Trisha's Obsession With Jewish People - Frenemies #2

22 sep 2020
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  • So is no one gonna talk about how trisha said if you have a vibe someone could have sex with you... and you dont need consent? 🧍‍♀️

    SaysikerightnowSaysikerightnowTimme sedan
  • So weird to see an episode from last week and this one from sept. You guys have gotten close and seem so much friendlier now

    Natalie ZamoraNatalie Zamora11 timmar sedan
  • Me being a borderline personality disorder person

    Jessica AmethystJessica Amethyst15 timmar sedan
  • School bus

    Jessica AmethystJessica Amethyst15 timmar sedan
  • it’s so crazy to watch this episode back now and think holy shit she was right they really are getting married

    Emily KaplanEmily Kaplan15 timmar sedan
  • boning once a week.. me and Trish had the same reaction

    miamia15 timmar sedan
  • Trisha: I don’t have anxiety, I just have *describes anxiety*

    Sarah CrawfordSarah Crawford18 timmar sedan

    aleale20 timmar sedan
  • As a Jewish from Israel i cannot stop laughing! She is something else

    Rotem matiRotem mati20 timmar sedan
  • trisha being confused as to why ethan doesn’t want to go on vacation during a deadly pandemic is so funny

    freya allanfreya allan21 timme sedan
  • The NEW Jezbel from the BIBLE 🤣

    tisha wtisha w21 timme sedan
  • I hate it how she thinks being larger than average is bad

    Molly AshleyMolly AshleyDag sedan
  • I am 1 million percent to sensitive to have a friendship like this and I’m upset about it .....

    Daniella AzconaDaniella AzconaDag sedan
  • Molly doesn’t work on antidepressants

    fifi vogelfifi vogelDag sedan
  • I definitely found her using Jew as an adjective offensive. I truly don't think she realizes how often that happens in a derogatory way especially with stereotypes and racism.

    Aman DaAman DaDag sedan
  • i just NEEEEED to know where trishas shirt is from

    Jordan NicoleJordan NicoleDag sedan
  • She called him money driven (not even close to true), but then went on an on about how she felt she deserved more money when it was already more than a fair deal...

    Jessica HansenJessica HansenDag sedan
  • [43:43 - 44:06] mmmmph

    00ax00axDag sedan
  • 43:40

    Emily FloresEmily FloresDag sedan
  • my Gemini hear is broken Trish 🥺

    Jessica LynnJessica LynnDag sedan
  • 3:57 omg 😳😱 that's exactly what shane dawson says !!! I wonder if he told her that and that's why she convinced herself that taking a WHOLE BOTTLE of pills wasn't suicidal 😶

    G DltG DltDag sedan
  • Trisha looks gorgeous here. Gawjussss 😍

    Hayley DrawmerHayley DrawmerDag sedan
  • who’s here after seeing the “mmmm” tiktok😂

    ENRIQUEE.2ENRIQUEE.22 dagar sedan
  • "im jewish by insemination"

    Blondiiee 1999Blondiiee 19992 dagar sedan
  • Trisha, babe... as a Jewish person from Israel, we don’t claim you

    ajshjshjajshjshj2 dagar sedan
  • Trishas so spot on with the money hungry thing. I'm on her side with that one

    Ma//yMa//y2 dagar sedan
  • I’m sitting here eating my Jew dinner watching this

    Lucas LoweLucas Lowe2 dagar sedan
  • I would love a hoodie that’s tie dye but half pink half black

    Tiff LTiff L2 dagar sedan
  • “What were you like as a kid?” Trish-“this is not an interview it’s a podcast, we should be talking about... as a kid I was great” 😂😂 I love them

    Tiff LTiff L2 dagar sedan
  • Came from tiktok 😂😂 “mmmm”

    FitNationFitNation2 dagar sedan
  • 43:40 cracks me up

    James RobertsJames Roberts2 dagar sedan
  • Trisha doesn't know what a long lasting relationship looks like and it's kinda annoying how she portrays Ethan's and Hila's relationship as if they're not in love, I completely get why Ethan gets so angry, I would be too. You won't stay affectionate in the same way as you were first couple of months/years, you become affectionate in a complete different way. I'm experiencing my first long lasting relationship now and I find it really beautiful the way it is now, I don't even miss the early ''in love'' days beause now it's just way more than just kissing and touching each other's butt. Every relationship is different of course but I really adore how the relationship just settles and you both just ''know''.

