Huawei - Caught Between Two Superpowers (Documentary)

13 nov 2020
337 060 visningar

The Huawei story is one with many twists and turns. In this episode, I aim to tell both sides of the story and leave it up to you to make up your mind on who you think it right.
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  • everyone needs to accept these facts, there's no such thing as a private company in China(look at Jack Ma, CCP has him by the balls), they are all controlled by the CCP. And China does not have a government, it is ruled with an iron fist up all Chinese citizens' throats by a very well organized mafia.

    Arthur TanArthur TanDag sedan
  • I take Huawei's side because the US is doing injustice and are scared of falling

    PakistaniPakistani2 dagar sedan
  • Yes the US is scared of China rising AND they should be. Every democracy on this planet should be, cause the chinese goverment just showed us in HongKong what they think of democracy and individual freedom. I'm German and not really a big fan of the US either but if you ask me with Biden in the USA Germany has to start working harder on uniting the EU and then the EU has to work together with the USA and against China. As people who grew up in democratic countries we can not want a dictatorship like China to become the leading world power.

    Person XPerson X5 dagar sedan
  • We have to remember that chinese corp has government officials in them And the if the ccp says something, the corporation must do it

    ice creamice cream7 dagar sedan
  • The ban just will make them bigger by developing everything on their own

    Tobi 9000Tobi 90008 dagar sedan
  • It’s public security law to share all information with the PLA thus using any services based in China is subjected to this law , that makes China very undesirable to trade with being they are require to give this information at any time.

    Austin EkonAustin Ekon13 dagar sedan
  • MAGA

    MrFrank107MrFrank10715 dagar sedan
  • It takes two more years to close her case being wrongly charged. It may take a few minutes to destroy Canada and whole America if this lady is politicised in the abused court case by the Canada government who is a lap dog of the American government. This irregularity of manipulation by the Canadian government court case on Huawei lady CEO case may also lead to World War 3, which China is waiting for the final judgement. A wrong move will shake the world. Can the American government be able to compensate the Canadian government which had lost their sales revenues when China cut deals of several Airbus orders and other items from Canada ? Who is the fool ? America ? How much commission does Canada receive from the American government ? Busybody certificate with handshaking.

    humbleforesthumbleforest16 dagar sedan
  • Chinese government unleashed Coronavirus on the world

    Granville FrielGranville Friel17 dagar sedan
  • Great content on this channel, keep up the good work. But for me this one had way too many important details left out. The sketchy detsils around who actually owns the company for starters.

    Wayno AWayno A19 dagar sedan
  • It is incredibly naive to think Huawei does not answer to the Communist Chinese Party. It is not hyperbole to say that the CCP is the biggest threat to global security while subjugating millions of its own citizens with fascist social engineering like the Social Credit System and openly operating concentration camps (Uygur Muslims). This is an evil regime that unfortunately is defended by so many in free nations even one year into a global pandemic that the CCP unleashed onto the world that has killed millions.

    Sae YiSae Yi19 dagar sedan
  • Huawei once claimed that it doesn't need the US and now their smartphone business is bleeding hard, so now they are moving to agriculture.

    Uncle BrianUncle Brian28 dagar sedan
  • do you have videos about 5G?

    Jason ChuJason ChuMånad sedan
  • We don't even know exactly how many people died in China from Covid and we likely never will, so why would they tell the truth when it comes to this? I think a company that has ties to it's government going around and asking 1st world nations to build their 5G network infrastructure is a potential threat. These nations are not close allies, why on earth would you have a potential enemy build your critical telecommunication infrastructure?

    Star Wars ChroniclerStar Wars ChroniclerMånad sedan
  • its not caught between anything IT IS THE CCP, KICK THEM OUT!

