2 dec 2020
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  • No one going to talk about the fact that josh says “I never went in electric” when Randy hadn’t mentioned where the body is or anything about electric 😂😂

    DiamondOnTheInternetDiamondOnTheInternet18 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/r5Da0dGVnWiDqoU/video

    MrRONIN GamingMrRONIN GamingMånad sedan
  • oh

    AAA aaaAAA aaaMånad sedan
  • oh

    zul arasyizul arasyiMånad sedan
  • Ui

    Aze ClanAze ClanMånad sedan
  • 568567th

    Love TrollingLove TrollingMånad sedan
  • Looks like everyone thought he meant the rapper Logic lmao They should actually try and get logic to play tho, he plays with PewDiePie's lobby it's possible

    DWolfDWolfMånad sedan
  • 700k we are so close

    Manchester UnitedManchester UnitedMånad sedan
  • I thought Logic as in like Bobby Boy was here🤭🤭

    Exult LDExult LDMånad sedan
  • why is not Ethan upload among us on his Channel ??

    folke91vlogsfolke91vlogsMånad sedan
  • Lit ep.

    Tharsan JTharsan JMånad sedan
  • A small mistake in the thumnail: KSI's forehead is the same as the others. IT SHOULD BE BIGGER

    xLustxLustMånad sedan
  • My iq as an 11 year old is 30 its very bad

    Stanley TaylorStanley TaylorMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Peter DaviesPeter DaviesMånad sedan
  • I can’t even be mad at the clickbait

    Sam DhawanSam DhawanMånad sedan
  • Someone needs to tel freeze that megaphone thing means they reported it

    Sam HoldenSam HoldenMånad sedan
  • i loaded up dead by daylight while watching this and the music came on when behz got reported in the beginning of the vid, scared me that's all, have a good one

    i do Ly2i do Ly2Månad sedan
  • This was just a normal game of among us haha

    charlie prichardcharlie prichardMånad sedan
  • Completely thought Logic played with you guys...

    Basically VevoBasically VevoMånad sedan
  • lux didnt even do the download

    Adam ElwahwahAdam ElwahwahMånad sedan
  • Josh had gone to navigation at the start of the game. Simon couldve got him out when he said he passed someone in nav

    Jamal KamaraJamal KamaraMånad sedan
  • The bait on the video is prime

    TopZz AUTopZz AUMånad sedan
  • Why does chip look kind of like Marquinhos

    Liam ReynoldsLiam ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • What is that font in the thumbnail

    Adam LotfiAdam LotfiMånad sedan
  • Zerkaa jerkaa

    TheCornyBeastTheCornyBeastMånad sedan
  • Who else thought they were playing with the rapper

    Jude BaileyJude BaileyMånad sedan
  • Did anyone else think he meant logic the rapper 😂

    JosephLoftusJosephLoftusMånad sedan
  • I thought Bobby logic is here

    deekshith mddeekshith mdMånad sedan
  • Most boring video in the world

    JLANJLANMånad sedan
  • Really Simon logic ?!!!

    João HenriquesJoão HenriquesMånad sedan
  • I was getting mad when he was accusing Lux for doing download in 4 seconds even tho he did wires

    Eggroll mcEggroll mcMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Angie scottAngie scottMånad sedan
  • the last person I expected to act like a b*tch was vikk, damn

    Richard MaioliRichard MaioliMånad sedan
  • I love how everybody in the game was unlocking all AmongUs secrets menu, We get our Mods from tr4.online

    lada shamelashvililada shamelashviliMånad sedan
  • Clickbait tho

    Prankur RajPrankur RajMånad sedan
  • Opinion is preference

    Ebenezer SureshEbenezer SureshMånad sedan
  • Fact for this goal no opinions ever should be goal

    Ebenezer SureshEbenezer SureshMånad sedan
    • Variable for opinion

      Ebenezer SureshEbenezer SureshMånad sedan
    • This is called opinions

      Ebenezer SureshEbenezer SureshMånad sedan
  • Vik brain Grade mythic Durability 2/50 Iq+700 Every 10000 years a very special brain appears the brain has the ability to increase the people iq around them

