Maple Leafs @ Canucks 4/18/21 | NHL Highlights

18 apr 2021
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Extended highlights of the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Vancouver Canucks

  • go leafs go

    Squeeky CleanSqueeky Clean16 dagar sedan
  • Welcome back, Vancouver Canucks

    Zachary RigbyZachary Rigby20 dagar sedan
  • Leafs Had Jack Campbell Why Isn't There Any Reason

    PiggyPiggy22 dagar sedan
  • hoglander what a steal eh? 2nd rounder lol

    dsrevo79dsrevo7922 dagar sedan
  • used to listen to Hughson in 1997 canucks 1040 and NHL 98... fun times

    dsrevo79dsrevo7922 dagar sedan
  • Even some leaf fans had to be smiling at this feel good story

    nathaniel jonesnathaniel jones22 dagar sedan
  • I’m so glad Tavares celebrated Nylander’s 100th goal like a team mate would be expected to. Whenever Nylander scores and Matthews and Marner on the ice they act like highschool princess stuck ups. Matthews celebrates a little bit but Marner normally looks pissed off. Whenever either 10 million dollar player scores they get so hyped.

    SkyWalker Texas RangerSkyWalker Texas Ranger22 dagar sedan

    BarfingMonkeyBarfingMonkey22 dagar sedan
  • Bo "The Hero" Horvat!

    MinuteMilitiaMinuteMilitia22 dagar sedan
  • The Leafs won that game, that was a goal.

    Jimiel JosephJimiel Joseph22 dagar sedan
  • Of course nhl doesnt show the disallowed goal replays because they know the refs were wrong!

    TrueNorthGaming92TrueNorthGaming9223 dagar sedan
  • This game matters to nobody. Both teams suck!!!!!

    Ryan AndersenRyan Andersen23 dagar sedan
  • That Matthew's play with 19 seconds left was a goal. Let's be honest, even most Canuck fans on SEworld know that one was a goal. Something has to be done for better puck detection on plays like that. There are times where the laws of physics and conclusive observation leave no other option but the puck being in the net, but the ref's can't call it a goal because they don't see it while it's behind the goal line, despite the fact there's nowhere else it could be.

    Joe BlytheJoe Blythe23 dagar sedan
  • (Deep inhale) *l e a f s*

    Cameron DurhamCameron Durham23 dagar sedan
  • H.H.H. Holtby, Horvat, and Hoglander! What a great game to remember! Hoping Hyman is ok though.

    ZacZac23 dagar sedan
  • leafs really won refs robbed us

    M BM B23 dagar sedan
  • The Leafs couldn't beat a team that is barely back from recovering from covid lol

    John DoeJohn Doe23 dagar sedan

    Maxime VerrrstappennMaxime Verrrstappenn23 dagar sedan
  • so.... we are just going to ignore the controversial call with seconds left in the 3rd? the NHL seems to really be hiding the fact that the refs may have messed up another call that decided the game....The leafs scored with seconds left and this highlight reel didnt even show the controversy.

    Alex BhesAlex Bhes23 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully Hyman is ok.

    M SmithM Smith23 dagar sedan
  • hockey will never be the same without a live audience

    Beatle ToonsBeatle Toons23 dagar sedan
  • Both Horvat goals were shot from the exact same place and in the same place on net

    Beatle ToonsBeatle Toons23 dagar sedan
  • Toronto, winning streak, losing streak. Rinse repeat.

    John BoyJohn Boy23 dagar sedan
  • Bet people won’t chirp Freddy as hard...Don’t get me wrong Campbell has done amazing, but you can’t get beat by the same shot twice from the same player, in the same spot. The team didn’t help him at all defensively but what else is new? Holtby played unreal and so did the irons. Such is hockey. Good lesson for the team

    Medium double doubleMedium double double23 dagar sedan
  • About time holtby started playing with confidence

    Shut the Fuk upShut the Fuk up23 dagar sedan
    • covid gave him super powers

      ZacZac23 dagar sedan
  • Based on amount of elite saves, this might have been the best reg season performance by a Nuck in my 35 years of watching them.

    brett hughesbrett hughes23 dagar sedan
  • Me: Hey Siri what is a joke? Siri: The Toronto Maple Leafs Franchise since 1967.

