23 nov 2020
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I got sued in Minecraft. Obviously. What else did thou think?
edited by: twitter.com/shakedrizzle
#ludwig #offlinetv #minecraft

  • 14:10 I'm dying

    Ron LaFlammeRon LaFlamme8 dagar sedan
  • He should have said "Abe murdered me so I'm counter counter suing him

    Chicken NuggieChicken Nuggie13 dagar sedan
  • I wanted to ask which mod do they use ?

    Kutubkhan BhatiyaKutubkhan Bhatiya16 dagar sedan
  • Jajajaja dios t amo ludwig

    Gregorio FreidinGregorio Freidin29 dagar sedan
  • When toast said sykunno leads a simple life I just remembered that he could 1 shot everyone in the server whit his sword

    Daniel McNamaraDaniel McNamara29 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno holding a gun is sooo funny I can’t 😂

    Kamille CuelloKamille CuelloMånad sedan

    dazzling aprildazzling aprilMånad sedan
  • The Italian court system at its finest

    Logan StewartLogan StewartMånad sedan
  • He kinda looks like hitler

    Yeet NoiceYeet NoiceMånad sedan
  • When sykkuno pulled out the gun LMFAOOO

    Halo KayHalo KayMånad sedan
    • He pulled it out again too💀

      Halo KayHalo KayMånad sedan
  • 15:13 wow someone already guessed he title.

    Aryan RaiAryan RaiMånad sedan
  • 17:33 epic entrance by Toast

    ariariMånad sedan
  • 1 million in 2 days let's goooo!

  • 15:13 Ramen the real mvp of this video. Came up with the title in chat

    Sp0nixSp0nixMånad sedan
  • did Lud just call Miyoung miyam???

    rianne sserianne sseMånad sedan
  • What mod is this

    Milan UnkelMilan UnkelMånad sedan
  • Kris: ...I heard a gunshot. Sykkuno: Like this? *whips out a gun and shoots it in the court* Toast is the best lawyer

    Carly OCarly OMånad sedan
  • Well played sir. Excellent bait.

    WaughWaughMånad sedan
  • "Hey shitass, wanna see me speedrun?"

    Asutoro_osu!Asutoro_osu!Månad sedan
  • Disguised toast to the rescue

    MDATS killmachineMDATS killmachineMånad sedan
  • 23:34 Pog

    TacoyakiYTTacoyakiYTMånad sedan
  • Someone in chat said “just joined and all i heard ludwig aghren say is “Nazi germany” 😭

    BiggracksmattBiggracksmattMånad sedan
  • 15:18 is where the title came from.

    turbloturbloMånad sedan
  • I got baited like a carp.

    DesesDesesMånad sedan
  • I love chaotickkuno, he doesn’t come around enough

    Heath AndrewsHeath AndrewsMånad sedan
  • This entire fake court just to get sykkuno to give you 20 diamonds 😂

    Heath AndrewsHeath AndrewsMånad sedan
  • can anyone tell me the shaders that ludwig uses? i love how the ground looks during rain

    Charlie TableCharlie TableMånad sedan
  • Is that ryan higa?

    Dcarpman77Dcarpman77Månad sedan
    • Yes

      Rogue 9Rogue 9Månad sedan
  • Ok. But, am I the only one who got so happy when toast showed up in the trial? Lol

    Harriett StylesHarriett StylesMånad sedan
  • 17:33 toast dropping from the sky like he’s stopping a wedding is sending me LMAO

    Vicky B.Vicky B.Månad sedan
  • 17:33 this mans toast instant transmissioned into the room like Goku showing up to save the day💀💀

    HeyItsVickyHeyItsVickyMånad sedan
  • 19:55 lmao

    lucky yuzulucky yuzuMånad sedan
  • 15:16 chat

    lucky yuzulucky yuzuMånad sedan
  • Expectation when I clicked: 📋😱😨😰😥😖 Reality: 🤨

    OFROOFROMånad sedan
  • Toast shoulda pulled up and said, “your honor thas cap” and won the case

    Jaime RamirezJaime RamirezMånad sedan
  • Who remembers me? The Fiverr drummer from the MANGO song recreation video!

    Ryan NunanRyan NunanMånad sedan
  • Thanks lud for the videos, havent laughed to hard in months

    Niko HinettNiko HinettMånad sedan
  • This clickbait was chef's kiss

    SoundsSoundsMånad sedan
  • This is so freaking funny

    Bridget GolubinskiBridget GolubinskiMånad sedan
  • Ludwig the British didn’t crack the enigma code AMERICA DID BABY LETS GOOOOOOOO🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

    Max pepperMax pepperMånad sedan

    DomiNickelDomiNickelMånad sedan
  • Why is everybody thinking Nintendo sued him?

    Dustin MDustin MMånad sedan
  • 15:17 Lol he guessed the title in chat lmao.

    InverseMistInverseMistMånad sedan
  • 15:19 mr ramenlord... You got scammed

    Fuldup MarlinFuldup MarlinMånad sedan
  • Anybody else scrolling the comments wonder what he did to nintendo?

    GenuinePsychopathGenuinePsychopathMånad sedan
  • Don't like the minecraft content at all

    TwiteyTwiteyMånad sedan
  • yooooooo im getting sued too!!! gut served the day you uploaded this

    Jeremiah CroweJeremiah CroweMånad sedan
  • Why is this minecraft server so comfy? I love it

    xtxschmidtxtxschmidtMånad sedan
  • Why is this whole sidekick situation giving me Shego and Drakken vibes

    Camila RodriguezCamila RodriguezMånad sedan
  • commenting to boost analytics because of bad viewer retention LULW

    Matthew HMatthew HMånad sedan
  • This looks like so much fun, I wish I had a group of friends who enjoy modded minecraft :/

    Steve AquatiousSteve AquatiousMånad sedan
  • 15:19 ramenlord predicted the title in chat Pog

    Chris ZuccChris ZuccMånad sedan
  • HOW I ACCIDENTALLY GOT SUED... should've been the title

    GilGilMånad sedan
  • pls i wanna know the modpack broo

    Geoarge clonersGeoarge clonersMånad sedan
  • Is it really clickbait when he did get sued in minecraft?

