What Is Going On With The Tesla Model Y? And TSLA Stock?

22 feb 2021
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➤ Just days after lowering the price on the Standard Range Model Y, Tesla removes it from the design studio
TSLA stock falls another 8.5%
Elon Musk shares product updates on Solar Roof, Cybertruck, and SpaceX’s Starlink
➤ Tesla submits expansion application to Fremont
➤ UK Supreme Court rules on ride-hailing services
➤ Alex Potter interview scheduled for February 23 at 11am PT / 7pm UTC
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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

  • Someone halted the supply chain

    Ruvane FriebusRuvane Friebus2 dagar sedan
  • POP thats whats going on! biggest bubble in history! Enron musk!

    The KingThe King2 dagar sedan
  • Consistently great

    Neura Pod - NeuralinkNeura Pod - Neuralink3 dagar sedan
    • Btw, the graphic/ transition at 8:15 is super cool :)

      Neura Pod - NeuralinkNeura Pod - Neuralink3 dagar sedan
  • Ford Market cap divided by cars produced is $7,600 per car, Toyota is $23,000 per car, Tesla was $1,700,000 per car. Any body see the problem with that? To all the millennials, when you look up the word "overvalued" in Google, Tesla will pop up. The whole market is so overvalued right now I recommend getting out. I know a lot of people will not, but the market will correct big time, and there will be a lot of pain. Good luck, if you have not experienced the pain of a crash, you will, and believe me it hurts. By the way, Wall Street refers to you as "dumb money". What do you think the hype from wall street and the media is all about? They are selling their shares right now so you guys will hold the bag when it crashes. This is known as the distribution phase. The fud in 2019 was done for a reason, it brought the price down so the big boys can buy at a low price without effecting share price, this is called the accumulation phase. Marked up phase followed, until now which is the distribution phase. The last phase is mark down, which is coming shortly. Oldest game in the book, and if you hold the bag you're going to feel a lot of pain.

    Pete MillerPete Miller3 dagar sedan
    • Now do market cap per EV. Or consider debt, or growth, or revenue from software, or hundreds of other things that go into valuing a company rather than just number of cars sold.

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily3 dagar sedan
  • Cathie Wood continuing to add to Ark Investments coffers!

    Ron LivaudaisRon Livaudais3 dagar sedan
  • If Tesla makes a smart decision they are the best. If Tesla makes a mistake it is simply a smart strategic move. This is how bubbles are created.

    Frank WiersmaFrank Wiersma3 dagar sedan
  • Tesla is a $10 stock trading at $800. A scam helped by our own Govt. Elon is a fraud, a conartist.

    JJ JilaniJJ Jilani3 dagar sedan
  • Because we are in a tech bubble, look at the growth in the FANG the last 10 years

    Miran KevicMiran Kevic3 dagar sedan
  • I knew Elon would make it smaller. No way he'd make it not fit in a standard garage. Just like with Y. They made it out to look like a hatch until it was close to release. Didn't want to have people waiting.

    David CDavid C3 dagar sedan
  • People shouldn't be waiting for tax credit. Dems have controlled entire government for over 1 month and still haven't passed Covid bailout bill. I voted for them but they're returning to the failed attempts to "compromise" with the tRump Party.

    David CDavid C3 dagar sedan
  • What?

    J DJ D3 dagar sedan
  • I've ordered the tri motor cyber truck fsd last April & may buy the S Plaid as well. I got lots of solar & battery backup system to charge them both..

    Florencio VelaFlorencio Vela4 dagar sedan
  • NIO 64 USD IN 1 MARCH !!!!!!!!!!! NIO Inc. to Report Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Financial Results on Monday, March 1, 2021

    GrrrGrrr4 dagar sedan
  • I suggest an article on the tax deduction. A lot of people think the price of the car would be less and thus the payments would be less. I suggest you inform everyone how it really works.

    Dennis SDennis S4 dagar sedan
  • By toilet paper....Tesla about to take a big dump.

