Forcing 100 Players to Cross the Void

19 nov 2020
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First one across the void wins my endearing love and affection
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • im so confused

    William LongWilliam Long9 sekunder sedan
  • Summary of what happened in 2020: 20:20

    KuzzRazzKuzzRazz48 minuter sedan
  • btw dream has to whitelist people into the dream smp so even if they go through i still does nothing

    kyunga shinkyunga shinTimme sedan
  • where’s the god bridges at

    vincent lvincent lTimme sedan
  • 20:19

    Lola NacarioLola Nacario3 timmar sedan
  • Ur a monster

    Jack FirebreathJack Firebreath5 timmar sedan
  • So much karma

    Jack FirebreathJack Firebreath5 timmar sedan
  • Kalima

    Chanokphod ChoochuenChanokphod Choochuen7 timmar sedan
  • 12:30 TommyInnit was slain by GayNotFound😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Panos X StylPanos X Styl7 timmar sedan

    Mix xMix x7 timmar sedan
  • “ Start again “

    {Elijah}{Elijah}9 timmar sedan
  • 2:30 iconic moment

    RayRay10 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur : press the button Stranger: .... Orile:hits the guy and sign that said fu- u annnnddddd i like urchent.

    Shane Teume-BlinkShane Teume-Blink10 timmar sedan
  • "I have got steroids in my eyes"

    Dragonz_Dragonz_10 timmar sedan
  • Hang on did they actually get to the dream smp im confused

    MangobutterflyMangobutterfly11 timmar sedan
  • seeing no one speedbridge actually hurts

    salmon with feetsalmon with feet11 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur, i don't think you're forcing them aren't you? It just feels like you're *torturing* them.

    MITSUKI CarlaMITSUKI Carla12 timmar sedan
  • "She got sticks! The tommyinnit method"

    JC GamingJC Gaming12 timmar sedan
  • I got surprise when Tommy joined!

    Carol MontejoCarol Montejo13 timmar sedan
  • I love the fact how only Wilbur was allowed into the dream SMP

    Brody DuckworthBrody Duckworth14 timmar sedan
  • block clutch's teacher was dream but urchant's great grandfarther is the blade

    Hunter CraneHunter Crane14 timmar sedan

    Yuko TategamiYuko Tategami15 timmar sedan

    ??????15 timmar sedan
  • 0:15

    Cindy SharpCindy Sharp17 timmar sedan
  • can we all collectively agree flower girl is the world’s presidnet

    Sam spaceSam space17 timmar sedan
  • nice hands

    Zaina DianalanZaina Dianalan18 timmar sedan
  • So no one made it ..

    Eh hEh h18 timmar sedan
  • Oreli 20:16

    The boy of STEELThe boy of STEEL19 timmar sedan
  • the video was 100 times more funny when tommy arrived❤

    larita animationlarita animation20 timmar sedan

    Ella 9066Ella 906620 timmar sedan
  • After 3 years and reading 50 books about wilbur and watching 79 videos i found out that there was only 99 players, he lied.

    arivqvarivqv21 timme sedan
  • Gay not found

    Kaiya Kevin CroyKaiya Kevin Croy21 timme sedan
  • 20:15 The guy who said “Fuck you” He’s a legend

    Noxious GameingNoxious Gameing21 timme sedan
  • Orieli is the GOAT. I want to meet this man.

    Xander KrauseXander Krause21 timme sedan
  • If u give me blocks and i will Breezily Bridge all the way lol

    ANUJ PATELANUJ PATEL22 timmar sedan
  • Will! you are just a demon aren’t you

    Dream roplayer YesDream roplayer Yes23 timmar sedan
  • Thanks Wilbur for letting me in

    Levi HensonLevi HensonDag sedan
  • iztaex deserves everything please someone give them all the love in the world

    Hocus PocusHocus PocusDag sedan
  • His ubs 3 mil 47 and too his views3 mil 47

    Ali GoharAli GoharDag sedan
  • Only 1 makes it... 10 people who is already there 😐

    Clancy ArnettClancy ArnettDag sedan
  • I'd love Bedless to start Godbridging

    Joachim PrzibyllaJoachim PrzibyllaDag sedan
  • Flower girl supremacy

    Hitoshi ShinsouHitoshi ShinsouDag sedan
  • I can just imagine tommy screaming

    Leah ParkLeah ParkDag sedan
  • Me say less hacks

    Kiwi isa qttKiwi isa qttDag sedan
  • How many of us clicked the X on Wilbur's cam.Admit it.

    floored itfloored itDag sedan
  • honeytano who are you where did u get my head ...

    gedgoatgedgoatDag sedan
  • 4:05 pl

    haxel 0ohaxel 0oDag sedan
  • Wilbur at a marathon: this person's just running until I punch them

    DonutLover GamingDonutLover GamingDag sedan
  • Ooooh im not only from poland

    Kocinda Z YtKocinda Z YtDag sedan
  • Dude youre rude

    Nutei NuteiNutei NuteiDag sedan
  • Wilbur: "Ignore the women" Tommy: "You know i can't do that" 😆

    roger huibersroger huibersDag sedan
  • Wilbur i play in phone but 😔😔😔😔i want to join in dream smp😭

    Lanner OuterLanner OuterDag sedan
  • Man Oreli is a legend

    JuicedChaosJuicedChaosDag sedan
  • Wilbur come on be sensitive , u should only mess or bully with the one who is hurting, scuffling, or bullying the other players

    Khenley Jhon NalliwKhenley Jhon NalliwDag sedan
  • I Dont Believe That This Guy Is Selling Mule Bits And Abusing a Child

    X Kick OfficialX Kick OfficialDag sedan
  • 1:43 god @ me

    nikolas cnikolas cDag sedan
  • I could not stop laughing 😂🤣

    stargirl SSstargirl SSDag sedan
  • Did anyone see ur hang chasing flower queen

    yeetyeetDag sedan
  • 18:04 That had me dying Lmao

    Jaydon PriceJaydon PriceDag sedan
  • But did the guy go to the dream smp¿¿¿¡¿¡?

