Mia Malkova's Rajjchelorette but it's CallMeCarson and Jschlatt moments

24 jan 2020
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    Joe EpiuetoJoe Epiueto6 minuter sedan
  • 32:44 Absolute Chad move.

    ThatTechDudeThatTechDude3 timmar sedan
  • Carson really out here getting picked by people who f*ck other men. I’m sorry I love you Carson

    Mitchell JMitchell J20 timmar sedan
  • Fun fact: Neopets don't die

    jordan gracyjordan gracy22 timmar sedan
  • i want a friendship like this

    Fay fayFay fayDag sedan
  • Everyone just hates bob and whenever carson or jashlatt say something that gets a good reaction from her the other guys just say the exact same thing lmao

    Spicy CreatesSpicy CreatesDag sedan

    Josh HoodJosh Hood2 dagar sedan
  • You know he probably chose host so he could stay loyal. Carson was robbed

    Jeff MunterJeff Munter2 dagar sedan
  • Dam these two are so entertaining to watch, I knew Carson was going to pull of a twist at the end.

    flzerocsflzerocs3 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt is so tall omfg

    Big bad JoBig bad Jo3 dagar sedan
  • why fatty no win

    GronkGronk3 dagar sedan
  • 20:40 Esfand you fucking genius

    Conner AddisonConner Addison4 dagar sedan
  • Hey it’s the porn lady

    Struggling-To-PaintStruggling-To-Paint4 dagar sedan
  • This makes me sad

    AlienTitiMilkAlienTitiMilk4 dagar sedan
  • also bob7 was a vibe kill

    KrispyKrispy4 dagar sedan
  • schlatt saying that he doesn't like open relationships and says 'If im with you, youre all mine" is what i crave from guys.

    KrispyKrispy4 dagar sedan
  • what a pool of selection.... Lol

    WrothSpring56WrothSpring564 dagar sedan
  • Now that's what i call a gamer move

    Zoltán KökényZoltán Kökény4 dagar sedan
  • the collective woooow at 9:08

    blicogblicog6 dagar sedan
  • Bob a fucken weirdo

    Kaflingling lingpingKaflingling lingping9 dagar sedan
  • Bob is a sage

    Animu AnimusAnimu Animus9 dagar sedan
  • 20:41 ... esfand you scare me

    Mr. FishterMr. Fishter9 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt and Carson are 6'3, effectively making them jojo characters

    Carto SkysinCarto Skysin11 dagar sedan

    IamNinjaDodoIamNinjaDodo11 dagar sedan
  • Happier times

    Mr BOMr BO12 dagar sedan

    Agentpig05Agentpig0512 dagar sedan
  • Bro they got airsoftfatty

    IplayzzzIplayzzz12 dagar sedan
  • The mans memed

    Jerin-Domingo AlcozarJerin-Domingo Alcozar13 dagar sedan
  • Bob is the worst part of everything he’s in

    Nick VigilNick Vigil13 dagar sedan
  • Bro I just realised airsoftfatty was on this, that’s mad they got such big SEworldrs on that show, no pun intended. Some pun intended.

    Emperor ToxicEmperor Toxic15 dagar sedan
  • I can confirm that Schlatt memorized Matthew 18:6 word for word

    Sebastien StarbuckSebastien Starbuck16 dagar sedan
  • our boy Carson turned down MIA MALKOVA im proud of him

    MHMH17 dagar sedan
  • *and thats very funny*

    JimboJimbo17 dagar sedan
  • Bob was cringe as fuck you could tell she was like wtf

    Logan PriceLogan Price18 dagar sedan
  • I just love how carson is in it purely for the meme

    Gaven ABONGaven ABON18 dagar sedan
  • I love how the human marshmallow himself is just vibin in the upper right hand corner

    OneBagelyBoiOneBagelyBoi18 dagar sedan
  • Carson ruined someones day for a joke

    Kckyd CordellKckyd Cordell18 dagar sedan
  • fist lana now mia ? what s next valentina jewels

    ILikeTurtles 69ILikeTurtles 6918 dagar sedan
  • Jschlatt looks like luke afk without his facial hair

    Jacob SixtosJacob Sixtos19 dagar sedan
  • When Carson put on those glasses almost died.

    Chase M ZitoChase M Zito19 dagar sedan
  • Lmao 23:18 29:14

    xSoporificxSoporific20 dagar sedan
  • Bruh

    xSoporificxSoporific20 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt looks so dang clean looking back now

    SeppSkiSeppSki22 dagar sedan
  • "And that's very funny"

    Jonas AZAALJonas AZAAL23 dagar sedan
  • schlatt is noob wilbur will regain le manburg

    Crystal Wolf RRCrystal Wolf RR23 dagar sedan
  • Lmao a load of youtube nerds and a pornstar, i managed to get to the second nerd before i fucked this nerdfest off.

    Reggie KReggie K24 dagar sedan
  • Jesus, at least get hot guys for the woman

    Weird GuyWeird Guy24 dagar sedan
    • notice how the most conventionally attractive guy there didn't even get top 5?

      House KingHouse King10 dagar sedan
  • the guy who was 2nd place was actually really sweet even when he lost

    Miles BoltonMiles Bolton25 dagar sedan
  • Wasnt it obvious that carson picked host. He kept talking about clout and that he wanted to be in a porno. But maybe Mia purposefully picked him so that she wouldnt have to go on a date with any of them

    Tushan PawarTushan Pawar25 dagar sedan
  • When u realize airsoft fatty is in the call

    Austin StrangeAustin Strange26 dagar sedan
  • What does it mean that he chose host?