    바보King바보KingMånad sedan
  • China has earned the world's distrust

    Scott ThomasScott ThomasMånad sedan
  • The main reasons of the CCP government is so successful at deceiving the west are lack of transparency and the language barrier. In the case of Huawei's suspected connection to the People's Liberation Army, it is extremely hard for free press to enter China to investigate - because there is no free press allowed in China (don't argue with me on this one, my major in a Chinese college was "journalism" and the first lesson is called "We are the mouthpiece of the Party. - 我们是党的喉舌"), and few outside journalists who are willing to take the risks to investigate have the Chinese language capability to do it effectively. That's why you see all the "interesting" symptoms but will never be able to dig out evidence - for example, Ren's interesting marriages, the background of his father-in-law; the new hires of Huawei must go through paramilitary trainings in boot camps; and the company is run by military style management. These are just a few samples of well-known facts to Chinese, but you hardly see them translated into English and explained in the west media. 🤷‍♂️ But there is a saying - if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck.

    devilxellossdevilxellossMånad sedan
  • Keep going

    RAJKISHORE PrasadRAJKISHORE PrasadMånad sedan
  • To this day the so-called "HarmonyOS" achieves nothing, not even close to what Huawei publically claimed, it's still a joke.

    Ching-Chen HuangChing-Chen HuangMånad sedan
  • I work in IT Security. I've taken a look at Huawei products and issues before. *Avoid like the fucking plague*

    Chill Naga's DenChill Naga's DenMånad sedan
  • Xi Jingpooh

    Philip CPhilip CMånad sedan
  • Paranoia at it's finest

    Joshua LugadaJoshua LugadaMånad sedan
  • Im an Australian and to be honest my next phone at some point was looking like as p phone but due to lack of Google services I can't. Get fucked America!!!!

    Jaycob GoodliffeJaycob GoodliffeMånad sedan
  • Mike Pompeo, we steal lie and cheat all the time referring to the USA

    hikurukutaihikurukutaiMånad sedan
  • Stay strong Huawei!!! Down with U. S. & A. Greetings from Switzerland

    Andreas_rxp300Andreas_rxp300Månad sedan
  • I have been watching your channel for two years now, and I would like to translate it into the Arabic language. So, more people from my country cloud access your channel.

    TurkTurkMånad sedan
  • I usually like your perspective but I think you had a bias towards Huawei, possibly since you only reached out to get their view. Also you criticize the US limiting free trade and say nothing about the CCP limiting free trade every chance it gets. BTW in reference to wmd in Iraq, clearly we didnt find any but we did provide them with wmd before so its fair to assume they had them.

    C KobaC KobaMånad sedan
  • The west blames China for everything

    Ben SoWhatBen SoWhatMånad sedan
  • looking at the thumbnail made me realize how fat our leaders are

    Tony ZhangTony ZhangMånad sedan
  • USA is just being a p**** and want financial dominance

    Tonic ShondlaniTonic ShondlaniMånad sedan
  • So just to recap. We know for a fact that the US has used electronic methods to spy on other countries. There is no evidence that China has ever done the same. Cool, yeah yeah, the US aren't the bad guys, no way. Nobody is really fooled by any of this. The ban is economically motivated, and it won't work. America is fucked, and everyone that sides with them will be too.

    ImbalanxdImbalanxdMånad sedan
  • If you think China is not a threat, then you don't understand communism. I grew up in a country that has been systemically and perpetually destabilized by external communist entities. Heck it never ended there: they are now encroaching on Philippine territories. A very large and very powerful bully under a communist regime that has destabilized the Philippines since the 50's...this coming from a family (parents and relatives who work) within the intelligence community of the Philippines since the 60's. They like to give the impression of "equality" and "fairness"...that is, until they need you to do their bidding...otherwise you'll end up like their Muslims. If given a chance between a very slow poisoning (fake democracy), or a quick and gory shot to the head (communism), anyone who has a sense or preservation will choose the former. Just look at the past. Forgetting the past is the key to systemically slowly destroy a civilization. What do you think China under communism will do more if they get their chance?

    Ritchie Ben NatsarimRitchie Ben NatsarimMånad sedan
  • It would've been awesome if you drew parallels with how the US policymakers intervened, in the same way, to crush Alstom just as how they are trying to crush HW and Bytedance

    72dew72dewMånad sedan
  • China is full with shit not just spying.

