Why I Went To The Streamy Awards (Knowing I'd Lose)

16 nov 2018
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The Streamy Awards came and went, and I'm here to report on how the entire trip to Los Angeles went. TL;DR - it was lit.
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Background track: Hand Trolley by Kevin MacLeod
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Additional lipsync and clean-up animation by Stefan Popa:

  • Nice face reveal not bad

    JordanTDKJordanTDK15 timmar sedan
  • Who kept pausing until face

    OliverOliverDag sedan
  • I saw your face by slowing the video

    The ART of imaginationThe ART of imaginationDag sedan

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  • Bro I love your laugh

    Slasher0315Slasher03153 dagar sedan
  • Ned going *”YeAh!”* is literally my favorite thing ever,

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  • Your laugh is angelic

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  • 2:23 face reveal to all

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  • Face reveal at 2:23

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  • My man met the crackhead Michael reevs

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  • Pause at 2:23 in 0.25 speed

    ayanayan5 dagar sedan

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  • ANYONE NOTICED THE FRICKING FACE REVEALLLLL 2:23 pause it and wait JUST THE SPLIT SECOND (If you missed it theres another one 8:11

    zukimeizukimei5 dagar sedan
  • who saw the face reveal in the vid

    Marcus FrogosoMarcus Frogoso6 dagar sedan
  • You live in Romania? Wow, you're like.. my neighbor 😀

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  • Wait jaiden went to la for the steamy awards?

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  • 2:23 try to catch it just lower the playback speed

    Shelton FumoShelton Fumo7 dagar sedan
  • Andre looks amazing 😎😎

    Ramon .ARamon .A7 dagar sedan
  • alternate title: bald man hangs out with dr disrespect ,a marshmellow boy and the devil himself

    ronik7102ronik71028 dagar sedan
  • You lock egsactely like I was expecting

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  • The face reveal

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  • 2:23 face reveal

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  • I got your face reveal photo

    cooking with vlogscooking with vlogs9 dagar sedan
  • andrei;wins streamy awards andrei being an introvert ; uh thanks

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  • 2:23 face reveal

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  • Omg i saw your face😱😱😱😱

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  • 2:23 then go on the slowest playback speed and you see andrei ayy he looks like his animate character

    Dy2aDy2a12 dagar sedan
  • Not a terrorist :)

    Jamir RiveraJamir Rivera12 dagar sedan
  • Andrei is trying to hide his face as if we didn't see him in FBE youtubers react videos. 😁

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan Biswas12 dagar sedan
  • 2:23

    Paritosh SinghParitosh Singh12 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 :face reveal

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  • When you did the face reveal part I literally slowed down the clip to see it.

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  • face reveal at 2:23

    Sahil GhosalkarSahil Ghosalkar13 dagar sedan
  • At the time 2:23 you need to pause the video than you can see what his face is lol

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  • Coz you would win the next one 😂

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  • 2:23

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  • 6:20 i thought u worked for smosh for a year

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  • did you just kidnapped 6 wilfurs

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  • When it took you 5,000 tries but you finally tuned up your reflexes enough to get 2:23

    R HibbR Hibb15 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 and pause HE IS REVILED

    Jessica HoganJessica Hogan16 dagar sedan
  • I know what andrei looks like

    Apelu HazelwoodApelu Hazelwood16 dagar sedan
  • did anyone see the face reveal at 0.25 payback speed `Nobody=

    Fizaan MasarratFizaan Masarrat16 dagar sedan
  • Wait i didnt know you live in romania. Im from serbia.😄😄

    Andrija IvanovicAndrija Ivanovic16 dagar sedan
  • 2:21 face reveal, thank me later🔥

    OnKaRa43OnKaRa4316 dagar sedan
  • Who else saw his real FACE!!!!!!!!!I did that 1guy that should be cool:me

    AP Creative KidsAP Creative Kids16 dagar sedan
    • me too lol

      BlxckhoodieBlxckhoodie14 dagar sedan
  • It's funny how he slept for 2 days

    cool potato 1235cool potato 123517 dagar sedan
  • I like how there were so many wlWilfurs

    cool potato 1235cool potato 123517 dagar sedan
  • me who hasn't seen andre face reveal Me watching this video that was 2 years ago and has his face reavel** Me : gOsh. dAm That Goose with a Suit Looking goOd ✋✨

    Jaica ToliaoJaica Toliao17 dagar sedan
  • Good face xD

    jestjest18 dagar sedan
  • I was cringing really hard because I don''t think the red carpet would be for me either. I don't think I would even go if I were invited. I'm an extreme introvert.

    yan zhaoyan zhao18 dagar sedan
  • I’m from Romania 🇷🇴 PS salutări din Elvetia 🇨🇭🇨🇭

    Alexandra SalvariAlexandra Salvari18 dagar sedan
  • Lowkey you look how I thought you would

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  • Pause somewhere at 2:23 for Andrei’s face reveal

    HypnobiteHypnobite18 dagar sedan
  • Who else noticed the secret face reveal?

    Svuci MagestaSvuci Magesta20 dagar sedan
  • I thought this was November 2019, and was like b u t. y o u. w o n

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  • You meet the odd ones out !!

    Tom's AnimationsTom's Animations21 dag sedan
  • You re sooooo cool

    Tom's AnimationsTom's Animations21 dag sedan
  • I am romanian to, but I never left the country

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  • 2:23 did you guys see 👀 that !

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  • 2:23 is when the face reveal happens

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  • Did anyone else see that face reveal

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  • Face reveal 2:23

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  • 2:23-2:24

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  • At 2:23 Andrie does a face reveal

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  • Hey l saw your face l dont lie time 2:23

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  • 2:23 FACE REVEAL

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  • man i like the odds out and something else ty and i like you i dont know the guy that you did you say i mean the channels

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  • 8:13 easier face reveal 👇 👇 👇

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  • Well that was not to surprising

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  • 6:43 I hope he comes back

    senor duolingosenor duolingo26 dagar sedan
  • 2:23

    Anantya PoudelAnantya Poudel27 dagar sedan
  • There is no pinned comment below. EXPLAIN!

    Sev-NSev-N27 dagar sedan
  • 2:23

    The00FUS_Dillon roblox & other stuffThe00FUS_Dillon roblox & other stuff27 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 face reveal lol

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  • I watch michel reeves

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  • Man who saw the face reveal because they spent 10 mins trying to find it and found it. If you did you will know what I mean

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  • 2:23 (paused) is the fave reveal

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  • 2:23

    FindingThe ThunderFindingThe Thunder28 dagar sedan
  • 22:22

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  • ||plays back speed low|| if u know what I mean QwQ

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  • Are u a Romanian? Because I'm Czech

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  • I just saw his face I paused it at the right time !?!?!!?!!?

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  • 2:23 when played at the slowest you can see their faces thought you could pull a fast one on me ha no.

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  • I thought he was black lmao

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  • I got their faces

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  • 5:29 Me:we cant have nice things *shotgun noise*

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  • Did anyone else slow the video down at 2:22 to 0.25% speed and look at the face reveal?

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  • 2:23 pause it. You can see the face

    Mohd Abu Holek Mohd NoorMohd Abu Holek Mohd Noor29 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 Andrei do a face reveal, if you didnt catch that (i watch this like 10 times lol, i recently realize it)

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  • love your outro animations

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  • 2:23 slow down the video to 0.25

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