Grow a GLIZZY #shorts

27 dec 2020
2 639 081 visningar

Grow a GLIZZY #shorts
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#shorts #glizzy #bologna

  • For thanks giving i a 10 hummunguss glizzys that where soaked for 10 days and i had a great meal

    Wolf Hound bossyWolf Hound bossy5 minuter sedan
  • What the heck is a glizzy??? 🧐🤷🏻‍♀️🥸

    Greene ProsperityGreene ProsperityTimme sedan
  • I wish my glizzy could grow like that 👀

    ツN_U_TツツN_U_TツTimme sedan
  • Why do always to it *FUCKING RAW* !!!

    HMS -battlecruiser- HoodHMS -battlecruiser- Hood2 timmar sedan
  • This seems unhealthy

    Bianca BeeBianca Bee3 timmar sedan
  • G L I Z Z Y

    crazy zoo Squadcrazy zoo Squad4 timmar sedan
  • Just chub

    Jaxon LooneyJaxon Looney5 timmar sedan
  • Lol bruh

    Sarina CamachoSarina Camacho7 timmar sedan
  • Untill someone told me I was so confused what a glizzy was I just say hot dog

    Brooke DeBaucheBrooke DeBauche8 timmar sedan
  • Did he say dan os

    adrian adonaadrian adona9 timmar sedan
  • dude dont promote wonder bread come on

    Craig WarkeCraig Warke9 timmar sedan
  • That ain’t nothing compared to a fried bologna sandwich mayo and tomato

    roy boyroy boy9 timmar sedan
  • If this is real we have a sustainable food source

    VoltichawkVoltichawk11 timmar sedan
  • This could end world hunger if it were real

    red panda productionsred panda productions11 timmar sedan

    #wap#wap11 timmar sedan
  • Hard to believe

    Arya DawodArya Dawod13 timmar sedan
  • Medium rare? dont you just mean under cooked hot dog?

    Mia ClowesMia Clowes13 timmar sedan
  • GLIZZY 😃😃

    Kay ZinKay Zin16 timmar sedan
  • You don't know until you dan-o

    mexican kingmexican king16 timmar sedan
    • Pop pop pop fingers trigger, get you some get you some!

      mexican kingmexican king16 timmar sedan
  • My glitzy didn’t grow

    SovietGnome69 420SovietGnome69 42017 timmar sedan
  • His catchphrase: *low and slow...* Superior to: *what did you say about my hair?!/yare yare daze..*

    Corrupt exeCorrupt exe18 timmar sedan
  • Bro I actually wanted to see it grow

    Marshall McmurrayMarshall Mcmurray18 timmar sedan
  • Not real

    Eliza ShoupEliza Shoup18 timmar sedan
  • Viagra vibes

    Clapity So2Clapity So218 timmar sedan
  • Grow a bussy

    Tim Pool, more like Tim CoolTim Pool, more like Tim Cool19 timmar sedan
  • Why doesn’t my glizzy grow in water 😔

    R RR R19 timmar sedan
  • Took me a minute to realise that end result was real

    R RR R19 timmar sedan
  • *that moment when you grow a glizzy*

    Does no StuffDoes no Stuff20 timmar sedan
  • He basically ate plastic because the glizzy was in a plastic bag in a box and the thing inside the plastic bag looks plastic

    BeybladeBurst TigerBeybladeBurst Tiger20 timmar sedan
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    Romeo JohnRomeo John20 timmar sedan
  • Cancer🤢🤮🤦‍♂️

    keith byrnekeith byrneDag sedan
  • Wasting data......

    Aziz AzizAziz AzizDag sedan
  • Warning: Choking Hazard.

    TraineeTraineeDag sedan
  • I do t believe the big glizzy was from that small one

    Gamer MarleyGamer MarleyDag sedan
  • what is a glizzy

    Isabella PiccianoIsabella PiccianoDag sedan
  • Welcome to fact or cap

  • That look more like a chub

    itz Has boyitz Has boyDag sedan
  • I swear my right hand I thought he said grow up puss crooked letter🤫!!! You get what I'm saying 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂 Anyways, that's amazing and looks delicious! 💯

    Brandi HobsonBrandi HobsonDag sedan
  • Him : puts in fridge Me : distracted by what's in the fridge

    Allison dobbieAllison dobbieDag sedan
  • Let me raid that fridge!

    TheTaxburdenTheTaxburdenDag sedan
  • Who TF calls a hotdog a glizzy?

    KoolCatKoolCatDag sedan
  • I swear if people don’t understand the joke...

    Swurven bbSwurven bbDag sedan
  • Lol thought this was real

    Cj CrewCj CrewDag sedan
  • Bow down to the glizzy god

    My hero BossMy hero BossDag sedan
  • This man really likes applewood.

    ProdigyCruzProdigyCruzDag sedan
  • Dan o action lol

    yuval sapiryuval sapirDag sedan
  • You didnt toast the toast dude.

    Iliya DavoodipourIliya DavoodipourDag sedan
  • He really cooked that and didnt even feel to toast the bread or melt the cheese

    Judge BakuretsuJudge BakuretsuDag sedan
  • That’s a sexy glizzy. Tell me where to find pls :) thank you

    Kiran ManansinghKiran ManansinghDag sedan
  • I now live inside my glizzy......endless glizzy sammiches

    Damian DmbDamian DmbDag sedan
  • Se quella dovrebbe essere mortadella io mi butto dal balcone

    Simone AmadesiSimone AmadesiDag sedan
  • They grow up so fast😭

    dog the dogdog the dogDag sedan
  • Everybody gangsta till grow a glizzy turn into grow a dogroll

    Oliver HarrisonOliver HarrisonDag sedan
  • That looks like a turd

    Johann is QtJohann is QtDag sedan
  • Wait is this real?