    Adrian QuinteroAdrian QuinteroMånad sedan
  • 15:14 in chat

    Brodie RossBrodie RossMånad sedan
  • miyoung is the zaniest sidekick

    Nandemonai YurtleNandemonai YurtleMånad sedan
  • I only heard his voice in sykkunos streams. I liked his personality, but oh no he’s pretty to That’s illegal

    your gay cousinyour gay cousinMånad sedan
  • Lud: Hey Sykkuno i was hoping u would be the judge who would rule fairly, in my favor for this case. ^-^ Sykkuno: uh yeah, alright *_*

    SenCrosinSenCrosinMånad sedan
  • Bruh this music reminds me of Pokemon spoof

    StarStarMånad sedan
  • Next video title: OK THIS TIME I ACTUALLY GOT SUED

    leathercandleAMVleathercandleAMVMånad sedan
  • i'm a huge lud fan and probably always will be however, this kind of content strikes me as lazy, no intro or info at the start as to whats going on, it doesn't seem to go anywhere, and it just ends abruptly. It feels more like a vod upload than a classic ludwig video.

    CasumoCasumoMånad sedan
  • 15:19 HE KNEW

    Benny BoiBenny BoiMånad sedan
  • “Not much, just loving life” *dies*

    Rico LightningRico LightningMånad sedan
  • okay but ludwigs roleplaying and toasts make these top tier comedy.

    g.j.g.j.Månad sedan
  • I was thinking how cool it would be if Toast showed up out of nowhere, and then he did

    JelmerJelmerMånad sedan
  • Take it to congress you hippie!

    Rae KRae KMånad sedan
  • its been a while since the last time I laughed at a Minecraft video

    Hunterback21Hunterback21Månad sedan
  • Someone’s watched the imitation game

    Alex FehrenbacherAlex FehrenbacherMånad sedan
  • Ludwigga

    DoomtronDoomtronMånad sedan
  • How building excitement is ruined

    JSK01JSK01Månad sedan
  • What mod pack is this?

    Minor TrashMinor TrashMånad sedan
    • minecraft ftb revelation

      orekiorekiMånad sedan
  • Ludwig bad at minecraft

    NawishNawishMånad sedan
  • This is the kind of clickbait that I'm not even mad at. Kinda like following a syntaxed hyperlink, it's a 50/50 ;)

    Hostile At HeartHostile At HeartMånad sedan
  • thanks for protecting sykkuno

    d1orrd1orrMånad sedan
  • is this tommyinnit?

    TedsAtticTedsAtticMånad sedan
  • Is lud gonna join offline TV please no

    Alan AlvaradoAlan AlvaradoMånad sedan
    • He owns his own house with friends, so I doubt he would join them.

      New_AxusNew_AxusMånad sedan
  • 15:19 : ramenlordtr ... SEworld title "I GOT SUED"

    trebel jamestrebel jamesMånad sedan
  • reach hacks smh

    TheBosstinTheBosstinMånad sedan
  • I thought this was about his taxes a mean melee.

    Grok753Grok753Månad sedan
  • Toast and Lud are the perfect duo

    White Rabbit RamboWhite Rabbit RamboMånad sedan
  • Still a great vid

    Dr-Tehnix ̧Dr-Tehnix ̧Månad sedan
  • the roleplay is so good

    AEAEMånad sedan
  • i swear funniest videos

    X BANEETX BANEETMånad sedan
  • Playing Minecraft and not putting Minecraft in the thumbnail is losing free views 4Weird

    CrenamCrenamMånad sedan
  • What shaders are these

    BigHotGuyBigHotGuyMånad sedan
  • shoutout to the guy in chat giving Ludwig his title

    PundaPundaMånad sedan
  • dont do that shit lud everyone thought it was about melee

    jem8000jem8000Månad sedan
  • What a masterful bait

    BroshiplaysBroshiplaysMånad sedan
  • Came because I thought this was about Melee Stayed because holy crap that was hilarious and I’m so glad I subscribed

    DanGanGalaxy 2DanGanGalaxy 2Månad sedan
  • Twitch frogs know to watch all the way through.

    KuryokuKuryokuMånad sedan
  • Mad respect bro

    sheila evangelistasheila evangelistaMånad sedan
  • GODLIKE clickbait, absolutely would've thought this was about nintendo if i didn't see the shake tweet LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru MiyamotoMånad sedan
  • I thought he got sued by Nintendo... Bruh

    DankzDeadDankzDeadMånad sedan
  • Literally yesterday he's like "I'm not afraid of getting sued!" And then today he's like "I'm getting sued."

    Matthew EricksonMatthew EricksonMånad sedan
  • this was the scam he promised

    RemkatRemkatMånad sedan
  • 15:15 this man predicted it

    Nameless DuckNameless DuckMånad sedan
  • Ah, you got me. I thought this was about Nintendo and the Melee tournament.

    LeafairLeafairMånad sedan
  • this feels like an episode of red vs blue lmao

    Emi LeEmi LeMånad sedan
  • Did Rae help you with the title?. Because its a good title🤣🤣

    Uneek NinjaUneek NinjaMånad sedan