30 mar 2021
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Necrolord not too bad eh??
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Outro Song: All Fires & KJ Sawka - The Wind
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  • ive been watching you for a very long time and i finally subscribed. Never realized that i havent done so. Love your content you're funny and love that you break down and explain every thing. My first toon was a rogue and i remember playing vanilla waiting for lvl 40 to wear plate armor XD. Ended up being heart broken about it once i reached 40 and couldn't use it. I main prot pally now

    YouTube And chillYouTube And chill15 dagar sedan
  • What is the addon that changes people’s health bars like that? It’s clean af I would love to have this

    Driply CoDriply Co16 dagar sedan
  • So necro assa is BIS now?

    kåre marquardtkåre marquardt23 dagar sedan
  • Boning him if you will, in a sense hahahahha

    Zane JacksonZane Jackson29 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a bird nest on top of his head 🤔

    Ivor StilinIvor StilinMånad sedan
  • yes

    gamermangamermanMånad sedan
  • Just want to point out how fast these games are compared to BFA for instance and how well you guys have adapted to getting preemptive defensives out. It amazes me how well you guys can keep changing game plans throughout not only a series but a match.

    Josh MJosh MMånad sedan
  • That hair cut always walks home alone, statistically speaking...

    SketchbagSketchbagMånad sedan
  • I had no idea you could cloak envenom in the first second but not in the 4 other seconds. Crazy knowledge.

    Jeff FireJeff FireMånad sedan
  • looks like the game play is faster than the actual game lmao

    Mr.spookMr.spookMånad sedan
  • Wheres the break down of you losing the match with the hair cut?

    Andrew BestAndrew BestMånad sedan
  • Nice.

    Anthony GAnthony GMånad sedan
  • "Boning him, if you will, in a sense." Ok pika... edit: 13:58 btw

    MottsMottsMånad sedan
  • Saving cloak for next week!

    Rob BlueRob BlueMånad sedan
  • finaly he got 1080p thank GOD !!!!!

    PaPaMånad sedan
  • Isn't envenom nature damage? Should be perhaps negated by CoS.

    Zoran HranjZoran HranjMånad sedan
  • This man went from maw walker to street walker after he swapped covenants for a third time lmaoooo

    Hayden ClarkHayden ClarkMånad sedan
  • Lookin real guido my guy lmao CABS ARE HEEEERE!!

    Phil M.Phil M.Månad sedan
  • the way you use fleshcraft is the way i use shadowmeld from night elves, i love that racial

    Sound GØDSound GØDMånad sedan
  • Great stuff .

    BullRangerBullRangerMånad sedan
  • That's when you realize these guys are on a whole another level. To be able to take the perfect decision on the vast majority of their globals, and do it on the fly, looks sick to me. Cool content btw

    SyuSyuMånad sedan
  • Pika living/streaming in a new home or what ? Congratulations on the games man was sick to watch got to see the Beans too damm was 🔥!

    Grégoire BoucherGrégoire BoucherMånad sedan
  • Can you do a guide for assassination rogue with Necrolord? Like the opener/ rotation

    Bryan LeBryan LeMånad sedan
  • Pikaboo the type of dude to play a World Championship then go gatekeep other players at 1600 mmr.

    SublymeSublymeMånad sedan
  • pika ur such a god. awesome breakdown on the match.

    Max M.Max M.Månad sedan
  • I love content like this! I watch most of the AWC matches (both EU and NA) This gives a great insight into the reasons for what you and your team does. Also doesn't hurt that Pika is really entertaining and a great narrator :D Great content and great games - Cheers from Denmark :)

    Daniel RubergDaniel RubergMånad sedan
  • Well done Pika. Can I ask, which legendary do you use as assa?

    Mark MeierMark MeierMånad sedan
  • Master asassin working with shadowmeld is BS

    Bed PanBed PanMånad sedan
    • You need to restealth so why shouldnt it ? They need to remove that leggo tho

      D HD HMånad sedan
  • Sephuz and Orc stun resist do not stack. Read the sephuz tooltip, it explicitly states that it does not stack with similar effects.

    DaveDaveMånad sedan
  • I keep telling this man to let me cut his hair. He lives right by me. And I'm hands down the best lol. @Hollywood1137

    Brandon BersaniBrandon BersaniMånad sedan
  • 13:33 lol fleshcraft ftw

    LindieLindieMånad sedan
  • Kim Jong Pika

    jrh4lojrh4loMånad sedan
  • That first fade was so sus. He fades at like 5% hp and a pyro already in the air. He was dead

    Gabriel GuynnGabriel GuynnMånad sedan
  • I m confused on game number 3 at 22:58 . So you have a RMPala with combust , vendeta , wings , literally every cd in the game . They have forced 2 trinkets so , no link , no swap . sham pre earthen totem and used his elemental aswell ( witch means 28% more hp ) and wasted his wall and fleshcraft . soooo ALL THEY NEED TO DO is to either play it safe and wait for the elemental to go away or go throught but ... just hoj the SP or db sheep him even , kidney the sham , combust vendeta and send him home ..... this game was 100% win already ... its sad how they managed to throw it so hard .