    Vardeep Singh BhinderVardeep Singh Bhinder23 dagar sedan
    • @Vardeep Singh Bhinder Let me see a team that’s in first place and in two messages I already got the better of you. If that’s a joke I’ll take it. 🤣🤣🤣

      Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson23 dagar sedan
    • @Charlie Anderson kid your a joke just like your favourite teams Franchise

      Vardeep Singh BhinderVardeep Singh Bhinder23 dagar sedan
    • @Vardeep Singh Bhinder Nope I asked Siri and that’s what she said. You try it.

      Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson23 dagar sedan
    • @Charlie Anderson your just salty cause your team is a joke😂

      Vardeep Singh BhinderVardeep Singh Bhinder23 dagar sedan
    • Hey Siri who is a joke? Siri: Vardeep Singh Bhinder.

      Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson23 dagar sedan
  • I hope the canucks can make the playoffs if they keep playing like this, but if they don’t I hope the leafs win the cup, I just wanna see a Canadian team win honestly.

    AnonymooseAnonymoose23 dagar sedan
  • Holtbeast!

    I RI R23 dagar sedan
  • Leafs moment

    CrAzYCrAzY23 dagar sedan

    Van ColumbusVan Columbus23 dagar sedan
  • Good game canucks I hope the next game will be exiting 👍

    Toronto maple leafs fanToronto maple leafs fan23 dagar sedan
  • Came to the highlights to watch the no goal and they didn’t spend any time on it!

    Delaney GunnDelaney Gunn23 dagar sedan
  • I'm a habs fan and am honestly glad to see them win this game after everything they had to go through

    Jerry SiaoJerry Siao23 dagar sedan
  • Nylander with the brain fart in O.T.

    A DA D23 dagar sedan
  • The goal with 19 seconds left shouldve counted tbh

    R8ted23R8ted2323 dagar sedan
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    E. E.E. E.23 dagar sedan
  • Leafs had more offensive chances as they shot more (39-24), won more faceoffs (53%), hit more (13-11), scored on PP, and had less giveaways (5-7) ... But sometimes, a goalie steals a game for your team. Holtby did just that. Good for him!

    Owen RonaOwen Rona23 dagar sedan
  • Im a huge Canucks fan and this play is suspendable. While Edler isn't a known offender, I do hope they give him an appropriate suspension to take these knees out of the game. I'm not a Leafs fan, I wouldn't want them to win the cup sooner than the Canucks but Hyman is a key player and I hope hes not injured long because he's going to be key to a long playoff run

    Derf WooDerf Woo23 dagar sedan
    • @Derf Woo Well said my friend.

      Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson23 dagar sedan
    • @Charlie Anderson =) gotta put aside my team bias and call a spade a spade. In the end hockey becomes more enjoyable when kneeing, hits to head, any Marchant infractions(*wink) are taken out of the game. Don't want some kids of next generation think these plays are ok.

      Derf WooDerf Woo23 dagar sedan
    • Finally a classy hockey fan. I’m sure I can speak for all Leafs fans and say thank you for acknowledging a very obvious dirty hit and for wishing Hyman the quickest of recoveries. Thanks again my friend. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

      Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson23 dagar sedan
  • But instead they finaly win

    Mark FriesenMark Friesen23 dagar sedan
  • Its like the cannucks can't win

    Mark FriesenMark Friesen23 dagar sedan
  • Puck in the net at 19 seconds in the third. Leafs won

    Aidan McGregorAidan McGregor23 dagar sedan
  • 2 short side goals on Campbell, proves he's mortal after all he'll bounce back. Holtby channelling the spirit of Hasek. Glad to see his game hasn't gone totally yet. Good game from the Canucks.

    #1 Bert#1 Bert23 dagar sedan
  • 2 short side goals on Campbell, proves he's mortal after all he'll bounce back. Holtby channelling the spirit of Hasek. Glad to see his game hasn't gone totally yet. Good game from the Canucks.

    #1 Bert#1 Bert23 dagar sedan
  • Nice!

    spitfireace57spitfireace5723 dagar sedan
  • What a night from Holtby. Many incredible saves but that one from Simmonds was special.

    seanaldmcseansingtonseanaldmcseansington23 dagar sedan
  • Great win for the Canucks! Horvat hasn't missed a beat from the looks of things. Maybe Holtby is finally starting to reach the form the team thought he would as well. With Montreal doing everything they can to miss the playoffs right now, anything is possible for Vancouver- if they can go on a little bit of a run, things could get interesting.