    Beyond Your IQBeyond Your IQ4 dagar sedan
  • I was about to write “it’s about the treasury yields especially around 1.5% area because s&p index etf pays 150bps dividend” but you got in there first. Maybe not exact words but same sentiment. People in safe hands with Rob :)

    Adele KAdele K4 dagar sedan
  • Hi Rob.. Could you please do video on - 1) Still how many shares left to trade TSLA? 2) What TSLA will do once its getting over?3)How many TSLA shares should be available as buffer before its getting over? 4) Will TLSA go for another split? 5) What are the upcoming most important dates for TSLA. Appreciated your efforts to make this video.

    Damodara RaoDamodara Rao4 dagar sedan
  • I think long term TSLA holders are selling some to buy a Plaid + Model S!

    Scott WillsScott Wills4 dagar sedan
  • my account got wiped last night ahaha *cries*

    BalooBaloo4 dagar sedan
  • Gm bringing the heat with 30 ev models, tesla better step it up and bring the price way down

    jonathan garciajonathan garcia4 dagar sedan
  • He should focus at Tesla, Spacex. Not the damn Bitcoin

    天天開心天天開心4 dagar sedan
  • You’re right Rob.

    OC Angela ROC Angela R4 dagar sedan
  • I am 1k down in tesla 😩

    ElinsonHighTVElinsonHighTV4 dagar sedan
  • Tesla model S 3 X Y

    Willie HatWillie Hat4 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the video. Other factors affecting Tesla stock price. Robinhood investors loosing faith in Robinhood and selling off their positions held through Robinhood. Also the same loyalists/fanboys to Tesla seem to have invested all they could in Tesla, but when hype over crypto currencies started to trend, they sold out and bought into crypto. Another big factor is that it's tax time. We have a huge new sector of investors, and this new generation has never been through a tax season after making such large gains in the stock markets. I hear a lot of chatter on the wires around new investors having discovered a new gold rush in Tesla's stock, but now they just have tax jitters. Keep in mind that many of these younger investors using Cash App or Robinhood, etc... do not have formal training, or formal financial advisors. And now the big one. Now the 800 pound gorilla in the room, the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve announced last year that they would directly buy stocks to bolster the economy. The idea being if private companies were not going to make money during COVID, and therefore pay taxes, the Fed would bolster the stock market and take taxes from the gains made in the markets. But what could also be considered is that when tax time came around, the Fed might sell some of their holdings to take cash directly themselves. This could be seen to achieve two goals: One is to directly take cash from gains on the Fed's holdings, and Two; this would lower certain stocks to the point it would, "shake loose" investors that had low to moderate sentiment as to Tesla's long term outlook. That selling off of stocks would in-turn create a taxation event which the Fed seems to desire. Note, nothing I have just suggested is intended to be financial advice. Also, nothing I have just said is meant to be all inclusive, or meant to offer any guaranty of accuracy.

    Frank LigasFrank Ligas4 dagar sedan
  • Tesla got absolutely CRUSHED today, and was heading straight down the toilet before a Hail Mary pass was thrown which helped to break it's fall. So what happened? Ford Mustang Mach E - 2021 North American Utility Car of the Year is what happened. The Chinese community is fed up with Tesla's poorly built cars, and have decided to leave Tesla for dead. Chinese people take pride in the cars that they own, and drive and only want the best. Reports indicate that Tesla sales have been Lackluster at best. Tesla has been working hard at slashing prices just to get people to look at them. It's not helping much. Prepare for maximum pain for troubled Tesla.

