Reacting to 'THE HILLS' | S3E7 | Whitney Port

20 feb 2021
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Ok! This is an interesting one. Be prepared we talk for like 20 minutes before the show even starts. Peace in the streets and in the comments!

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About Whitney Port:
Whitney is an alum of MTV's "The Hills," as well as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She found early success on SEworld with a parenting series called "I Love My Baby, But...". Now, Whitney and her husband, Tim, use her channel to share their reactions to "The City" and "The Hills" and moments from their everyday lives in “Everybody Loves Vlogging” and "Whitney Port LIVE!"
Whitney Port

  • Why are you guys always apologizing for everything? Lol why do you care?

    Heartbreak HotelHeartbreak Hotel6 minuter sedan
  • So wait....did Heidi not actually work at sbe??

    Amber LuceAmber Luce2 timmar sedan
  • Please please keep doing these! You guys are amazing and I don’t think anyone has any real footing to throw shade at you. You are sweet and kind people and insightful and incredibly funny people. I binged your reactions of seasons 2 and 3 today, can’t stop ☺️💕

    Laura VogtLaura Vogt2 timmar sedan
  • Dude, it's not that serious. People's opinions don't matter. this is your channel and it should be fun to watch and for us as viewers just see what your opinions of the show are and maybe see your perspective. so stop letting people's comments get to you. just keep doing it cause I love watching you guys and hearing your commentaries.

    Anna MontielAnna Montiel3 timmar sedan
  • Please please don’t stop these videos. You’re having fun. People watching like me have fun watching too. It’s just for fun. People need to just relax and enjoy this. Stop being mean to Timmy people. Come on.

    Valerie MillerValerie Miller6 timmar sedan
  • Comment for Timmy: I hope you don't put too much effort into over analysing the content you are putting out from here on. Yes, I think that the world has changed in the past 10 years, so it's good to update certain responses and messages put out there (re: sex tape), but there will always be people who take something too literally, or lack sense of humour, or are over sensitive about some things. We are living in a western world of people too PC (politically correct) now. It's impossible to please everyone, and everyone wants pleasing. No longer can you make a joke, or give your own perspective without someone complaining and pointing. We are all here and watch regularly for your authenticity, so yes, give perspective with sensitivity that you are now an adult and these people over 10 years ago on the show were young and are no longer those same people. All is good!

    AmandaAmanda10 timmar sedan
  • We love you Timmy!!! 🙌🏽

    Nienke JanszNienke Jansz10 timmar sedan
  • Damn, I always thought Heidi was such a bitch to Lauren and Jason in that scene at Ketchup anyway, but never picked up on how much Spencer didn't really get that involved in it until you both pointed it out. Not justifying his actions at all because he is pure evil regardless but wow when you said it, I realise now it makes Heidi look 10 times worse in this scene, almost like Spencer has created this monster that even he's surprised at the levels she'll stoop to

    KateKate19 timmar sedan
  • Love these videos! Please don't stop 😢

    Anastasia WolfAnastasia Wolf20 timmar sedan
  • OMG do Jersey Shore hahaha

    mentalmegpiementalmegpieDag sedan
  • Oh no, I’ve been watching since the “I love my baby but” days. I LOVE these react videos, your opinions are your own, people in the comments have no right to come for you. I have never felt as though you were attacking anyone in particular on the show. Your commentary is light hearted and you share your real thoughts, absolutely nothing wrong with that!

    Elisabeth VickersElisabeth VickersDag sedan
  • Also a long time watcher, first time commenter. I watch with my husband from Costa Rica and we love all of Timmy’s comments and his conversations with Whitney. Keep it fun, stay nice (because you always are!) and light and try not to worry about the negative comments.

    Melissa GonzalezMelissa GonzalezDag sedan
  • I love watching these videos. You guys are hilarious, I laughed so hard watching the last few episodes. I love rewatching The Hills. I watched it in college and haven't really seen it too much since then. So it has been great to see it again. I love your commentary and editing, it all makes me laugh. Keep making the videos, it's so fun!!!

