They said it was only the screen..... #Shorts

8 jan 2021
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Bought this phone advertised as just having a cracked screen, but of course, there was a little bit more wrong with it than just that. Always double check before buying a used phone. iPhone 8 Screen Repair.
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  • Sold For 350$ :)

    Phone Repair GuruPhone Repair GuruDag sedan
    • Nice

      PX Gaming #NOP2WPX Gaming #NOP2W2 timmar sedan
    • who tf is paying $350 for an 8 plus in 2021? idiots

      gary winthropegary winthrope3 timmar sedan
    • It's business

      Pratham KanojiyaPratham Kanojiya5 timmar sedan
    • Ja a capitalist

      HaramTvHaramTv10 timmar sedan
    • How? Nobody wants an iPhone 8😭😂🤡

      T 215T 21513 timmar sedan
  • So this is how you make money.

    William ZhangWilliam Zhang19 minuter sedan
  • That was good

    VineetVineetTimme sedan
  • I always wondered how the phones vibrate now I know

    OMEGA SanOMEGA SanTimme sedan
  • Could you do a class on how to learn to fix devices like this? I love your channel but it would be awesome to learn.

    Avery PfluegerAvery PfluegerTimme sedan
  • I would trust you with my life

    Manuel LopezManuel Lopez2 timmar sedan
  • You have been lucky to find a reparable phone though

    kamsikamsi2 timmar sedan
  • What was the point of the number 8 drawn inside? Any ideas?

    bigk777bigk7773 timmar sedan
  • Ain’t buying NO repair phone

    Daddy IconDaddy Icon3 timmar sedan
  • My button is also broke 🤔

    Nateness3000Nateness30003 timmar sedan
  • Sir do you have any cheap phone that ure not using? I really really need new phone im using a cheap old phone rn and it's getting old, I really really need a good phone for my studies and I also wish to have a good phone someday. 😔

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin5 timmar sedan
  • Does that phone icons glitch mean you can only make calls to China?

    Nicholas DimaNicholas Dima7 timmar sedan
  • I wish you lived next door, I could really use your help lol I got a XR for 150 & it’s good, I need to switch the motherboard and put it in my mint XR.

    Melo SaysMelo Says7 timmar sedan
  • seeing these comments just amazes me because we live in a technology run Era and people don't know how to open electronics and fix them instead of throwing it out and buying another full price when it could be a $10-20 fix lol I phone are easier than you think you fix (5 and up for me) but like TVS and game systems siemtimes things stop working because it needs cleaned or a part needs it's good to even get a little knowledge about wires and accessories like that so next time you won't have to throw away or have someone fix something for you.. yall a have a good day!

    bofa deeznutzbofa deeznutz7 timmar sedan
  • Now it makes me fix phones too!

    Samuel PaulSamuel Paul8 timmar sedan
  • I love the crunch sound like Hmp

    Lizzy GachaLizzy Gacha8 timmar sedan
  • Guy fixing a phone

    Soliman MohammedSoliman Mohammed9 timmar sedan
  • Dollar 💵

    AWN ZoneAWN Zone9 timmar sedan
  • That currency is s team Shin Star Soliha

    AWN ZoneAWN Zone9 timmar sedan
  • He really just yeeted the 1st vibration motor

    ShadowAriel123ShadowAriel1239 timmar sedan
  • why nobody talking about that glitch

    SnovwierSnovwier10 timmar sedan
  • I was interested on that upside down phone app...

    ICY RonaldICY Ronald11 timmar sedan
  • Hey you, u cant watch my latest video!!! I guess

    Geeky SpotGeeky Spot11 timmar sedan
  • Boy

    TekeonTekeon11 timmar sedan
  • My iPhone 8 does that now I have the iPhone xr (I have the same colour as the phone in this video)

    May XoMay Xo11 timmar sedan
  • I want him as my dad

    big dogebig doge12 timmar sedan
  • You could buy a brand new android for that money and it would still be bettet then a new iphone.

