22 nov 2020
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The RTG account gets reinforced with a historical player.
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  • What was that move at 3:07?

    0range0wnage0range0wnageMånad sedan
    • Croqueta cancel into?

      0range0wnage0range0wnageMånad sedan
  • 3:39 lol man thought wrong hhhh. U man a legend for that

    Mohammed YusufMohammed YusufMånad sedan
  • I personally recommend you to *US_CRACK_1* *on* *IG* who helped me unban my account

  • I personally recommend you to *US_CRACK_1* *on* *IG* who helped me unban my account

  • At first I thought #US_CRACK_1 *on* *IG* was a scammer but he is not he got me unban in just 10 minutes

    Carlos SmithCarlos SmithMånad sedan
  • At first I thought #US_CRACK_1 *on* *IG* was a scammer but he is not he got me unban in just 10 minutes

    Carlos SmithCarlos SmithMånad sedan
  • At first I thought #US_CRACK_1 *on* *IG* was a scammer but he is not he got me unban in just 10 minutes

    Carlos SmithCarlos SmithMånad sedan
  • need someone who loves me as much as Botas loves Arturo

    Pritu RajPritu RajMånad sedan
  • He’s literally the fucking goat i keep telling everybody...i have ronaldo at striker and he plays cam and all he does is break ankles and snipe goalies!! He’s got 99 heading, 99 strength, 99 aggression, 99 interceptions...dude is a giant

    Mark GregoryMark GregoryMånad sedan
  • Can you make a video on the las vegas game?

    mj Lopezmj LopezMånad sedan
  • If you had to have just one would you have Flashback Khedira or in form Vidal? I can only afford space for 1. Thanks.

    Alcoholic VillanAlcoholic VillanMånad sedan
  • "In this team, we treat legends with respect" - nice pun if intended on Real Madrid's recent treatment of Casillas and others

    Faheem Shaikh MohammadFaheem Shaikh MohammadMånad sedan
  • 140,000 reasons to do that sbc

    Arodx34xArodx34xMånad sedan
  • is it worth buying inform vidal?

    joyoftb 21joyoftb 21Månad sedan
  • Is player switching much better without next man indicator???

    Lionel GerrardLionel GerrardMånad sedan
  • Love the content, gameplay and explanations behind the decisions. Keep up the big things man.

    Kevin BrookensKevin BrookensMånad sedan
  • Why are Khedira's games played, scored, and assists stats blurred out?

    CD BaksuCD BaksuMånad sedan
  • Someone tell me how to do the speed bossy glitch😢

    Nam-12Nam-12Månad sedan
  • Boras: Felix, Felix Another swedish youtuber: Skrattar du, Furlorar du..

    Putri KiraniPutri KiraniMånad sedan
  • vamos boras!!

    BaggenBaggenMånad sedan
  • Wait, does anyone know what Boras actually says during his intro after "Hello" ???????? "Hello....... " what???? I have never heard the full sentence 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. What does he actually say?

    Frimpong Opoku AgyemangFrimpong Opoku AgyemangMånad sedan
    • @Naheed Merali OOOOO I seee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Frimpong Opoku AgyemangFrimpong Opoku AgyemangMånad sedan
    • Usually he goes.. Helloooo friends its Boraslegend here and today's time for another video on the channel 🐐

      Naheed MeraliNaheed MeraliMånad sedan
  • 15:36

    Ethan adjeiEthan adjeiMånad sedan
  • Sent you a dm on instagram still waiting for response please... Kindda important

    h sch scMånad sedan
  • You should do the foundation sbcs such as hybrid nations if you haven’t already and show us the packs! Could fill a weekday episode!

    Matt LawsonMatt LawsonMånad sedan
  • I love the way he says "Helloooooo...." I don't know why. Lol!

    juantubeyjuantubeyMånad sedan
  • Where is the best position to play gelson martins, Please reply........

    Dawoud SajadDawoud SajadMånad sedan
    • Winger

      Ludez 1Ludez 1Månad sedan
  • Get rid of pope he's poop

    Reece RowlandReece RowlandMånad sedan
  • Hey boras how good is Maldini for you?