    Pandemonium The WolfPandemonium The WolfDag sedan
  • I’m liking only because of the FREINDS! moments

    Brayden PurvisBrayden PurvisDag sedan
  • little baby little baby man little little baby

    MrPringloMrPringlo2 dagar sedan
  • 20:32 lol

    ScratchySniperScratchySniper2 dagar sedan
  • This is my fist video and He is already pressuring me to subscribe 😭

    Meredith StrachanMeredith Strachan2 dagar sedan
  • i like the part when it

    mee boimee boi2 dagar sedan
  • Good times before COVID...

    Luohan Jia de pa liLuohan Jia de pa li2 dagar sedan
  • Oreli is now my favourite person

    HYPRSPDHYPRSPD2 dagar sedan
  • iztaex was slain by Urchent R.I.P flower girl

    cheekcassocheekcasso2 dagar sedan
  • uh

    Yoan SpitaelsYoan Spitaels2 dagar sedan
  • wheres the flower after 12:03?

    SuperJayJayBoiSuperJayJayBoi2 dagar sedan
  • Super thrilling broooo. I feel bad for fellow64

    ItsKevPlay sItsKevPlay s2 dagar sedan
  • “Until I PUNCH them” my new favorite sentence

    קארין אברמוביץקארין אברמוביץ2 dagar sedan
  • I have crumbs in my keyboard B) no, not on..IN.

    ʕCloverʔʕCloverʔ2 dagar sedan
  • bruh you are just much, MUCH more scarier than skeepy

    Naufal HazimNaufal Hazim2 dagar sedan
  • Just imagine a god bridger just breezing through that void in 60 straight seconds

    Marvin VarickMarvin Varick2 dagar sedan
  • Wtf my brother is the one you put in the lava in the fckng bridge

    Green DragonGreen Dragon2 dagar sedan
  • 7:55 continue

    nyxnyx2 dagar sedan
  • Lesson learned never have friends around wilbur

    Glitched AccountGlitched Account2 dagar sedan
  • This is our entertainment

    That person watching 10 animesThat person watching 10 animes2 dagar sedan

    Krunchy KeyboardsKrunchy Keyboards2 dagar sedan
    • @The Doggie Six - Official Channel D:

      Krunchy KeyboardsKrunchy KeyboardsDag sedan
    • :(

      The Doggie Six - Official ChannelThe Doggie Six - Official ChannelDag sedan
  • GayNotFound= George’s child :0

    The Anime Family /Alois’s MotherThe Anime Family /Alois’s Mother2 dagar sedan
  • Tommy entered the chat

    Samantha RoseSamantha Rose2 dagar sedan

    Nicer codeveni oomNicer codeveni oom2 dagar sedan
  • The portol

    Reddy FReddy F2 dagar sedan
  • Amazing

    onekingdom1onekingdom12 dagar sedan
  • if i was there, id get shears, and a flint and steal, try to mine up all the leaves, go on someones wood bridge, burn the bridge behind me, and build with leaves, and every little bit build with one block of cobblestone and burn your bridge behind you

    RadioactiveTacoRadioactiveTaco3 dagar sedan
  • what happened to flower girl :(

    Izza Q.Izza Q.3 dagar sedan
  • 04:04 Me, being from Poland 😂😂😂

  • did they win the ip

    Kayden LewisKayden Lewis3 dagar sedan
  • My respect for oreli

    benjimcenjibenjimcenji3 dagar sedan
  • Iztaex protecting squad

    Apple fluffyApple fluffy3 dagar sedan
  • People in bedrock edition:I feel like im the superior here

    i can clap ur but cheek in 1 secondi can clap ur but cheek in 1 second3 dagar sedan
  • tommy came from fucking no where wtaf

    crack head cornercrack head corner3 dagar sedan
  • You’ve heard of gaynotfound now get ready for _homosexualnotaround_

    KerosinKerosin3 dagar sedan
    • Underrated comment

      DaPoodleFloofDaPoodleFloof3 dagar sedan
  • 4:04 poland yeeeee meeetooo

    Eyzx _FixEyzx _Fix3 dagar sedan
  • Me: laughing My: friend what are you laughing at? My brain: shark day don't need friends when shark day has shark suit

    Blake Lanzelot VillarosaBlake Lanzelot Villarosa3 dagar sedan
  • this dude clutch god 4:21

    Nathan Sean RoblesNathan Sean Robles3 dagar sedan
  • Oreli realy said : bomboleya asshole✨

    ode2ebaode2eba3 dagar sedan
  • I like how tommy knocks some one off and then a dude in creative mode knocks him of and Wilbur says he sucks

    William LanWilliam Lan3 dagar sedan
  • This is bedwars but everyone spawns on the same island

    William LanWilliam Lan3 dagar sedan