    Milan KunčakMilan Kunčak12 timmar sedan
  • Me watching this with my even more cracked up phone: 😀

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu14 timmar sedan
    • I am S H O O K E T H

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu14 timmar sedan
  • I tried to sell my xr and they said it was only 90 dollars how tf is the 8 selling better! Lll

    Heyits BreneHeyits Brene15 timmar sedan
  • Crunch? I’d say snap

    Christofer TuftonChristofer Tufton16 timmar sedan
  • should’ve been $ to broke

    Cedric WoodlandCedric Woodland17 timmar sedan
  • Mans got $30 off because of a bad Taptic Engine lmfao

    Bruh ManBruh Man17 timmar sedan
  • Fixing is better than buying new one

    DREAM ZDREAM Z17 timmar sedan
  • Hey dude my screen just needs to be replaced, also a LOT of water damage, do you have recommendations where to go? I live in mtn home

    Bizarre PaigeBizarre Paige17 timmar sedan
  • Profitt

    Just some Panzerkampfwagen VI With Internet access.Just some Panzerkampfwagen VI With Internet access.18 timmar sedan
  • What?! I sold my old iPhone 8 plus unlocked for 160... Not even cracked lol

    hgallegos915hgallegos91518 timmar sedan
  • Mans rlly yeeted the motor

    Rodrick FeltzRodrick Feltz18 timmar sedan
  • Wish he could fix mine here in the Philippines

    Camille BautistaCamille Bautista18 timmar sedan
  • That glitch has me dead 😂😂

    hotchips69hotchips6918 timmar sedan
  • Where you go for buying your repair

    3049 Dupinder Thapa3049 Dupinder Thapa19 timmar sedan
  • I am from india

    Adi manavAdi manav19 timmar sedan
  • I have never use an Iphone before you have so many iphones can you please give me any one please i am your big fan please

    Adi manavAdi manav19 timmar sedan
  • My vibration mode was messed up on my old 8+

    Carson HawleyCarson Hawley19 timmar sedan
  • Meregalas uno

    Steven Retana vargasSteven Retana vargas19 timmar sedan
  • I am S H O O K E T H

    Dignified British CatDignified British Cat19 timmar sedan
  • I got my x for 240 in good condition (no scratches)

    Oliver KoreckOliver Koreck20 timmar sedan
  • The fuck my sister got her 8 in nearly new condition for 170

    Oliver KoreckOliver Koreck20 timmar sedan
  • I

    Kristin FroningKristin Froning20 timmar sedan
  • I

    Kristin FroningKristin Froning20 timmar sedan
  • I

    Kristin FroningKristin Froning20 timmar sedan
  • saw an xr for 180

    mhs smhs s21 timme sedan
  • Them: Sold for 380;) Him:Buys Also him:HmMmM iTs bRoKe *Fixes* Him being to smart to be scammed: HmMM tHaT wAs A WeIrD gLitcH.

    Maranda HazenMaranda Hazen22 timmar sedan
  • Since when don’t you have to pair the Taptic Engine ?

    Alex HendersonAlex Henderson23 timmar sedan
  • Guru my sister need to get her iPhone fix so can you fix it

    Matsumoto NatzuMatsumoto Natzu23 timmar sedan
  • Do u do Samsung just curius

    plain_bagel 3712plain_bagel 3712Dag sedan
  • Hi i now you mait not read this but it I been a fan from your short films at youtube and you had spare me to fix an old iphone 7 but I don't know where I can buy a new screen for it because I don't trust any website with this type of stuff so if you could dm me the link where you buy it pleas and if you want me to make a vid show ing you the phone i would pleas. My tiktok is Fazealex228.

    Alexx228Alexx228Dag sedan
  • After watching this I realized my vibration motor is broken I knew it wasn’t normal to make that sound lol

    J DrizzledreJ DrizzledreDag sedan
  • The people who sold this to you watching this be like ; dang we messed up

    M&G MooreM&G MooreDag sedan
  • I need my galaxy note open do you do that i have photos of my mother i want to blow up in the new house i got

    Morris FacenMorris FacenDag sedan
  • how r people this smart? like fr-

    TeaTimeTeaTimeDag sedan
  • i feel this guy would get a nokia phone and turn it into a laptop

    fishy on mefishy on meDag sedan
  • AA

    Машхура РазаковаМашхура РазаковаDag sedan
  • This is so easy, we repair all of phone even burned ones

    BirkanBirkanDag sedan
  • Any one else notice how the photo was black and the actual phone was white?

    Evan BarronEvan BarronDag sedan
  • It seems so easy but I bet you it’s really hard

    Chillin with AlexChillin with AlexDag sedan
  • Why does he call it a crunch, it’s more of a click.

