21 feb 2021
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Tesla Model 3 captures a Honda who crashes in to cars at a red light, our first Tesla video from Russia and Tesla crashes from all over the world in this weeks episode of Teslacam Stories.
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Teslacam Stories is a series of Tesla owners real experiences told by the Tesla Dashcam and Sentry Mode videos. All incidents are recorded from Tesla vehicles and submitted to this channel by other Tesla enthusiast. I contact each person who send me their videos to talk with them and learn more about their story and to follow up what happened after what we see on their video. Voice over and captions are added to describe what happened, and why. I believe that this additional information regarding the incident gives the videos a newsworthy value.
From the footage and additional information, a viewer can learn the consequences of bad driving and can educate his/her self with better driving safety. This process also gives the videos a great educational value. It is my desire to add my own unique and creative value in a transformative way to ensure you enjoy and learn from the videos being presented.
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  • This man is just too creative. P.S LOL

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  • 2:11 the Tesla was not avoiding debris, he was a cocky driver wanting to chase the WRX STI.

    Original GibbsOriginal Gibbs8 timmar sedan
  • Fart out a dinosaur. Dead xD

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  • I'm from Malaysia

    Bro RyanBro Ryan13 timmar sedan
  • 1:29 "total loss" yeah, sure=) Soon it will happily run somewhere in eastern Europe...=)

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  • The main reason teslas are rare in Malaysia is because of the tax. I saw one for sale a couple months back and it was 3 times the price of what u could get it for in the US. But the road tax will be about 2.50 usd a year.

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  • 2:31 he survied because he is chad that meme guy

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  • NO idea BUt i just love #hondabump

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  • YAY!

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  • I live in India

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  • Btw, Tesla is a gonna get a factory in India the first one produced will be the higher price as its imported from Uk or Us

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  • That racoon is so cute

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  • Epic intro

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  • Teslas are trash

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  • So fun

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  • Props to all those who share there video , to does how needs it in accidents and so on.

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  • Love the Europe "The Final Countdown" sample for the theme song 👍

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  • 6:36 ur acting like the car broke a camshaft or something, he got a tiny dent in his bumper not a ripped off bumper 😂

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  • accelerating in a curve, with just one car space, yeah right

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  • I've saw a Weiner mobile in Augusta, Ga. I told my wife about it and she said you're really excided about that aren't you, I said you don't see that everyday!

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  • #hondabump

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  • Hi, I am from Malaysia, I have never come across a Tesla model even though it is already here, I am also interested in Tesla, but the price is very high here.

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  • Ay congrats bud

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  • Nice intro!

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  • Don’t be like Hunter, use your fucking eyes

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  • hydroplaning is a scary thing. Driver slower in rain ppl. It'll save your life one day

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  • A auto piolet tesla Is equal to a normal person driving car in India

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  • I'm getting a Cybertruck, live in Idaho, I might send a couple vids : ) P.S. i love da intro : )

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  • My brother drives a tesla and i always do something funny in front of it. Lol we work at the same place.

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  • ayye shoutout to the St. Augustine clip. super cool to see my home town featured in this video

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  • 3:14 God, this is so so silly and so funny. Good job, man!

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  • 11:18

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  • #hondabump

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    • It's a movement...

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  • the letter that said “hello from russia” after that i love how the russian anthem starts playing 😂

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  • #hondabump chain ⬇️

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  • Just wait until Tesla comes to India your gonna have way more content lol

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  • What’s with people and Tesla’s inflating their fragile egos. Everyone always trynna one up a Tesla or ruin it

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  • May I ask, can we get the old intro back next time, with a twist?

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  • On the intro of the song looks like from the final countdown European

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  • I think all new vehicles should be required by the federal gov to have built in dash cameras like Tesla has.

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  • The truck was going uphill obviously it downshifted because it has a never "rolled coal" if it did the the smoke would not of no,battery boy.

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  • my dad helped build the hot dog car mainly the 3rd one

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  • Next intro use come with me now by The Congos

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  • hey Wham Baam at 9:04 i live in ST. Augusting and it is a great place

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  • i was wrong last time haha

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  • 2:45 powwweeerrr oh yeah that works as well

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  • Hey, that's not fair I am subscribed...!?!?!!!!

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  • You know what’s after ⛽️.... electric ⚡️know what’s after that ...I do

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  • I think "Hunter" was kinda at fault for that accident. I mean you would think he would see the other car coming if he sees people running the red light.. Yeah.. He really wanted that model Y lol.. ✌

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  • @13:47: Oh that Nastya!!

