AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train (Official Video)

8 nov 2012
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Official music video for "Rock N Roll Train" by AC/DC
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Runaway train
(Running right off the track)
Runaway train
(Running right off the track)
Runaway train
(Running right off the track)
Yeah the runaway train
(Running right off the track)
#ACDC #RockNRollTrain #OfficialVideo

  • No está mal para ser las 4 de la mañana.....

    Leoni Ramos HernandezLeoni Ramos HernandezDag sedan
  • Damn 2008.. i remember this album coming out. SEworld was just a new thing so there weren’t a lot of bootlegs or stuff online yet, just a pile of cds and DVD’s. Remember picking the box up from the music store the day it released. Even saw them in 2009 in Amsterdam

    Rock'n'Roll BrammertRock'n'Roll Brammert4 dagar sedan
  • ♥️

    giovanni moncadagiovanni moncada4 dagar sedan
  • Love Mal. Miss him. He's rockin in Heaven

    Stacey FlerlStacey Flerl5 dagar sedan
  • rip Malcom rip Bon

    V BrankoV Branko5 dagar sedan

    Patrik štuparPatrik štupar10 dagar sedan
  • Rock lives on forever .. I hate rap or hip hop 💩💩💩

    Temel ErdinchTemel Erdinch12 dagar sedan
  • Where's the railfans?

    Opala 71Opala 7112 dagar sedan
  • Thats a good u,m raise guitar and wah with body u in gooden

    Walt McdonaldWalt Mcdonald12 dagar sedan

    Walt McdonaldWalt Mcdonald12 dagar sedan
  • THANK YOU, rock is life, Malcom! More love for 1.4k dislikes. You need to live. God loves all, including you!

    Catalin MardaloescuCatalin Mardaloescu15 dagar sedan
  • 🤘

    Florian LebretonFlorian Lebreton17 dagar sedan
  • ......💋🥇

    Y YessY Yess19 dagar sedan
  • 2021

    Đào HạnhĐào Hạnh20 dagar sedan
  • Great

    Janet LearnJanet Learn21 dag sedan
  • Bro, if they’d live to be 100 they’d still be rock ‘n’ rolling in 2050.

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla23 dagar sedan
  • 🤘🏻

    Diegrock MedinaDiegrock Medina25 dagar sedan
  • Amazing that they were able to still create bangers that late in their career.

    Petrosilius ZwackelmannPetrosilius Zwackelmann25 dagar sedan
  • Fuck yeah!

    Michael LearMichael Lear26 dagar sedan
  • great song

    Rudolf BrownRudolf Brown26 dagar sedan
  • Like all the greatest rock bands past , present and to be: they made it blues-based, as they have on every song in their catalog that comes to mind. And this is Octanitrocubane! Explosive R.E. factor TNT 1.00 Ammoniumnitrate 0.42 Blackpowder 0.55 Nitroglycerin 1.50 C4 1.34 Octanitrocubane 2.38

    Steve WalterSteve WalterMånad sedan
  • 🖤

    Amina JamanAmina JamanMånad sedan
  • my lullabyes growing as baby to adult women.39 yrs ive rocked to Ac/Dc

    Amy MillsAmy MillsMånad sedan
  • 🕵😎cool...rock n roll

    tjong_ celebestjong_ celebesMånad sedan
  • Goddddddd

    Elsa GarciaElsa GarciaMånad sedan
  • Best band in the world

    Suzy LeeSuzy LeeMånad sedan
  • One of my favorite acdc songs. It didn't get the attention it deserved.

    Joel HouletteJoel HouletteMånad sedan
  • Hi sounds great wow what a band acdc I love it

    Mariellen GMariellen GMånad sedan
  • This song is mostly based on Malcolm because of how they are mostly showing him in the video

    Eliezel Santos GarciaEliezel Santos GarciaMånad sedan
    • It's based on Phil imo

      MarkanVaran7MarkanVaran711 dagar sedan
  • I’m so tired of hearing the most popular songs of 2021, none of them come close to this good.