    SigilSigilDag sedan
  • I have a iPhone 11 but it’s SIM card locked and iPhone X which is activation lock

    ImTymerzImTymerzDag sedan
  • The phone Logo really said 🙃

    Chloe Reed-NordwallChloe Reed-NordwallDag sedan
  • Didn’t reprogram the screen or reprogram Taptic Engine, started unscrewing while phone was still on? Unsafe practice and bad job.

    Bobby MarksBobby MarksDag sedan

    Endicott FamilyEndicott FamilyDag sedan
  • What don’t you mix a whole bunch of awesome phone parts and make a dope phone

    Yt WifiYt WifiDag sedan
  • How much did you spend i gas on the way there and back to get it

    CauaCauaDag sedan
  • Bhai aap Indian ho?

    chandrakant awarichandrakant awariDag sedan
  • Bro it’s not a crunch it’s a click

    The EssayThe EssayDag sedan
  • Hello, I want some suggestion, I have my laptop with i5 5 generation processor, with 4gb ram and 1 tb HDD,and AMD radeon graphic card, so, I want to upgrade it and want to make it best to use as it gets heated when I am doing a heavy work and it's bit slow when it starts, so please give me suggestions.....

    North RemembersNorth RemembersDag sedan
  • Dude. disconnect 👏🏼 your 👏🏼 damn 👏🏼 batteries 👏🏼 before 👏🏼 replacing 👏🏼 components 👏🏼

    Kyle GilmoreKyle GilmoreDag sedan
  • Can you fix my phone

    Hayden Johnson-colegateHayden Johnson-colegateDag sedan
  • Why was it liek taht lol

    George JenkinsGeorge JenkinsDag sedan
  • Here for the Crunch

    Yonatam MalamudYonatam MalamudDag sedan
  • Stonks

    Lyric 382Lyric 382Dag sedan
  • This true you can do this!

    NightbotNightbotDag sedan
  • It happened to my phone it’s still not working:(

    Stupid ratStupid ratDag sedan
  • My dad has a laptop that makes airplane noises. Can you check that out for is?

    Ben GuiteBen GuiteDag sedan
  • Im using an 8+ right now

    Legend 696Legend 696Dag sedan
  • And this is why I’m with apple on making the non repairable to third parties, used parts and Chinese screens and you pay $350. A phone loaded with grey market parts. No thanks .

    Me TerMe TerDag sedan
  • Maybe you can fix mine? :,>

    Gabriella_GamesGabriella_GamesDag sedan
  • Coooool

    Rogan WestallRogan WestallDag sedan
  • I just like how he casually fixes phones while I'm over here trying to figure out how to screenshot....;-;

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooDag sedan
    • You said That is a really weird glitch, and you’re right.

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooDag sedan
  • It’s always “just the screen” or “just this” But you can always guarantee there will be one other thought with it at least

    Urban exploration SquadUrban exploration SquadDag sedan
  • The icons being sideways isn’t a glitch. On plus models, the icons in the bottom menu would rotate to face up with the phone.

    Ed CameronEd CameronDag sedan
  • The haptic engine wasn’t faulty, they don’t always work correctly when not mounted down because (in ways I don’t completely understand) the phone tells that it’s not mounted (presumably because it draws more current) and will always attempt vibration but if that condition is detected it will halt. (As a former 8 plus owner, my haptic came loose after I dropped it, and would make horrible noises, or not work at all. Resecuring it fixed entirely)

    Garrett TurnerGarrett TurnerDag sedan
  • Lol the phone app was the wrong way round Wait all the bottoms apps were on they’re side

    Fnaf GamerFnaf GamerDag sedan
  • Thats what wrong with minr

    The 4,7 middleblockerThe 4,7 middleblockerDag sedan
  • Scammers be like...

    Wildan ComsWildan ComsDag sedan
  • That glitch is cool

    Sneaker HeadSneaker HeadDag sedan
  • How you fix your home button thing cus it’s broken mine

    ER MER MDag sedan
  • Video:how to fix an old phone . Me: takes plastic phone and try :')

    JW TVJW TVDag sedan
  • What is that blue thing that he ads before he put on the new screen

    Joaquin CespedesJoaquin CespedesDag sedan
  • How does one fuck up their phone so much-

    grilled_babies_r _yumgrilled_babies_r _yumDag sedan
    • I don’t know like I’ve never even cracked a screen before but some people just throw their phones or something I know people that throw their phones when they see something they don’t like on the screen They’re so stupid -_-

      Shaka BrahShaka BrahDag sedan
  • Bottom bar of the screen is from Australia

    John DoeJohn DoeDag sedan