this csgo video will make you quit smoking.

22 mar 2020
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the boys talk about our good friend bryan

  • When he gets shot he’s dying bryan

    Kyosuke_UNBoxKyosuke_UNBox20 timmar sedan
  • when they keep making bad jokes about his name he's sighin bryan

    ItsSpudItsSpud21 timme sedan
  • Funny mic

    Carter RutherfordCarter RutherfordDag sedan
  • false advertising, this infact did not quench my nicotine addiction.

    seversever2 dagar sedan
  • It really is fucked with these cigarettes box having disturbing real photo of what smoking can do

    LyriqLyriq2 dagar sedan
  • Just gives up and draws a dick

    BrysnBrysn2 dagar sedan
  • He’s an Aussie legend

    my boymy boy2 dagar sedan
  • when he's playing minecraft, he's Herobryan

    Tako ppaiTako ppai2 dagar sedan
  • When he is high he is Flyin Bryan

    Fishy JoJoFishy JoJo2 dagar sedan
  • I think schlatts dark humor is hilarious

    killer chiefkiller chief2 dagar sedan
  • This is why Schlatt died on the Dream SMP

    ExUmbraVirtutisExUmbraVirtutis3 dagar sedan
  • Love seeing Byze in these videos I remember him from years ago with Gaming lemon

    Carl JonesCarl Jones3 dagar sedan
  • I need to know what sigfigs are please I need that explanation

    SilvernSilvern3 dagar sedan
  • I’ve seen dieing Brayn on the side of the road

    Ruben AvelinRuben Avelin4 dagar sedan
  • When he wants more cigarette, he's buyin' bryan

    Squidward with a gunSquidward with a gun4 dagar sedan
  • *when he sees schlatt's merch, he's buyin' bryan*

    SimonsaysgamingSimonsaysgaming4 dagar sedan
  • Csgo brings the offensive out in all of us

    BruhMomentBruhMoment4 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact, I’ve had CSGO downloaded and on my desktop for like, half a year. And I’ve never once even opened it.

    Jimmy DoreJimmy Dore5 dagar sedan
  • My moms a 22 year smoker, showed her this vid, fixed her smoking problem. She picked up heroin

    TheGalacticDogeTheGalacticDoge5 dagar sedan
  • I love wile watching a no vape ad pops up

    Wiz MothWiz Moth6 dagar sedan
  • its time like these i remember schlatt went to college

    LebaneLebane8 dagar sedan
  • "Why"

    Jeff GiraffeJeff Giraffe10 dagar sedan
  • That why part slayed me 😂

    The JamesThe James10 dagar sedan
  • how does this video have midrolls

    Lapeez 22Lapeez 2210 dagar sedan
  • Why

    The Infamous PhantomThe Infamous Phantom11 dagar sedan
  • x=12

    ItsDopamine05ItsDopamine0512 dagar sedan
  • When Brian goes to rehab he’s tryin Brian

    AKillzxAKillzx12 dagar sedan
  • x does equal 12

    itsjusterin :3itsjusterin :314 dagar sedan
  • When his mom says he can’t play Minecraft, he’s cryin brian

    Angelo CipollaAngelo Cipolla15 dagar sedan
  • smike

    pafelpafel20 dagar sedan
  • He uses the same music as life of boris

    Garf is GodGarf is God20 dagar sedan
  • The dying Brian joke made me not laugh with you guys, I started feeling the opposite

    RogersRogers21 dag sedan
    • Ok but the frying Brian joke was funny

      RogersRogers21 dag sedan
  • The significant figures of a number written in positional notation are digits that carry meaningful contributions to its measurement resolution. This includes all digits except: All leading zeros.

    AnorakAnorak21 dag sedan
  • "why?"

    Bscoop VEVOBscoop VEVO23 dagar sedan
  • This is the best drug prevention video for kids I ever seen...

    FrancoGaming TheFirstFrancoGaming TheFirst23 dagar sedan
  • 2:30

    Dominic SpinozziDominic Spinozzi24 dagar sedan
  • bian

    Polar OperatrPolar Operatr27 dagar sedan
  • SCHLATT there was an ad for lung cancer during the times of covid 19 wtf did you put that ad there??

    Aimee RovereAimee Rovere27 dagar sedan
  • Underrated video

    Dr. BrightDr. Bright27 dagar sedan
  • This is such a stupid bit and I love it

    BigMaxPorterBigMaxPorter28 dagar sedan

    Abel red4Abel red428 dagar sedan
  • i need the name of the funny mic bro I wanna buy it

    MarcusMarcus28 dagar sedan
  • in my highschool friend group we called durries "bryans" so you'd go to ya mate & go "oi lad give us a bryan"

    Big BonezBig BonezMånad sedan
  • the family of dyin bryan isnt gonna send a cease and desist. It’s a decease and desist

    RaccoonzillaRaccoonzillaMånad sedan
  • When he’s on the plane to the uk to get medical help , he’s flying Bryan

    Arson NesArson NesMånad sedan
  • 2:35

    Anthony WalzAnthony WalzMånad sedan
  • I got a lung cancer add on this video

    Steverman664Steverman664Månad sedan
  • found this funny shit

    Wall NutWall NutMånad sedan
  • “why?“

    Y u m n aY u m n aMånad sedan
  • When dyin Bryan on a plane He's flyin bryan

    Kooyg777Kooyg777Månad sedan
  • smokin a cig while watching this BITCH. god I am so fucking cool

    lensterslenstersMånad sedan
  • When a cop pulls him over he’s denying Bryan

    Joseph MotherJoseph MotherMånad sedan
  • i mea aussie packs convinced me not to smoke

    just another memejust another memeMånad sedan
  • I like how this was like 2/3 swaggersouls

    SnouiSnouiMånad sedan
  • Ballin' Brian

    ClownClownMånad sedan
  • You've had 3 heart attacks? why?