    Lian BalanLian BalanMånad sedan
  • Do you have same thing on corona?

    arnold walterarnold walterMånad sedan
  • Kidnap the CFO is wrong

    hahn soarhahn soarMånad sedan
  • US companies obviously cannot compete - thus the US tries to damage Chinese companies. The US basically is like a loser race driver who manipulates the opponent's car.

    Da GoGoDa GoGoMånad sedan
  • Ngl you could do a non-political episode on the National Rifle Association in the US. A rights organization turned laundering scheme, supposedly bankrupt but able to spend over 12+ mil USD on things in the last 3 months. It's a fustercluck.

    Samuel KnightSamuel KnightMånad sedan
  • how come USA is complaining... can t laugh louder, what was this NSA thing? Makes me consider Huawei as my next smartphone

    irmaladuce1irmaladuce12 månader sedan
  • Lemme see, China who is being accused of spying the US and other countries through a tech company Huawei, and a country which other countries are scared of because of recent bullying and for the possibility of being invaded by China, OR the U.S. who is already well known for decades of spying on other countries through CIA and have inciting civil war throughout many parts of the world then invading in the guise of "freedom and democracy", and has actually invaded a number of countries ruining their culture and economy and worse starting terrorist groups such as ISIS.

    aLwE17aLwE172 månader sedan
  • It has nothing to do with security risk, it has to do with Apple, Google, Facebook, and their shareholders.

    The Fozzy BearThe Fozzy Bear2 månader sedan
  • Huawei CEO kinda sounds like Yoda

    Jose CruzJose Cruz2 månader sedan
  • Eventually, there's gonna be a big world war between the East and the West. They will either destroy the whole world, or the battle will continue to rage until the end of time creating a Yin-Yang situation where constant battles happen but neither side gets destroyed.

    Mayank VermaMayank Verma2 månader sedan
    • interesting take. hope not lol. i have much to live for :P

      Aqil Mohd AzamAqil Mohd Azam25 dagar sedan
  • Huawei should be completely barred from all Western markets and Western businesses who do business with them should be heavily sanctioned. They are a criminal enterprise and a corporate mouthpiece for the CCP.

    James PackerJames Packer2 månader sedan
  • ay! Bill F*****g Clinton.

    George SimonGeorge Simon2 månader sedan
  • It's a false claim to say that there's no examples of Huawei not opening back doors so the CPC can spy on its own citizens. The vids are nice, but I am no longer subscribed to this channel, because often times it's skewed to the artist's point of view vs objective journalism. It's very disappointing to see the artist not discuss the many ways the CPC is hurting their own citizens and those of other countries. There's sooo many examples, but ColdFusion is just ignoring it all..

    Marty FalarzMarty Falarz2 månader sedan
    • No evidence of spying on America's citizens, not Chinese. And I've done an entire video on China's domestic big brother spying system. Why repeat myself when it has nothing to do with this subject?

      ColdFusionColdFusion2 månader sedan
  • Apple: Iphone is the most innovative tech Huawei: Hold my smartphone

    Rusty PickupRusty Pickup2 månader sedan
    • Ever heard of corporate espionage?

      James PackerJames Packer2 månader sedan
  • To everyone who say Google and Facebook, think about it no one forced anyone to use Google or Facebook. There are other search engines like duckduckgo which don't take user data, when anyone creates a Facebook account they should forget about privacy, because it's the internet. Facebook and Google has to make money to provide these services, since no one is willing to pay for that they will sell your data.

    vivek pvivek p2 månader sedan
  • **make America great again** by forcing your opponent to advance their own capabilities than depending on you

    Ha vesHa ves2 månader sedan
  • what I see is that there is no fucking possible way they put backdoor and pass the NSA privacy regulation. US is just afraid they lose in economy since they never been able to advance in mass technology production. All prototypes, not products

    Ha vesHa ves2 månader sedan
  • I think you forgot to say that in China the law requires all companies to pass any type of information the Communist Party asks for, if this is the case then I absolutely think that the US is right by getting rid of a Trojan horse that can compromise their security.

