New Rule: Crypto Mania! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

30 apr 2021
1 216 954 visningar

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill explores the global cryptocurrency craze and the threat it poses to our economy and the environment.
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  • I wholeheartedly disagree with bill

    Rudy Shango TheophinRudy Shango Theophin9 sekunder sedan
  • Somebody once told me cryptocurrency was useful to buy stuff of the dark web but if iny arbitrary useless thing I would consider more valuable above them all is gold platinum silver but doubt that that will happen again

    Arthur RomanoArthur Romano58 minuter sedan
  • Cum Rocket really is going to rocket now.

    onoyoudontonoyoudontTimme sedan
  • Bill’s boys might want to turn the comments off soon - all the robots cheering him in the studio aren’t here.

    onoyoudontonoyoudontTimme sedan
  • A near perfect illustration of how a centralised source of humour built on apparent knowledge and wisdom can be so easily demonstrated as inferior to the humour and insight in decentralised sources such as all the many comments here. Yes I know that is all a bit of verbose BS as well - pretty similar to his wankery. Deliberate pause now to allow you to click the like button so I can feel some validation - just like Bill’s pregnant pauses waiting for the same thing.

    onoyoudontonoyoudontTimme sedan
  • What an ego Bill has. The epitome of a smart arse.

    onoyoudontonoyoudontTimme sedan
  • Ripple AF!

    Joe WarrenJoe Warren3 timmar sedan
  • This is where Bill corroborates the media in tricking the public - mucho 'doth protest too much' in this clip. I have a couple of friends who did not grow up rich in the least but are now are bitcoin multi-millionaires and retired young.

    a. wanderera. wanderer3 timmar sedan
  • Bill, you don't understand crypto

    Hungry GamerHungry Gamer5 timmar sedan
  • Have fun staying poor bitcoin haters lol.

    TylerTyler6 timmar sedan
  • Wow Bill Maher is truly clueless. Lying propagandist? Or ignorant tart? Fiat money is created from "nothing" Bill. And bitcoin proof of work energy use is not a problem when you consider it replaces every banking office globally. That means a huge energy savings in both resources and time/labor.

    njappboynjappboy6 timmar sedan
  • Bill needs to educate himself about topics he criticizes and also the money system.

    al hernandezal hernandez7 timmar sedan
  • He makes some very salient points here but I’ve noticed lately that a lot of his segments have a real old man yells at cloud kinda energy

    riley duranriley duran8 timmar sedan
    • Please tell us the salients points because what so many are hearing, including me, is complete ignorance combined with misrepresentation of reality. Agree it also sounds like a cynical old man yelling at the world.

      onoyoudontonoyoudontTimme sedan
  • This is coming from a guy who swipes a piece of plastic every day 😏😤

    Rico SwaveRico Swave9 timmar sedan
  • Thank you Bill! Keep plugging crypto!

    Joe OpJoe Op9 timmar sedan
  • Cognitive dissonance is what Bill is facing- thinking he’s high and mighty when he’s got his facts all wrong

    Janiix89Janiix8910 timmar sedan
  • Crypto isn't much different than fiat currency. People use both to buy things but their value has nothing backing it other than the economy it exists in. Bill thinking money is real is hilarious

    paul alcoholpaul alcohol11 timmar sedan
  • I wonder how this video would be without the laugh track. Bill Maher is someone who thinks he smarter than you, without actually doing any research and thinking critically.

    islandbeeislandbee12 timmar sedan
  • Damn dude you haven't got the slightest idea about anything. Don't know how you expect your jokes to be funny when you don't actually do any research.

    Ben BBen B12 timmar sedan
  • Want to see his reaction on this in 20 years! 😁

    Thomas KreiselThomas Kreisel12 timmar sedan
    • After Quantum computers can easy crack private keys you mean?

      mightyachilles1mightyachilles16 timmar sedan
  • What’s the difference between crypto and tulips?