    CD 123CD 12323 dagar sedan
  • Wow. Holtby stood on his head. Good game, Buds will bounce back.

    Lucas MartinLucas Martin23 dagar sedan
  • Horvat was on mission this game

    Turko7326Turko732623 dagar sedan
  • Leafs lose 4 straight. All is doomed

    Turko7326Turko732623 dagar sedan
  • Nicely done boys 👍

    Wayne GrahamWayne Graham23 dagar sedan
  • Watch out!

    elvatozelvatoz23 dagar sedan
  • WTF 3 commercials in a 9 minute video. I won’t waste my time again, you lost a viewer. .

    The globe is DEADThe globe is DEAD23 dagar sedan
  • Amazing that they can win after all that happened hopefully they stay safe Great job

    Hockey Boy101Hockey Boy10124 dagar sedan
    • Hopefully everything stay safe

      Hockey Boy101Hockey Boy10124 dagar sedan
  • All these damn ads are making my blood clot....

    WhoCamus GnuWhoCamus Gnu24 dagar sedan
  • Just gotta laugh

    nawewannawewan24 dagar sedan
  • The only Leaf interested in winning this game was Mathews. Robertson sucks Thornton & Simmonds haven't scored since Christ was a cowboy they refuse to bodycheck or fight while their team received cheap shots and got pushed around. If you can't beat them on the ice beat them into the ice.

    []D [] []V[] []D 007[]D [] []V[] []D 00724 dagar sedan
  • Holtby with some great saves this game. Also I love Horvat.

    Peter PanPeter Pan24 dagar sedan
  • The BETTER team won despite the league cheating for the leaves as usual.

    Master BaiterMaster Baiter24 dagar sedan
  • Two Leafs in the top six in scoring, a wealth of team talent, and the power play looks like a high school team. WTH is wrong with these guys? The Leafs better smarten up because the way they are playing now I see another first round playoff loss coming.

    Bill RBill R24 dagar sedan
    • Toronto's key players all have egos too big for their own good. They need to come back down to reality.

      ZacZac23 dagar sedan
    • ego. they don't realize you have to work hard, no matter the skill.

      Sinoda NotsnhojSinoda Notsnhoj23 dagar sedan
  • Cunucks win

    Chase HromykChase Hromyk24 dagar sedan
  • Not bad after 3 weeks off

    Chase HromykChase Hromyk24 dagar sedan
  • Holtby had the game of his life. That cartwheel save was incredible

    Dust DevilDust Devil24 dagar sedan
  • One day leaf fans will look back and regret the signing of John Travares. And to make it even worse, they made him the captain. Huge mistake. He isn't worth half his bloated salary and he is a horrible captain.

    MackyMacky24 dagar sedan
  • I mean come on, we all be watching the leafs long enough to know that they were going to find a way to lose this game. Not to take anything away from the Canucks, the courage they showed after what they been through was nothing less than legendary, but come on, a real cup contender would not have found a way to lose, they would have simply just won.

    Gelis KGelis K24 dagar sedan
  • havn't seen anything from Petey for a while. what's up?

    MrFelixifyMrFelixify24 dagar sedan
    • @MrFelixify all we know is "upper body injury" and he's seeing specialists now. Happened on March 1st against the Jets, but he re-aggravated it playing the Jets again the day after (March 2). We don't know the play or nature of the injury, but he wasn't even skating until a couple days ago

      ZacZac23 dagar sedan
    • @Sinoda Notsnhoj ouch. what happened?

      MrFelixifyMrFelixify23 dagar sedan
    • may be out for the season :/

      Sinoda NotsnhojSinoda Notsnhoj23 dagar sedan
  • A strong game by ex Capital Braden Holtby won this game for Vancouver. Washington's loss of a great goaltender. Vancouvers gain.

    Richard 1Richard 124 dagar sedan
  • what were the Vegas odds for that game? someone made a lot of money, I'd guess.

