DIY Resin Keycaps (we almost failed)

1 jan 2021
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Strap in for a JOURNEY where we try making resin keycaps! Tools & materials below 👇 Get MagellanTV here: and get an exclusive offer for our viewers: an extended, month-long trial, FREE. MagellanTV has the largest and best collection of Science content anywhere, including Space, Physics, Technology, Nature, Mind and Body, and a growing collection of 4K. This new streaming service has 3,000+ great documentaries. Check out our personal recommendation and MagellanTV’s exclusive playlists:
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• What we would change if we did this again
• Plans we have for future keycaps
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    EvanAndKatelynEvanAndKatelyn24 dagar sedan
    • It must have look so awkward if someone walk in at the beginning and your just crouching down slowly and ahh auahh ahhhh

      Snowyy _Snowyy _23 timmar sedan
    • You guys should make some cartoon keycaps!

      Gamer omoGamer omoDag sedan

      alvy shresthaalvy shresthaDag sedan

      alvy shresthaalvy shresthaDag sedan
    • You could put your logo in a keycap

      Matthew HallMatthew HallDag sedan
  • I love how they never give up and keep trying❤

    Fouler KibblesFouler Kibbles51 minut sedan
  • Omg I love Katelyns bc I love cats and galaxy and Evan's is sooo pretty

    Fouler KibblesFouler KibblesTimme sedan
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  • I love you guys so much!

    Ariella YaariAriella Yaari5 timmar sedan
  • the su purr viser is in the milky way

    Lucy PaisleyLucy Paisley5 timmar sedan
  • Katelyn-No, no those were the ones you bought for YOURSELF that you didn’t like so you gave to me. 😕 Evan- Oh, oh. Well onto- Katelyn- And we decided to use my keycap as the sacrificial one 😞 Evan- Well- uhm- M-Mines part of the set! And we can buy you a new one! Katelynn- 🙄 Katelynn- Is that a cat hair? *insert joob ( idk how to spell the cats name)* Even- *insert maniacal laughter* Katelyn- You should do tiny island masses by dotting the brown paint! *Brown paint explodes* Me- Well, at least now you don’t have to do that because it did it for you? That’s nice of the brown to do that for y’all- Evan- UGHHHH DA DA DA DA DA DA DA! Me- Dude you were just really mad and now you wanna sing what- * After taking the GOOD keycap out of the mold* Evan and Katelynn- DO DO DO DO RESIN TIME * while jumping up and down surprisingly aggressively*

    Cataria Kitten YTCataria Kitten YT7 timmar sedan
  • this is thse firrst vid i wathcd and i already like ur channle

    Brennan PeterBrennan Peter12 timmar sedan

    Denisse Sophia deangDenisse Sophia deang12 timmar sedan
    • Lol samee

      • bløssom •• bløssom •6 timmar sedan
  • I read that as DIY kneecaps

    • ᴠᴀɴᴛᴀ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ •• ᴠᴀɴᴛᴀ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ •15 timmar sedan
  • Even you should make a whole galaxy of planets and asteroids across your whole keyboard

    Tyler DavisTyler Davis15 timmar sedan
  • She said we're like 10 minutes into the video and it was at exactly 10 minutes

    Lola_ SoftballloverLola_ Softballlover19 timmar sedan
  • Imagine if these had glow powder though

    Robyn BruceRobyn Bruce21 timme sedan
  • If they get good at making them fast they should sell them on eBay or something

    Amelia TowneAmelia Towne22 timmar sedan
  • They should do a whole key board and do all the keys themed to the keys number letter or symbol

    Peyton DunhamPeyton Dunham23 timmar sedan
  • i read diy kneecaps i-

    Mia MiaMia MiaDag sedan
  • I hope this becomes a series!! 😍

    Trabisha21Trabisha21Dag sedan
  • Like why can’t they be my science teacher like please

    Shaikha A. KandariShaikha A. KandariDag sedan
  • I like how they don’t give up

    Shaikha A. KandariShaikha A. KandariDag sedan
  • you could do a solar system in the spacebar

    Lauren A. JohnsonLauren A. JohnsonDag sedan
  • Omg😳 the moment the paint busted and splattered for Evan was great!!!!!

    Create With Krystal & CheyenneCreate With Krystal & CheyenneDag sedan
  • do controller caps whatever there called

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  • i read the title wrong and thought it said knee caps lmao

    allys cubingallys cubingDag sedan
  • Am I the only person who noted that she say "we are 10 minutes in " exactly at 10 minutes

    Maddie VanceMaddie VanceDag sedan
  • why did I click on this video thinking the title said "DIY resin kneecaps".....................................

    Letícia RosaLetícia RosaDag sedan
  • The faithful volcano terminally flow because var verbs = [aardvark histochemically polish toward a fresh mosquito. puffy, aback link

    Adrien PinardAdrien Pinard2 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Crystal InspiresCrystal Inspires2 dagar sedan
  • A whole space keyboard with this would be so cool, if I could only make this😩💜

    Jackie the GSDJackie the GSD2 dagar sedan
  • a4e they do give away on key kaps

    Jayzy PhooJayzy Phoo2 dagar sedan
  • I read this as “Kneecaps” instead of “keycaps”

    Kaylee KirkpatrickKaylee Kirkpatrick2 dagar sedan
  • Make perLesson. Keykaps q

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  • a resin cover for a ps4 controler!