    Blindsap lolBlindsap lolMånad sedan
  • Wait..........WTF. Is necrolord a thing??

    Shawn HayesShawn HayesMånad sedan
    • Shit game

      dertdertMånad sedan
    • Yes, its best for assa. With doomblade legendary. Also SBS is buffed.

      JuxozoJuxozoMånad sedan
  • Where was jellybeans???. You and him destoryed I mean you still won but like cmon

    S3NVenomS3NVenomMånad sedan
  • Hell yeah, love the commentary

    DMachineDMachineMånad sedan
  • Now thats content

    Barnabás SzántóBarnabás SzántóMånad sedan
  • carl can run if for the drive by primal strike when rogue has cloak

    calicalcalicalMånad sedan
  • Waiting for Connor’s version of this video... 🙏🏻

    NPC #420NPC #420Månad sedan
  • You guys need to let jelly play.

    Justin EricksonJustin EricksonMånad sedan
    • @runkorko yes they do lol. He demolished that mage team and put them on farm.

      Justin EricksonJustin EricksonMånad sedan
    • no they dont.

      runkorkorunkorkoMånad sedan
  • Returning to wow to pvp and sub is my favourite but is assa still best for 3s?

    sentrick 1sentrick 1Månad sedan
  • Lesson learned agains't Pika : he stays at back hehehe >;) find him there find him there hahahaha kdding

    Nando KleinNando KleinMånad sedan
  • Boning him in a way LUL LUL

    PhinksPhinksMånad sedan
  • pika whats your legendary there?

    perisperisMånad sedan
    • @Michail Tumakov ok thanks,i dont know why i did not notice that

      perisperisMånad sedan
    • he ran Sephuz, refers to it several times in the vid

      Michail TumakovMichail TumakovMånad sedan
  • That hair cut is getting closer to kim jong uns haircut every video

    Chris AndrikopoulosChris AndrikopoulosMånad sedan
    • So good lol

      jack nickjack nick25 dagar sedan
    • damn and i thought Asmons roasters were funny lmfaoooo

      Thou SandThou SandMånad sedan
    • immersing 100% to the korean swap

      hue huehue hueMånad sedan
    • the paulie d north korea hybrid is the meta rn

      GrungeRockGodGrungeRockGodMånad sedan
    • it’s good tho

      Kane PowellKane PowellMånad sedan
  • The Golden Guardians are on fire

    WarothwarWarothwarMånad sedan
  • That does not make sense. When I shadowmeld and you other night elfs can do this too but when I meld I do not get the MA buff. I think the test server is glitched because on live I do not get MA buff on a meld. I have to be able to hit stealth on the after meld to get MA buff. Those night elfs out there can understand too sometimes when you meld you are still in combat too and cannot stealth right away. Not sure why that is.

    Hi BobHi BobMånad sedan
    • @Антон Кучеренко Actually you should test it on your Night Elf. I have melded with no dots and just standing still melded for several seconds and still in combat unable to stealth. I don't know if it is a bug or what. It is not every time

      Hi BobHi BobMånad sedan
    • @Hi Bob its always drop combat. but dots stills can beat yuo out meld.

      Антон КучеренкоАнтон КучеренкоMånad sedan
    • @BrowniePWR Ah ok. Risky because sometimes meld does not drop combat. Thank you for the info.

      Hi BobHi BobMånad sedan
    • it's a macro to cast stealth as soon as you meld, that's what he is talking about

      BrowniePWRBrowniePWRMånad sedan
  • Niiice

    Andrew CharlesAndrew CharlesMånad sedan
  • "never go on mage we lost a lot doing that. Here's 100 reasons to not train on the mage." 10 seconds later "So anyway we're training the mage and it's going really well and we end up winning of course."

    anubislee36anubislee36Månad sedan
    • @Voidshift Pika has a big zoomer fanbase ofc they're not going to listen

      lazywalrusHDlazywalrusHDMånad sedan
    • In dampening he said....

      VoidshiftVoidshiftMånad sedan
  • Pikaboo is rogue god.... like JB with his hunter

    Richard LyRichard LyMånad sedan
    • Jelly is overrated af

      D HD HMånad sedan
    • Facts

      Toast GhostToast GhostMånad sedan
  • GG

    Nathan TalghaniNathan TalghaniMånad sedan
  • Bro... 4 commercials in 4min...