    M SM S12 timmar sedan
  • HFSP. Lmao he talks about Bitcoin not produce anything, like America has produced anything in the last 50 years? Or how he provides any real value to society, you get paid in an ever inflating currency to talk shit you are a registered 🤡

    Tanner AndersonTanner Anderson13 timmar sedan
  • "There is something inherently not credible about creating hundreds of billions in virtual wealth with nothing ever actually being accomplished, and no actual product made or service rendered. " No service rendered? A Bitcoin transaction creates a transparent, immutable record that cannot be faked or altered. That Bill, is a service that has a definitive value. In fact, that is exactly what we pay the banking system hundreds of billions of dollars to do, minus the transparent and immutable aspects. So blockchain technology has the ability to do exactly what banks currently do, only better. Yes, Bitcoin is slow and is ridiculously energy intensive, but those are technical problems with known solutions. The fact that you cannot grasp the value proposition crypto currencies represent only serves to highlight your ignorance of how banking works and what money actually is.

    Bradley McKinleyBradley McKinley13 timmar sedan
  • Imagine trying to explain a credit card to someone in the 1930s. They’d say the same thing.

    TwelvieTwelvie14 timmar sedan
  • He called Crypto a ponzi scheme then mentioned the real estate market crash in the same sentence.

    Karriem ShariefKarriem Sharief14 timmar sedan
  • There goes the man of the people. 🤦‍♂️ I was hoping bill understood.

    BeTheChangeBeTheChange15 timmar sedan
  • Take a nap and go read about blockchain you cynical coot. This won’t age well.

    alex geealex gee15 timmar sedan
  • Wasn’t this the guy who made fun of phones with cameras when it first came out? Only to use it years later.. who made fun of E-Sports only to buy stakes at the Mets? How many of you bet in a few years, or maybe even months, this guy will be holding Bitcoin 😂

    Ryuga HydekiRyuga Hydeki15 timmar sedan
  • He is generalizing all the cryptos, some cryptos will help humanity on many ways.

    J's Keto FitnessJ's Keto Fitness17 timmar sedan
  • Bill just trying to create a dip to buy.

    Josh BJosh B17 timmar sedan
  • So friends of mine were talking about crypto and I didn't think much of it. Now that Maher has criticized it, I will invest in it, because this guy has always been TERRIBLE at predicting the future.

    FA SFA S18 timmar sedan
  • Age so gracefully, billy, age gracefully.

    kris czkris cz18 timmar sedan
  • Reminds me of:

    c lutecec lutece19 timmar sedan
  • 7:12 because you dont get it bill. thats why you dont understand it, you have zero imagination whatsoever, keep reading your little wall of text and tell your crew to only touch topics you guys understand.

    c lutecec lutece19 timmar sedan
  • So yeah, the engineers and finance dudes of tesla, microsoft, apple, netflix are wrong and a tv clown called bill maher is right and is smarter, yeah right :D :D

    c lutecec lutece19 timmar sedan
  • i haven't cringed this hard for a long time. oof, it's like watching someone perform self mutilation.

    Kyle McDonaldKyle McDonald22 timmar sedan
  • This is going to age horribly.

    Keef WardKeef Ward22 timmar sedan
  • A financial bubble

    Muyeen Jaffer SadiqMuyeen Jaffer SadiqDag sedan
  • As usual, the clapter is strong with Bill!!! Does the audience really need to buy such dumb assertions about crypto from captain Boomer!?!

    Christian ScottChristian ScottDag sedan
  • ITs not better than that

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • its better than that....Show me an award then.....Got it right here Brainiac....

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • LIke I said. Mine is better than yours.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • da na na na na nana Batman......there you go

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • BATMAN. We've seen Batman. BATMAN...they have not seen Batman....good point. Fuck You Pay Me

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • Fuck You Pay Me. Camel Cash. Camel Mud and Monster. Santa Fe Natural American Spirits. The Winston Cup. Fuck You Pay Me.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • Its called a Currency Area. Oh you know? yeah you don't know. Like I said its called a Currency Area. I'v got One. You've got one. Mine is Better than Yours. Because yours sucks.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • I'v Got Fuck You Pay Me.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • He owns a Ball Park...ok....

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • The Student Athletes Use Fuck You Pay Me. The Mets...yeah...that's not an academic institution. They use a diaper.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • Because guessed it....Serious.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • What Does Bill Maher Use? Bill Maher doesn't Matter anymore. The Mets use diapers.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • What Do College Athletes use? They Use Fuck You Pay Me.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • Because if you aint a'se a Gator Bait

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • You need 5 Stars to win. Jordan Brand can get you 4. Kyle Pitts. 4 Stars. Greatest TE of all time. Alabama doesn't use TE's. They use 5 Stars. 8-4 SNL. Elon Musk. Dogecoin. Paypal. I bought a guitar amplifier off of ebay in highschool. I used Paypal. Dogecoin. Yeah, No I use Fuck You Pay Me. They Don't use Fuck You Pay Me. What do they use? They use a rat chicken hybrid. Gatorade and a 5 Star. Guess Who just showed up to the State of Florida? Welcome to the Swamp.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonDag sedan
  • New rule: Get off my lawn.

