Wrecked Supercar Delivered To My NEW Shop for Rebuild + Race Announcement!

3 maj 2021
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Officially taking delivery of my newest build! A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo! We are going to rebuild this as a practice car for me to compete in Super Trofeo!
Wake from Death Drop 5/8
What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • A little behind on content from all the rush to get to LS Fest! Hope you are enjoying the content, the next few videos are absolute bangers stay tuned!!!

    EmeliaHartfordEmeliaHartford14 dagar sedan
    • Emelia Hartford Awesome Video and Congratulations on taking Delivery of your Wrecked Huracan ST and I can't wait for rebuilt to begin

      Hellcat Dreamin JoshHellcat Dreamin Josh9 dagar sedan
    • hey girl did you see my message to you on insta?

      Matthew GilboeMatthew Gilboe12 dagar sedan
    • If you keep it up like this you will be the first female youtuber with only twin turbos on board!!

      Rick SijstermansRick Sijstermans13 dagar sedan
    • Do you know the concept of image stabilization? Worst camera quality videos on youtube

      spencechspencech13 dagar sedan
    • Repent, trust, and believe in Jesus and be saved.

      King JudahKing Judah13 dagar sedan
  • U need to race tanner fox with ur Corvette and his lambo

    PHIL EverythingPHIL Everything2 dagar sedan
  • wish you luck!!!!

    SaaD BuTTSaaD BuTT5 dagar sedan
  • What if you make it tri-powered? Twin turbo and a super charger on top of that.

    John AlfordJohn Alford5 dagar sedan
  • Your so badass (to build your own lambo)

    Geraldo ReyesGeraldo Reyes6 dagar sedan
  • After a 12hr day I will always stay up to watch your videos #ecrew always here to support everyone

    Roger SonnerRoger Sonner7 dagar sedan
  • 🇧🇷 legenda em português por favor!

    Otavio CamzanoOtavio Camzano7 dagar sedan
  • Make him happy and put a raptor engine in the lambo!

    David GerhartDavid Gerhart8 dagar sedan
  • Swwwwweeeeeeetttttttttt

    Jared THISDELLEJared THISDELLE8 dagar sedan
  • Just a suggestion.... turbos are great....but Super Chargers are so much cleaner on a build. The Lamborghini needs a nice clean build. Mad respect for what you've accomplished, especially on the build for the C8. The debate between Turbos and Super Chargers is an old one, but I think the history speaks for itself. And no, I'm not referring to a Roots Blower for the build.... 🙄

    mihybrid1mihybrid19 dagar sedan
  • Keep up the hard work its paying off!

    C TroxC Trox9 dagar sedan
  • A WLR team day at the track would be epic! Hope to see you all make it happen!

    __ RONNAFERD ____ RONNAFERD __9 dagar sedan
  • The timeline tho. 😂 I say a year and a half at least to build the lambo!

    steve oblenessteve oblenes9 dagar sedan
  • Rebuild that LAMBO!!! HELL YES!!!

    Dan PhippsDan Phipps9 dagar sedan
  • I always watch SEworld videos with the subtitles on, mainly because I can't figure out how to turn it off. LoL but it's awesome because it comes up with some funny as all heck things that were not said but it thinks that is what was said but the best part is whenever the C8 is running or any V8 is running it just says "MUSIC" Subtitles know whats up!!

    Firstname Lastname is allowedFirstname Lastname is allowed10 dagar sedan
  • So when are you and Dan Hoonigan going to start dating? 😎🥂🎉

    snoobabs1snoobabs110 dagar sedan
  • Enough LS'S, you need a 2jzgte 👏

    Sunveer MotilalSunveer Motilal11 dagar sedan
  • Can you put atmospheric BOV's on it? Or do you have to recirculate?

    ThatguywithnopancreasThatguywithnopancreas11 dagar sedan
  • Emelia. Rattle can the trailer. Black on black. That would be super sweet to see MiMi on a black trailer. At least until you get the three car hauler! Reach for the stars!!!

    John ResendizJohn Resendiz11 dagar sedan
  • Honestly it would be funny if b is for build made your car a replica 😅

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  • Congrats Emilia 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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  • So happy for you!

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  • Sandy holding it down

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  • C'mon its all the same same builds same cars wtf they all copy one another

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  • II wish Chris would put more videos up

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  • * chugs 3 redbulls before intro * "WHAT IS GOING ON ?! WELCOME BACK TO THE VLOG" hahah you bring that energy :)

    KeyKustomKeyKustom12 dagar sedan
  • AHH Gee another 10 second quarter miler heard from,sorry no drag just spec race!That is 10 to 100 miles,just your top end and the cars,no NOS/TURBO!!!

