Mia Malkova's Rajjchelorette but it's CallMeCarson and Jschlatt moments

24 jan 2020
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  • wow what a time to recommend me this video :/

    DhruvDhruv5 dagar sedan
  • “I’m not up for the sex before marriage thing”

    LL10 dagar sedan
  • Who else watching after the Carson shit

    Henry HalvorsonHenry Halvorson21 dag sedan
  • bob is so annoying...

    Tor Inge EgebakkenTor Inge Egebakken24 dagar sedan
    • seriously.. "did you milk her tho?" what a piece of shit person who cant keep his tongue in his mouth.

      Tor Inge EgebakkenTor Inge Egebakken24 dagar sedan
  • I came back just to say I couldnt express how happy I was to see airsoftfatty on here.

    Kaden DupreeKaden Dupree29 dagar sedan
  • Bro wtf was that whole bob situation

    Ace EternalAce EternalMånad sedan
  • 4:01 the only time a leaked DM from Carson can't end his career

    George TowleGeorge TowleMånad sedan
  • schlatt: I have never watched adult entertainment also schlatt: AHAHAHHAAH LOOK AT HIS NUTS! THEY DON'T HAVE PHYSICS AT ALL!

    korker persona 7korker persona 7Månad sedan
  • bob is so fucking ugly tho

    EinarinenEinarinenMånad sedan
  • A Carson scavenger hunt... I’m down

    PandaKing550PandaKing550Månad sedan
  • leave it up to twitch streamers to suggest advertising their merch in porn videos...

    Jonathan DicksonJonathan DicksonMånad sedan
  • Mia’s simply too old for Carson

    How To Deal With BoredomHow To Deal With BoredomMånad sedan
    • And she can't be manipulated easily enough

      George TowleGeorge TowleMånad sedan
  • wes is so cringe

    Dylan BeckDylan BeckMånad sedan
  • When Carson just said Raj that’s not funny I died

    Silas BraileySilas BraileyMånad sedan
  • carson...

    Linnéa WälivaaraLinnéa WälivaaraMånad sedan
    • @Imperial Cub what?

      Linnéa WälivaaraLinnéa WälivaaraMånad sedan
    • Uh

      Imperial CubImperial CubMånad sedan
    • king...

      microwaved batterymicrowaved batteryMånad sedan
  • I love how in the middle of it all they just start making a script for a p0rn0 like what

    LaureenLaureenMånad sedan
  • She’s not a minor?

    JeremyJeremyMånad sedan
    • No

      microwaved batterymicrowaved batteryMånad sedan
  • Bob is so cringy

    Canadian GooseCanadian GooseMånad sedan

    A crazy and iconic channelA crazy and iconic channelMånad sedan
  • carson wishes she was 17

    Evan GeeseEvan Geese2 månader sedan
  • Where is the porn video

    Gaelic BreezeGaelic Breeze2 månader sedan
  • This channel didn’t age well

    JEISKOJEISKO2 månader sedan
    • Don’t you mean this video?

      microwaved batterymicrowaved batteryMånad sedan
    • Wdym

      wwMånad sedan
  • That Carson’s guys pretty funny, I hope he doesn’t have a career ending scandal at some point

    Oli JackmanOli Jackman2 månader sedan
    • @AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas] same here Just commented for the jk

      wrathmanwrathman10 dagar sedan
    • @wrathman19 to 17. The 17 year old being 2 months away from being 18. I still don't see the problem.

      AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]10 dagar sedan
    • Yeah like, imagine If he was dating an underage girl it would've been pretty terrible

      wrathmanwrathmanMånad sedan
    • @servethefries frieserved its sarcastic he knows lol

      dislike buttondislike buttonMånad sedan
    • Hey just wanted to say the exact thing you wanted not to happen, just happened. Ciao👋

      servethefries frieservedservethefries frieservedMånad sedan
  • He a king fr bruh

    Josh WoodJosh Wood2 månader sedan
  • Since I have started watching the show "Love or Host" I have never thought I would find a guy like mister jschlatt. That is a model to follow for a lot of us. *thumbs up*

    Iamyour TugaBroIamyour TugaBro2 månader sedan
  • 15:43 batman appears

    DarkSteel SMDarkSteel SM2 månader sedan
  • fucking legend

    shake4parkinsonsshake4parkinsons2 månader sedan
  • Around the 20 minute mark, didn’t age well

    Jonas MadsenJonas Madsen2 månader sedan
  • this video would be good without the guy from fortnite called predator

    kyle gkyle g2 månader sedan
  • 20:00

    Bart SimpsonnBart Simpsonn2 månader sedan
  • i like how fatty just sits there saying nothing