    ShxddyShxddyMånad sedan
  • Bro, apply an engine on cristiano. The guy who scored against you with Cristiano had an engine on him

    Tamaghna Chakraborty_74Tamaghna Chakraborty_74Månad sedan
  • That audio bit in the last segment killed me 😁😁

    L KL KMånad sedan
  • 10:53 it says "your mom" in norwegian hahahahahahah

    Hasib MughalHasib MughalMånad sedan

    WZRD MODsWZRD MODsMånad sedan
  • @8:30 I should not have laughed so hard man 😂 if you ever decide to be a comedian I’ll be your first viewer 😂😂 i

    Abir ArabAbir ArabMånad sedan
  • Can someone please tell me wtf he saying when the video starts 😂😂 its wiserspender sports here ?

    Michael HaxbyMichael HaxbyMånad sedan
  • Saw this live XD

    MS2 OLWMS2 OLWMånad sedan
  • 15:36

    ChilledPChilledPMånad sedan
    • this game is shit i swear

      Jackie BrownJackie BrownMånad sedan
  • I watched your Final in Las Vegas live and since then im a big fan. Greetings and wish you all the best !

    Memphis AceMemphis AceMånad sedan
  • Bless your ears seworld.info/will/p4jQqpm3f5ZqloE/video

    Mauricio UribeMauricio UribeMånad sedan
  • Hey. Can someone please say the name of the skill move on 2:59 ? 😄

    Leif AndersLeif AndersMånad sedan
    • L2 + fake shot

      Norbert KubjanNorbert KubjanMånad sedan
    • Or 2:55 to be more precise

      Leif AndersLeif AndersMånad sedan
  • khdira > vidal

    Nadav IvryNadav IvryMånad sedan
  • not gonna lie I'm really enjoying watching your videos this year Boras. your humble attitude towards the players and the game itself is something really rare. keep up the good work lad

    Anthony SemaanAnthony SemaanMånad sedan
    • we would also want a co op video or rewards video with you and Nick run the fut market if possible

      Anthony SemaanAnthony SemaanMånad sedan
  • can u please do another custom tactics video ? Feels like the old ones not working :/

    Piszár TamásPiszár TamásMånad sedan
  • You guys fighting up on Sbc and fifa21 for next gen console comes out on Dec3. Therefore you still have to restart again

    Rawle WilliamsRawle WilliamsMånad sedan
    • No you don’t lol

      Ludez 1Ludez 1Månad sedan
  • Man you never answer comments or Msgs.! Love watching your videos.!

    Jan OlgunJan OlgunMånad sedan
    • Thanks bro. I try my best!

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • the best fifa players of all time in no order 08 ovy zwebackhd w future stars halaand Boras with a scarf

    logan lewislogan lewisMånad sedan
  • Boss u can use him also cb( like viera 88 ) 189 cm 90+strch and agression he is amazing in cb

    Aga AgayevAga AgayevMånad sedan
  • Holy fucking shit, seriously did you win 140.000 dollars! That is A LOOOOOT of money, almost as much at the length of your “Helloooooooooo it’s Boras here”

    Sebastián CarisSebastián CarisMånad sedan
    • Haha 😂

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • @Mishaelleahsim is the name

    Mishael StevenMishael StevenMånad sedan
  • Sent you a dm on instagram still waiting for response please... Kindda important

    Mishael StevenMishael StevenMånad sedan
  • I play him at cb.. on 7 chem and hes very good

    Armando ReyesArmando ReyesMånad sedan
  • I love you man, but how did you lose against the first opponent with a team in the same tier as yours?

    Mo AliMo AliMånad sedan
  • Why don't you play Semedo for Telles, his better

    Panda BearPanda BearMånad sedan
    • *his = he's

      Panda BearPanda BearMånad sedan

    LoveLoveMånad sedan
    • Quick sell

      A TA TMånad sedan
  • What formation do you use?