    LyteLyteMånad sedan
  • When hes opening a wooden crate with a crowbar hes pryin bryan

    Kenneth NohaiKenneth NohaiMånad sedan
  • when bryan is an idethnolinguistic indigenous person of Mesoamerica hes mayan bryan

    Shend PllanaShend PllanaMånad sedan
  • The pause when he said "Why?"

    Dhendo127Dhendo127Månad sedan
  • when you tell him he needs to quit hes tryin bryan

    Robbie MeltonRobbie MeltonMånad sedan
  • This comment section is just like the Bappo stuff on a Fitz video.

    armincenanarmincenanMånad sedan
  • When they say he smokes too much he’s denyin’ bryan

    Franken gummyFranken gummyMånad sedan
  • 2:32

    roland Christensenroland ChristensenMånad sedan
  • the answer to the math problem was x=12

    qtTrevorqtTrevorMånad sedan
  • That’s some nice math

    Hyper FocuzHyper FocuzMånad sedan
  • *Me watching this video with a cigarette in hand* -Fuck, didn't work

    TheFroslasTheFroslasMånad sedan
  • Schlatt: you had 3 heart attacks? Game: sure lets do it

    shanelord doomshanelord doomMånad sedan
  • that math bit makes me so irrationally angry every time i see it and i don’t know why

    freeziefreezieMånad sedan
  • When he predicts the world to end in 2012 hes mayan bryan

    Matt ChapellMatt ChapellMånad sedan
  • its so fucked up because theyre making fun of someone who died and left his wife and daughter alone but its so fucking funny and i can help but laugh

    Aureum PlatinaAureum PlatinaMånad sedan
    • ikr

      ab raab ra5 dagar sedan
  • Yeah you see the packs on the street and you feel a lil gross afterwards

    DeadTrendzDeadTrendzMånad sedan
  • fucking idiots you have to add seven to both sides THEN you get your answer. in this case its x = 12

    Nobody In ParticularNobody In ParticularMånad sedan
  • When his family asks if he quit smoking he says hes tryin bryan

    Jimbabwe from ZimbabweJimbabwe from ZimbabweMånad sedan
  • when that guy said aimware .net, i felt that

    DesertstrikegamingDesertstrikegamingMånad sedan
  • I smoked 2 cigarettes while watching this video

    Isaac StevensonIsaac StevensonMånad sedan
  • I got a Healthcare ad right before they started smoking.

    Adrino Fan AccountAdrino Fan AccountMånad sedan
  • just don’t get heart attacks

    With the BoisWith the BoisMånad sedan
  • They should see Brazilian cigarette packages.

    PachekoPachekoMånad sedan
  • x - 7 = 5 rearrange the equation so that it's all in reverse 5 + 7 = x 5 + 7 = 12 x = 12 :)

    Michael MillerMichael MillerMånad sedan
  • when brian is busting into his wife's home, he's called pryin bryin

    Ian WalkerIan WalkerMånad sedan
  • This is the most edgy ive seen him and its amazing

    gumgumgoogumgumgooMånad sedan
  • When he's in his feels he's crying Brian

    Logan MattsonLogan MattsonMånad sedan
  • When somebody sells cigarettes, he supplyin' Bryan

    R3d153R3d153Månad sedan
  • I know theres this one a fuckers charred lungs

    Kcoop142Kcoop142Månad sedan
  • Roses are red, Durries make me poor, Here’s my mate Brian, Died age 34 🙏

    Ben WilkinsonBen WilkinsonMånad sedan
  • When he works at McDonalds, he’s fryin’ bryan

    I am BeautyI am BeautyMånad sedan
  • Why?

    Saulo DíazSaulo DíazMånad sedan
  • when hes crossing the border with counterfeit ciggies, hes flyin' bryan

    Jimmy PownallJimmy PownallMånad sedan
  • I'm surprised schlatt and others didn't get flack for this

    MocMocMånad sedan
  • When he ends up in a dictionary, he's defyin' bryan

    Water SheepWater SheepMånad sedan
  • When he’s playing Minecraft he’s minin Bryan

    Vincent DalyVincent DalyMånad sedan
  • when he smokes weed hes high and brian

    Jay's drumsJay's drumsMånad sedan
  • Being Australian this made me laugh, do they actually need to censor it

    WollyBombusWollyBombusMånad sedan
  • This video helped me do my chemistry homework

    A.JA.JMånad sedan
  • hey jschlatt aight if you need help with significant figures i gotcha bro you gotta count from the first non-zero from the left, so for example 5.243 to 2 significant figures you’ll have 5.2 brian had the quizlet you can ask him but he’s been in the hospital for a few days so he may not be around anymore

    Youtube PizzerYoutube Pizzer2 månader sedan

    muffin man playsmuffin man plays2 månader sedan
  • when he's leaving his answers in the comments below, he's yiayin bryan

    bingobangobingobango2 månader sedan
  • When he plays minecraft, he’s hero bryan

    Katerinos 54thKaterinos 54th2 månader sedan
  • When his name is Bryan, he’s Bryan

    Katerinos 54thKaterinos 54th2 månader sedan
  • When Bryan is high he’s flyin bryan

    FailGamerOfficialFailGamerOfficial2 månader sedan