    Kiss My MemesKiss My Memes2 månader sedan
    • Discord mod

      microwaved batterymicrowaved batteryMånad sedan
  • its not the same without the chops

    IamNinjaDodoIamNinjaDodo2 månader sedan
  • 3:37 thats not the only dm of carson leaked.🤧

    GregGreg2 månader sedan
    • 🦶

      microwaved batterymicrowaved batteryMånad sedan
  • Now we know why Carson chose host

    Leo DesuLeo Desu2 månader sedan
  • Woooooaaah

    Chick3nh3nChick3nh3n3 månader sedan
  • Oh my god bob shut up

    Vin DieselVin Diesel3 månader sedan
    • @microwaved battery joe mama

      Vin DieselVin DieselMånad sedan
    • oh my god joe shut up

      microwaved batterymicrowaved batteryMånad sedan
  • He just wanted 17 year olds instead.

    JAD's MV'sJAD's MV's3 månader sedan
  • Carson denied Mia Malkova but didn't deny a 17 year old lmao

    GetRektMemesGetRektMemes3 månader sedan
  • fucking legends

    The Plep’sThe Plep’s3 månader sedan
  • 32:47 top 69 Biggest plot twist ever

    TheRealF.B.ITheRealF.B.I3 månader sedan
  • 1:09 "I'm not crazy about the whole sex before marriage thing" Oh the irony

    xCrinnxCrinn3 månader sedan
  • the cheating on carson thing didnt age well

    Josh BoyceJosh Boyce3 månader sedan
  • Wait air soft fatty is on there that’s jokes.

    Angus McKeanAngus McKean3 månader sedan
    • He didn’t even say anything either lol

      Richard BurnishRichard BurnishMånad sedan
  • Carson just did what is called a bro gamer move

    MegaCumBlastMegaCumBlast3 månader sedan
  • Now we all know why Carson picked host

    Jerry PikiloJerry Pikilo3 månader sedan
  • The only thing that would sponsor the porn video would be raid shadow legends

    Owen woodhouseOwen woodhouse3 månader sedan
  • It’s January 23rd 2021 and odds on Schlatt still has his tree up right now

    Leo GuidiLeo Guidi3 månader sedan
  • All of this aged like milk

    Dulaney KernsDulaney Kerns3 månader sedan
  • Sometimes I cry.

    honestmythshonestmyths3 månader sedan
  • Their chad levels are off the charts

    KairuKairu3 månader sedan
  • 20:40 *The foreshadowing*

    Its DefeatIts Defeat3 månader sedan
  • Any one see that Brooke subbed in the middle

    Person RandomPerson Random3 månader sedan
  • wha

    Dj DiamondDj Diamond3 månader sedan
  • Bob really tried to break Schlatt’s character

    Drippy PipesDrippy Pipes3 månader sedan
  • 20:40 how did he predict that💀

    AnidrewAnidrew4 månader sedan
  • when Carson rejects Mia Malkova, he’s either gay or into younger girls *wait a second*

    Drippy PipesDrippy Pipes4 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who saw schlatt is wearing stone island👆🔥

    Jetshot 16Jetshot 164 månader sedan
  • we need austin to turn on his camera more. it'd be the extra mile

    PhantomHottyPhantomHotty4 månader sedan
  • I guess you could say Carson wasn’t into “adult” films😳

    Conner BlackmonConner Blackmon4 månader sedan
  • Now we know that Carson turned down Mia because she was too old for him

    Mr BicepsMr Biceps4 månader sedan
  • 1:11 but nudes before legal is my shit

    TyGyPlayzTyGyPlayz4 månader sedan
  • jschlatt is a greek god compared to the people in that call

    HushSshHushSsh4 månader sedan
  • We all know why Carson turned down mia

    Ello I am under the WaterEllo I am under the Water4 månader sedan
  • This bob guy freaked me out idk why

    AnonymousAnonymous4 månader sedan
  • The end of the video is honest gold

    JamizJamiz4 månader sedan
  • God this hurts

    SkyreSkyre4 månader sedan
  • Schlatt looks so weird without side burns

    CringCring4 månader sedan
  • My respect for carson at the end of the video 📈 seriously that was bad ass

    Jonathan VarvarJonathan Varvar4 månader sedan
    • Are you up to date

      Tyger HereTyger Here4 månader sedan
  • Carson really rejected Mia Malkova for a 17 year old... LMFAO

    kargar420kargar4204 månader sedan
  • Leaked dms and Carson don't go well

    Dr lucciDr lucci4 månader sedan
  • Carson chose wrong lmao

    SpiceSpice4 månader sedan
  • Me watching this when the Carson allegations came out😪😪

