H3H3 ANIMATED #5: The YouTube Glitch (ft. Pewdiepie)

16 nov 2017
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This is the story of how Ethan thought he killed Pewdiepie's channel.
Original video: seworld.info/will/aaacp5enjpRmup8/video
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  • 0:14 Polish subtitles Hitler photo in the background... Day: Ruined

    Dr. Harold Pontiff CoomerDr. Harold Pontiff Coomer4 månader sedan
  • 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

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    Landen CaldwellLanden Caldwell6 månader sedan
  • Hbbbmkuggmjjbnmjhbhjhffvgjhbhjbbbgh

    Landen CaldwellLanden Caldwell6 månader sedan
  • Bhgghbbhhhgh brcyvh buin

    Landen CaldwellLanden Caldwell6 månader sedan
  • Why does Andrei terbea

    The-Hero2542/Fire dude/Ruin Master FortniteThe-Hero2542/Fire dude/Ruin Master Fortnite7 månader sedan
  • Ok kets try doing the sub

    Florence TulangFlorence Tulang7 månader sedan
  • what is this music that is at the end of theses videos i am in love

    stella jonesstella jones8 månader sedan
    • It is a traditional music ending to all H3H3 videos

      Anna TairovaAnna Tairova6 månader sedan
  • I try it subscribe and unsubscribe

    PepeHand UpPepeHand Up8 månader sedan
  • Can they purposely do this again but only for Morgz

    DarthloopGamesDarthloopGames10 månader sedan
  • These animations of h3h3 are amazing so funny I love this seriously make more if these random stories please 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

    Terry OmaTerry OmaÅr sedan
  • This is the only way to defeat T series

    Mike SauerMike SauerÅr sedan
  • Baby

    Canned CloversCanned CloversÅr sedan
  • OK but gazebo

    Social ClimberSocial ClimberÅr sedan
  • Yo what's the music at the end

    Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerÅr sedan
  • If only this worked for T-series so Pewds can stay on top

    Moon_ Truth9000Moon_ Truth9000År sedan
  • 1:30 only if T-series was around at this time

    Liam TarpeyLiam TarpeyÅr sedan
  • 0:22 I see someone saying I'm $%&

    Jaylen ShoatsJaylen ShoatsÅr sedan
  • when you realise this is andrei

    Mulghoe Of SolitudeMulghoe Of SolitudeÅr sedan
  • *Goes To T-Series Channel*

    Lil PulgaLil PulgaÅr sedan
  • This video got 399 views ;)

    XD SINAXD SINAÅr sedan
  • If this glitch was still happening then RIP t series LOL

    Filipe DrawsFilipe Draws2 år sedan
  • I hate h3h3🤬🤬🤬

    Ken KanekiKen Kaneki2 år sedan
    • Ok

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  • Pewdiepie🔥

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  • I am doing the unsubscribe thing I wanna see if it really works

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  • Bro its lame

    killer monster Diazkiller monster Diaz2 år sedan
  • Lemme do this to Tseries then..

    Ann Jellaine PascoAnn Jellaine Pasco2 år sedan
  • Omg these are a fresh twist on classic content! Papa bless 🙏

    Brenden BarnettBrenden Barnett2 år sedan
  • who nottice the pic in 0:14

    Yam HorinYam Horin2 år sedan
  • *The care chair* 😂

    Levi OctaviusLevi Octavius2 år sedan
  • ”The Caring Chair”

    NecrosisNecrosis2 år sedan
  • This stuff is amazing

    Coll 44Coll 442 år sedan
  • u amazing man gotta keep going u ill get very high u know what m saying, u genius wish they could be more people like u in this shitty world

    Ramon TioRamon Tio2 år sedan
  • Congratulations Andrew for 1 MILLION.

    Sambal ShresthaSambal Shrestha2 år sedan
  • Sex

    Zari NatorZari Nator2 år sedan
  • The care chair XD

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  • Well im doing that to the Pauls now

    Depressed SquidwardDepressed Squidward2 år sedan
  • The care chair.

    FantoonsticFantoonstic2 år sedan
  • *lol*

    RaflamarRaflamar2 år sedan
  • crap man this is some awesome animation.

    Dillon BurnettDillon Burnett2 år sedan
  • What is it with you and ethan?