    BoomBoomMånad sedan
  • Boras makes me want to buy Podence, Renato and Felix soooo baaad.

    James HouareauJames HouareauMånad sedan
    • @Mario Nell alright thanks man

      James HouareauJames HouareauMånad sedan
    • @James Houareau nah i dont think thats a good idea. Son is class ! But if you really want to try sth new and fun go for felix

      Mario NellMario NellMånad sedan
    • @James Houareau no

      David BlaineDavid BlaineMånad sedan
    • @Mario Nell do you convince selling Son to get him?

      James HouareauJames HouareauMånad sedan
    • I got felix in red he is pretty good but i cant say he is insane... Sometimes his finishing, agility is off but his price dropped a fair bit so maybe he is worth the coins

      Mario NellMario NellMånad sedan
  • 10:39 what the hack you pressed! 😁

    • Op move

      Long phamLong phamMånad sedan
    • Its r1 + l1 and Right Stick to the direction or double r1 + right stick

      Long phamLong phamMånad sedan
    • I think he was pressing the protect the ball button because he thought from the ball animation that Ronaldo was going to contest the ball with the defender but instead he slowed down and the defender made the mistake

      Anthony SemaanAnthony SemaanMånad sedan
  • Mannen du är grym

    niklas johanssonniklas johanssonMånad sedan
  • How good was Maldini Boras?

    The DagoThe DagoMånad sedan
    • He is amazing!

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • He says helllooooooo it’s friendly boras here

    Yusuf SidoYusuf SidoMånad sedan
  • 0:45 activedating-24.online

    Александра НелипАлександра НелипMånad sedan
  • Boras maybe I just need to go back to your settings video to see. But some of the crispy passes around 3:30 - 4:10 (and just in general) looked to accurate!! I sometimes feel like I do my power and aim my stick better than the game interprets it. Maybe I should give manual a go?

    XierdanXierdanMånad sedan
  • Nick Pope or Allison ??

    Charlie LaverackCharlie LaverackMånad sedan
  • 0:32 sweety-girls24.online

    Oleg PancewOleg PancewMånad sedan
  • Boras is the man! I got the crosses objective for Bellerin done in 4 games thanks to his advice. Keep up the good work!

    Steven CerriSteven CerriMånad sedan
    • What advice, Pls guide me to it

      Rahil ParkarRahil ParkarMånad sedan
  • pls help me... I ALWAYS LOSE BECAUSE opponent makes the goal at last ten minutes if im winning or if the game is 2-2 etc... ALL THE TIME... and second thing is that when i have 12 games left and i need 1 win to gold 3 BUT THEN i lose like 10 games in a row and win only like 1 or 2 out of 12 fucking games... i would easily get to gold 2/1 if i stop losing my last 10 games... HELP

    Kaapo HellmanKaapo HellmanMånad sedan
    • I don't think there's anything someone else can do to help you man, you're just getting unlucky. Only advice i can give to you is try not to get mad, and take a break when you are mad.

      rqiningrqiningMånad sedan
  • Wow so this card is sentimental to you! Thats an awesome story! And thats a lot of money! Do you remember what you spent it on? Respect man! Love the content

    yayo4nasalyayo4nasalMånad sedan
    • @BorasLegend 😂😂😂 legend.

      yayo4nasalyayo4nasalMånad sedan
    • Fifa Points

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
    • @Jai khedira

      yayo4nasalyayo4nasalMånad sedan
    • Who is the card

      JaiJaiMånad sedan
    • Hookers and blow

      Athul SudhakaranAthul SudhakaranMånad sedan
  • Behandla de med ✊ härligt

    Shervin LoghmaniShervin LoghmaniMånad sedan
  • GG 🐐 I feel bad for the guy @9:34 who probably just saw some SEworld constant pressure tactics video and thought he could take down one of the best in the biz 😂

    Anup D'SouzaAnup D'SouzaMånad sedan
  • Play over Vidal

    Harry TaylorHarry TaylorMånad sedan
  • IF Vidal and Flashback khedira are my two CM's, so solid crew

    Jordan JacklinJordan JacklinMånad sedan
    • @Patryk Pampuch i play the WL with vidal IF he is a beast not so fast but every tackel he amlost won this WL 23:5

      Oh yeah nahuiOh yeah nahuiMånad sedan
    • @Jordan Jacklin yes mate that's why I haven't committed to doing him yet - because I'm thinking of changing to la liga.