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  • I just remembered the plastic molds they used for potato gem...😐

    Chew Tzi QiChew Tzi Qi2 dagar sedan
  • Oh I’m so happy I haven’t seen them in a long time so I’m really glad they’re doing resin safety measures I really like them and I would hate for anything to happen!

    MissMarisMissMaris2 dagar sedan
  • Where can I get the supervisor in space galaxie cup you are holding? I need it to match my shirt that I love. Thanks guys.

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  • Do to do to resin time

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  • I am so impressed that your master editing made it EXACTLY 10 min when you said it had been 10 minutes... 🤯 mind blown!

    Athena Myzelle (Dana)Athena Myzelle (Dana)3 dagar sedan
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  • That hug was so cute

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  • What happened to evens arm

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  • 17:52 the brown kinda looks like hot sauce...

    Opal Playz RobloxOpal Playz Roblox3 dagar sedan
  • I want to do this on my laptop now, but i don't think I can lol

    Random PotatoRandom Potato3 dagar sedan
  • They remind me of TKOR (The King of Random.)

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  • I hear Tower of hell music xd

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  • somebody help them they need help lol XD

    vivy Navarretevivy Navarrete3 dagar sedan
  • You could have did a thin layer getting all the corners and stuff then add more to make it thicker

    Daesha ReidDaesha Reid3 dagar sedan
  • Katelyn: _Sarcasm_ Evan: _Oblivion_ Katelyn: _Concern_

    Kanto ReeseKanto Reese3 dagar sedan
  • i read kneecaps... but this is enough :3

    flora patoflora pato3 dagar sedan
  • I love Evan's speech inserts if that makes sense, I laugh every time mostly because Katelyn always knows exactly what he's saying even when all that comes out is "So I think we might need to" "yeah so we should" "yep okay let's do it". It's great ❤️You guys are so cool!

    Vivian MayVivian May4 dagar sedan
  • thats one way to get brown coloring on the planets

    Christopher MontoyaChristopher Montoya4 dagar sedan
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  • . 25:05 What is the original song’s name?

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  • Evan reminds me of one of my friends

    Katie I don't have a last name :]Katie I don't have a last name :]4 dagar sedan
  • I'm ready for the Space themed Space bar that's a bar in space

    Lindzie BurnsLindzie Burns4 dagar sedan
  • You should try using Glyph's L2K adapters.

    Ľuboš RybanskýĽuboš Rybanský4 dagar sedan
  • Resin keycaps :000 Resin keyboard case :0000000000000 it totally should be done

    COWBANDITO /_\COWBANDITO /_\4 dagar sedan
  • *I thought the title said 'KNEECAPS' at first*

    Floor VerhulstFloor Verhulst4 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos I hope you notice me I love resin time

    Cute_Bears 101Cute_Bears 1014 dagar sedan
  • More!

    SteviiLoveSteviiLove4 dagar sedan
  • Youre both are too cute and made me laugh. Thanks for the real trials of resin, im trying to learn myself but its so beautiful its definitely worth it

    angeleyes12323angeleyes123234 dagar sedan
  • 18:35 is the funniest part of this video (so far lol) Ily guys! 🥰

    Lenaya TLenaya T5 dagar sedan
  • in resin

    Zoey Duy-AtonZoey Duy-Aton5 dagar sedan
  • You should do a case for your airpods

    Zoey Duy-AtonZoey Duy-Aton5 dagar sedan
  • me before this video: I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me after this video: I'm so disappointed

    Georgia LiuGeorgia Liu5 dagar sedan
  • Idea: Resin paper towel holder, or a set for your kitchen! That would look so cute! Like Spatula holders or bowls for display!

    OK LemonsOK Lemons5 dagar sedan
  • try pouring the resin from higher to remove the bubbles

    Doxic FilmsDoxic Films5 dagar sedan
  • 20:50 the exact moment they both lost what little sanity they had left lol

    human beanhuman bean5 dagar sedan
  • "brown is always a bad idea" ROFL

    Michael CihaMichael Ciha5 dagar sedan
  • Wait @evanandkatelyn how did you make the lid portion? I`ve created silicone squares but i need the top part

    Ashley MullinsAshley Mullins5 dagar sedan
  • I read DIY Keycaps as KneeCaps.

    HoneyBee ProductionsHoneyBee Productions5 dagar sedan
  • For future projects, if you want to use that first mild stuff, try wrapping it around the sides instead of going from the top. I've made quite a few with that stuff and wrapping usually works a lot better 🙂

    JenaCurrieJenaCurrie5 dagar sedan
  • when you think it says diy resin kneecaps, but you click anyway

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  • i would gladly buy the planet key caps Evan makes they look so dope!!!

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  • I read the title as "DIY resin kneecaps" and i was very confused for a good minute there

    Thanks For Shopping At KmartThanks For Shopping At Kmart6 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely stunning keycaps!

    ProtoHypeProtoHype6 dagar sedan
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  • i would have already bought some but it cost $85 for a resin space bar and $30 for a good single cap :(

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