    Lane CollinsLane Collins24 dagar sedan
  • Maple Leafs couldn't even beat a weakened covid stricken Canucks team. Their power play is pathetic. How in the hell are they going to get out of the first round. Answer: their NOT !!!!

    Dan ForbesDan Forbes24 dagar sedan
  • Leafs got robbed at the end. The puck was clearly in the net after Holtby lifted his goalie pad.

    Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispyGuitar Lessons BobbyCrispy24 dagar sedan
    • @Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy so? you probably played tag as a kid and said you never got tagged when you did, or said you tagged someone when you didn't.

      Joel HunterJoel Hunter23 dagar sedan
    • except it wasn't clearly in

      nawewannawewan24 dagar sedan
    • @Joel Hunter Mitch Marner said he saw the puck go in though, lol.

      Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispyGuitar Lessons BobbyCrispy24 dagar sedan
    • @Joel Hunter I agree that it was probably in the net. The rule is you need definitive video proof that the puck was fully over the line. I feel that is a good rule. The officials are privy to all video footage and deemed it no goal. I personally saw no footage that showed the puck fully over the line. I wish I did.

      Bill BowmanBill Bowman24 dagar sedan
    • And how do you know it didn't go in from when he was shifting to get up. They are on ice you know. Just because it's in the net after gets up doesn't prove anything.

      Joel HunterJoel Hunter24 dagar sedan
  • Everyone's in the comments saying leafs blew it but they had like a LOT of chances that Holtby robbed.

    DamTent333DamTent33324 dagar sedan
    • Leafs blew it

      Golson MoldonGolson Moldon24 dagar sedan
  • Hope all the Canucks bought Holtby a drink after that performance.

    Fat ClydeFat Clyde24 dagar sedan
  • Go leafs go

    cale9210 cale9210cale9210 cale921024 dagar sedan
  • Great loss, in typical leaf fashion 😑..we either win five in a row or lose five in a row, drives me nuts how inconsistent we are. Definitely not getting my hopes up again this year for the playoffs, make that same mistake every single time.

    Jason ReasonJason Reason24 dagar sedan
  • absolute disgrace to lose to a team that hasn't played for 3 weeks, no guts in this team

    ZaloZalo24 dagar sedan
  • Bahahahahaha congrats Canucks!

    AJ PAJ P24 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how fast Toronto will be bounced once they play a team not on their division.

    Jay StratJay Strat24 dagar sedan
    • Washington would slaughter them

      ZacZac23 dagar sedan
    • they will be murdered...

      ken foxken fox24 dagar sedan
  • Hockey Gods: So, how many posts you want to hit today? Maple Leafs: Yes.

    tee_es_beetee_es_bee24 dagar sedan
    • Hockey gods: Do you want the zamboni driver again?

      Golson MoldonGolson Moldon24 dagar sedan
  • Uh oh... Campbell suddenly can't handle a left-handed shot going short side...

    Cale BowmanCale Bowman24 dagar sedan
    • No sympathy here ... those snowflakes get paid well. Quit the whining.

      TecumsehTecumseh23 dagar sedan
    • @R B well said. I went through a similar situation myself and it's difficult to get ur focus back

      Cale BowmanCale Bowman23 dagar sedan
    • Bad goalie coaching. They should have affirmed and built his confidence more when Rittick came on board. He has to waste energy on guessing is he #1 or #2 . Emotions have a lot to do with quickness as evidenced by : Patrick Roy, Marc Andre Fleury, Dom Hasa k , Jacques Plante.

      R BR B23 dagar sedan
  • I was one of the suckers. that put money on Toronto. Ouch.

    Bob TerranaBob Terrana24 dagar sedan
  • I'm a die hard Tampa Bay Lightning fan, but Bowie Horvat is one of the best C's in the NHL

    Jake GrenJake Gren24 dagar sedan
    • @Jaden Bricker lol

      PlantedPlanted22 dagar sedan
    • @Deleted Videos yah, only won the cup a few months ago, no big deal.. right?

      Jaden BrickerJaden Bricker23 dagar sedan
    • Tampa bay is trash lol

      Deleted VideosDeleted Videos23 dagar sedan
  • Canucks hungry for a win after returning from a COVID situation. And we are here to witness it.