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  • Hunter must have no brains, he obeys red and green lights, but can't think for himself, he's rather crash into cars than stop at a green.

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  • you should never roll coal on a Tesla BUT... on a Prius, Prius' you can because they are not cool unless you're are unfortunate enough to know someone who drives one... like my band teacher

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  • Imagine seeing a racoon and thinking "I'm going to waste animal control's time with this."

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    • Some people forget that we're living with many other animals.

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  • "punch the acellerator and fart out a dinosaur" haha good one :)

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  • 2:48 ... another invention of Chad 🤣

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  • 2:42 Power out of the corner ? Chad knows shit, since it’s an Audi the risk of understeer was too big. The idiot Audi driver did the’right’ thing by adjusting his speed.

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  • Teslas start to get in france you should do a special france episode when teslas in french is gonna be (everywhere)

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  • the guy at the red light waiting for the car to turn and accelerated right into him. 50/50 both at fault

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  • wham Baam your a dead man

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  • that's not double honda bump, that's honda sandwich :D

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  • 4:10 CYKA BLYAT

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  • Car crash coooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoooòoòooooooooòol

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  • Im from malaysia and i have seem my dad's friend's Lamborghini Urus and i have seen a ferarri F430 in the other lane of the road i was on but never seen a tesla before

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  • So your idea of " FULL SPEED " is something like about a THIRD OF FULL SPEED! Clickbait title. Goodbye liar.

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    • i was about to say this

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  • i can't believe we live in a world with people afraid of a damn racoon

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  • #hondaBump#hondaBump

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  • yoooo lol yeppppp

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  • Omg! I know the part of route 1 in New Brunswick!

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  • Love the intros man!

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  • Good thing Tesla’s are going to be illegal in Texas so people can stop bitching about getting smoked out

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  • Nice music choices

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  • At 4:23 this happened right in front of my apartments 😮😮 wow

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  • love your vids

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  • sorry but that Tesla truck may possibly be even more ugly then the Pontiac Aztek

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  • Buying a tesla is the worst decision you can make , dont let the marketing tricks fool you , autopilot is not nearly as good as it seems , material quality, paint job , interior and leather are miserable. Everything is made to be put together fast. Had a company Model S P85 D. Never ever again. German Cars only. EVERYBODY WHO CONSIDERS A TESLA : DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A CHEAP TOY CAR. Buy german cars , especially porsches or audis , even VW are better made.

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  • A model 3 in malaysia??

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  • Who names a kid Hunter?!

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  • You guys and diesels are like babies without milk the way you whine about it haha! You do realize that ask vehicles EV or not have to hit the accelerator to keep moving... so if you’re by a diesel and they hit the gas chances are they are just fucking driving! LOL I’m sure some Jack asses do it intentionally but most of them probably do it because one they’re Jack assess and two because y’all whine so much about it..!!

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  • Driving a Tesla in Russia would be like a hunk of raw meat in a lion's cage.

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  • Tessa's are totaled to easily these days if you ask me

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  • As soon as I saw the thumbnail I said Hondabump

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  • y’all are a bunch of non car people.

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  • Tesla should know that you can't fix stupid and with all these dumb drivers, there's no hope for Tesla. For every Tesla accidents, theres probably over 100 regular accidents caused by unintelligent drivers.

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  • The thumbnail looks like a Burnout Revenge loading screen

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  • H790MO125 hopefully that helps but ik u can see the plate of the toyota

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    • just got to the prius clip and thought it was my sisters bc shes done that like 5 times lols

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  • Those dang wild mufflers....

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  • That’s guys having a bad week, your dog dies, your car gets fucked up to the tune of 16 big ones and you’re on jury duty.

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  • How do the brands and models of the cars matter to the story?

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  • Teslas are super rare in Malaysia and I hope they’ll be more common in the near future

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  • A follow up...lmfao

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  • 5:00 he would not run red light, there was yellow blinking arrows, which after letting others vehicle to pass allows to turn left . ;)

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  • #hondabump #hondabump

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  • As a plane enthusiast I really like that vid of the C130s and 757

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  • Tesla is break easily with only that much damage on a regular car you could easily just repair it it would be expensive and most people would probably strap it but you know what I mean every single video there’s a lot of cars that are total loss

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