    Donnie ZollerDonnie ZollerDag sedan
  • Out of touch boomer shilling for his banker masters.

    Willhelm LandigWillhelm LandigDag sedan
  • The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you...

    SkrimpishSkrimpishDag sedan
  • Imagine a 65 yr old out of touch elitist trying to lecture you about money

    A2JackA2JackDag sedan
  • Yeah, he'll be turning out to be completely right because this is legitimately worse for the economy as the government printing trillions of dollars to invest in infrastructure and save us from the pandemic crash. At least we get some real return on investment; it's not just funny money with no actual value or service that makes a select few people rich that cut out before it crashes or becomes properly regulated. The only real thing about bitcoin is how much power it draws and how many people are gambling on it and winning or losing money that's only real once you cash out. It's like investing in casino chips at a casino that's liable to go out of business and wildly fluctuates the values of each of their chips (Dogecoin/Bitcoin/etc being chips). Except casino chips are physical things at least.

    Peter BrydonPeter BrydonDag sedan
  • This will NOT age well

    Roumz With A ViewRoumz With A ViewDag sedan
  • Bill Maher spewing propaganda. Performing his masters agenda beautifully. What a misinformed LOSER. Bill used to be for more power to the people , and fiercely against banks and government screwing over the people .

    Roumz With A ViewRoumz With A ViewDag sedan
  • What's sad are the hype men laughing in the background.

    MG 07MG 07Dag sedan
  • Well the landlord is getting shafted atm

    Muk VisionMuk VisionDag sedan
  • F Bill, he know most crypto is legit, it’s his job to deceive the masses!! And there is so many F Ing sheep in the audience who are clueless! He is pathetic!!!! I’m sure all of those clapping and laughing are also are wearing a mask 😂

    Digi DivaDigi DivaDag sedan
  • Bill Maher: I don’t understand bitcoin. Bill Maher: Here is why bitcoin is a moral, and all the nerds who actually understand it are wrong.

    Larry CarterLarry CarterDag sedan
  • Dumbo )

    Free ElectronFree ElectronDag sedan
  • Ok, boomer.

    Колобър ТасемиКолобър ТасемиDag sedan
  • When we look back at this silly moment in time, we will finally be able to recognize this moment, and this message from Bill Maher as the prediction of the century (or millennia), and the moment when people come to terms, with how they were so incredibly, widely fooled, and that the Pied Piper behind all this greed and insanity, was not their friend. Thanks, Bill (from one to another)

    bbunk22bbunk22Dag sedan
  • This is not funny.

    MG 07MG 07Dag sedan
  • Just to clarify, this is the same Bill Maher who literally said camera phones and social media were "bad ideas"

    Nouveau RicheNouveau RicheDag sedan
    • @Kayton Speak for yourself. Depends on how you use it.

      Nouveau RicheNouveau RicheDag sedan
    • social media was a pretty bad idea to be fair

      KaytonKaytonDag sedan
  • u jealous bill

    Lola GuerreroLola GuerreroDag sedan
  • Or being a limousine liberal like Maher!

    rushbo500rushbo500Dag sedan
  • If you do not choose a cryptocurrency for the future, it will be chosen for you. Bill Maher didn't pay for his house in beads, now did he? Or gold? How many golds can I get for these beads so I can buy some dollars to trade for that guy's cool beads? Choose open source. Choose Doge.

    vyoufindervyoufinderDag sedan
  • OK Boomer!

    Mark El-DeiryMark El-DeiryDag sedan
  • I always knew Bill was establishment.

    NickG 02NickG 02Dag sedan
  • Boomers struggling.

    John HarrisJohn HarrisDag sedan
  • Nothing of what he said conceptually is true

    Karlos AlvaradoKarlos AlvaradoDag sedan

    Amitai KellerAmitai KellerDag sedan
  • haha, so funny watching someone making jokes about something they dont understand XD

    Nils KalkmanNils KalkmanDag sedan
  • Bill, I love you but this wont age well

    Jason KellyJason KellyDag sedan
  • Old man yells at cloud.