    Vince VVince V2 år sedan
  • Props to you for adding leto-joker haha xD

    Plante MorPlante Mor2 år sedan
  • can i do that to logan and jake paul

    ExeggeratorExeggerator2 år sedan
  • Why’d you put the Leto joker instead of Ledger ?!

    HealthyAndrewHealthyAndrew2 år sedan
  • Love your videos

    Gariman JohalGariman Johal2 år sedan
  • hahahah omg the closing animation

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  • 99 dis-likes, I have to complete it to 100!

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    • 24- mago lol

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  • I've gotten dislikes on my vids from people unliking them

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  • Why use the worst joker ever I’m leaving 2- subscribers JK ILY

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  • Hila animated looks so cute

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  • *unsubbing and resubing*

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  • * goes to Logan Paul * Subscribe Unsubscribe *100 years later* Subscribe Unsubsrcibe

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  • Does dis still work? I acidentally did it on some channels.

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  • Lmfao

    Son GokuSon Goku2 år sedan
  • Dwl

    jammo876jammo8762 år sedan
  • 0:14 did anybody else noticed the picture in the background

    x XAnimeMemezKingzX xx XAnimeMemezKingzX x2 år sedan
    • notice*

      Dr. Harold Pontiff CoomerDr. Harold Pontiff Coomer4 månader sedan
    • no, *Pulls out glock* and neither did you.

    • x XAnimeMemezKingzX x hitler

      Kylie WithersKylie Withers7 månader sedan
    • 😂🤣😂🤣

      RK ImaginationRK ImaginationÅr sedan
    • What PewDiePie is a *Nazi*

      Harinakshi M KHarinakshi M KÅr sedan
  • Lol

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  • 0:13 the picture

    porkstewingporkstewing2 år sedan
  • 266k veiws and 266k sebs

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  • Lol the care chair

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  • Im the person who commented Im gay

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  • Great!

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  • 0:14 Wall. 10/10 Good job.

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  • I want this to still be there so o can spam it on jackpoal

    sleepy cabbiegesleepy cabbiege2 år sedan
  • _The Care Chair_

    Andreas HjeldahlAndreas Hjeldahl2 år sedan
  • ffs 0:13 background lmao... when will it end?

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻2 år sedan
  • Does that really happen?

    Angela LoqueAngela Loque2 år sedan
  • *yeah I'm just testing* , _that my punctuation is_ . " -working as it should- "

    SomeRandomGuy OnTheInternetSomeRandomGuy OnTheInternet2 år sedan
  • What was the video

    Random cornRandom corn2 år sedan
  • Did h3h3 want you to make this?

    DramamineDramamine2 år sedan
  • The animation is just so detailed, I'm in love

    Annsuya _Annsuya _2 år sedan
  • Im ROFL-coptering into space, *COOOOUGH* holy shit

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  • Damn.

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  • Aw, i feel so bad for ethan after watching this video. Its so sad :(

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  • For anyone who likes the song 2:01

    whyslouchy 1whyslouchy 12 år sedan
  • Can you like make hentai?

    VaishakVaishak2 år sedan
  • This animation works so well with H3, awesome job.

    Jamison W.Jamison W.2 år sedan
  • What's song in the very end of your video?

    Radio NesterRadio Nester2 år sedan
  • This is one of my all time favorite SEworld channels now

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  • the animation makes this story 100X better.

    ColinColin2 år sedan
  • Hila’s care chair had me rolling

    JadeJade2 år sedan
  • His nipples

    gibbiesgibbies2 år sedan
  • Nah, leafy is not glitching, he is just dying

    Slaps me On the kneeSlaps me On the knee2 år sedan
  • outro song plllssssss

    My penis is unbelievably small, butMy penis is unbelievably small, but2 år sedan
  • Where is this music from?

    G R O O S EG R O O S E3 år sedan
  • I love... the crying whilst stirring oatmeal.

    Lani AlvaradoLani Alvarado3 år sedan
  • The animation is cool n all but dude, thats not the joker.

    ImmanismjrImmanismjr3 år sedan
  • Da

    Rapper la modu Umbla in geaca varaRapper la modu Umbla in geaca vara3 år sedan
  • 0:14 just noticed in the background.

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  • 0:48, the care chair. Nice touch, my friend.

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  • 0:14 thë further

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  • Andrei => ROM version of Andrew => Is Andrei ROMANIAN?!

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  • Lmaoo

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  • The care chair

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  • When you realize he drew the jared leto joker 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Papa bless ❤️

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  • RO?

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