Galaga Quarter Arcade Review

7 nov 2019
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We look at the Numskull Quarter Arcade Galaga Cabinet.
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This video is a personal opinion and is not a news report.
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  • I got my Galaga quarter scale Arcade cabinet on Saturday I'm enjoying it I do very good with Galaga I've been playing my Galaga quarter scale Arcade cabinet on one single charge so far I rather have this then arcade one up plus the fact I don't have the space for a big arcade cabinet in my apartment anyway I'm fine with this Galaga quarter scale Arcade cabinet I'm excited that I got it I'm having so much fun with Galaga.

    greg Great trick snarkegreg Great trick snarke20 dagar sedan
  • I just ordered myself the Galaga quarter scale Arcade cabinet because I don't have the space for a Arcade one up to big the quarter scale Arcade Galaga cabinet is the perfect size for me and my apartment I ordered Galaga quarter scale Arcade cabinet from Amazon it will be here on Monday I'm a Galaga fan I have the classic Space Invaders Micro Player and Pac Man Micro Player from My Acade I've always wanted my own arcade machine cabinet for years yes yes yes yes I'm looking forward to getting it.

    greg Great trick snarkegreg Great trick snarke25 dagar sedan
  • that man is playing galaga

    daniel butlerdaniel butler7 månader sedan
  • Very interesting!

    RalonsoRalonsoÅr sedan
  • galaga on the original arcade cab is still my favorite way to play it, love that game. Theres a new port of it for the atari 2600 thats really fun to play.

    jon yakjon yakÅr sedan
  • I don't like the new intro...

    A BlobA BlobÅr sedan
  • I don't think you know what "1 to 1 recreation" means

    AlecPanicAlecPanicÅr sedan
    • lol

      Rigor MortizRigor Mortiz21 dag sedan
  • I'll take one in full size to place right next to my Mrs. Pacman. They are very cute though.

    fan1701fan1701År sedan
  • I was in 5th grade when I kick some ass to a few high schoolers playing Galaga. I'll never forget that they challenge me again I'm still win and the arcade center was packed. Best good time ever.

    chico Riverchico RiverÅr sedan
    • Sure does sound like is a great story good!

      DumbassDumbassÅr sedan
  • Where is Adam???drop this snooze

    Gregory ChappellGregory ChappellÅr sedan
  • they need the proper lit buttons for player start to be more accurate.

    Randy BanischRandy BanischÅr sedan
    • Randy Banisch No, the light up black volcano buttons were mainly used on Atari cabinets. This is a recreation of the original Bally/Midway cabinet.

      Pete SPete SÅr sedan
    • Pete S i thought the original galaga had the same narrow red lit buttons like centipede had as well.

      Randy BanischRandy BanischÅr sedan
    • Randy Banisch the buttons on the original Galaga cabinet were never lit. The control panel is 100 percent correct to the original.

      Pete SPete SÅr sedan
  • I've got both the Pacman and Galaga. For me, being a huge Galaga fan from the 80's I can say that the speed is indeed 1to1, or as close to 1 to 1 as you can get. Other emulations of Mame seem to run a tad faster. So perhaps playablity or replication of play compared to the original is simply based on subjective interpretation from our past. Just a thought. Good review though.

    Thomas BryantThomas BryantÅr sedan
  • I always worry and fear for Galaga products that come across Shane's desk lol.

    OcelotOcelotÅr sedan
  • Too bad it doesnt have score keeping

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