    Antonio RamirezAntonio Ramirez2 månader sedan
  • Huawei makes good products because they steal from other companies.

    KeterKeter2 månader sedan
  • Please dont use “America” as synonym for the “USA”. America includes North and South America. North America includes not only the USA but also Canada, Mexico ...

    hikitatsuhikitatsu2 månader sedan
  • You guys should look up Huawei. They actually copied the design of Cisco routers and spent very little and R & D. They even went to copy Cisco instruction typos and they blamed rogue engineers. They were known to go to tech shows and try taking pics of products and the company keeps saying rogue engineers.

    Noah WNoah W2 månader sedan
  • Thanks to Obama and Clinton, China STOLE AMERICANS TECHNOLOGY!!! We want our data secure!! WE DO NOT TRUST CHINA!!

    rkt.smokey3rkt.smokey32 månader sedan
  • Basically the big kid in the playground feels threatened by the kid showing growth potential

    Some Random UserSome Random User2 månader sedan
  • You would have to be a fucking fool to let Huawei CCP build any part of your telecom system. They will steal EVERYTHING they think they can get away with

    Rodger MurphyRodger Murphy2 månader sedan
  • China is a superpower ?? It's got 5% of the US economy... please.

    Christoph ResmerowskiChristoph Resmerowski2 månader sedan
  • china wants the benefit of open and free markets across the world while simultaneously maintaining a closed and restricted one at home. china will decry sanctions against it in the same breath as levying restrictions against other countries, stealing intellectual property, and committing human rights abuses at home. this is hypocritical. by the way this comment doesn't mean i'm on the side of the us either. i think the us can be just as hypocritical, greedy, and underhanded.

    Glegos -Glegos -2 månader sedan
  • its my opinion that huawei is definitely a threat to national security, but the prism project is also a threat to personal security and privacy. every super power uses underhanded illegal tactics and spying. huawei should be avoided, but the us should also be treated with skepticism.

    Glegos -Glegos -2 månader sedan
  • How come the lawsuit again Huawei CFO, daughter of its CEO, was not mentioned in the video. It is a critical part of Huawei story

    Fanglin ZFanglin Z2 månader sedan
  • I think the US is going to suffer in the long term

    DarkdracoxDarkdracox2 månader sedan
  • What if there was a 25% chance that they could spy on any 5g info? Or even a 5% chance? Is it not worth it to use another safer company? I could care less about my info but what about confidential info that a company needs to protect?

    B HessB Hess2 månader sedan
  • This is not a well balanced video. It fails to recognise that the IP theft by Huawei is much more extensive and goes back to the early 2000s.

    REV_pioneerREV_pioneer2 månader sedan
  • You don't need a back door, pretty much they can steal all this information without going through any backdoor. BUT with a back door you can do more such as steal contact information of others, steal address information and location data of others, and create more security back doors with a already existing one. Huawei is a front for china's spying, it is so powerful because the CCP had put it at the for front, involved it heavily with its belt and road initative. ON the other hand the ban on ZTE was a heavy push by samsung because for $200-300 less you could litterally get ALMOST The same exact phone, the main differences would be the outer case, and the screen and thats it. The thing to do when you buy a android phone of any kind is to flash it, root it, and install a android os build from a source you trust, NEVER trust the phone manufactors they all collect data and sell it to private companies, and foriegn governments and especially the US Government who has similar laws about collecting user data as the CCP has too.

    undeadbobopundeadbobop2 månader sedan
  • 🇺🇸

    Sterg PikSterg Pik2 månader sedan
  • you have to keep in mind that this isnt just about privacy. What if we were to have important military infrastructure connected to huawei telecom systems? What if we had self driving cars or other IOT devices connected to huawei systems? Even if huawei does have good intentions that wont stop the Chinese Govt from kidnapping the ceo and fully nationalizing huawei and then using them as a weapon against the USA.

    Lucas WardLucas Ward2 månader sedan
  • If I buy from China I'm sponsoring espionage. If I buy from the US I'm sponsoring censorship

    Joy BoyJoy Boy2 månader sedan
  • They would flunk it so hard as soon as they got evidence. They don’t. Regarding espionage, everything fking company does it. NSA and Facebook, Google owe and spies on way more people than anyone can imagine, why picking on a small player?