    Pretty Neat StuffPretty Neat Stuff4 dagar sedan
    • @Tesla Daily ok ... How is this one: Today was a great day for electric car makers. Tesla managed to claw back some gains from the massive loss earlier in the week, and Ford managed to punch out a NEW yearly high. So what happened today? First off, oil prices have been on the rise, and EV fever is in the air. The recent release of the Ford Mustang Mach E has gotten people really excited about EV's as it's the first great electric vehicle that is not only stylish, but is also fun to drive. Sales of the Ford Mustang Mach E are nothing short of amazing. During a recent sales check, one California dealership reported booked sales of 3 to 4 Mustang Mach E EACH AND EVERY DAY. This was rather high seeing that many other dealerships are booking sales on average of 2 or 3 EACH WEEK. There are 3,000 Ford dealerships in the USA, so if we took average sales of 2.5 multiplied by 3,000 times 52 weeks, we have a total of 390,000 Electric Mustangs in total. Now if we did the same calculation using all 9,800 Ford dealership around the world, we get a total of 1,274,000 Mustang Mach E each year. If you ask me, that might be a bit of a problem for Ford as demand is far out pacing supply. The problem is not selling the cars, the problem is filling all the unexpected orders. But why wouldn't the Mustang Mach E be a hit seller? Everyone loves the pony. It also won the award for best utility car of 2021. Most people want the best car .... not the 5th or the 9th best car. Finally there is an award winning EV utility car available for people to buy, and that is what they are doing ... buying. We had a chance to have a sneak peek at Fords Electric pickup scheduled to be released next year. If you think the Mustang is selling crazy, you will be blown away by what this brings.

      Pretty Neat StuffPretty Neat Stuff3 dagar sedan
    • There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t spam the same comment every day.

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily4 dagar sedan
    • @Tesla Daily I'm just trying to show both sides, not hide them.

      Pretty Neat StuffPretty Neat Stuff4 dagar sedan
    • Stop posting these spam comments, please, or I’ll have to hide future comments.

      Tesla DailyTesla Daily4 dagar sedan
  • Musk is a.Satanist! He needs to be baught to justice!!!

    Hellas NS NationalistHellas NS Nationalist4 dagar sedan
  • Why no body is talking about that big earnings weeks for big compagnies.... its juste money moving... thats it!. Market is fragile....

    L. MartelL. Martel4 dagar sedan
  • "What happened with Tesla stock?" Maybe the bubble started to burst! :D

    Tib SyyTib Syy4 dagar sedan
    • hahahaha will got out then, IF you r investing in Tesla NOW is a great time to b buying all you can!!! Buy red and hold!!

      Ray CastRay Cast4 dagar sedan
  • Bitcoin sideshow 👎🏼 price reduction race to the bottom 👎🏼👎🏼

    VVatt UpVVatt Up5 dagar sedan
  • Any news about the red solar tiles which are so prevalent development in southern California.? My homeowner's association does not allow the flat/black roof tiles.

    Gayan inayat-khanGayan inayat-khan5 dagar sedan
  • It seems to me that model Y and model 3 are competing against each other?

    gijbuisgijbuis5 dagar sedan
  • It is obvious. They promise cheeper vehicle and then try to raise prices this way. Tesla's are getting more and more expensive while in the news you see every price cut. Nobody remembers that model 3 should have started at $30000. And the price of not finished autopilot raises as well. They are sucking customers dry. As an investor I like it, as a potential customer - fuck you Tesla.

    Václav PekařVáclav Pekař5 dagar sedan
  • WS bought more to dump later after everyone buys the dip idk..

    O PO P5 dagar sedan
  • I feel much better after watching this. Thanks Rob!

    Manny SantaManny Santa5 dagar sedan
  • What are the cybertruck dimensions if it's now 3% smaller? wondering if it will fit in the garage. Can anyone do the math?

    Bren NelsonBren Nelson5 dagar sedan
  • Burry is shorting you guys. Make sure to bring back some moon rocks when you're back to earth.

    SimonSimon5 dagar sedan
  • Hold! YEs hold on tight for quite a ride.

    Daulton NewkirkDaulton Newkirk5 dagar sedan
  • Nice shot with the Calatrava!

    Christopher PeppeyChristopher Peppey5 dagar sedan
  • Right now the retail investors are running for the door which is why they always get killed in the market. The rich are staying put because the fundamentals have not changed. The retail investor has a short memory and thus gets destroyed in every cycle. Jim Cramer explained this 10 years ago (Cramer's Hedge Fund Tricks). Hedge Fund's start the selling purposely losing some money to spook the sheep and when those weak-minded start selling and the stampede begins, who do you think is so graciously on the over side taking your shares off your hands (smart money). People wake up. Ask yourself why does retail lose 90% of the time. Anytime a quality stock takes an unexplained dive smart money is just flushing out stupid money!