    Morgan SnyderMorgan SnyderDag sedan
  • Okay I have never commented on any videos I just like to watch however this has really annoyed me! Why are people criticising Timmy’s personals opinions? If he and Whitney didn’t give their opinions then these videos would be pointless and no one would watch, if people are that touchy don’t watch! I really enjoy these videos and feel bad you are feeling bad about making them. Just keeping being you and ignore pathetic people!

    Judson19Judson19Dag sedan
  • My husband and I love Timmy (he’s also a producer)!

    Marcelle UrenaMarcelle UrenaDag sedan
  • Please don’t stop these reaction videos. You guys are the best. Aka Kind, funny and real.

    Erica EmmonsErica EmmonsDag sedan
  • It's important to address things if you notice a REALLY big reaction, but who cares what they say! It doesn't have anything to do with the people watching the videos who are enjoying and don't really care about all of that. I don't misunderstand you. There is nothing wrong with your reactions. I don't take what you guys say seriously at all. You are just watching a show and reacting to it. When the cameras are off do you know what people really say when they watch these shows? You two are so nice. Come on.

    Dhanashree108Dhanashree108Dag sedan
  • Long time watcher, first time commenter- TIMMY Your hilarious, and you give a great perspective!! Don’t change!!

    Jackson BeckwithJackson BeckwithDag sedan
  • Please do keep filming the videos! You are both amazing! This has been fun!

    ambidaambidaDag sedan
  • please dont stop! :(

    tdr1130tdr1130Dag sedan

    Annie CohoatAnnie CohoatDag sedan
  • We love Timmy. Please don’t stop making the videos :( I like hearing his theories

    Annie CohoatAnnie CohoatDag sedan
  • It's so sad that Timmy can't be himself. Timmy is one of the main reasons I watch this! His jokes and facial expressions crack me up! Never change who you are just to please a few unhappy people.

    Michelle WoznickiMichelle WoznickiDag sedan
  • We stand with you Timmy ⚡️

    Georgia HeritageGeorgia HeritageDag sedan
  • Timmy, I have loved watching these videos for your commentary alone. It’s funny, it’s interesting and you are doing a great job (you too Whit!). What I have loved as a HUGE fan of this show is finding a new perspective 15yrs later. I think the issue ppl may be having is as a fan in 2006, the show and the media made it 100% team Lauren or bust. At the time, I agreed with that (even had the Team LC Hollister shirt to prove it lol) and for the most part still do. But b/c you have commentated on the other “characters” with an open mind and a different perspective than 2006 even allowed fans to have, its made me feel a little different about certain ppl back then ( jenn bunny, audrina) and the production of the show etc. If ppl are giving you a hard time its because they arent willing to take a step back and use a new perspective as a chance to grow. Stay honest. Stay open. Stay funny. Stay kind. Much love to both of you. :)

    Mindy ToussaintMindy ToussaintDag sedan
  • My honest opinion - if the comments make you feel bad just turn them off. But pleeeaaase don't stop doing these videos. The reaction videos for The City were so much more authentic and fun so just go back to that 🤷‍♀️

    A Day In The UKA Day In The UKDag sedan
  • I think you are waaaayyyyyyy over analyzing this. This show was on years ago. If you want to watch and make comments, do it, have fun and forget about other people. If you are going to be on SEworld you will be analyzed by everyone. If it bothers you this much don't do it, the stress you are showing is not worth it. You are both super nice people. There is no bad intentions whatsoever.

    Denise DooganDenise DooganDag sedan
  • I really appreciate Timmy being so open about how these comments make you feel. It's very difficult not to take them personally. But sadly this is how the internet has become. People are very passionate about the Hills and how they believe things actually were, so they react badly and take it out on you. That is something you really shouldn't take personal.

