QI | How Medieval Is Iron Maiden?

25 nov 2020
145 168 visningar

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This clip is from QI Series M, Episode 12, 'Medieval Macabre' with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Matt Lucas, David Mitchell and Julia Zemiro.

  • I love Mini Milks.

    drucifer00drucifer00Dag sedan
  • So you are trying to tell me that an iron maiden has never actually ever been used? I do not believe that.......

    MrBigangryMrBigangry3 dagar sedan
  • It's an actual pole, it's not a polish gentleman. Dammit Alan !

    Daniel SDaniel S8 dagar sedan
  • Don't cut him off before he explains what a "Mini-Milk" is!

    Drew LovelyhellDrew Lovelyhell10 dagar sedan
  • Rejoice.....Rejoice!

    Peter MatapanPeter Matapan10 dagar sedan
  • I don't know what a bloody mini milk is,I assume some sort of small milk container..........for milk.

    john kiddjohn kidd12 dagar sedan
  • The shock to "What is a mini milk"!!!

    jca111jca11126 dagar sedan
  • I do like that the "Aussie" contributer was like... Huh? This is what we need to think about keeping on living, on any given particular day.

    Adrian DawesAdrian Dawes28 dagar sedan
  • Stephen: "What is a mini milk?" Americans: WHAT HE SAID

    Nathan DehnelNathan DehnelMånad sedan
    • born and raised merrikan... tf is mini milk?

      ZephrymZephrym7 dagar sedan
  • Iron Maiden is about as NON medieval as one can get.. Maybe something like Jethro Tull , but even they are not very medieval, but at least they would be closer.

    Marvin KitfoxMarvin KitfoxMånad sedan
  • I thought the Iron maiden was a chastity belt? Stephen: No, they call that a chastity belt.

    Rhiannon TalbotRhiannon TalbotMånad sedan
    • Julia Zemiro's only contributions on QI seem to be receiving clever retorts from the others.

      Dead DollDead Doll28 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why they scoff at Alan's suggestion about the Spanish Inquisition. They still existed well into the 1800's.

    Cthulhu1970Cthulhu1970Månad sedan
  • 0:56 Alan mentions the spanish inquisition. if wish Michael Palin had been a contestant on the programme. He would've shouted "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION...." and the audience would've joined in.

    Simon TaySimon TayMånad sedan
  • The Spanish inquisitions torture devices are the comfy chair and the soft cusions

    Lord SkepticLord SkepticMånad sedan
    • And a tray rack

      Lord SkepticLord SkepticMånad sedan
  • In actual fact, an Iron Maiden was reportedly around in Saxon times.

    Sam HuntSam HuntMånad sedan
  • I've never heard of a mini milk, but I might imagine its milk in a small container!

    the tessellaterthe tessellaterMånad sedan
    • [klaxon intensifies]

      Bellocks1Bellocks128 dagar sedan
  • The thing is... _Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!_

    Newgate - Zero HourNewgate - Zero HourMånad sedan
  • People watching this video ON THE INTERNET asking what a mini milk is. Oy.

    Jim PJim PMånad sedan
  • Back in the day, the NYC subway had these gigantic black turnstiles installed at entrances where there wasn't a token booth. You would put your token in and ostensibly the turnstile would then allow you onto the subway platform without your having to walk a block to an entrance with a token clerk. They were always getting jammed and people were afraid they'd get stuck in them and have to be rescued. They were called iron maidens. I admit to missing the old subway token, but I can count on one hand the number of times I actually used an iron maiden.

    Jim PJim PMånad sedan
  • Up the Irons \m/

    MajesticDemonLordMajesticDemonLordMånad sedan
  • I didn't expect Alan to bring up the Spanish Inquisition...

    tricesimotricesimoMånad sedan
    • Magnus Eriksson actually they gave you 30 days notice lol (Learned that on another QI episode)

      misssugartoothmisssugartooth19 dagar sedan
    • 3 weeks ago! I didn't stand a chance! I fart in your general direction!

      Ceri RobertsCeri Roberts25 dagar sedan
    • Haha you beat me I was gonna comment that 😂

      TDRS17TDRS17Månad sedan
    • Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and....

      Simon TaySimon TayMånad sedan
    • No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

      Magnus ErikssonMagnus ErikssonMånad sedan
  • Is there any chance they will do a Podcast for this show? I know some episodes are quite visual and maybe would not work for an audio form of entertainment but it would still be wonderful to listen to a large % of the question & answer back & forth banter that goes on between the guests!! Gotta love the English sense of humor!!!!