    M RothM Roth5 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for mentioning Starlink, this got me to check the AppStore again: The Starlink app is now available on the German AppStore.

    HenryLoenwindHenryLoenwind5 dagar sedan
  • Remove the standard range Y permanently as the range is useless in cold climates.

    brent handelbrent handel5 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 simple. allow drivers to quickly bid per mile rate.

    BarryObaminableBarryObaminable5 dagar sedan
  • one thing I would like is a button i can squeeze that says 'yes I am paying attention' rather than having to shake the steering wheel. I mean maybe on the door grabber. click click, yes im here. vs adjusting my car trajectory a little.

    BarryObaminableBarryObaminable5 dagar sedan
  • Snip snap snip snap! You have no idea the physical toll that three vasectomies have on a person!

    dormbasedbusinessdormbasedbusiness5 dagar sedan
  • It's falling again today, now already down into the 680's at 10:30 am NY time. I bought in at 430/480, so not panicking, even if it gets down to below 200. In the long term the fundamentals are solid so this is a blip probably engineered by the Gov't, Big Oil, or Short Sellers. Whomever!!?? As I see it all the tech/electric car stocks are down, not just Tesla.

    David CadmanDavid Cadman5 dagar sedan
  • Tesla dropped 10% with high volume first thing this morning. Not it's only 4% down but the volume is half of what it was first thing this morning. I've seen this with many stocks before. Almost every one of those other stocks dropped over the long haul (well, actually every one of them did that I was invested in). Tesla just has too much volatility for me at my age. For the younger investor? Why not?

    Gary WilsonGary Wilson5 dagar sedan
  • Excited for that interview! Thanks for the pristine work my friend!

    Raphael BrandãoRaphael Brandão5 dagar sedan
  • And the competition can't compare to a 250 mi. range tesla, they now need to use 300 mi. which is bad optics.

    R BR B5 dagar sedan
  • I bought more tesla! I'm totally fine with the dip hopefully my tax return comes before it jumps back up

    Rodfather FishingRodfather Fishing5 dagar sedan
  • "Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, my mama said."

    WillN2Go1WillN2Go15 dagar sedan
    • Look up the Growlers cover of this song ;)

      David UngDavid Ung4 dagar sedan
  • HF push back short selling the market. So we sell

    Relax,Calmdown, And ChillRelax,Calmdown, And Chill5 dagar sedan
  • 7:15 The answer is 42.

    Betty SwallocksBetty Swallocks5 dagar sedan
  • $655

    Relax,Calmdown, And ChillRelax,Calmdown, And Chill5 dagar sedan
  • LOL I think bots just sold Tesla after " I hope we don’t go bankrupt building them!" regarding Spacex oil rig ? LOL

    John SmithJohn Smith5 dagar sedan
  • Hey Rob. Any guesses or insight on how long you think it will take for the EV tax credit (GREEN Act of 2021) to be available? Only info I can find thinks Spring/Summer 2021. Thx!

    Josh WadagnoloJosh Wadagnolo5 dagar sedan
  • The price cuts may also have been triggered by GM's announcement of the Chevy Bolt SUV, and price cut on the Bolt hatchback.

    scharkalvinscharkalvin5 dagar sedan
  • I am thinking that exactly one year ago was the HUGE drop in TSLA. I believe there was a lot of buying, especially on options. The following couple of weeks is when these options are now classified as long term capital gains. Therefore there may be a lot of selling at this time due to taking advantage of the capital gain rate on the large appreciation through the year since last February.

    Todd SmithTodd Smith5 dagar sedan
  • Fremont expansion question: what % increase does 63k sq ft represent in Freemont site.

    Richard RiglingRichard Rigling5 dagar sedan
  • tesla will drop 50% this week

    J. M.J. M.5 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/ammVltOthGp5soE/video

    Mustang ChefMustang Chef5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the video. many Korean friends decide to sell all Tesla stock today...We hope we can be back in the near future,^^

    EricEric5 dagar sedan
    • Yikes

      DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • I bought last year @790, then Tesla went into the 400's. So I just kept buying at every chance, lower my average buying price.