    Will AbbottWill Abbott4 månader sedan
  • carson curved mia just like he curved his entire fanbase

    RynSpinRynSpin4 månader sedan
    • At least shes 18

      Meme Dealer420Meme Dealer4204 månader sedan
  • This hurts to watch now.

    chef is gonechef is gone4 månader sedan
  • I still can’t say for sure whether or not Schlatt is really a Catholic. After watching the Weekly Slap I think he is religious, but I’m not sure if he’s Catholic or not

    Waffle McMulliganWaffle McMulligan4 månader sedan
    • He’s definitely catholic, but just turned it up for the bit

      Chris MangChris Mang3 månader sedan
  • 420 dislikes

    Justin BickleJustin Bickle4 månader sedan
  • Carson's mad because Mia wasn't in high school

    BillyBilly4 månader sedan
    • Too soon man... too soon

      The god of all AkiraThe god of all Akira4 månader sedan
  • "relationships are about compromises". That didn't age quite so well

    Ksid 06Ksid 064 månader sedan
  • All this compilations with Carson aren’t gonna age well.

    Eli LeboEli Lebo4 månader sedan
    • More like, they're getting a fuck ton of views... after all, you're here, I'm here, ...

      Raffaele Di VoraRaffaele Di Vora3 månader sedan
    • Any video with carson isn't gonna age well at this point he mind aswell just respond by next week before every video of him is deleted

      LimeyPlaysLimeyPlays4 månader sedan
    • Yeah, I heard that he groomed a baby, pretty bad stuff, almost as bad as Pyro grooming that fetus, disgusting

      MoneyMoney4 månader sedan
  • He really went for a minor than Mia Malkova

    GingerGinger4 månader sedan
  • too bad mia wasn’t 17 😕

    Zooted -StZooted -St4 månader sedan
  • That cheating porn joke with Carson reaaaally didn’t age well

    TrentatreNociTrentatreNoci4 månader sedan
  • Who's gonna tell Carson that Mia Malkov isn't underage?

    D ValdichD Valdich4 månader sedan
  • Bruh my dude took out the sunglasses

    Noah WurzNoah Wurz4 månader sedan
  • if carson could say "woah mama" in the porno that would be epic

    Jackson WilliamsJackson Williams4 månader sedan
  • maybe there is some drama we dont know about

    loganlogan4 månader sedan
    • it just gets worse...

      NotYakkoNotYakko4 månader sedan
    • lol

      SinkartaSinkarta4 månader sedan
  • Damn she was turned on by Carson

    Strong ArmStrong Arm4 månader sedan
  • as soon as I saw airsoftfatty here I was so happy

    cuzhecuzhe4 månader sedan
  • It’s pretty funny how Bob tried to check Schlatt with the favorite Bible verse question and Schlatt actually has a favorite verse so he whipped it out the chapter and verse immediately, recited it from memory, and BTFOed him. Best part of the whole show because you can tell Bob was thinking “I’ve got him with this one!” 🤣🤣

    Rachel DolezalRachel Dolezal4 månader sedan
  • 8:24 this guy bob seriously saying "mia, i think that you're prettier than pokimane JOOO im not questioning the truthfulness or objectivity of the statement, just that this guy really just said that to simp or whatever whats his goal in saying this? aaaghdghagavj

    Big MonkeBig Monke4 månader sedan
  • Bob was right ngl

    EldorooEldoroo4 månader sedan
  • Airsoft Fatty looks like he's about to explode

    SSG Scorch3dSSG Scorch3d4 månader sedan
  • “What would Jesus do Schlatt?” “Do I look like Jesus?”

    Cody RomrellCody Romrell4 månader sedan
  • who tf is bob

    Linus1178Linus11784 månader sedan
    • A guy who likes to play several extremely edgy charachter. Once he played a serial killer 😅

      Raffaele Di VoraRaffaele Di Vora3 månader sedan
  • Schlatt: C O N C E I V E

    mimzeeablemimzeeable4 månader sedan
  • Carson playing bitches

    Isaac FigueroaIsaac Figueroa4 månader sedan
  • the carson being cheated on joke did not age well.

    Sam Barrett morrisSam Barrett morris4 månader sedan
  • Based Bob.

    Bodacious BagelBodacious Bagel4 månader sedan
  • Bobs a simp

    EKOEKO4 månader sedan
  • lol bob man

    Shresth KumarShresth Kumar4 månader sedan