    Baru KadlecováBaru Kadlecová2 dagar sedan
  • Trisha: Go to the Maldives in first class Ethan: No.. I'm not doing it, I'm not going anywhere. Trisha: Why? Ethan: ...because the..... because the pandemic?? lwflwkenf trish stahp

    Rose MRose M2 dagar sedan
  • anyone else notices the way he moves his eyebrows when he talks😂😂😂😂

    Paisley IrelandPaisley Ireland3 dagar sedan
  • Jew lunch part took me out😂😂😂

    Megan MarinoMegan Marino3 dagar sedan
  • as a gemini, i 100% agree with trisha. i don't necessarily believe in astrology but from all i've seen, gemini's share so many common traits that completely differ from any other sign

    F4NG0RIAF4NG0RIA3 dagar sedan
  • Cash grab mhhhpm

    Sofia PerezSofia Perez3 dagar sedan
  • Trisha: I know people who died from surgical complications... So why fear covid-19? Me: girlllll

    Haley SeleneHaley Selene3 dagar sedan
  • I wish he understood how someone with BPD definitely takes copious amounts of drugs with NO thought of how much could kill us, in the back of our minds we aren't that concerned we just need to kill the feeling NOW, no regard to how dangerous. We can be suicidal, but I've taken so many drugs and drank so much that should have killed me, but I wasn't trying I was just depressed lmao.

    dabbin' darlin'dabbin' darlin'3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else highly bothered by how he keeps moving his eyebrows

    Yung_GuadYung_Guad3 dagar sedan
  • Wait, was this before or after Trish pretended to think Egypt wasn't real 😂

    Morgan AshleyMorgan Ashley3 dagar sedan
  • I love that synergy Hope the podcast lasts

    Can CanCan Can3 dagar sedan
  • I legit just watched this whole thing.....

    Bearded BrowniesBearded Brownies4 dagar sedan
  • The eye brow movements

    Mia GoldsteinMia Goldstein4 dagar sedan
  • notice pp who bash astrology dont even know their birthchart or what it is

    molumolu4 dagar sedan
  • girl you dark as hell you look like opera-

    Sunnyy Hehe .Sunnyy Hehe .4 dagar sedan
  • Wasnt Trish just trying to cancel Charli for travelling to the Bahamas but in this video shes like: 35:57

    HiraethHiraeth4 dagar sedan
  • You are Jewish wether you identify as one or not. We aren't just a religion we are also a nation/people. It's like a black person saying they don't identify as black. Also we all come from the same place it doesn't matter where in the world you are from we all came from the same ancestors.

    Danielle FeldhamerDanielle Feldhamer5 dagar sedan
  • sex once a week ??? no way hes serious lmao

    Jenifer PaniaguaJenifer Paniagua5 dagar sedan
  • She starts to do the ‘’mmmhh’ when she gets offended lol

    FemaleNicoFemaleNico5 dagar sedan
  • I want Trisha x teddy fresh

    Alana ComptonAlana Compton5 dagar sedan
  • Each horoscope falls into three different "subsections" so each person isn't EXACTLY the same...a good book to try, if you're interested, is the Secret Language of Birthdays, written by Goldschneider and Eiffers, its a huge book but extensive, goes by each day of the year and breaks down each persons strengths and weaknesses according to date of birth. Even my friends who don't fuck with astrology were floored...that included myself...its part of a three volume series, all of which are interesting reads/"references" to have in your collection. Natal charts are extra trippy too. Those go by the position of the planets the moment you were born, so you have to know the specific time of birth.

    yaya804yaya8046 dagar sedan
  • why is no one commenting on his eyebrow wave

    Zamzam Mohamed Hassan-AliZamzam Mohamed Hassan-Ali6 dagar sedan
  • i hate it when ppl WITH NO CLUE arguee with ppl that know nearly everything to a topic... but yeah debate ethan in his religion trish... *puke* THAT WOMEN IS 30 not 12.... she has the right to vote.. what a joke...

    Susan SucksSusan Sucks6 dagar sedan
  • It's not appreciation if you know little about the culture and the only person who accepts it is the person you're sleeping with lmao. I never said the word 'yikes' so many times. It's like watching a truck in fire

    NinlithiumNinlithium6 dagar sedan
  • I could listen to these 2 talk with one another all the time.

    Layla HamLayla Ham6 dagar sedan
  • Why does his eye browns move like that 🇬🇧📈📉

    Jayden San NicolasJayden San Nicolas6 dagar sedan
    • He has tourettes

      NinlithiumNinlithium6 dagar sedan
  • Here from tik tok

    BaddieFits UniversalBaddieFits Universal6 dagar sedan
  • There is more to astrology than just the Sun sign

    CosmicMooCosmicMoo6 dagar sedan
  • I'm actually cackling googling Trisha in the IDF uniform to go to her first Jewish holiday with the family. She has zero self awareness lmaooo.

    HBHB6 dagar sedan
  • "you're from California, you don't know the struggle" I am literally crying over this

    RamoRamo6 dagar sedan
  • Who else is here from tic toc

    isoSmoke -isoSmoke -6 dagar sedan
  • Not a psychologist but Trisha is TEXTBOOK borderline.

    ShivvyPopShivvyPop6 dagar sedan
  • Why is trish pushing everything like holy shit. Didn’t know she was such a drug user 😴🤢🤮

    Kayla PhairKayla Phair6 dagar sedan
  • So no (fish) head?