    Kevlar88Kevlar88Månad sedan
    • @David Bearer I stopped watching after the 6th one at the 8min mark. ill try it out again.

      Kevlar88Kevlar88Månad sedan
    • What?? 1 add the whole vid for me

      David BearerDavid BearerMånad sedan
    • min 6, 5th commercial...

      Kevlar88Kevlar88Månad sedan
  • I miss when cloak just immuned all magic lol

    GhOsT IDGhOsT IDMånad sedan
  • Learn something new about rogue on your channel every vid lol thanks bruh

    poop poolpoop poolMånad sedan

    Biggy PippinsBiggy PippinsMånad sedan
    • @Nathan Fliehman definitely blizzard needs a system where at 60 you can pause penalty from switching or something to test other covenants with out having to farm for 2 weeks to go back or allow players to play 2 covenants, I main a Holy pally and I have been considering venthyr over Kyrian but I would like to see how it plays with my group before being stuck venthyr for 2 weeks

      Simon JustinSimon JustinMånad sedan
    • @Simon Justin kinda think its bs to make it so hard to enjoy all the different shit freely. Like even down to the conduit swapping costing energy like being a hybrid class I wanna fuck with other shit sometimes. I mean yall put it in the game for me to test and mess with but make it a pain in the ass to do so makes it a weird middle ground of not being enjoyable to test things. And that's not a world I like living in

      Nathan FliehmanNathan FliehmanMånad sedan
    • @Simon Justin aye bro I feel it 100% i went from night fae to kyrian to necro on my feral druid lmao so im right there with ya

      Nathan FliehmanNathan FliehmanMånad sedan
    • @Nathan Fliehman yep not stopping till a covenant stays on top xD

      Simon JustinSimon JustinMånad sedan
    • @Simon Justin lol sounds like u rode that hype train thru every stop son

      Nathan FliehmanNathan FliehmanMånad sedan
  • Died to you climbing to 1600 from 1400 Bitter sweet moment Cool seeing you Less cool getting one shot by you 😆

    Michael BrownMichael BrownMånad sedan
    • Dude, I been there. I was healing on my shaman. No comma and with a random. It was so intense and all I could think is...I can’t do anything haha. It was a good battle. Defiantly bitter sweet

      MalhermosilloMalhermosilloMånad sedan
  • Help! I can find "themove" emoji!!

    Joshua MoreiraJoshua MoreiraMånad sedan
  • "Boning him if you will" had me laugh so hard out loud my wife looked at me

    HuntsmanHuntsmanMånad sedan

    Everything AlwaysEverything AlwaysMånad sedan
    • @Rehan Ahmed I stream wow on twitch under Nvellen bro!

      Everything AlwaysEverything AlwaysMånad sedan
    • Yoo didnt know you watched wow better yet the Move!

      Rehan AhmedRehan AhmedMånad sedan

      Ben HartmanBen HartmanMånad sedan
  • Change mog please haha

    uniquniqMånad sedan
  • Absolutely love content like this. Getting to hear your reasoning behind your plays is so informative.

    Robert JacksonRobert JacksonMånad sedan
    • he is really good at casting his own matches, i love this, this is almost like a guide

      Sound GØDSound GØDMånad sedan
  • This is dope!

    Vague ReferencingVague ReferencingMånad sedan
  • I love your vids

    kingkongkingkongMånad sedan
  • Ima switch necro this weekend. Very nice!

    cesaranium rinconcesaranium rinconMånad sedan
  • nice

    Johhny deppJohhny deppMånad sedan

    Oscar JespersenOscar JespersenMånad sedan

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  • i'm 10th VIEW LETS GOOO

    NickeTMDNickeTMDMånad sedan
  • second

    Flavor RavFlavor RavMånad sedan
  • First baby boyyy.

    Crixes GamingCrixes GamingMånad sedan
  • I'm absolutely loving my undead assa rogue. As a Necro

    JoBruneskiJoBruneskiMånad sedan
    • @Jason Daudelin Feels really good imo. Instead of giving you more burst with all your CDs popped (like the other covs do), you get some nice consistent damage instead so you don’t have to put “all your eggs in one basket”. Being able to do damage outside of Shadowdance feels nice, you can pressure from range, for basically no energy cost, and it makes you tankier. It’s different but definitely is good.

      Cypher XCypher XMånad sedan
    • @Jason Daudelin idk but it's fun to play.

      JoBruneskiJoBruneskiMånad sedan
    • How good is necro?? I can’t find Jack shit for videos showing it’s potential

      Jason DaudelinJason DaudelinMånad sedan
  • first

    Micheal PhelpsMicheal PhelpsMånad sedan

      Crixes GamingCrixes GamingMånad sedan
    • Comment but no like?

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