    Jim MarshallJim MarshallMånad sedan
  • I love Alan and Stephen but how can you laugh at peoplebeing tortured! Not my kind of clip!👎

    Jane DoeJane DoeMånad sedan
    • In the same way you can laugh when George Carlin figured out a way to make rape funny.

      Lucas BrownLucas BrownMånad sedan

    Gunar KroegerGunar KroegerMånad sedan
  • David Mitchell closet Iron Maiden fan.

    DC FlakeDC FlakeMånad sedan
    • He has an Up The Irons tat on his belly.

      Anopheles NowAnopheles NowMånad sedan
  • I wonder if Cadbury paid Stephen to wear that jacket.

    Richard BiltonRichard BiltonMånad sedan
  • What is a mini milk? Exactly what I was thinking

    will sumnallwill sumnallMånad sedan
  • ....so what is a minimilk?

    TcheQ _TcheQ _Månad sedan
  • Hah! I'm faster than Stephen. I asked myself "What's a mini milk" before he did. Actually, I paused the video and googled it. And the first thing that happened when I restarted the video, was Stephen asking "What is a mini milk?"

    TjalveTjalveMånad sedan
  • What's a mini milk?

    MansoorKMansoorKMånad sedan
  • Nice work

    Jacqueline WardJacqueline WardMånad sedan
  • What is a mini milk?

    JohnyG29JohnyG29Månad sedan
  • Two back to back David Mitchell clips🙌

    Sandhya BalasubramanianSandhya BalasubramanianMånad sedan
  • idk what a mini milk is either! i need this critical information

    outseekeroutseekerMånad sedan
    • @jca111 ah lol thanks! :) merry santa hat season jc!

      outseekeroutseeker26 dagar sedan
    • Its a cheap milk and vanilla ice lolly (ice pop in US) that is very popular with kids in the UK. I think the gasp is because nearly every kid has had Mini Milks, but posh kids probably didn't as they are seen as common. So SF not knowing makes him obviously very very posh indeed.

      jca111jca11126 dagar sedan
  • Ooh, I was in the audience for this one!

    Alex PinkneyAlex PinkneyMånad sedan
    • Did you shout out "Nobody expects the spanish inquisition" at 0:56

      Simon TaySimon TayMånad sedan
  • To be fair to Stephen, I didn't know what a mini milk is either

    Alex SukaczAlex SukaczMånad sedan
  • Was this Maggie Thatcher as a wee lass?

    Barry MunroBarry MunroMånad sedan
  • Hey the clip ended! What is a mini milk?!?

    Eric AndersonEric AndersonMånad sedan
  • I normally trust Stephen, but you can't expect me to believe that Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was historically inaccurate.

    DougDougMånad sedan
  • Umm that was impaling Vlad Dragulia

    Meg SMeg SMånad sedan
  • I THINK a Mini Milk is a Cadbury Mini Milk Chocolate bar. Keep in the freezer to they don’t get warm and melt. Anyone know for certain?

    Linda HartLinda HartMånad sedan
    • They’re ice milk popsicles/ice lollies. 👍

      ArgonautilusArgonautilusMånad sedan
  • The hoax is a defamation against the Church much like the "impale you through your shoulder" bit, I would suspect. That is why the "hoax" was created

    Luiz SarchisLuiz SarchisMånad sedan
  • Steven asks what every American watching this is wondering: What the hell is a mini milk??? We still want to know!!

    ElFlecheroElFlecheroMånad sedan
    • @Argonautilus sounds about right.

      Mark ReynoldsMark ReynoldsMånad sedan
    • In another thread, someone explained it like frozen Nesquick. It’s low-fat ice milk in popsicle format.

      ArgonautilusArgonautilusMånad sedan
    • South Africans do too! 😉

      Mzansi MeMzansi MeMånad sedan
    • South Africans do too! 😉

      Mzansi MeMzansi MeMånad sedan
    • It's a type of frozen lolly.

      Mark ReynoldsMark ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • the way stephen asked what a mini milk was, is very reminiscent of the Dowager Countess saying "what is, a weekend?"

    Ashley YAshley YMånad sedan
    • A *hand bag?!!*

      Howard ChambersHoward Chambers8 dagar sedan
  • So... the torture wasn't overseen by a Judas Priest either? Bah.

    New MessageNew MessageMånad sedan
    • If only by orders of King Diamond.