    Archie WeiArchie Wei2 månader sedan
  • They need to stop China from taking over the world

    Michael ZzzMichael Zzz2 månader sedan
  • You make great docs. Thanks! Unfortunately for two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavro, they've been held on ridiculous charges for two years in China in retaliation for Canada detaining Huawai exec Meng Wanzhou and putting her under house arrest after a request from the US government to extradite her.

    Diane LynnDiane Lynn2 månader sedan
  • China making any complaints about 'unfair' censorship is hilarious. They've banned Google, SEworld, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest. Inconsequential things like Winnie-the-Pooh, many foreign celebrities, and of course they've made their own spyware ridden alternatives.

    GMTGMT2 månader sedan
  • US is a waning empire struggling to hold itself and its global influence together.

    Max OngMax Ong2 månader sedan
    • the future will be stained by degrees of freedom, and the media saying otherwise. I hope aliens/AI manage to scare our collective asses into working together for real.

      logarithmmmlogarithmmm2 månader sedan
    • @logarithmmm I think the descend began with Bush Jr.

      Max OngMax Ong2 månader sedan
    • @Francis Pecson Yes, the Chinese eat everything that crawl, walk, breathe and has back that faces the sky, or so the saying goes. But in the West you eat some really horrific stuffs too! Fermented fish, dry aged beef, etc. So, kettle, please don't go calling the wok black.

      Max OngMax Ong2 månader sedan
    • Thanks, Trump!

      logarithmmmlogarithmmm2 månader sedan
    • chinese eat bats

      Francis PecsonFrancis Pecson2 månader sedan
  • US is definitely afraid. Top dog is worried.

    Johnny BevoJohnny Bevo2 månader sedan
  • People will get nowhere until they recognise the fact that the underlying cause of the antipathy and hate of the west towards China is down to RACISM. It's an irrational thing, but very powerful. It affects everything, from politics to food. One can debate economics, politics, IP theft, security, international law, etc., but will fail to get to the heart of the real problem if we ignore this. So no matter how "well behaved China" might become in the eyes of the west, it will still be an object of opprobrium and hate. It's like you can have a very nice, highly educated, cultured and polite black man, but he will still be hated and excluded by many white Americans just because of his race. In fact, the higher he rises above whites, the more they will hate him for raising his race and being their better. This is how India feels too as we share the racist antagonism towards China and Chinese.

    KoxingaKoxinga2 månader sedan
  • Games. We. Play.

    Joseph SwaffordJoseph Swafford2 månader sedan
  • Awesome.

    Joseph SwaffordJoseph Swafford2 månader sedan
  • Fuckin playstation moving to US instead of staying to their Japanese roots lol.

    Zea PicZea Pic2 månader sedan
  • As a tech enthusiast I can tell you they are afraid of huawei their products are making apple look like cheap children's toys just take a look at the huawei p40 pro and it's camera

    ETHIO TECH with JayPETHIO TECH with JayP2 månader sedan
  • China controlling TF outta them mfs, no cap they DEFINITELY on bs & we gonna end up going to war with them STGGGG

    KTdaGoatKTdaGoat2 månader sedan
  • It's just then Yank government wants less competitions and do some damage to China's economic growth. They should feel lucky China didn't put an embargo on medical supplies exporting to them.

    Rory WalterRory Walter2 månader sedan
  • I plea in favour of Huawei. If there is some truth in the accusations then show this proof. You can't start accusing others without proof. Isn't man innocent until proven guilty? This reminds me of the 2nd time the USA attacked Iraq, while no bio-weapons etc were found. They should have finished their business there the first time. The second time they had no valid cause. You can't march in a sovereign country like that. If the USA wants to maintain technical superiority, they will have to earn it by making better products, not by suppressing the competition. It seems the unfair embargo bears interesting fruit, like a new OS and CPU's. No Intel inside, but seriously: is there still anyone who wants that?