    Sanna KahilaSanna KahilaDag sedan
  • No, please don't stop making them! Like I said in another comment, watching these videos brings back good memories for me. We were all so young and dramatic back then and it is fun to laugh about it. I don't think you guys are going too far or being mean. *And I just say "we" because I'm the same age as you guys and I look back at my early 20s and laugh at how dramatic I was, and how different priorities were back then. I hope you won't become paranoid of censor yourself too much over people's opinion because I feel like that creates an inauthenticity. P.S. When I first got to LA in 2007 I had an interview with the manager at the Regent Beverly Wilshire but the only job she would offer me was pool attendant but I was too self conscious to do it Hahaha

    Sweet Lil DevilSweet Lil DevilDag sedan
  • Timmy, you bring a great perspective!

    haley bolthaley bolt2 dagar sedan
  • Please keep filming these videos! Ya'll are so fun to be with! Truly, these have been a highlight to my week!

    haley bolthaley bolt2 dagar sedan
  • Damn, Hedi was such a bitch in this episode 😂

    ClaireClaire2 dagar sedan
  • Timmy! Never stop being you! Your comments are hilarious, and it’s the BIG reason we’re tuning in to these reaction videos.

    Yosephine DhisaclaraYosephine Dhisaclara2 dagar sedan
  • Ignore the one or two assholes and listen to the hundreds of subs that love you guys.!!

    M MarceauM Marceau2 dagar sedan
  • Timmys sarcasm is exceptional it makes the commentary hysterical. It doesn’t seem like he doesn’t like Lauren, it seems as though he actually knows what the fuck he’s talking about since he knows more about the behind the scenes the anyone in the comments. People saying shit comments are getting what they want when they upset Tim or Whit. So if you have a problem with the content then don’t fucking watch. I promise the ones complaining are the ones who watched the Hills for the Drama now they can actually cause drama and Tim and Whit are to nice to understand how the Spencer’s of the world work. So please ignore the Spencer’s!!!!

    M MarceauM Marceau2 dagar sedan
  • Also for the love of God it's reality tv can we chill out 🤣🤣🤣

    Tako EditsTako Edits2 dagar sedan
  • I've watched every episode of your reactions and honestly I don't see what the criticism is. I think people need to try to sense Timmy's tone, which is really humorous. I just don't get the issue. You guys are fun and funny to watch and PLEASE don't stop ❤️

    Tako EditsTako Edits2 dagar sedan
  • Timmy don’t change. This is legit my fav thing to watch. Be assured that people see that you’re doing this with a good heart.

    Leah NewtonLeah Newton2 dagar sedan
  • Commenting in the hopes that it’ll weed out the negatives - I LOOK FORWARD TO THESE REACTION VIDEOS EVERY WEEK. They literally put me in a good mood. I’m in school, working, I’m a mother, a wife. My life is hectic. I get a half hour to 40 mins of hills reaction from you guys and it truly brings me joy and brings me back to my teenage years when I originally watched the hills for the first time. I just love you guys, you’re such a dynamic duo and I genuinely enjoy watching your content ❤️

    Megan MurrayMegan Murray2 dagar sedan
  • Long time watcher and love watching everything you two make! Timmy and Wit , you lift my days up with your laughter and joy! Love how you guys communicate with each other and to us! I’ll be watching whatever you guys decide!

    Emma TouchieEmma Touchie2 dagar sedan
  • just be you & ignore the comments. You do nothing wrong in your videos and the commentary isn't as enjoyable. Everyone will judge online and it's easy to do when you're not always getting the full picture when we are only watching a few mins of your day. Just keep being you & forget about ALL of the comments, you can't make everyone happy.

    Rachel KRachel K2 dagar sedan
  • I have never commented on a single SEworld video (or any website, etc) in my life but please don’t stop these videos! They have been one of the only calming things in quarantine and you are both lovely. I’m sure it’s grating, but more people enjoy your videos than are commenting. The overall response is bigger and more positive than what is reflected in comments, which often skew negative on every platform. Thank you for the fun, original idea. Your videos are such a treat!

    Megan SteinMegan Stein2 dagar sedan
  • These videos are something I look forward to every single week! I can always count on a good laugh, especially based on Timmy's reactions and comments. I'm sorry you're facing criticism, but just remember that it's (sadly) the nature of media and this platform. You're both stronger than you think and you shouldn't let those negative comments drag you down. Peace in the streets!

    Gina DoyleGina Doyle2 dagar sedan
  • Did your sister steal the bag? How did the text play out?

