Evolution of Display Technology [1940 - 2020]

6 dec 2020
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  • MicroLED is future

    GediminasGediminas2 dagar sedan
  • I live for the Apple still uses 60 Hz shade

    AlanmikaelAlanmikael14 dagar sedan
  • This isn't the evolution of display video its literally an advert. What the fuck. You even have harshtags for their phone in the description. Shame on you for selling your integrety. Drop in the pond of viewers but for whats its worth I'm done with the channel.

    Lexi LensLexi Lens14 dagar sedan
  • 02:13 Was that ripped from the SlowMo Guys video by any chance?

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiago19 dagar sedan
  • I see pixels on my phone when l zoom my head in the screen

    Anjana, Anupama & VimandiAnjana, Anupama & Vimandi20 dagar sedan
  • Half of the video is an advert. Not once were VA and IPS, the two most common and popular monitor panel types, mentioned.

    YgernaYgerna22 dagar sedan
  • take touch screen 4 granted? bruh i remember when i was a kid and my first time using a touch screen it was magic, at first i was confused because it had no buttons but then i touched the screen and i was like yoo how they do that?

    The Furry With no moneyThe Furry With no money28 dagar sedan
  • Forgot plasma and projection? Think a video of this much info could/should have been longer?

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  • @coldfusiontv could you do a video on 'how big is LG' please

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  • Bruh, apple liked a product so they bought the whole f company.

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  • A cheeky ad video

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  • damnit science where are my holograms.

    GraphicGoreGraphicGoreMånad sedan
  • This video is [secretly] sponsored by Xiaomi

    Kurt BognotKurt BognotMånad sedan
  • No mention of the three way war between lcd plasma and dlp mentioned?

    Logical ReasonLogical ReasonMånad sedan
  • resources links are not working please provide me resources I want learn more over it trying to write a paper for school journal

    Charudatta JadhavCharudatta JadhavMånad sedan
  • You forgot about rog phone 3 which is capable of 160hz refresh rate

    Annabelle OracionAnnabelle OracionMånad sedan
  • your name is ..what ?

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  • Xiaomi = CCP business arm

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  • When i see this Xiaomi boy i think Keeanu Reeves is in charge by Xiaomi for the 10t

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  • Looks like Vivo Z1 Pro

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  • When your making an advertisement video you should title your video accordingly..

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  • Anyone who knows anything about modern displays This was a disappointment 🙄

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  • You MISSED PLASMA display. And your video was mostly for portable devices, you shifted from tvs to mobile. You just got my 1st dislike. Its promotional i get it. But you missed stuffs and directed your video to what xiaomi did.

    King SxzKing Sxz2 månader sedan
  • Such videos are the reason why I am not subscribed to your channel. This is not content, its advertisement.

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  • Very interesting

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  • Nobody: His Grandma: You are watching Cold Fusion TV

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  • i really like that " YOUR WATCHING COLD FUSION TV" it's so futuristic ❤️❤️❤️

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  • You skipped over so many parts and details in this video. For example, the invention of the blue LED, which only happened in 1990.

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  • Xi Jin Pooh kowtow now?

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  • Disgraceful! You sold out...I hope selling your soul was worth it! unsubscribed!!!

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  • Not particularly detailed, more of an Xiaomi advert. Could have been done a lot better. No mention of the O in omled or what it is about.

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  • Please do a mini led video next.

    I'M JAMESI'M JAMES2 månader sedan
  • Presented very little I didn’t feel like I already knew, was not in depth, and seemed to have a complete bias to only one company. Not impressed at all. Feel like I wasted my 15 minutes

    AlexAlex2 månader sedan
  • There's a little bit of XIAOMI COMMERCIAL on this history of screens.

    Luis Fernando Partida FuentesLuis Fernando Partida Fuentes2 månader sedan
  • No mention of Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic who commercialized most of these displays, and from where Samsung, LG copied and spied to steal.

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  • This is such an underrated channel. Keep up the good work.

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  • Mr. Mi had a very slick wrist watch. It tickled my inner watch nerd.

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  • this wasn't well researched at all & honestly felt like Xiaomi ad

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  • 1940 were rick may born

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  • Please don't sponsor xiaomi ☹. Judge your like-dislike ratio

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  • Great video!

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  • MAGA xenophobia has entered the chat. Good thing Russia wasn't mention, Dems would have made it an all-American xenophobic orgy.

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  • You promote 小米'

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  • Please, how big is Xiaomi?

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  • What evolution? Backlight bleeding is still a problem. And if some Russians fix this problem by sealing the edges with some electric tape, so light can’t bleed out... just wow... what can I say? These greedy cunts don’t care about proper manufacturing... it’s just about flatness, evenness and good glue sealing... it’s that simple yet 99% of all LCD displays won’t show you an even just near black picture... Light will bleed from the edges and ruin your experience. Doesn’t matter if you pay 1000€ or 200€... it’s sad, especially if they tell you the lie, that it comes with the technology and you can’t do anything against it... Bullshit. Add maybe 10-20% more production cost and the problem would be solved... Or just good manufacturing automation. I’d like to see displays made in Germany... think they could do it with their perfect manufacturing compulsions... FFS this is drivin' me nuts!!!