    CSXrailfan45CSXrailfan45Månad sedan
  • who is in 2021, listening to this huge song by the band AC / DC that moves your heart and adrenaline ... 🙌🔥🤘🤟

    Guilherme CesárGuilherme CesárMånad sedan
    • Me 🇮🇹🤟🏻

      Alessia 1993Alessia 1993Månad sedan
  • Viva ac/dc

  • Angus has been in Grade school almost half a century.

    Tainted SaintTainted SaintMånad sedan
  • I need another one of acdcs t shirts

    country boycountry boyMånad sedan
  • Una bella obra de arte del rock AC/DC

    This is Jonathan guy pandaThis is Jonathan guy pandaMånad sedan
  • you are a legend

    shona tysonshona tysonMånad sedan
  • 🥰

    Army AlexArmy AlexMånad sedan
  • Living on the ecstasy

    livinloudlivinloudMånad sedan
  • Isso é que é música boa de verdade 🤘🏽

    Vinicius TorresVinicius TorresMånad sedan
  • This song deserves more attention

    Kate ElectricKate ElectricMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace malcolm , we miss you

    Sandra WeilbrennerSandra WeilbrennerMånad sedan
  • It should be more popular than it is

    Jayden JanesJayden Janes2 månader sedan
  • Who's here in 2021?

    dumaka doziedumaka dozie2 månader sedan
  • My favourite AC/DC song

    Michał OlszewskiMichał Olszewski2 månader sedan
  • Acdc is one of my favorite bands since the 80s love runaway train.

    Lisa MillerLisa Miller2 månader sedan
  • ey beavis !! so cool !! he he he

    Beavis But headBeavis But head2 månader sedan
  • Fun Fact: Malcolm doesn't start playing until the pre-chorus, yet he does in the video.

    AidenAiden2 månader sedan

    Alex JumaAlex Juma2 månader sedan
  • i love this song :)

    7Zero9er7Zero9er2 månader sedan
  • 2021??

    Ernesto MontañezErnesto Montañez2 månader sedan
  • Man. The way Brian says "Runaway Train" is just magnificent.

    Mateo VivancoMateo Vivanco2 månader sedan
  • Ylol

    Justyna LorencJustyna Lorenc2 månader sedan
  • jestem Oliwia a to Florian jesteśmy fanami

    Justyna LorencJustyna Lorenc2 månader sedan
  • My neighbors think that AC/DC is the best band in the world, rather they like it or not.

    Dirty-Thunder-StruckDirty-Thunder-Struck2 månader sedan
  • 😁🥰♥️

    Lala ZorbaLala Zorba2 månader sedan
  • 🎃♥️

    Lala ZorbaLala Zorba2 månader sedan
  • This song is great. Uaaauuu

    Bruno CavalcanteBruno Cavalcante2 månader sedan
  • Such a great song! One of my favorites.

    Martin GreenMartin Green2 månader sedan
  • The guitarist on this m************ band is the best guitar player I think you couldn't get down

    Heath LanquistHeath Lanquist3 månader sedan
  • All I got to say is AC/DC's badass guy can come up with baked potato make a song out of it it's pretty badass and make it sound good Annie makes it sound good crazy

    Heath LanquistHeath Lanquist3 månader sedan
  • Rock n roll rock n roll traiiinnn⚡⚡⚡🤘🤘

    Elias papazisisElias papazisis3 månader sedan
  • Who is a teen

    john cenajohn cena3 månader sedan
  • surprisingly low amount of views

    tanvir stanvir s3 månader sedan
  • Rock and roll in heaven malcolm!🤘🤘 we always love you!

    Kate ElectricKate Electric3 månader sedan
  • #Malcolm...ur🤘⚡

    Learn To MusicLearn To Music3 månader sedan
  • заебись!