    Alfred CapassoAlfred Capasso5 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk told all of you that Tesla was over price and you laughed at him and he was chastised for saying so. If Tesla stock dropped it's because it's not supposed to be worth that much

    Dumb Trucker Penny Stock PicksDumb Trucker Penny Stock Picks5 dagar sedan
  • Would be strange to put less batteries in a structural battery pack

    shawn stangelandshawn stangeland5 dagar sedan
  • crisp and pro as usual. listening to this is a staple habit of my working days now ;)

    Johan ReedJohan Reed5 dagar sedan
  • Investors rotating out of tech stocks due to post-pandemic recovery. Kimball Musk, Munro and others new it was coming and sold their shares.

    Andrey GAndrey G5 dagar sedan
    • No body knows it’s coming. They are introducing more risk by trading the stock.

      DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • So.... dump or pump? I rise my shares more when it hit blow 750 but it seems I was a fool

    Asaf PardessAsaf Pardess5 dagar sedan
    • Depends on your risk tolerance and objectives. IMO, if you were buying TSLA with less than a two year hold outlook you were taking a foolish risk. That still holds.

      Steve MartinSteve Martin5 dagar sedan
  • Stock is on a discount now, I hope it stays low price until my next payment in March, but my hopes are low, because we know that big players like ARKK are just waiting to rebuy after they were forced to give up on some of their position in order to not have the percentage of their position increase too much. These big players are likely to give us a relatively stable price for the next couple of years if you ask me, I only see Tesla going up 10-20% per year for the next years, because 1st the future is already priced in to a certain degree and they will need to prove that they are right on track for the future in the next couple of quarterly reports. I sold a small position of my shares for 600€ and was unable to get a new position (I sold because of there is no tax on a certain amount of profit made with stocks and I wanted to use that up) when price goes a bit down, but it ran up right to 700€, so I was unable. Now I got another chance to get into the market a bit cheaper :D

    Lunnaris01Lunnaris015 dagar sedan
  • Tesla's trouble will never go away until Elon sell off all his BTC and retract his endorsement of the same. BTC is only a concept that 99.9% of people do not accept. To say that the US Dollar is printed ink on paper and is worthless is total BS. The US government which owns more than half the land, lakes, forests and mountains in the whole USA guarantees the value of the US Dollar. How about Bitcoin, who guarantees its value??

    Webin88Webin885 dagar sedan
  • Tesla was in a major bubble and it’s correcting. I along with others have been saying this for months. It’s down another 6% pre market now. Long way down to go

    Daniel PurdyDaniel Purdy5 dagar sedan
  • Tesla could be changing to the cheaper iron fosfate batteries on the SR I'm guessing. Hence why they don't want to sell the current SR while shifting over. Skip ride hailing if robotaxi is the goal, they currently collect enough data to make autopilot mature enough for when the time comes. Ride hailing would collect more city driving data per say, but I guess that data collection isn't the limiting factor at the moment.

    Elias Ericsson RydbergElias Ericsson Rydberg5 dagar sedan
  • While Tesla have dropped 30% VW have gained 20%. Definitely think competition is having an effect as well.

    Patrik NordbergPatrik Nordberg5 dagar sedan
  • Selling my body to buy $TSLA

    AB. strpk3rangAB. strpk3rang5 dagar sedan
  • I'm looking to add one more share at about 550-600.

    Giovanni FoulmouthGiovanni Foulmouth5 dagar sedan
    • @Tristan L what bitcoin crash? Lol it can't keep going up forever, it grows, then it comes down a bit then it goes up again, just like most stocks. If Tesla can 10x in one year like it did in 2020 during a full blown pandemic, then it surely can do it again this year. We've seen Tesla lose 60% of their market cap in February 2020 and it recovered in 3 months after that. I chickened out of buying back then, could've become rich in one year with a mere 10k investment, not gonna happen again. Tesla will recover.