    Richard RomboutsRichard Rombouts2 månader sedan
  • Obviously Huawei is a pawn of the CCP. Any company or individual in China that becomes powerful is beholden to the party. Look no further than the many high profile disappearances of Chinese billionaires.

    James DodsonJames Dodson2 månader sedan
  • Our opinion doesn't matter because we don't know the truth !! As for why our opinion doesn't matter is, because our opinions are made from the news and rumours that we hear from, depending on were we stay we might interpret those opinions and differently !!

  • USA China, Fight....

    Invincible SinghInvincible Singh2 månader sedan
  • 13:21 Ah... Is that so?!

  • 12:40 So the usa isn't balls deep in the buns hole of companies in its borders via the FBI, CIA, *ESPECIALLY* NSA, and whatever other combination of three letter in the english alphabet one can come up with!

  • 7:09 I dare say it exists just as much WMD did in Iraq!

  • Don't worry americans, sleepy joe biden is going to unban everything China and destroy your country real soon. Enjoy!

    ТурбоТОПТурбоТОП2 månader sedan
  • I’m certainly not in a position to judge, however, I suspect Huawei will be better off with their own OS and App Store. Apple App Store is so large and confusing you need a Google to find what you want.

    cretinaceouscretinaceous2 månader sedan
  • In think that the US government made up lies against Huawei because Huawei wouldn't grant them access to customer privacy and the US government said well they probably recorded us demanding that and after Edward Snowden told the world what we were doing everyone won't believe us this time so we have to destroy them hahahaha evil laughter!! Joke who cares I'm not making any money from them

    Who knows UWho knows U2 månader sedan
  • Huawei is an unlisted Company. It’s a private company in China. How a private company get financing to grow w/o public listing? Huawei is secretly a State Owned Company. Huawei is a Communist China company. Don’t see Huawei as just a business corp. 😉

    ahkee369ahkee3692 månader sedan
  • In China, a private company can not say "no" to the government.

    AQuietNightAQuietNight2 månader sedan
  • "You can't sell the privacy of other people" Says the country of facebook and google

    The NiwoThe Niwo2 månader sedan
    • @Nikk'sHistoryCorner good point, but the difference is, Xi would've killed Snowden and sold his organs

      C KobaC Koba27 dagar sedan
    • ​@un gran bruh momento America has done it the right way. China retaliates and punishes its own citizens. America fucks up other countries and tortures and kills their citizens. Big brain plays.

      ImbalanxdImbalanxdMånad sedan
    • crazy how quickly americans forgot about Snowden.

      Nikk'sHistoryCornerNikk'sHistoryCorner2 månader sedan
    • Right, but we don't get sent to federal prison for criticizing the president. Go on Chinese social media, talk about what happened at Tienanmen Square and see what happens. Better yet, call Xi Winnie the Pooh.

      un gran bruh momentoun gran bruh momento2 månader sedan
    • Tell China is bad on a chinese social media site and win a free ride to a chinese prison near you

      Ztac dexZtac dex2 månader sedan
  • China kidnaps Chinese billionaires who fled the country and brings them back to China, so what's to stop them from getting what info they want from Huawei? I dont know if banning them was the best move but I can certainly see the reasoning behind it

    maxxe2maxxe22 månader sedan
  • I’m very interested in TSMCs role in this debacle. Apples switch from x86 to ARM made a lot of waves this year. Fundamentally im averse to any ideological influence on the relentless march forward of Moore’s law/ efficient computational power. Sure is interesting to watch it unfold

    Brennan LloydBrennan Lloyd2 månader sedan
  • Lesson learned from Huawei, Never Trust the American.

    Boon SeowBoon Seow2 månader sedan
    • or the bat soup eater

      Francis PecsonFrancis Pecson2 månader sedan
  • Huawei fan here, love my Huawei phone.

    Withnail1969Withnail19692 månader sedan
  • Both countries are bad, but China is probably worse because of their political party.

    SidneyCritic ComedyHoundSidneyCritic ComedyHound2 månader sedan
  • China spy

    Granville FrielGranville Friel2 månader sedan