    Will CWill C2 dagar sedan
  • Please don’t stop the episodes!! The majority of people who watch know you both don’t hate anyone. This is just for fun and we all enjoy these videos so much. Ignore rude and annoying comments 🤍🤗

    Eleni KaoullaEleni Kaoulla2 dagar sedan
  • Awe I love you guys, Timmy your the best your not saying anything wrong. I absolutely love watching you guys...💙💙💙

    April DowApril Dow2 dagar sedan
  • OMG 😲 😱 😲 It took 17 minutes & 23 seconds to arrive at the whole point of the videos. Please separate your jibber jabber as it's own episode like a pre-show talk and keep the videos of the reactions as their own show. I get forwarded everything to get to the real content.

    Dia BeltranDia Beltran2 dagar sedan
    • If you don't want to hear the talk, just skip? It ain't that hard.

      Malin SMalin SDag sedan
  • Please don't stop the videos, they are so much fun to watch & I REALLY enjoy them! I have recommended them to so many peeps!!

    Melissa MarieMelissa Marie2 dagar sedan
  • Are you friends with exes, or is that a bad idea? Talk to me!

    Whitney PortWhitney Port2 dagar sedan
    • Nope I'm sure not!

      Funny TingsFunny Tings2 dagar sedan
  • I am gutted that you feel this way Timmy! You are easily the reason I watch these videos. You are smart and you communicate in such a clear and interesting way. Keep going guys!

    Chrissie JohnsonChrissie Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Whitney your skin is FLAWLESS. Timmy, never stop being you.

    Carrie AnneCarrie Anne2 dagar sedan
  • I really don’t understand the hate. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Timmy makes me laugh so much. I love the reaction videos more than I loved the hills. Whitney and Timmy are the cutest

    Sasha BranscombeSasha Branscombe2 dagar sedan
  • I never comment, and I love these series! Your relationship is so refreshing, and I’d love to be friends with you both in *real life*. Please keep going, or maybe turn off the comments?

    Sascha KellySascha Kelly2 dagar sedan
  • I would say the majority of loyal followers and avid watchers don't always comment. Please don't stop recording these, for us!! It is something I SO look forward to each week! If anything maybe just turn the comments off? The type of hate you've received is not warranted nor needed. Please continue doing what your doing while protecting your mental state! There are plenty of viewers behind you that want you here just as you are. ❤

    Niki LarsonNiki Larson2 dagar sedan
  • Will there be any episodes this week?

    Yadira SierraYadira Sierra2 dagar sedan
  • I have never commented and just wanted to say how much I love these videos and your relationship and the people you are. Getting insight on Lauren and Whitney's relationship was crazy to me and it's just very entertaining. Keep making them please!

    Ellie BradleyEllie Bradley2 dagar sedan
  • I just come here to have fun and enjoy looking back at it!!! Love ya Timmy and Whitney 💕

    Valeria MoradoValeria Morado2 dagar sedan
  • Loved the real chat at the beginning. I love you guys and these videos. I always look forward to them, and love saving up 3 or 4 to watch all at once. (So i'm a little late) But Timmy I love your feedback and I think you are so funny and honest. Just seeing the relationship you two have and how you interact makes me happy. Honestly tho your happiness and positive mental health comes first. If that means stopping these reactions videos I support you, but of course will miss you guys. Just a big fan of you both and hope you are well. Peace in the streets!

    kkyyllliieeekkyyllliieee2 dagar sedan
  • Timmy please stop reading the comments and stop apologizing for having an opinion!!! That’s life, some people will love you and some will hate you, and most of the times when we dislike someone is because we reflect things on them that have nothing to do with the actual person, so just keep being yourself, I’m sure the people who actually know you, knows that your input doesn’t come from a bad or judgy place, and that’s the only people you should care about, not the people on the internet.

    Cynthia FloresCynthia Flores2 dagar sedan
  • First, I’d like to say don’t take this comment as a life ruining moment for you Timmy BUT I would rather Timmy just be behind the camera. I’m not a fan of him constantly victimizing himself for 20 minutes each episode because he received some “hate comments.” Not everyone is going to like you and thats OKAY, maybe just stop feeding the negativity and shout out your positive commenters..obviously not this one 😜 Peace and love tho

    altalt2 dagar sedan
  • Timmy, we love you! Appreciate all the thoughtfulness you put into reflecting on comments. That being said, take care of you first! Watching these reaction videos feels like hanging with friends and reminiscing.