    FearairFearairDag sedan
  • The Joke is money cash is just as virtual and not real as crypto your too old Bill should retire !

    Purple Dragon Crypto TechPurple Dragon Crypto TechDag sedan
  • Do you understand how electricity works Bill? Or your cell phone? Or your television? Yet you use those items every day.

    mike scottmike scottDag sedan
  • The only joke here is Bill Maher

    M. DimiM. DimiDag sedan
  • Bill thinks he’s being edgy, but he actually sounds like a giant idiot.

    Yes GunnyYes GunnyDag sedan

    SmithsnmozSmithsnmozDag sedan
  • People store value in property to protect wealth. People that want to buy that first house, or rent a house pay the price. Try reading A Bullish Case for Bitcoin, Vijay Boyapati. As for energy, let’s talk gold, and the USA military. Neither seek renewable energy, or stranded energy like bitcoin. Play money? Fiat is play money. Your so full of shit Bill, try educating yourself.

    Seriously You jest?Seriously You jest?Dag sedan
  • Bill Maher bought doge at 65 cents and now he's pissed.

    c cc cDag sedan
  • bit coin takes you somewhere, it takes you to the poor house!

    David BrandenburgDavid BrandenburgDag sedan
  • just what i want to do is invest in a virtual currency, man this look like something Bernie Madoff came up with!.

    David BrandenburgDavid BrandenburgDag sedan
  • Old people, the same ones that said that computers, internet, cell phones, digital music and movies where all a scam. I wonder where does he think our current money gets it's value or how it is produced.

    Empakt MK1Empakt MK1Dag sedan
  • You kids are prolly too young to remember Enron but you should look it up. You’re all saying the exact same thing cats said about Enron and internet stocks, and that worked out well. I have money in crypto but not the farm

    TK-420 CarmineTK-420 CarmineDag sedan
  • Like stock in a fake company

    Griffin CrumpGriffin CrumpDag sedan

    Amelia MasonAmelia MasonDag sedan
    • @Jennifer William I'm not here to converse for her but to testify just for what I'm sure of,She's trust worthy and best option ever seen.

      Leonard TonyLeonard TonyDag sedan
    • @Darlia Cable Brandi J Adam's has really made name for herself

      Jennifer WilliamJennifer WilliamDag sedan
    • @Nelson Johnson Kindly tell her I referred for you quick replies.

      Jennifer WilliamJennifer WilliamDag sedan
    • + :: 6:: 0 ::6 ::4 ::8 ::5 :: 3 ::9 ::3 ::1

      Jennifer WilliamJennifer WilliamDag sedan
    • + ( 6 0 6 ) 4 8 5 - 3 9 3 1

      Jennifer WilliamJennifer WilliamDag sedan
  • Basically just do the opposite of whatever this guy's says. New Golden rule to live by...

    jontyjontyDag sedan
  • I bet he personally owns millions worth of Bitcoin. And getting paid for trashing Bitcoin.

    MrSchweppesMrSchweppesDag sedan
  • "Airplanes are interesting toys, but of no military value." Ferdinand Foch, 1911 Ferdinand Foch was a French general and military theorist who served as the Supreme Allied Commander during the First World War.

    MrSchweppesMrSchweppesDag sedan
  • So US isn't printing money with a click anymore? I love you Bill but this only proves you're an old guy that just doesn't understand. I work every day in that IMAGINARY world .. it is really sad, you remind me of my mom who refused to use a cellphone because it was "impossible" that a phone worked without a cord on the street. But its understandable "you always fear what you dont know"

    Logika OneLogika OneDag sedan
  • "The internet is just a fad", something probably Bill Maher would have said back then

    XRP DEVXRP DEVDag sedan
    • @Kal- Jaysean Lol haha, I don't watch his show, therefore I don't know what his other opinions were. But it sounds like you should always do the exact opposite of what he says

      XRP DEVXRP DEVDag sedan
    • He basically did say that😂 the guy has some of the shittiest opinions I've ever heard.

      Kal- JayseanKal- JayseanDag sedan
    • He did say that lol, he also said that social media was just a fad, and many others lol

      KyuKyuDag sedan