 dagar sedan
    • Yeah I can't laugh anymore. I guess Carson is over. Would be funny if he renamed his channel to "CallMeCancelled" though

      C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 dagar sedan
    • same

      poke overwatchpoke overwatch10 dagar sedan
  • RIP carson 2021

    BLUE YOSHI2211BLUE YOSHI221111 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Dr ObamsDr Obams11 dagar sedan
  • No-

    rBaseless гг,гrBaseless гг,г11 dagar sedan
  • this hurts to watch

    breadsticksbreadsticks12 dagar sedan
    • @twosad shut the fuck up

      Salem BendeckSalem Bendeck9 dagar sedan
    • @twosad everyone comments on your videos??

    • @twosad shut up dumbass bitch

      Dominic EllisDominic Ellis11 dagar sedan
    • @twosad stfu

      breadsticksbreadsticks11 dagar sedan

      twosadtwosad11 dagar sedan
  • reminiscing on how good this used to be before literally today

    rhettsterLPrhettsterLP12 dagar sedan
    • Just like going outside without coronavirus. Good ol' times...

      C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻8 dagar sedan
  • Imma miss you man. All of you guys.

    Jackson GordonJackson Gordon12 dagar sedan
  • 2:44 why did he cross out "wesleyan university" if you can clearly see it when you look up

    Monokuma pinkMonokuma pink12 dagar sedan
    • Congratulations your comment was the last before everything that happened, the last bit of innocence.

      Dr John Zoidberg MDDr John Zoidberg MD7 dagar sedan
  • Carson cencores out his school name but at the top it is still there

    big brotherbig brother12 dagar sedan
  • "The roof is not my son, but I will raise it" is not an anonymous quote. It's from Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods

    Streamer 9365Streamer 936513 dagar sedan
  • Saying that 9/11 was the greatest tragedy in the world is the most American thing ive ever heard

    lrgendwer Xlrgendwer X14 dagar sedan
  • Wow! Carson really does review funny yearbook quotes. Le'4che Henry am I right!

    SALTY Bear11SALTY Bear1114 dagar sedan
  • "Goats are like mushrooms. If you shoot a duck. I'm scared of toasters" - Carlos Garcia plz like if you think this is funny plz

    johannemorangutan TGATBOjohannemorangutan TGATBO14 dagar sedan
  • My yearbook quote would be the link to never gonna give you up by Rick Astley

    Ljfury 06Ljfury 0614 dagar sedan
  • “Thanks for 14k” Holy shit Carson grew

    GoldezYTGoldezYT14 dagar sedan
  • the words greatest tragedy: humans

    potatopoufpotatopouf14 dagar sedan
  • If a time traveler doesn’t come back to stop you how bad of an idea can it be

    The StickopiaThe Stickopia15 dagar sedan
  • Mine would be “There is a word worse than the F word, don’t say it tho... you will get beat up or canceled on Twitter for it” Because its true.

    SlyHikari03SlyHikari0315 dagar sedan
  • me looking at the thumbnail: THATS THE SHARK WHO GREW UP TO BE A WOLF

    eggegg15 dagar sedan
  • No, the greatest tragedy of the entire world was Chernobyl.

    Isaac StillwellIsaac Stillwell15 dagar sedan
    • @potatopouf it wasn't exactly a tragedy in the most senses however it did cause such effects, I wouldn't call it a tragedy itself but the cause of most others.

      Strawberry• SkeletonsStrawberry• Skeletons14 dagar sedan
    • i would say it was the creation of humans. we are the worst tragedy of the world.

      potatopoufpotatopouf14 dagar sedan
    • @Strawberry• Skeletons i would say it was the creation of humans. we are the worst tragedy of the world.

      potatopoufpotatopouf14 dagar sedan
    • I'd say it was ww2

      Strawberry• SkeletonsStrawberry• Skeletons15 dagar sedan
  • Taylor Lautner was Jacob from twilight 1:04

    Alfie MclaughlinAlfie Mclaughlin16 dagar sedan
  • School be like I am inevitable "Thanos 2020"

    OMGthatsAmberOMGthatsAmber16 dagar sedan
  • I’v really been watching this clown and his goons do this for 2 1/2 years now wtf

    Josh Keith’s VideosJosh Keith’s Videos16 dagar sedan
  • Mine: glad this is fucking over

    justMID _justMID _17 dagar sedan
  • What do you drive a Le4che oh a Porsche no I a Le4che (Le4vhes dad)

    jello bellojello bello17 dagar sedan
  • The best quote is "Ahahaahaa that's hot" Willard Carroll Smith, Jr.

    Viva el BetisViva el Betis18 dagar sedan
  • Carson’s future plans: *Indiana*

    BrentanicBrentanic18 dagar sedan