GUESS HER AGE FOR A KISS 💋 ( Gone Wrong 😳 ) #shorts

25 apr 2021
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  • She ain't 14 bruh

    Doug ArmstrongDoug Armstrong12 minuter sedan
  • More trash

    Simon SimonSimon Simon32 minuter sedan
  • 14???

    ᛊᛏᛖᚠᚠᛖᚾ ᚹᛁᛞᛗᚨᛁᛖᚱᛊᛏᛖᚠᚠᛖᚾ ᚹᛁᛞᛗᚨᛁᛖᚱ36 minuter sedan
  • This video pops up every time smh. Like yoooo stfu!!!

    KevKev40 minuter sedan
  • Bro has still got no kidd

    Goated FelixGoated FelixTimme sedan
  • What do they eat up there, man, I didn't look like nowadays kids when I was 15

    Alejandro AmbrizAlejandro AmbrizTimme sedan
  • U can tell he getting money now cause he gets bigger every video

    Mc913Mc913Timme sedan
  • She's not 14

    CrimsonCrimsonTimme sedan
  • AYO SHE 14

    Nigga BruhNigga BruhTimme sedan
  • This is that cringe shit, respectfully.

    氷Asuri氷AsuriTimme sedan
  • Lmmfao

    Coya LyonsCoya LyonsTimme sedan
  • She walks away like a toddler with a fuuuuuulllll diaper.

    Barry McCaulkinerBarry McCaulkinerTimme sedan
  • If thats true I be damn if my daughter walking around like she 22 when she 15 beating her slowly 8

    Shawn ClaytonShawn ClaytonTimme sedan
  • She is not 14

    Liam CraigLiam CraigTimme sedan
  • Give guys that question. Curious how many would be good sport when you get it right.

    Jack BlackJack BlackTimme sedan
  • 22-8=14 she cant be that young

    Anonimus AnonimusAnonimus Anonimus2 timmar sedan
  • These kind of situations spell out trouble friend...better make sure these girls is 18+ to play this game🤔

    Saundra RanelSaundra Ranel2 timmar sedan
  • ur telling me she done math for this😭

    ryy xryy x2 timmar sedan
  • Ahaha she’s 14

    Paul GilmartinPaul Gilmartin2 timmar sedan
  • Can chocolate people actually do something more than sports and entertainment?

    Borat Margaret III SagdiyevBorat Margaret III Sagdiyev3 timmar sedan
  • Garbage content

    Peter knightonPeter knighton3 timmar sedan
  • Nonce and why did he say champagne

    Shahi HussainShahi Hussain3 timmar sedan
  • That's hilarious everyone he tried to make out with a child

    Itsyaboi 646Itsyaboi 6463 timmar sedan
  • Fbi open up

    Loubar NabilLoubar Nabil3 timmar sedan
  • I could tell she was young 😂😂 but i would have said 18

    kidkong.kidkong.3 timmar sedan
  • 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨👮‍♂️🚓👮🚔🚔👮‍♀️

    Abril Suarez AddyAbril Suarez Addy3 timmar sedan
  • This guy is so creepy. And his hair looks like a hat.

    No NameNo Name3 timmar sedan
  • These guys have gotta be the biggest fboys ive ever seen. Theyll do anything to get close to a gorl.

    No NameNo Name4 timmar sedan
  • Wow this is so cringe i almost puked🤢🤢

    Suman SamajdarSuman Samajdar4 timmar sedan
  • not 15 bro , 22-8 is 14 . Go to got damn school 🧠

    ChrizzlyChrizzly4 timmar sedan
  • Her walk seems she told a dad joke and saying aht aht aht

    Abraham MelakuAbraham Melaku4 timmar sedan
  • Shes 14?? 😟

    IzMe JessIzMe Jess4 timmar sedan
  • This dude said 22-8 is 15 lol

    koulzkoulz4 timmar sedan
  • 😖 ugly ass glasses lol.

    secondswellsecondswell4 timmar sedan
  • Please just buy a proper mic

    Stopped Clock ImagingStopped Clock Imaging4 timmar sedan
  • Her:I'm 32 Guy:She's 22 Girl:He said 22,lemme just act like I'm 14

    Avilord LamaAvilord Lama5 timmar sedan
  • Aht aht aht aht aht

    X groovy EditsX groovy Edits5 timmar sedan
  • Why she walk like the ah ah ah trend

    Hunter ReevesHunter Reeves5 timmar sedan
  • So her mother let her 14yr old self come out the house like tht ..... somebody lien

    Mariques AlexanderMariques Alexander5 timmar sedan
  • I'd rather watch the kid putting stuff over people's head then running away these videos are trash and yall are desperate for views

    Cletus BurkeCletus Burke5 timmar sedan
  • Yes fbi, this man right here

    Hamon boiHamon boi5 timmar sedan
  • She is not 14

    ghost gamingghost gaming5 timmar sedan
  • Chris Hansen pops up out the bushes with a stool

    Zachary GreeneZachary Greene5 timmar sedan
  • Why the hell did she walk off like that 😳

    Kim JonesKim Jones5 timmar sedan
  • what's her @

    seven devenseven deven6 timmar sedan
  • She's 14? Hell no way.