      Giovanni FoulmouthGiovanni Foulmouth5 dagar sedan
    • @Daniel Got to disagree, Tesla can make 5 billions thanks to Crypto it's not the point. People buy Elon Musk vision, if one thing affects its credibility (like a bitcoin crash, low ranking reliability index, production issues, problems in China) the valuation is too tense to accept these bad news. And frankly, most of the people here expect good news on 5 years which is large for a lot of people and price them but do they act so for bad ones? Nope, it's all about being positive and holding. If you don't want to see any negative news on Tesla dont open internet, you want to keep it over the next 5 years? Good, I agree on the long term vision but why do you have to repeat it in dedicated videos every 3 days? Are you trying to reassure investors? It seems so.

      Tristan LTristan L5 dagar sedan
    • ​@Tristan L tesla bought its bitcoin around 33k. btc is still 48k now. the masses dont know anything about long term

      DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
    • @Daniel Not a real question of liquidity, compared to the market cap it's nothing. But seing the BT crash is harsh for Elon Musk credibility, on which relies the current overvaluation. Wait and see

      Tristan LTristan L5 dagar sedan
    • I’d love it to go that low, but I really doubt it unless the market as a whole tanks. Tesla was a good deal at 850 if you’re confident in fsd.

      DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • Biden is the "president" of course the market is down.

    El BichoEl Bicho5 dagar sedan
  • How long before the Starlink network is complete and becomes self-aware?

    Slick SalmonSlick Salmon5 dagar sedan
  • What you describe is simply a good "problem" to have.

    GrizzlyGrizzly5 dagar sedan
  • Your calming voice and great information is needed in times like these

    TK FTK F5 dagar sedan
  • wow, everything down a lot premarket. I guess time yo buy today :)

    Ismail ShojaiIsmail Shojai5 dagar sedan
  • Will Tesla stock continue to drop as treasury yield prices rise? Or will Tesla stock bounce back regardless to 750-800 levels again soon??

    James DudeneyJames Dudeney5 dagar sedan
  • 670 right now pre market, s&p500 bought in at 695 so any point below that price is a buy in my book.

    Grímur GrímssonGrímur Grímsson5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Rob. I'll try to get a few more shares today

    Abdullah Al-DarAbdullah Al-Dar5 dagar sedan
  • Great episode Rob!! Thanks for sharing 👍🏽

    Lifestyle4DividendsLifestyle4Dividends5 dagar sedan
  • So that's about it for Uber in UK. I wonder if those drivers will be as happy when they learn Uber is cutting their service.

    zbyszannazbyszanna5 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who hopes it dips more? I invest in the company and that hasn't changed for worse AFAIK.

    Peter GazdikPeter Gazdik5 dagar sedan
  • This is why we do not put 1.5 billion of tesla cash in bitcoin

    Jonathan GaleaJonathan Galea5 dagar sedan
  • It is my view that Tesla share price performance is just the beginning of a broader market correction. Irrespective of where you think Tesla will be in 3 to 5 years there will be cheaper opportunities to acquire stock in the next six months. If I had to hazard a guess at a low - I would anticipate it being $450.

    Mark McGrathMark McGrath5 dagar sedan
  • I’m down nearly £2,000 in my portfolio on Tesla alone, and if I had the money, I’d buy more. Simple.

    Evan WilliamsonEvan Williamson5 dagar sedan
    • Psh im down ten times that lmao

      GDanielGDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • I am tempted to sell half my shares, long term I’m still very bullish. But al this red is killing me. I would love your guys opinion.. thanks!

    Tom PosthouwerTom Posthouwer5 dagar sedan
    • buy. hold. repeat.

      Spirit Level StudiosSpirit Level Studios5 dagar sedan
  • They are selling Tesla because of Lucid. They are moving their stock from Tesla over to the Lucid stock (not CCIV)

    Zech MerquiseZech Merquise5 dagar sedan
    • Thats why cciv is down 35% eh genius?

      GDanielGDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • That feeling when it dips, but you're already broke from adding TSLA : /

    Spirit Level StudiosSpirit Level Studios5 dagar sedan
    • Same lol 😫

      JRskatrJRskatr5 dagar sedan
    • This is exactly my probelm. I was already all-in, I wish I had more capital right now.

      Mr. WoodMr. Wood5 dagar sedan
  • Just remember max 5% in Tesla and 5% in Bitcoin and it won't ruin you. Anything more than that is irresponsible and don't try to catch a falling knife. Wait for it to stabilize if you are under the 5%.

    Adam MillerAdam Miller5 dagar sedan
  • SR MY just has a too low a margin, no point in making it. It is nothing to do with its range, just demand for this low margin car is too high :D

    Paul FPaul F5 dagar sedan
    • @Paul F You’re all over the place. G/L.

      Steve MartinSteve Martin4 dagar sedan
    • @Steve Martin It was sarcasm if you still didn't get it. I may be oversimplifying, but Tesla is not making it easier for its investors in explaining the reasoning behind their moves. The reality is they canceled the best deal in their lineup, which doesn't make any sense to anyone who is not a fanboy I'm afraid. It doesn't match with the values that Elon trying to promote, sorry.

      Paul FPaul F4 dagar sedan
    • @Paul F Right, but you were the one saying there was “no point making it.” There are points to making it. There are likely points to not making it. Margins may be ONE, but you oversimplified IMO.

      Steve MartinSteve Martin4 dagar sedan
    • @Steve Martin well, SUV is the most popular car segment, so dumping the cheapest version of the most popular car doesn't make sense if you want to "transition the world". isn't it ?

      Paul FPaul F5 dagar sedan
    • Well, there IS the whole “transitioning the world....” thing. If margins were the only concern, they’d dump the M3 SRC, too. There’s a tactical or strategic reason more pressing than profit margin IMO.

      Steve MartinSteve Martin5 dagar sedan
  • The long range Berlin Model Y is going to have significantly more range and the US long range is going to look more like a mid range or even standard range.

    Maximus22Maximus225 dagar sedan
  • Just follow the Garry, he got it right :D

    Paul FPaul F5 dagar sedan
  • Dude... Tesla has a trailing-twelve-months PE / of 158.11X compared to the Automotive - Domestic industry's / of 16.64X.. The future rate is 196... Not sure if you guys recall the .com bubble... But prices are stupid high for everything.. Good Luck... My short is doing very well... I sold at 850 (my short position) Maybe copy all the short positions from Tesla and tell the Red-it gang about it.. that may help the 196 valuations..lol. ... the PE on Tesla is just outrageous...It makes no sense and even Elon admitted it. Don't feel bad.. the entire market will crash this year so hedge your bets 4 sure... Once they let off the gas and the real unemployment numbers come out, the moratorium on rental evictions and mortgages lets loose and unemployment payments stop... and it's going to happen all at once... as soon as this next 1.9 trillion is distributed & Spent... there will not be much time and I doubt they dare spend another trillion.. The US is losing $$$$... HUGE $$ Just wait for the real numbers.. Hey, I pray it is not true... but you have to be even a little realistic. There are millions of jobs supported by the PPP plan.. DONE.. Millions living off employment... DONE. The real numbers come out, no more funding say for instance the airline's employees as an example, all the planes are still flying but no-one is on them?? ... millions of airline jobs... DONE... Then no one has any more money from losing their jobs, unemployment and every still can't pay rent... or mortgage... Millions of foreclosures.. done... More layoffs .. DONE.. Nothing much left to do but inflate inflate inflate.. and here comes hyper-inflation... I pray i am wrong... but.. we have never ever been here before... we still never paid for the 2007-2008 crash.. the whole banking system collapse? yeah... that times 10 .. 2021.. maybe 2022 the latest. Have some cash because there will be a clearance sale soon!

    love2live1234love2live12345 dagar sedan
  • I like the stock

    BaldrBaldr5 dagar sedan
  • When I watch Tesla Dailly on my Now TV box in the UK , an advert pops up for a Toyota hybrid. Just makes me want to buy a Tesla even more!

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