      MirokuofniteMirokuofnite8 dagar sedan
    • Yet there was such thing as a Tool

      Tim HugueninTim Huguenin19 dagar sedan
    • I guess we had Another Thing Coming

      typacsktypacskMånad sedan
    • @Bubba Guy I wonder if the Led Zeppelin was Metallic...uh?

      Arvindh ManiArvindh ManiMånad sedan
    • Torture was mainly done by regular priests ;p

      abhilash messiabhilash messiMånad sedan
  • love these little gobbits sadly spoiled at the end by that sandy

    Bob EnglandBob EnglandMånad sedan
  • The inquisition was only officially ended in 1962....

    Diederik van der StaayDiederik van der StaayMånad sedan
  • "I'm aware there's a group." (MITCHELL, David)

    Lucas CarvalhoLucas CarvalhoMånad sedan
    • @Chris Star They are quite a bit older than David, so when he says "I'm not that young but....", that would make it more likely that he'd heard of them.

      Dead DollDead Doll28 dagar sedan
    • @Chris Star I’m surprised I knew about the group AND the torture device. I’m about as cool as David 🤣🤣🤣

      Ange MaidmentAnge MaidmentMånad sedan
    • To be honest, I’m surprised he’s even aware there’s a group.

      Chris StarChris StarMånad sedan
    • “I’m aware of music. I don’t approve of it.” (from a WILTY episode) 😂😂

      LPKelly380LPKelly380Månad sedan
    • They're a bit oniony as well.

      rich grich gMånad sedan
  • Why spoiler the clip in the title?

    puirYorickpuirYorickMånad sedan
  • "yes i am aware there is a group" is a very mitchellian quote

    mary canarymary canaryMånad sedan
  • Loving that tie of his.

    TildiTildiMånad sedan
  • David is just too smart for Telly!

    Sourena ZokaeiSourena ZokaeiMånad sedan
  • Up the Irons

    ric112ric112Månad sedan
  • Julia Zemiro is a legend

    Slicktop 2jzSlicktop 2jzMånad sedan
    • Yeah I though an iron maiden was a chastity belt? Stephen fry: No that would be a chastity belt. She's a fucking idiot

      STRICT9STRICT9Månad sedan
  • How big a spoiler is the title?

    SimonSimonMånad sedan
  • I am now picturing David rocking out to the melodic tones of Bruce Dickinson and the lads.

    Chris MilesChris MilesMånad sedan
  • you're now breathing manually ...enjoy!

    Garik KazarianGarik KazarianMånad sedan
    • And you are now blinking manually also

      Chorus of OdditiesChorus of OdditiesMånad sedan
  • Is mini milk a euphemism for a hemorrhoid medication?

    William BravoWilliam BravoMånad sedan
    • And how would you find out it tastes onion-y?

      TurreboTurreboMånad sedan
  • Could I request that the titles for these clips match the questions in the show? A lot of times titles like this one are phrased in a slightly different way that spoils the answer for people who like to try to get it for themselves.

    Troy MundschenkTroy MundschenkMånad sedan
  • I would pick something Sandi, but I’ve watched it all. You need to pick up the pace luv.

    Simeon PainterSimeon PainterMånad sedan
  • Bruce Dickinson isn't that old, is he?

    LemonZeppelinLemonZeppelinMånad sedan
    • But he is really good with antiques ao maybe he is! 🙄

      Howard ChambersHoward Chambers8 dagar sedan
    • @Edward Camp The cock of the walk, baby.

      pronkb000pronkb000Månad sedan
    • He's 62 years old

      Kishore ShenoyKishore ShenoyMånad sedan
    • THE Bruce Dickinson?

      Edward CampEdward CampMånad sedan
    • Was going to say 1975.

      not BANGERTVnot BANGERTVMånad sedan
  • Iron Maiden aren't medieval at all. They didn't form until 1975.

    Dare To ListenDare To ListenMånad sedan
    • Contemporaneous with the Mini Milk!

      Deco DollyDeco DollyMånad sedan
  • Well please come on, have you never seen a Mini Milk?

    Freaky LeekFreaky LeekMånad sedan
  • Some times I feel a bit sorry for Stephen that he missed out on soooo many childhood things bless him

    Tony HavenTony HavenMånad sedan
    • He got the experience of giddily nicking jam from his boarding school pantry instead. Perhaps he comes out about even.

      ArgonautilusArgonautilusMånad sedan
    • @Joe Altmaier I ate tira misu when I was a kid, was awful, most kids don't enjoy coffee flavours when they're young, hence the invention of mini milks

      Tony HavenTony HavenMånad sedan
    • Yeah he was despondently eating tira misu while the rest of us had stale freezer treats!