    Eve KagerEve Kager2 dagar sedan
  • Hey! I just wanted to say I really love Timmy's humor! Don't stop being funny! It’s a big reason for me watching. Love from Norway

    Naima Elisabeth GjendemNaima Elisabeth Gjendem2 dagar sedan
  • yo Timmy ur da bomb 💛

    Arthur LaidlawArthur Laidlaw2 dagar sedan
  • You guys are so amazing and so funny! I love watching your videos. Can’t stop Won’t stop!

    Megan RushMegan Rush2 dagar sedan
  • I never comment, so weird!!! But I have too, you are so funny and authenthic. You've build your channel so fast but very organically. In no way shape or form do I feel the vibe of any ill intent, you are just commenting on a show. People need to get a grip. Also, I feel and see that you are gaining skill in the game, Timmy your editing skills are better every week. Hope you keep it up. Like you said, it's fun and good for your family. All love from Montreal (as a Canadian, I know a thing or two about over apoligizing lol). Oh, and my husband's name is also Timmy:))

    StephSteph2 dagar sedan
  • OMG shut the fuck up comment section. Y’all are a bunch of fuckheads. Keep you lame dumbass opinions to yourself.

    shampooshampoo2 dagar sedan
  • It’d be cool if you guys did more! Like the show Spencer and Brody did before The Hills or Audrina’s spin off after The Hills!

    The124784The1247842 dagar sedan
  • I love these videos!! Youre the best

    TosaTosa2 dagar sedan
  • I have never commented on SEworld in my life, but I'm here to say that I really hope you don't stop doing these videos simply because of trolls. There are disruptive kids in every class, but halting the whole enterprise in reaction to those kids takes something wonderful away from everyone who is there to engage sincerely and enjoy the community. Timmy, I have a very similar personality to yours and am hurt and upset by misinterpretation of my words or intentions-especially because I always try to consider things from all angles and display fairness and humanity throughout-but as an executive in a large company, I have also learned that you can't please everyone, and attempting to do so is actually not the right thing for anyone involved. While I understand the tangibility and impact on one's psyche and how real that is, the only way to reduce the power of trolls is to ignore them. All my love to both of you, and I really hope you don't stop doing these wonderful videos that are bringing joy to so many of us!

    Kate KozaKate Koza2 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully theirs an episode in a few hours!

    The124784The1247842 dagar sedan
  • Timmy and Whitney, don’t stop making these videos! Re-watching the Hills with you is so much fun and your comments are gold!

    Jannike SandströmJannike Sandström2 dagar sedan
  • PLEASE DONT STOP! I look forward to these videos so much. Timmy you are so self aware, natural, fun and great at this! It's easy to focus on the negative but pin all of these positive messages to keep you going! x

    Claire TappendenClaire Tappenden2 dagar sedan
  • Noooo ignore the trolls! I watch because I like seeing you both react, you’re such a great team, don’t quit Timmy, you got this!

    Bee DubsBee Dubs2 dagar sedan
  • It's called a reaction video . We love your natural reaction . You're allowed to be yourself and have your own perspective

    Dee DaDee Da2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe try inviting former castmstes as guests and people will stop thinking you are trying to put them down. I think 99.9 percent of us understand you all are doing this for fun and pure entertainment. Don't listen to the fools, you two are doing just fine! I actually think you both are too nice and nothing wrong with that!

    Ali VargasAli Vargas2 dagar sedan
  • Dumb trolls!! Timmy is censoring himself now, idiots! 😭not the saaaameee, Timmy come back!!

    Lucia FLucia F3 dagar sedan
  • Noooooooooo, please don’t stop doing these reaction videos! ❤️❤️❤️ I love you guys, and I love Timmy’s assessments and totally get that he’s exploring what is actually going on and isn’t settled necessarily on one idea. I get you guys. You ARE good people, and that comes through!