    L1qu1d 5h4d0wL1qu1d 5h4d0w3 månader sedan
  • if you have a crt in 2020 something is wrong with you or you are 90 years old.

    MisterZalgoMisterZalgo3 månader sedan
  • 4:17 - FYI : A black and white cathode ray tube needs approximately 15,000 V. A color CRT is in the ballpark of about 27,000 V . Maybe you were referring to vacuum Fluorescent displays (VFD) used in calculators, stereos, and many electronics. The voltage required for a VFD would be something around 10 to 40 V.

    silvermicasilvermica3 månader sedan
  • Regarding television: what happened to channel 1?

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  • So cold fusion sold itself to Xiaomi

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  • Xiaomi now sponsoring our favorite SEworld channels WTF...

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  • good video! i'd like to know how the display on Kindle tablets work?

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  • For the first time i didnt like your video. It felt like a XIAOMI ad.

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  • Xiaomi - Copycat™ 😀😀😀

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  • i'm surprised he's not pushing Huawei 5G for the west.

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  • hi, can you please talk about mediatek

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  • Great video, but as an Australian, I think it’s a real shame that you, a fellow Australian would team up with a communist firm to make this. China is currently smashing the Australian economy because we won’t buckle and become a pawn to their authoritarian regime that bans free speech and imprisons millions for simply being Muslim. Sure, no country is perfect, but the Chinese communist party is the furthest from this ideal. Maybe try partnering with firms from less totalitarian regimes in the future.

    Tim WithersTim Withers3 månader sedan
    • @Elon Musk Zone rather than the generic sarky, patronising reply, maybe reflect on overwhelming response to this episode and respond in a mature fashion. As the son of migrants, I accept that while not perfect, Australia has given me opportunities no other country on earth could. I’d suggest you have a think along those lines before putting your hand out to CCP backed firms. When Xiaomi, Huawei and the rest of the Chinese firms are ordered to launch denial of service attacks on Western countries, which they will be given time, I wonder if you’ll look so fondly on them as your SEworld revenue dries up like our timber, barley, lobster, grape & coal producers already has.

      Tim WithersTim Withers3 månader sedan
  • 1.1k dislike because of sponsorship from xiaomi, I suppose. But who gives a shit, ei?

    司此雷司此雷3 månader sedan
  • learned more from this than what i learned in collage

    mike Mmojamike Mmoja3 månader sedan
  • Disliked for promoting chinese product

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  • Deslike your video, first start history of display TV CRT, end talk shiet display smartphones, Xiaomi display technologie 144hz . Bad , forget about Tv led OLED etc...

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  • In beginning an example and analasys of modern smartphone display and it just happened to be Xiaomi was fine, but then it apparantly turned into an add.

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  • Shitty, extended Xiaomi ad; unsubscribed. I understand the need for sponsorship, but this was WAY too much.

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  • The evolution of Xiaomi ads.

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  • The first blue LEDs are invented in the early 1990s

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  • Wait, are you now promoting CCP's products? This is very bias, and sounds like you gave in to sponsorship

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  • High refresh rate on a phone is total impractical

    Kiran KumarKiran Kumar4 månader sedan

    Third DequitoThird Dequito4 månader sedan
  • Listening to the gentleman at the end speak about improving on older technology was inspiring. Since that means LCD and LED screens are still very good. Let's see what appears in the neat future. (:

    ricky vricky v4 månader sedan
    • @Elon Musk Zone Um who is answering me here?

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  • Any one who's agreed with that try to post comments so we may have a video about that

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    • @Elon Musk Zone thanks but I'm from iran im not able to use crypto

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  • Its a big fake or a big real

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  • Fed up by bots calling ccp for whatever reason, and no, Xiaomi is not Huawei. If you are Asian then probably you'll know. (I'm a Malaysian). and of course, this video is Xiaomi ad, but with educational info, so why not. it is important for him to support the channel

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  • Glossy or Matte!??

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  • How big is salesforce?

    Utkarsh RoyUtkarsh Roy4 månader sedan
  • Not even a single mention about Samsung and LG?

    19 I Komang Aldy Pranatha19 I Komang Aldy Pranatha4 månader sedan
    • @Elon Musk Zone ???

      19 I Komang Aldy Pranatha19 I Komang Aldy Pranatha3 månader sedan
  • You've missed the future of display tech thats being developed now. LEDs in all their forms are on the way out very soon. As are refresh rates!

    Boomer ZBoomer Z4 månader sedan
  • Nice.

    Roy PankaRoy Panka4 månader sedan
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  • Microleds is the future

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  • I'm convinced that the years 2010 to 2015 were the most amazing years in human history.

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  • Flexible display

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  • Hey your video was posted on Xiaomi 🙌 seworld.info/will/aKzPma-slWaJ33U/video

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  • You glossed over major display technologies. Such as plasma and dot matrix,

    Thelango99Thelango994 månader sedan
    • And what about Interlaced vs progressive scan?

      Thelango99Thelango994 månader sedan
    • Did not even compare disadvantages/ advantages of those you included.

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