    Jeremy WrightJeremy WrightMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail and title is the opposite of each each other

    Roody DucasseRoody DucasseMånad sedan
  • Am i the only person who didnt think theyd be playing with the rapper

    the wild potatothe wild potatoMånad sedan
  • i thought they were talking about the rapper logic :(

    RajaRajaMånad sedan
    • Who tf is that

      TheySayImObama ObamaGamingTheySayImObama ObamaGamingMånad sedan

    Yah Alvaris 666Yah Alvaris 666Månad sedan
  • we need an among us with ksi Sadiq khan chippo milk simon josh vikk callux calfreezy harry BEST SERVER EVER. FUNNIEST AMONG US GAMES PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN SIMON

    eiflow96eiflow96Månad sedan
  • Simon with his smart ass clickbait

    Robert JacksonRobert JacksonMånad sedan
  • Damn.... nice clickbait... i got jebaited.

    MickiMouseDKMickiMouseDKMånad sedan
  • they should do among us but everyone acts sus!!

    Shayara McLeod-GayleShayara McLeod-GayleMånad sedan
  • I thought "logic" meant the rapper🤣🤣

    Just ZeusJust ZeusMånad sedan
  • What did Harry do ? What was Simon talking about in the very beginning ?

    Kyle PorteousKyle PorteousMånad sedan
  • Vikk proves the no logic thing cuz at the he says “it couldn’t of been you randy cuz there was 2 kills that round” no there weren’t chip got voted out to make it 5 then josh killed Harry to make it 4 🤦‍♂️😂

    / Boothy // Boothy /Månad sedan
  • Ksis among us charecter is still the same /:

    IzZionIzZionMånad sedan
  • The liddle poeshun

    lostbaloneyrockstarlostbaloneyrockstarMånad sedan
  • Toast would have a field day with the Sidemen 🤣

    adamxeroadamxeroMånad sedan
  • Okay so no Bobby

    Stalin LeninStalin LeninMånad sedan
  • Lol I thought it was a Collab with logic .

    sunny BSDsunny BSDMånad sedan
  • The most out of context intro ever:

    Raptor JesusRaptor JesusMånad sedan
  • Does Chippo have a channel?

    Patrick HomesPatrick HomesMånad sedan
  • The penitent pheasant prospectively stop because china nutritionally dust over a divergent offence. knowing, tough cathedral

    guillermo alvarezguillermo alvarezMånad sedan
  • why does ksi look normal in the thumbnail

    itsyourboyberryitsyourboyberryMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail looks like ball bags btw

    ChanelleeChanelleeMånad sedan
  • Wait logic ain’t here

    LB76LB76Månad sedan
  • Zsseew

    Fighterlm 1234Fighterlm 1234Månad sedan
  • lol all i can say i well played thats wut a 3 week old game ?

    LokiLokiMånad sedan
    • also used in by now wut 10 clips 5 Videos on how many different channels ? :P Jezus this makes it ez to take in money huh

      LokiLokiMånad sedan
  • Ohhh I get the title now. Thought he meant logic the rapper

    Jimbo FryJimbo FryMånad sedan

    Lâxar TLâxar TMånad sedan
  • Lmao nice title

    RicardoRicardoMånad sedan
  • “Why you have to be mad, it’s only game” every aired that 😂💀

    Among Us Funny and WTF MomentsAmong Us Funny and WTF MomentsMånad sedan
    • @Batyr Tolkynbayev all it takes is a click on his profile lad

      Hapz.Hapz.Månad sedan
    • K

      Gilsz WARRIORGilsz WARRIORMånad sedan
    • @Dilahn GRONICH pov: y'all went and checked if he does have 347K

      Batyr TolkynbayevBatyr TolkynbayevMånad sedan
    • You have 347k subs and your copying comments...........