    Mustang GTMustang GT6 timmar sedan
  • She said aht aht aht

    Tristan ReeseTristan Reese6 timmar sedan
  • No way she 14💀

    Kay VelliKay Velli6 timmar sedan
  • 💀💀💀

    Kay VelliKay Velli6 timmar sedan
  • I wouldnt have been able to calculate how many years off the dude was that quick jeez

    Mr SeQMr SeQ6 timmar sedan
  • Well we know he can’t do math really quick and accurate. Even though it’s fake. 😂

    Brady MXRBrady MXR6 timmar sedan
  • 14😳😳😳

    KIWIKIWI6 timmar sedan
  • These skits be so lame to me. Sorry to be the guy to say get off my lawn. But do what works for y'all. Could be doing worse. Plus 22-8=14. Not 15.

    King #6King #66 timmar sedan
  • Cringe

    Da VidDa Vid7 timmar sedan
  • Math also isn't his strong point

    Joey LittleJoey Little7 timmar sedan
  • People really still make videos like this?

    Kelly O'BrienKelly O'Brien7 timmar sedan
  • Tf is that walk

    Mouad .BMouad .B8 timmar sedan
  • Ehhhh this guy sucks man- not funny or anything really

    Jonathan ParsonsJonathan Parsons8 timmar sedan
  • Minus 8 years? That would mean she's 15. She's not that young.

    MrSpeedDemon72MrSpeedDemon728 timmar sedan
  • Please tell me minus 8 was a joke.

    moriah Tamangmoriah Tamang8 timmar sedan
  • So scripted lmao

    SpectraSpectra8 timmar sedan
  • She be 14

    Ally DeeAlly Dee8 timmar sedan
  • She is very good at maths.

    Bivash MahantaBivash Mahanta8 timmar sedan
  • That walk lol. 😂 What in the hell is even that.

    jose garciajose garcia8 timmar sedan
  • These videos get lamer every time. Fake af 🤦🏻‍♂️

    German PerezGerman Perez8 timmar sedan
  • Almost 300k likes... Pedophilia is a disease. Please get help.

    noego jimmynoego jimmy9 timmar sedan
  • I hope that girl got older brother who thinks like me...

    noego jimmynoego jimmy9 timmar sedan
  • FBI this video right here

    MicahMicah9 timmar sedan
  • Bro be real and creative

    Sir PopsinSir Popsin9 timmar sedan
  • This guy always trying to pick up underage girls?

    smegysmegletonsmegysmegleton9 timmar sedan
  • He said 15 but she 14

    Icy _ GameingIcy _ Gameing9 timmar sedan
  • If you can't tell that's a kid you might need help

    Loss BoyLoss Boy9 timmar sedan
  • So fake

    joee pounderjoee pounder10 timmar sedan
  • Yes this is very real that human is fourteen no cap

    ApollyonApollyon10 timmar sedan
  • Yoo she 14?!?!?!?

    Fridri DaGodFridri DaGod10 timmar sedan
  • What's up with the walk

    kickstarszkickstarsz11 timmar sedan
  • If this guy was white this would be considered creepy

    SIMCARZ 3nySIMCARZ 3ny11 timmar sedan
    • Tik tok is creepy, regardless of race.

      FermionFermion7 timmar sedan
  • She walk like she’s holding in a dookie

    Alex GonzalesAlex Gonzales11 timmar sedan
  • 22 - 8 = 15. Quick maths that

    Rob WhitakerRob Whitaker12 timmar sedan
  • 4k

    DequinDequin12 timmar sedan
  • this is acted, i saw her in another cringe video like this one

    vjgjdtu vxjvxguvjgjdtu vxjvxgu12 timmar sedan
  • 22-8 is 14 bud

    DrGonzo6114DrGonzo611412 timmar sedan
  • I think I follow her on tiktok

    lonewolf2545lonewolf254512 timmar sedan
  • She 14😳😳

    𓃰𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔.𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𓃰𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔.𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖13 timmar sedan
  • She’s 14!

    Arjya PratyushArjya Pratyush13 timmar sedan
  • Guys 8-22=15???

    G L I T C H グリッチG L I T C H グリッチ13 timmar sedan
  • Bwahaha the way she walked 💀💀

    We Are XWe Are X13 timmar sedan
  • she rlly do be 30 smh

    m a d d i em a d d i e13 timmar sedan
  • Hi I am Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC pls take a seaT..

    Rajat SrivastavaRajat Srivastava13 timmar sedan
  • Really she is just 14yrs old

    Aditya MannaAditya Manna13 timmar sedan
  • Bro stay making anime skits 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️

    Mr. lexonMr. lexon14 timmar sedan
    • Bruh that's not him 😂

      Ching ChingchongChing Chingchong14 timmar sedan
  • Quick Maths 22-8 = 14...

    iKsYiKsY14 timmar sedan
  • Gross

    These Tired EyesThese Tired Eyes14 timmar sedan
  • Shes 14? because if she isn’t neither of them can do math

    Darth CaliginousDarth Caliginous14 timmar sedan