    Sam BSam BDag sedan
  • Damn, medium rare ham.

    f ff fDag sedan
  • Here we have a glizzy gladiator in its natural habitat

    ?!Arman¡¿?!Arman¡¿Dag sedan
  • Fake

    MelodweebMelodweeb2 dagar sedan
  • Oh i found a new plant now i can plant this on my garden and grow it after 30 years😄

    cänön mæplëcänön mæplë2 dagar sedan
  • Ik it's a joke but imagine holding that in your mouth for a day and it grows in your mouth

    Josh The DemonJosh The Demon2 dagar sedan
  • Slapp

    Ronn Joseph OcampoRonn Joseph Ocampo2 dagar sedan
  • Is this fake

    Michael Burger headMichael Burger head2 dagar sedan
  • You got to have me over so I can make my slaw to go on that

    Bo JangleBo Jangle2 dagar sedan
  • *ONE MONTH LATER* Ok hey guys my house is now a glitzy so today we are gonna eat it.

    Alexandra RodriquezAlexandra Rodriquez2 dagar sedan
  • We all know the small sausages always tasted the best 🙄✋

    YaGirlToshiYaGirlToshi2 dagar sedan
  • medium rare is another word for: *not cooked all the way through at all*

    。Meli Hinata 。。Meli Hinata 。2 dagar sedan
  • My man that's just a giant докторская колбаса

    PharaohPharaoh2 dagar sedan
  • I can do that no delivery needed

    Coa BandiCoa Bandi2 dagar sedan
  • Nobody's talking about the dan-o's plug

    Mars.17Mars.172 dagar sedan
  • That looks disgusting. HE JUST GREW RAW MEAT.

    Evelyn SmithEvelyn Smith2 dagar sedan
  • Ayeo.

    Dre BundyDre Bundy2 dagar sedan
    • Ayeooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      Dre BundyDre Bundy2 dagar sedan
    • ayoo

      Max the Meat GuyMax the Meat Guy2 dagar sedan
  • Im sorry but the word glizzy isn’t funny any more

    SoulSoul2 dagar sedan
  • How tf do u make medium rare gliz

    Izayah_ DamanIzayah_ Daman2 dagar sedan
  • Fake??

    finn Postmafinn Postma2 dagar sedan
    • Yes it was a joke

      Ben DoverBen Dover2 dagar sedan
  • Sooo are you gonna gobble that glizzy?

    Creepy TomCreepy Tom2 dagar sedan
  • How fake 😂😂😂

    mcfrddy21mcfrddy212 dagar sedan
  • What’s a glizzy

    Jack the alpacaJack the alpaca2 dagar sedan
  • Now that’s a GLIZZY

    Poke SportPoke Sport2 dagar sedan
  • This is doctor's sausage

    luka_shapka 276luka_shapka 2762 dagar sedan
  • 🤢🤮

    Matyzio.Matyzio.2 dagar sedan
  • That’s not a big glizzy, that’s baloney

    Courtney's CreationsCourtney's Creations2 dagar sedan
  • Medium rare perfection. But it looked like that at the start

    Team VibeTeam Vibe2 dagar sedan
  • I was like "What the dick is that"

    Tushar SonkerTushar Sonker3 dagar sedan
  • They stole that from the government which was originally meant for Trumps pp.

    Mr.Angel MartinezMr.Angel Martinez3 dagar sedan
  • Poor doctors sousige

    Chris with a KChris with a K3 dagar sedan
  • Son: mom I just ate the last sausage. Mom: are you kidding? That's for thanksgiving! Son: don't worry, I'll return you a big one.

    GM PerezGM Perez3 dagar sedan
  • What the glizzy

    Yohan RefugiaYohan Refugia3 dagar sedan
    • I liked them all

      bilinas minibilinas mini3 dagar sedan
  • The ultimate glizzy 🤣

    Your_GamerYour_Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • Grown glizzy

    autistic turtleautistic turtle3 dagar sedan
  • 0-0

    Aiko SotoAiko Soto3 dagar sedan
  • Bro didn't even toast the bread smh

    Mir Baquir Ali AliMir Baquir Ali Ali3 dagar sedan
  • Where can I buy one

    Shu ϟShu ϟ3 dagar sedan
  • Lol fake

    dontmesswith medontmesswith me3 dagar sedan

    April WrightApril Wright3 dagar sedan
    • r/wooosh

      Ben DoverBen Dover2 dagar sedan
  • Everyone dreads bring sandwiches to school because for some reason kids come up behind them and say “you are gladiating that glizzy”

    JackFrost 2332JackFrost 23323 dagar sedan
  • (Puberty in a nutshell)

    Spank 08Spank 083 dagar sedan
  • Grow a glizzy sounds like he using pills

    Sleeptime478 ytSleeptime478 yt3 dagar sedan
  • I checked on it at 3 AM and there was a hotdog in there

    James MillsJames Mills3 dagar sedan

    Shade_G30Shade_G303 dagar sedan
  • It would be so watery

    Kayeluminati NonoKayeluminati Nono3 dagar sedan