      Dilahn GRONICHDilahn GRONICHMånad sedan
  • Don’t judge I’m starting and doing a cover of haciendo que me amas and take a listen soundcloud.com/user-327390045/haciendo-que-me-amas?ref=clipboard&p=i&c=1

    ChristianXChristianXMånad sedan
  • Vikk is kinda bad at this game

    ZHENZHENMånad sedan
  • Okey but we need a Sidemen and Logic collab now lol

    LePalmeLePalmeMånad sedan
  • ion even think he meant to clickbait lmao

    Tyson BrazilTyson BrazilMånad sedan
  • By the way, those brains look like vainy balls... just needed to let whoever made the thumbnail know that the edit look like testicles

    Sam ASam AMånad sedan
  • Yes everyone we get it, you thought it was Logic the rapper 🙄 how many of you have to carry on saying it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Your StoriesYour StoriesMånad sedan
  • Who logic

    Skill SiblingSkill SiblingMånad sedan

    Osaraye BazuayeOsaraye BazuayeMånad sedan
  • anyone else think Logic the rapper hopped in the lobby too

    Nirav PatelNirav PatelMånad sedan
  • ♥️♥️♥️

    okafor victorokafor victorMånad sedan
  • Logic would not want to play with these lads

    Vincent NguyenVincent NguyenMånad sedan
  • 0:00 that whole sentence is mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that should be a meme by now

    A K1A K1Månad sedan
  • That’s the best not clickbate thing ever, we all thought you said with logic as in the human but you meant logic as in the word

    Ruhi PatelRuhi PatelMånad sedan
    • Who tf is Logic

      TheySayImObama ObamaGamingTheySayImObama ObamaGamingMånad sedan
  • Damn the clickbait was blatant but accurate so I'm not angry

    Anime GeekAnime GeekMånad sedan
  • I have never seen randy or Tobi as the killer

    Football fan 101Football fan 101Månad sedan
  • I like how harry, Ethan, and throwbi are excluded from the title

    Hayden MarrsHayden MarrsMånad sedan
  • I already knew logic wasn't gonna be here

    Roberto fitchRoberto fitchMånad sedan
  • Props to callux for the Illya Bryzgalov reference

    John YoloerJohn YoloerMånad sedan
  • thought you meant logic the rapper...

    Jay DawgJay DawgMånad sedan
  • Title is cheeky

    Mesut OzilMesut OzilMånad sedan
  • i thought Bobby himself playing with them . biggest twist ever lol

  • he really used logic in that title smh

    MyGuyNotUrGuyMyGuyNotUrGuyMånad sedan
  • I've legit seen everyone's perspective now. What am I doing with my life.

    Junaid CJunaid CMånad sedan
  • Did people really think the sidemen played with logic? Lol

    SWAT 1611SWAT 1611Månad sedan
  • I stg I thought they played with the rapper Logic, not actual logic

    Nah BroNah BroMånad sedan
  • I hate that i fell for it... But at the same time i still enhoyed the video lmao

    PJ RossouwPJ RossouwMånad sedan
  • damn i thought you guys were gonna play with the rapper logic. atleast we got the fake logic, calfreezy here so i guess thats something.

    mayrlnmayrlnMånad sedan
  • The title is a lie

    Clay CODClay CODMånad sedan
  • Help me ratio this video in likes

    RebelFIshingRebelFIshingMånad sedan
  • Ay anyone else expect logic to be in the game or just me

    Blake Snyder-BellingerBlake Snyder-BellingerMånad sedan
  • The big brain doesn't suit ksi

    cyanworm 15cyanworm 15Månad sedan
  • Wont lie thought you meant the rapper so I feel like that is some 419 shit you learnt from your boyfriend

    Unlucky Owen JonesUnlucky Owen JonesMånad sedan
  • At this point i'm just watching among us from different povs

  • So.... no Young Sinatra?

    Matt FrisbyMatt FrisbyMånad sedan