    Mhai SalasMhai Salas24 dagar sedan
  • it's cool toronto, you'll still lose in the conference finals

    ZaedrahZaedrah24 dagar sedan
  • HoltBEAST was absolutely the reason the Canucks won this game. Buddy was on another level last night!

    DMAC26DMAC2624 dagar sedan
  • Bo horvat !!

    Jean François GagnonJean François Gagnon24 dagar sedan
  • It is absolutely ASTOUNDING to me, of Toronto's 12 regulation losses (and 4 OT losses) how unbelievably hard they outplayed their opponent, and somehow managed to lose the game. I'd be willing to bet of Toronto's 12 total losses (+4 in OT), that 50% of the time they had roughly 50 shots on goal, and that the opposing goaltender had a SV% of roughly 0.950%. They've been goalied like 9 times this season. It's just insane.

    Fenrisulv987Fenrisulv98724 dagar sedan
    • Doesn't help when your goalie is a mirage

      TecumsehTecumseh23 dagar sedan
  • Better luck next time Maple Leafs, you tried your hardest to win.

    Joseph LowryJoseph Lowry24 dagar sedan
  • People if this doesn't show you That The media is overreacting over covid-19.. The whole team had covid-19 And beat one of the best teams.. This lockdown is doing more mental damage than covid-19 will ever do.

    DMT shamanDMT shaman24 dagar sedan
    • The bread and circuses distract the masses. Please other 70% WAKE UP. DOUGGIE FRAUD and Just a whim p false dough $$ are lying with distorted statistics !!

      R BR B24 dagar sedan
  • Campbell should learn how to stand up and cut off the angle of the net!!!!

    Barry MerlinBarry Merlin24 dagar sedan
  • Im not a maple leafs fan anymore after all these, losing to a zamboni driver who works for them, blowing a 5-1 lead against ottawa, and now losing to a team that has multiple utica comets on them. And of course the cup drought. Bye leafs. It wasn't run while it lasted.

    TrickyToadTrickyToad24 dagar sedan
  • Once again the Leafs fold like a cheap suit, and Campbell demonstrates he is not the answer in the nets. On he blue-line and in the nets, the Leafs reamin in need of an upgrade.

    Dallas McQuarrieDallas McQuarrie24 dagar sedan
  • I've said it time and again, and I know I'm a goalie girl from years ago so I have my issues, but ANYONE who thinks that BRAYDEN HOLTBY isn't the real deal? LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT IT. YES. Seattle, if you go for him? Good choice. Otherwise? Here's the guy that'll make Demko keep looking behind him and start the best goaltending duo in the league.

    Twifight SparkillTwifight Sparkill24 dagar sedan
  • With Montreal struggling, Vancouver might take that last playoff spot. But Calgary’s still in the hunt. So, it’s gonna be close.

    Danny ThomasDanny Thomas24 dagar sedan
  • Holtby could saves the Sabres! Well, actually no.

    рууд арууд а24 dagar sedan
  • I ventured into a south of the boarder game ... Gave up. The "announcer" was so bad. You guys are so lucky you have such high standards of commentary. It makes such a difference to enjoying a game. I wish the NHL stepped up and sorted it so that anybody can get pleasure from the broadcast rather than the the relative *few fans of the home team. *(1.59million subscribers) I am just trying to enjoy hockey.

    Nigel WorwoodNigel Worwood24 dagar sedan
    • There are lots of good announcers in the States too, just a matter of watching different teams’ games to find the good ones

      beertron7beertron724 dagar sedan
  • Your right Jack....your terrible.

    Mark SmithMark Smith24 dagar sedan
  • Toronto will not win a cup with this team because they don,t know how to win and they got no defence

    Jerry NovakJerry Novak24 dagar sedan
  • This whole game should be a hat pick for Van for everything this team has gone through over the last month. And that's coming from an Oilers fan. GG

    MrCanadianheroMrCanadianhero24 dagar sedan
  • Noticed that Horvat's 2 goals were carbon copies of each other of sorts

    Juan M. SanchezJuan M. Sanchez24 dagar sedan
    • yessir, just like Ovechkin's 2 goals on Saturday.

      ZacZac23 dagar sedan
  • Vancouver was LUCKY!

    Tor MaxTor Max24 dagar sedan