    Glenn MacArthurGlenn MacArthur12 dagar sedan
  • Yeah fueltech has the title on hp an soon time it seems cant wait to see you come back with more power !. They ran a few times already but like you said you videos are a little behind

    Ryan MRyan M12 dagar sedan
  • I love everything about the channel, I just have to stop watching before the "byeeeeeeeee" tag at the end.

    Michael OBrienMichael OBrien12 dagar sedan
  • Hi ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

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  • Next car... LAMBO TRACTOR (but make it twin turbo)

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  • Emelia and danger Dan a thing?

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  • And just love the c8 😍😍😍

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  • So happy you've got your super trafio cant wait to see it being built 👌💪👍😎

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  • build a ford already for sandy to work on!!

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  • seworld.info/will/f23HkqfKfX98vGg/video

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  • I thought someone had put a Lamborghini engine in a focus st 😭

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  • That regal is sick, sounds mean and looks mean. Vette is cool.. but that regal is on another level lol. Your team is awesome!

    Bobby RioS2KBobby RioS2K12 dagar sedan
  • I’m giving you permission to build another G-body, street car please. But you should name it She Body because they’re so sexy

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  • That Paige 😍

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  • Congrats Emelia, all the best of luck with the new project

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  • Coyote swap the Lamborghini!

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  • Fuel tech and triple f are coming for that vette title

    House of Shar PeisHouse of Shar Peis13 dagar sedan
    • Love to see it!

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  • You should delete the cats for more power

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  • Emelia good people find good people happy you have that crew

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  • A wlr livery would be some cool promotion for you in your practice year.

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    • It’s already wrapped with life is beautiful!

      EmeliaHartfordEmeliaHartford12 dagar sedan
  • Hey im helping a buddy working on a g body my self do you have any recommendations on place or companys to get aftermarket parts from thank you

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  • Ahaa now I get it Miss Emelia voice sound just like Sandra Bullock 🤓

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  • Emelia, keep kicking ass. Remember, sleep also health is very important.. 💪🏁👊👊🇺🇸

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  • Hey I’m a fan of your work and new to SEworld I’m trying to get my channel monetized so I can start my own builds do you have any advice for me?

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  • Can’t wait to see that lambo build!

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  • You brave lunatic... luv U

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  • At 4:30 Chris from B is for Build?

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  • I hope this message find you just wanted to say you look so much like Lady Gaga you could be sisters

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  • with that smile you could play miss joker as side mouth go up like joker u never know could make movie girl joker, love your smile. good on you all great work done to get that car.

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  • God bless you emilia hardford and your crew , lives is beautiful for you guys greetings from aruba and Holland 🇦🇼🇳🇱✊🏿.

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  • There appears to be another girl that has taken delivery of much more put-together racing Lamborghini. Could be bull hockey. I NO as much as she said. maybe you should not concern yourself as to were others are at. keep on rocking

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  • Hi beauti ❤

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  • That's awesome emelia. Proud!

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  • Is there any youtubers with siesto elemento?

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  • Why not go electric steering?

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  • #ECREW ❣️

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  • Repent, trust, and believe in Jesus and be saved.

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  • It's not the fastest C8 anymore, or the most powerful!

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  • Just do you. Keep chasing those dreams 😊

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  • Not bad for $800.....wait, Lambo.....$1200? Hahaha. Should be fun.

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  • Fueltech

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  • You rock girl! Keep up and Congrats on your Zamboe!

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  • Off road Lamborghini or off road?

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  • Please leave Kalifornia and move to Florida or Texas!

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  • Mount a winch on the trailer. It will save you some clutch and tons of stress.

    Jacob Wade SumnerJacob Wade Sumner13 dagar sedan
  • I think this is a great direction for you, hat's off to you and your crew...

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  • Turbo cars are quiet. Get one with compression. As for no power steer? What are ya? a girl,,,, oh wait!

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  • Buy an f350 and a trailer big enough for both cars

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  • Look at the procharger c8

    Divine DriftDivine Drift13 dagar sedan
  • It's not the fastest or quickest c8 now

    Divine DriftDivine Drift13 dagar sedan
  • THIS IS SO COOL! Emilea i am so proud of you! This is huge! Your stunning! BIG LOVE

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  • why the hell would you need a parachute when you’re only hitting 140 on the strip 🤣

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