    Juani FogolinJuani Fogolin26 dagar sedan
  • “I’m a devout catholic” -shlatt Uses the lords name in vain XD

    Keagan SonghurstKeagan Songhurst26 dagar sedan
  • Carson “we are going to make a lot of money” Carson rejects her* $$$$

    PrymasisPrymasis27 dagar sedan
  • They needa get Riley Reid on this

    PrymasisPrymasis27 dagar sedan
  • Imagine seeing callmecarson on a porn video haha

    PrymasisPrymasis27 dagar sedan
  • Did she say that she would nut in the car.

    Kaelan UrschKaelan Ursch27 dagar sedan
  • 22:00 was he serious? Or joking..i can't tell

    Ajmal AhmedAjmal Ahmed28 dagar sedan
  • They werent prepared for them

    Sir YaldaboathSir Yaldaboath28 dagar sedan
  • Mia was defo a better choice than Kate..

    Jonah ThraneJonah Thrane29 dagar sedan
  • This video aged like fine wine

    Round boi ProductionsRound boi ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Let it be known, that this the video where "Comedy Porn" was invented

    Patrick CameronPatrick CameronMånad sedan
  • I'd be in bobs po- i mean movies

    Robert Trahan IVRobert Trahan IVMånad sedan
  • Schlatt knew all about kate when she went onto Fitz rajjellor, that's nuts, he sifted out kate and fed, this man has no limit, he's the perfect form

    Owen McDonaldOwen McDonaldMånad sedan
  • Call me Carson is just the ultimate human being

    Fire Breathing TurtleFire Breathing TurtleMånad sedan
  • ah yes. the Taurus and the Virgo. what a deadly combination

    Pablo RojasPablo RojasMånad sedan
  • Well the cheating on Carson thing didnt age well😂

    nxt dylxnnxt dylxnMånad sedan
  • Lel

    Shiroi KuShiroi KuMånad sedan
  • Raj goes to Rajjcherlette

    Rendrell TVRendrell TVMånad sedan
  • Dude Carson with the fucking legendary ending xD

    PierogiPowerPierogiPowerMånad sedan
  • C O N T E N T !

    Custom Models and DesignCustom Models and DesignMånad sedan
  • Meaningwave exists

    YOUUU Soulja Boy Tell'emYOUUU Soulja Boy Tell'emMånad sedan
  • jschlatt with no chops

    Mr ToastMr ToastMånad sedan
  • why the hell does rajj look like call me kevin

    arithma GDarithma GDMånad sedan
  • I’ve discovered this recently, what’s the concept/rules of the game?

    Ahdeus VillanuevaAhdeus VillanuevaMånad sedan
  • Carson and Schlatt just Did It For Meme and Fun🤣🤣🤣

    Tom NookTom NookMånad sedan
  • The king of alpha males.

    Godly DellortGodly DellortMånad sedan
  • “And that’s very funny” -Carson

    Tony_ 2020Tony_ 2020Månad sedan
  • and this is why jshlatt and carson are my favorite streamers/youtubers

    Yung Spirit OfficialYung Spirit OfficialMånad sedan
  • what's sad about all tis it's that i won't be able to say "i found carson" on mia's next video and make thousand internet points

    Michael keatonMichael keatonMånad sedan
  • that was the biggest turnaround in history

    Michael keatonMichael keatonMånad sedan

    Kaderium21Kaderium21Månad sedan
  • this entire love or host with carson and jschlatt was a prank.

    AstronixAstronixMånad sedan
  • crossexamined.org/seven-aspects-of-jesuss-life-that-are-historically-certain/

    Luke GuggemosLuke GuggemosMånad sedan
  • 11:09 schlatt subbed

    Salvlox _Salvlox _Månad sedan
  • 3:38 yikes

    JLeggett77JLeggett77Månad sedan
  • "Maybe there's some drama with Carson that we don't know about" OH NO

    Moon of SongsMoon of SongsMånad sedan
  • 😂😂😂 I can’t bruh, Carson has the sense of humor that I have been looking for in a streamer/ SEworld star

    Doctor IceDoctor IceMånad sedan
  • Who is this guy in the bottom right

    Luc TimmermanLuc TimmermanMånad sedan
    • Jim

      Bryson JohnsonBryson JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Carson was sipping over Kate lmaooooo

    Alex ParraAlex ParraMånad sedan
  • This was the best Love or Host I have ever seen in my entire life

    DSVDSVMånad sedan
  • my mans had a fidget spinner on his desk in the year 2020

    Aiden ZornAiden ZornMånad sedan
  • Carson when he changed his glasses to sunglasses is hilarious

    Willy WolfWilly WolfMånad sedan
  • Why does rajj look like famous youtuber callmekevin?

    Thanga MeenakshiThanga MeenakshiMånad sedan
  • its funny how when a pornstar is on the show a bunch of fat sweaty gamers show up

    DillvoorheesDillvoorheesMånad sedan
  • Why are the men on this show so ugly and just look unkept and the women so pretty and put so much effort into themselves?

    ShantiShantiMånad sedan
  • You can tell Schlatt is absolutely dead inside

    BonkobiBonkobiMånad sedan
  • No one: Not a single soul: Schlatt: You saw how tall I am, I’m just built different

    RuBiKsFNRuBiKsFNMånad sedan
  • the deep dive into carson and kate from the boys really hurt me ( a man in the future)

    MJ GonzalezMJ GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Bob was so creepy during the whole thing

    OGTogepiOGTogepiMånad sedan
  • Literally everyone but Carson and schlatt is so cringe

    Darren BallDarren BallMånad sedan