      Joe AltmaierJoe AltmaierMånad sedan
  • I read about this an hour ago on the "List of common misconceptions on Wikipedia"

    Edward BlomEdward BlomMånad sedan
  • Didn’t the Spanish Inquisition end in the 1800s?

    The Shameless KidThe Shameless KidMånad sedan
    • Honestly a strong argument could be made that ancient Rome and the Inquisition just became in whole or part of the Vatican

      NeilochNeilochMånad sedan
    • Pope Benedict was over what the Inquisition is called now.

      SheilaghmBrosky BroskySheilaghmBrosky BroskyMånad sedan
  • Stephen asked the same question I was about to.

    JackDManheimJackDManheimMånad sedan
  • QI | How Medieval Is Iron Maiden? 25/11/20 i think it's just gone 5 years since i came in from the tent issues i was having prior to moving into this drab squalor... safe to say i would recommend living under canvas - for some of you... it's fun - seriously is. as long as you have walls to build and ice cream to eat.. and iron maiden to drink - trooper!!!!!!!!!!.as for 666 thee number of bbc customer services - they have gone ex directory lest you should actually get yer complaint aired - ie they already spent your share.. so you can't divi up hence various forms of torture to keep you schtum/zipped.

    • @Roh Hahn 👻👻👻👻

    • @Roh Hahn 😧

  • The Inquisition was still active in 1793, the time the iron maiden was conceived.

    Charles Peter WatsonCharles Peter WatsonMånad sedan
    • @Simon Tay That and the Spanish Inquisition?

      Charles Peter WatsonCharles Peter WatsonMånad sedan
    • I didn't expect you to know that.

      Simon TaySimon TayMånad sedan
  • I see someone’s got into bardcore over lockdown...

    WikiperaWikiperaMånad sedan
  • I make a world famous onion marmalade. People from all over the world have tried it and they beg me to make it whenever I visit the commune.community. It's sweet and delicious on buttered toast. It contains, red and white sweet onions, shallots, brown sugar and a dash of balsamic vinegar

    Shawn HawkinsShawn HawkinsMånad sedan
  • i think julia said "i don't know either" at the end lmao

    ADV FilmsADV FilmsMånad sedan
    • I don't think we had them in Oz

      dielaughing73dielaughing73Månad sedan
  • I wish we still had the Iron Maiden for paedophiles.

    Tom WTom WMånad sedan
    • @Tom W they were never actually ‘used’ though... it’s reputation is as a method of torture. It’s never been one... it was just (albeit a very clever) tourist trap so some bloke could attract visitors to his castle. I’m assuming he was keen on good reviews and return patronage from his customers thus he surely didn’t poke any of them to death with it.

      bek17xbek17xMånad sedan
    • @Tim well if we get a paedo we can soon cure that.

      Tom WTom WMånad sedan
    • ​@Tom W They were never made as instruments of torture, only novelties.

      TimTimMånad sedan
    • @Tim correction they did but they just didn’t have it in the medieval era.

      Tom WTom WMånad sedan
    • @Christopher Wood exactly.

      Tom WTom WMånad sedan
  • Hello, clever people. Stay safe and have a great day

    FoCoPuffsFoCoPuffsMånad sedan
    • You too! 💚

      LysLysMånad sedan
    • 4chan

      de wolffde wolffMånad sedan
    • You too 🙂

      SuperFlyGuyJohnnyPSuperFlyGuyJohnnyPMånad sedan
  • No, really, what is a mini milk?

    JohnJohnMånad sedan
    • @Didntwanttomakeauser He nevet was

      magna czaganymagna czaganyMånad sedan
    • @LemonZeppelin ...and was cheap.

      anthakataanthakataMånad sedan
    • Yup, me too.

      Jim AllenJim AllenMånad sedan
    • @Christopher Clark Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

      Simon TaySimon TayMånad sedan
    • @Michael Duddy Onion Rings. Battered onions that are stored frozen, fried in a restaurant, fried or baked at home.

      drh3bdrh3bMånad sedan
  • Ooooh early

    Neil O'ConnorNeil O'ConnorMånad sedan
  • First?

    Space RadishSpace RadishMånad sedan
    • It's unimportant.

      r0bw00dr0bw00dMånad sedan
  • hello

    ಠ ͜ ಠಠ ͜ ಠMånad sedan
    • Hello! 💚

      LysLysMånad sedan