    Beautytube w/BabsBeautytube w/Babs3 dagar sedan
  • I enjoy these videos! It’s a little trip back to the mid-2000’s, and it’s just fun. I also like the commentary from a producer’s POV, since the format of The Hills was quite unique, that blend of reality and scripted.

    Cheyanne BairdCheyanne Baird3 dagar sedan
  • Sending nothin but ❤️✌🏻

    clevercupcakeclevercupcake3 dagar sedan
  • #freecancelculturedtimmy No need to censor yourself my dood! Your commentary is what we tune in to watch each week. Peace in the streets! Peace in the comments section!

    ashley randallashley randall3 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE your videos and think you two seem like such amazing and super genuine people! I really hope you don’t stop making them but, at the end of the day, if making the videos are no longer enjoyable for you both, then I think we would all support you in no longer making them. Take care of yourselves!! I do also need to say, please don’t compare yourselves to Danielle Bernstein! I definitely don’t condone anyone bullying or harassing someone, including on social media. But the way she runs her business and platform is nothing like the two of you and she does need to show some accountability for a lot of the things she’s been doing.

    LL GandhiLL Gandhi3 dagar sedan
  • TIMMY - WE CARE ABOUT YOU AND WHITNEY. ❤️️❤️️ DON'T READ INTO THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS OR EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO ADDRESS IT. People make so so so many assumptions these days and the large majority of those who react to your videos do NOT know YOU personally, so you don't need to wonder or question yourself based on a stranger. As someone who enjoys watching 'The Hills' with you both and LOOKS FORWARD to YOUR reactions to 'The Hills', please stop feeding into strangers negativity. I'd recommend honestly not looking at any comments for the first 24hrs or don't read them at all (it's freeing). God bless.

    Jasmine BelleJasmine Belle3 dagar sedan
  • Hey Timmy & Whit, I just want to know that you’re both amazing & honestly you guys brighten my week with your vids. I’m from Australia & have always loved Whitney & now I love your whole little fam. You’re both so relatable & Timmy is hilarious. I hope you know the people who love you guys, out way the negatives 🙌🏽 ❤️ from Aus 🇦🇺

    MissyMissy3 dagar sedan
  • We Stan Timmy!!

    AlyssaAlyssa3 dagar sedan
  • Timmy, Whitney - I'm a highly sensitive person who (to my detriment often) feels everything and looks at things from all perspectives and I don't think there is a shred of nastiness in your approach with these videos. I think sometimes Timmy or both of you can gloss over moments that might be more impactful to some of your viewers because of their lived experiences and trigger points and that's just how life goes. The times where viewers have pulled you up on bigger issues like the sex tape rumour, you address them kindly and with thought and sensitivity and it creates a space where it's safe to not always get things right but hold ourselves accountable which is also so important. I work in film and TV (makeup artist) and I find Timmy's perspective on the production side of things really interesting and on point but I think to the average viewer those realities aren't considered - partly because of lack of first hand experience and partly because as a consumer you don't always want to ruin the magic of what appears on screen. Your approach is always light hearted, always measured - even when you disagree you can resolve it within the filming session. You don't make personal, derogatory comments about the cast members individual personalities - only their behaviour and I think that's fair. Just want to reassure you that whatever feels best for you guys is what you should do but there are so many of us who think you are both wonderful, empathic, insightful people. Much love xx

    Rachel SophieRachel Sophie3 dagar sedan
  • I was slightly distracted by Timmys face only because I was trying to see what was different about it lol but honestly your skin looks great and really healthy! With or without the beard, you look handsome. You two are beautiful humans inside and out so try to not let comments or rude people get to you. True fans love watching these videos and I honestly love relaxing after work and watching these videos along with you guys and just remembering what life was like during the days when the Laguna beach and the Hills was one of my favorite shows.... I watched literally every single week lol I think as a human, we all struggle with insecurities and anxiety and anxiety attacks are no joke. I think finding your own inner peace is number one and you have to do what you are comfortable with. Just remember feeling anxious about comments is not a weakness, it means you CARE about peoples feelings and that you are a genuine and nice person. Sending you both so much love from a born n raised Cali girl, raising my family out in Texas!