    Meredith MMeredith M7 dagar sedan
  • 43:42

    Nathaniel MunizNathaniel Muniz7 dagar sedan
  • Ethans my comfort internet dad who’s with me

    Nao OooNao Ooo7 dagar sedan
  • What’s wrong with his EYEBROWS THEY KEEP ✨wiggling✨

    ego miaego mia8 dagar sedan
    • @ego mia no problems with me 👍

      Kirsty HillKirsty Hill8 dagar sedan
    • @Kirsty Hill ohhh I feel bad sorry 😢

      ego miaego mia8 dagar sedan
    • it’s a tic and involuntary

      Kirsty HillKirsty Hill8 dagar sedan
  • uhhmn

    AVA SPARKSAVA SPARKS8 dagar sedan
  • That’s anxiety trust lol

    Taylor AlleyTaylor Alley8 dagar sedan
  • Why was he like obsessively asking about her trauma, wondering if she was ‘touched’ ?

    Breanna KellyBreanna Kelly8 dagar sedan
  • Came here bc of TikTok lmao 😂

    Liz LopezLiz Lopez8 dagar sedan
  • Please do a Trisha 🎀 x 🧸 Fresh collab! I’m begging!

    H o m o s e x u a lH o m o s e x u a l8 dagar sedan
  • I literally love Ethan so much he’s so funny and doesn’t even try

    Rosie GjeloshiRosie Gjeloshi8 dagar sedan
  • pov you’re here for 43:40

    Justin colinJustin colin8 dagar sedan
  • This is so uncomfortable to watch, but I literally can’t stop 😂

    DjCarlos45DjCarlos459 dagar sedan
  • Who came from tiktok

    DjCarlos45DjCarlos459 dagar sedan
  • trisha 4 lyfe

  • He’s brutally honest it’s refreshing

    Cassie SmythCassie Smyth9 dagar sedan
  • TikTok 43:43 you’re welcome 😇

    Leo NievesLeo Nieves9 dagar sedan
  • do they know israel is committing genocide. whew ugly

    George BridgesGeorge Bridges9 dagar sedan
  • I wanna do molly so bad omfg

    Amza MamzaAmza Mamza9 dagar sedan
  • Why his eyebrows do that I love it

    Kasia LejaKasia Leja9 dagar sedan
  • “hella jew” LMFAOOOOO

    Ty AndrewsTy Andrews10 dagar sedan
  • I want a Trisha and teddy fresh collab I will absolutely buy

    Mackenzie CrandallMackenzie Crandall10 dagar sedan
  • trisha is actually smart she’s just one of thoses sweet old ladies ima stero type her and say the white one 😂💅❤️she’s cute i like her i don’t think none of this is weird like she said she is just being apart of the cutler by sum sum i forgot the word but she’s true

    Jazmin garciaJazmin garcia11 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know how he can stand spending a whole hour talking with her

    Linda ReevesLinda Reeves11 dagar sedan
  • Cash grabhummmm

    Nikyla JohnsonNikyla Johnson11 dagar sedan
  • "I'm Jewish by insemination." - Trisha Paytas 2020.

    Katri KKatri K12 dagar sedan
  • "everything starts out as a joke" um... she really believes there are zero people with honest pure intentions

    kaylashalaylaaaaakaylashalaylaaaaa12 dagar sedan
  • he explained it perfectly and somehow she doesn’t get it still🤦🏽‍♀️

    Kathleen RodriguezKathleen Rodriguez12 dagar sedan
  • As a Jewish living in Israel, this podcast is way too funny xD סתם בשביל הקטע, אם מישהו מבין תגידו היי

    Yuval AmirYuval Amir12 dagar sedan
  • 52:56

    A MillsA Mills12 dagar sedan

    Amazing GraceAmazing Grace12 dagar sedan
  • I came from tiktok and I can’t find that part lol the “Mmmmm” lol

    Carlos CervantesCarlos Cervantes13 dagar sedan
    • I way be late but here the time stamp 43:47

      Pamela VelezPamela Velez12 dagar sedan
  • "...JEW-ish market. " Were you going to say Jew market?! 😂😂 I don't know if it's wholesome that she didn't understand that it's offensive or extremely dense 😭

    Stella E.Stella E.13 dagar sedan

    Paige TrosenPaige Trosen13 dagar sedan
  • Geniunely, you cannot make this shit up. She was calm cool and collected at the holiday and everything was fine except for the fact she was WEARING AN IDF UNIFORM. She's can't be real.

    Toyadome CToyadome C13 dagar sedan
  • Ive watched all the episodes! i think is time to put a chari for moises in the middle! ahahha

    Shanel PerezShanel Perez13 dagar sedan
  • i rlly wanna see that before and after picture now

    jessica rebristyjessica rebristy13 dagar sedan