    александр целыхалександр целых3 månader sedan
  • oh God!~~ Good times

    oli Bamoli Bam3 månader sedan

  • Who else took delight in a train passing by???

    Lostand FoundLostand Found3 månader sedan
  • I’ve been on an AC/DC And ZZ Top binge recently. My two favorite bands

    Elliott MayerElliott Mayer3 månader sedan
  • AC/DC ⚡️rule forever 🤟✌️

    ** Skye **** Skye **3 månader sedan
  • Amazing song, but the fuck do those lyrics mean?

    CMT ProductionsCMT Productions3 månader sedan
  • Who's listening at 2021😀🤩?

    blue dreamblue dream3 månader sedan
  • Rock

    Victor CavalheiroVictor Cavalheiro3 månader sedan
    • Rock AC/DC

      Victor CavalheiroVictor Cavalheiro3 månader sedan
  • Ringo Starr of rock n roll drummers

    10Amp SloBlo10Amp SloBlo4 månader sedan
  • Fantastic Rocker released in August 2008 !!!

    Adam HoltzAdam Holtz4 månader sedan
  • The odds of finding Brian after Bon passed away must have been around 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001

    Davíð Rúrik MartinssonDavíð Rúrik Martinsson4 månader sedan
  • best song ever with love from Buciumeni!!!!!!!!!!

    Ginel LupascuGinel Lupascu4 månader sedan
  • my left ear: nice music my right ear: death

    HUE LarryHUE Larry4 månader sedan
  • When I'm feeling down, I listen to AC/DC, always brings me up

    The Crimson KnightThe Crimson Knight4 månader sedan
  • It took me 13 years to realize that it’s runaway train

    Kendrick BrittoKendrick Britto4 månader sedan
  • 🍉💥 ABSOLUTELY 💥⚡

  • Give it a litle eq punch

    Tesseract95Tesseract954 månader sedan
  • Rock in peace Malcolm

    diego innocentidiego innocenti4 månader sedan
  • Good rock n roll ac/dc song,and it is the best hit since Thunderstruck!

    Arild BuranArild Buran4 månader sedan
  • Rock n roll will never die......

    Rich LewisRich Lewis4 månader sedan
  • They should've saved this for Power Up, in my opinion. Black Ice didn't need this song.

    AidenAiden4 månader sedan
  • This song says after all these years, AC/DC still rocks and keeps rocking on! No slowing down!

    Lee ClairLee Clair4 månader sedan
  • hello mr bon scott

    Jared Alejandro Flores EstradaJared Alejandro Flores Estrada4 månader sedan
  • literLY THE mw thih g

    rafael pintarrafael pintar4 månader sedan
  • does anybody else think that shot in the dark sounds a little bit like this?

    Mr. NomadMr. Nomad4 månader sedan
    • No, but Anything Goes sounds like Witch's Spell.

      AidenAiden4 månader sedan
    • No completely different pace.

      Random Bot DudeRandom Bot Dude4 månader sedan
  • this song is so underrated

    Mr. NomadMr. Nomad4 månader sedan
  • Gran tema a todos.

    Agustín CustielAgustín Custiel4 månader sedan

    Putra PurnamaPutra Purnama4 månader sedan
  • En Argentina se les hizo Real no teniendo público ficticio 😎

    Cristian AltamiraCristian Altamira4 månader sedan
  • They made Iron Man movie for this particular song only.

    Hardeepsinh JadejaHardeepsinh Jadeja4 månader sedan
  • V

    Jason HarrisJason Harris4 månader sedan
  • Took my wife to this tour live. She wasnt a huge fan before but was after. Glad she got to see Malcolm🎸💖

    John DeFJohn DeF5 månader sedan
  • my grandpa linstens to this everyday i just luv it

    SkinnoSkinno5 månader sedan
  • AC/DC es mi banda de rock favorita y para mi la mejor banda de rock de la historia.

    Luis RuizLuis Ruiz5 månader sedan