    Love LaneLove Lane3 dagar sedan
  • This whole things is insane. You guys have 0 reason to feel bad on any commentary. It’s your opinion. It’s also commentary on a show that happened over a decade ago. Everyone in the show was in their 20s... Everyone in the world needs to lighten up just a tad... Please don’t stop making these!! I tried watching the hills on Hulu and it wasn’t the same without your commentary!!!

    Amy RiojasAmy Riojas3 dagar sedan
  • I look forward to these every week. It's so refreshing (and hilarious) to hear your comments and real views. Please don't stop making the videos! So many of us love you guys!

    Kristen KentKristen Kent3 dagar sedan
  • Love love love this videos and you guys. Hope they don’t stop . Don’t listen to the haters

    Candice TremblayCandice Tremblay3 dagar sedan
  • I never comment but I wanted to say that I'm a longtime fan of The Hills, The City and Whitney in general. I have absolutely loved these reaction videos and it's been so fun to re-watch with your insight. I think you're both fabulous and such a great family and please keep doing what you're doing Timmy. Really love you guys 💜💜

    Stevie SheetsStevie Sheets3 dagar sedan
  • This episode definitely did not end after Jason drops off Lauren. I just watched it on Amazon because it was driving me nuts thinking about it. Theres like 2 or 3 more scenes after that.

    Lisa HaskellLisa Haskell3 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been a long time follower but never felt the urge to comment until now. You guys. I love you both so much. You’ve made my weeks with ALL of your videos. These Hills reaction videos specifically are the greatest . My husband has even started watching with me every week. The weekly question he asks every Wednesday is “Is there a new Whitney video yet?”. We will be fans regardless of your decisions with future videos!! Do what is right for your mental health & family. Much ❤️ from the Casto’s

    Sara CastoSara Casto3 dagar sedan
  • GUYS ! Where is the new video?? :( come onnnn Timmy, you guys have more people who love you hands down. Plus, these videos are not only nostalgic, because of the show, but ICONIC because of you two and your chemistry.

    abcdefgh5475abcdefgh54753 dagar sedan
  • take off the comments. I love you guys and love watching the show with you.

    over the hill jennyover the hill jenny3 dagar sedan
  • Don’t let the haters get you down Timmy. You make me LOL on the reg and your love for Whit is cute as hell and the whole combo of nostalgia and humor and Sonny and long sleeve Ts has been getting me through q-tine for real. Please don’t go. Ever.

    Hilary GordonHilary Gordon3 dagar sedan
  • Don’t care about the comments! This is meant to be fun! This is getting me through lockdown in the UK, this got me through covid!! Stop caring about what others think. Love you two!

    Brenda CardonaBrenda Cardona3 dagar sedan
  • Been watching the whole way through but first time commenting. I have never watched this and thought you guys were mean or had hatred towards anyone. To me this comes across as a light hearted look back at a particular time and I have thoroughly enjoyed the commentary you both provide. Timmy, you're allowed to speak your thoughts and I don't think you have ever done that in a way that comes across as you being out to get anyone or unreasonable. For me, I love your reaction videos and I love the dynamic you and Whit have but I totally agree that if it is just not fun anymore and it is compromising your mental health you are totally within your rights to call it quits. (I'd miss you guys though 😂)

    Clare HamiltonClare Hamilton3 dagar sedan
  • How??? How did we not see Elodie telling Heidi off??? I was so excited to see y’all’s reactions to it 😞

    Lori YorkLori York3 dagar sedan
  • Did I miss something? I love these videos and I’ve never felt that Timmy hated Lauren! It’s commentary on a TV that is like, what, a decade old?? All these haters gotta chill. You do you guys! We love you for it.

    Katherine GoodfellowKatherine Goodfellow3 dagar sedan
  • We love you Timmy! I'm not someone to comment good or bad stuff but felt the need now to speak up! I bet there are so many people that watch the videos and love you and Whitney but never comment, just keep that in mind! x

    anneymoneyanneymoney3 dagar sedan