      MemoMemoMånad sedan
    • Not the quickest but the strength from both of them seems to compensate for that. Khedira is serie A card not la liga

      Jordan JacklinJordan JacklinMånad sedan
    • @Patryk Pampuch Vidal is actually surprisingly nippy with shadow! Haven't done Khedira yet though (still tempted by changing to a la liga team...)

      MemoMemoMånad sedan
    • Are they not too slow?

      Patryk PampuchPatryk PampuchMånad sedan
  • 0:42 luckylife.online

    Alisa MatveyAlisa MatveyMånad sedan
  • You are so humble broh ,stay blessed

    tinosqindistinosqindisMånad sedan
  • For all deaf people out there in the intro boras says "helloooo friend it's boras here..." So open your ears and shut your mouths up

    MrTerrificHMrTerrificHMånad sedan
  • Bro I’m your opponent in the 2-0 win in the beginning. An honor to play an idol like you as a 15yr old fan. Kärlek❤️

    Axel NilssonAxel NilssonMånad sedan
    • @Eds sss hahahah i swear he does

      Maco AntonioMaco Antonio7 dagar sedan
    • Gg bro 👊🇸🇪

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
    • @Eds sss i knew i wasn't trippin lmao I see this dude commenting all the time

      Big 092MLBOABig 092MLBOAMånad sedan
    • Gg

      Abir alnafiAbir alnafiMånad sedan
    • You just delete once the new one comes out

      Eds sssEds sssMånad sedan
  • Love your videos

    Sami IsmailiSami IsmailiMånad sedan
  • The "HELLOOO" keeps getting longer, the quality gameplay for boras keeps getting better.. #Legend

    Qazi FaisalQazi FaisalMånad sedan
    • you missed a few o's there mate 😂

      SeanSeanMånad sedan
    • He’s evolving

      XierdanXierdanMånad sedan
    • spot on mate

  • Imagine artoreto and khedorito as a CDM dou ooooof

    MrTerrificHMrTerrificHMånad sedan
  • Sami the 🐐

    Rocco-Danilo DedicRocco-Danilo DedicMånad sedan
  • Boras you watch F1 right?

    MrTerrificHMrTerrificHMånad sedan
  • Boras are you sure maldini is the right choice?

    MrTerrificHMrTerrificHMånad sedan
    • Yes

      niklas johanssonniklas johanssonMånad sedan
  • Hey man from South Africa

    PsmoollaPsmoollaMånad sedan
  • nice staff. i like your play style

    burak altınokburak altınokMånad sedan
  • Boras hope youre OK bro! Where can i watch that game on Vegas when you won the Big Check! Enjoy your Sunday!

    LaGerenciaGironLaGerenciaGironMånad sedan
  • RIP Gelson

    VX Jules ZVX Jules ZMånad sedan
  • Go streaming, bro

    Q QQ QMånad sedan
  • 140k dollars with a 140k player..........WOW! Legend 🙌

    Ehsan RahravanEhsan RahravanMånad sedan
    • @Milan this card is, I think that’s what he meant

      ninety9knitesninety9knitesMånad sedan
  • Legendary boRas

    Lynn RojasLynn RojasMånad sedan
  • Always here to watch the goat

    GAHL15GAHL15Månad sedan

    showusthemtitiesshowusthemtitiesMånad sedan
  • The Capitan Is back💪🏽🔥

    KING JÖLKING JÖLMånad sedan
  • Ahhh guys thanks for 1000 likes

    NolanNolanMånad sedan
  • firstttt

    Z44F3R QZ44F3R QMånad sedan
    • love from uk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Z44F3R QZ44F3R QMånad sedan