traves in a shellnut (fan-edit)

9 okt 2019
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oh boy, another one
Posting Travis clips over here:
Songs used:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 8AM
Earthbound - Battle Against A Weird Opponent (travis' outro)

  • 14:48, best clip I've ever seen of both Travis and Josh

    swuvvswuvv2 dagar sedan
  • This man is a literal goblin

    MarkMark2 dagar sedan
  • What if you Wanted to kill everybody But god said "No Traves"

    Femme SammyFemme Sammy2 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 the epic prediction

    mikzutomikzuto2 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 that’s a yikes for me now

    Thundertrain2930Thundertrain29302 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 hearing that joke after 2021 😳

    Vincent RodriguezVincent Rodriguez3 dagar sedan
  • i dont know why but the bit where he is dancing made me really uncomfortable

    ItzDarkittenItzDarkitten3 dagar sedan
  • 17:15 YAAA-AUUugh!

    Hunter HurstHunter Hurst3 dagar sedan
  • 13:40 is just Crazy Dave from PVZ

    Gingerhead 457Gingerhead 4573 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 carson be like

    captain crunchcaptain crunch4 dagar sedan
  • 20:56 Even though Traves sounded funny when he said "tarantula", its *(not accent wise)* the way you say it in Greek.

    gkarbouzigkarbouzi5 dagar sedan
  • 9:10 just a little timestamp for the "what are you chortling at, little gamer?" clip

    Lovely LaxativesLovely Laxatives5 dagar sedan
  • "I landed on the æ"

    FreddyFreddy6 dagar sedan

    FByeNFByeN7 dagar sedan
  • 3:00 did not age well

    Gnures kGnures k7 dagar sedan
  • "how far underage"

    Snarky Comment HereSnarky Comment Here8 dagar sedan
  • find it funny how the only one that laughed at traves under age joke was CallMeCarson

    Carson B DotCarson B Dot9 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 This did not age well regarding the carson situation

    Nathaniel MothNathaniel Moth10 dagar sedan
  • 20:15

    ProfazbearProfazbear11 dagar sedan
  • 18:07

    ProfazbearProfazbear11 dagar sedan
  • 6:59

    ProfazbearProfazbear11 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 lol that does NOOOOOT age well

    SpaceySpacey11 dagar sedan
  • Carson be like: 2:55

    funkhouzrfunkhouzr11 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 this aged poorly

    Plaster BrainPlaster Brain12 dagar sedan
  • "how far underage"

    TheGoldenTank TGTTheGoldenTank TGT12 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 big yikess

    Bryan Van DelftBryan Van Delft15 dagar sedan
  • That how much underage bit seems like an even worse thing in light of what we know here in 2021

    SmashinOblivionGateSmashinOblivionGate15 dagar sedan
  • 5:03

    Athhar MahendraAthhar Mahendra16 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 the most badly aged clip in youtube history

    shelleyshelley16 dagar sedan
    • NOO 😭🖐

      Aina CringeAina Cringe12 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 now this is double bad

    SnpaulSnpaul16 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 uh oh

    JoeyJoey16 dagar sedan
  • He’s got the advantage playing against anyone at 25:43 because that’s more of his style

    7.3Powerstroke7.3Powerstroke16 dagar sedan
  • 2:58 yikes that aged like milk

    Aaron McAdamsAaron McAdams16 dagar sedan
  • 2:59 reminds me of someone

    James GriffinJames Griffin17 dagar sedan
  • 2:59 This didn’t age well

    chicken schnitzelchicken schnitzel17 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 oof

    STOGIESTOGIE18 dagar sedan
  • *kills squid* Nobody: Traves: squidward

    Nightrain 1216Nightrain 121620 dagar sedan
  • 18:07

    Apple JackApple Jack22 dagar sedan
  • Wait shellnut? I though I had a seizure for a second; I see what you did there

    Rendon MohrRendon Mohr22 dagar sedan
  • But seriously, how DOES not has bed?

    Avrelianus InvictusAvrelianus Invictus22 dagar sedan
    • We may never know...

      Phø.is.nøt.interestingPhø.is.nøt.interesting15 dagar sedan
  • I would pay to know how Travis lives day to day

    Depressed AstronautDepressed Astronaut23 dagar sedan
  • W o o d

    Adrian Ver HagenAdrian Ver Hagen24 dagar sedan
  • I literally for the longest time until literally rn didnt realize the title says shellnut instead of traves in a nutshell

    Ryan AppelbaumRyan Appelbaum24 dagar sedan
  • dyslexia has traves

    just another accountjust another account24 dagar sedan
  • I love how travis can mix well with everyone in lunch club and seeing him form strong bonds with schlatt and coopie is really cute

    Jacob KeddieJacob Keddie25 dagar sedan
  • God he’s funny

    Smallshrimpin69Smallshrimpin6927 dagar sedan
  • Just saving 2:55 for a sec

    beep beepbeep beep28 dagar sedan
  • What pc specs does travis have

    ObliviouosObliviouos28 dagar sedan
  • travis hits diffrent at 3 am

    Niels KivioqNiels Kivioq29 dagar sedan
  • ewfowedfwfvmerwuriomjreiujgriej okay we're chillin

    Born of PixelsBorn of Pixels29 dagar sedan
  • traves is gone so i'm rewatching this again Edit: well this didn't age well

    EgorBorEgorBor29 dagar sedan
  • My brain has a bruised because of this

    Justin PerezJustin PerezMånad sedan
  • Traves doesn't rode the short bus he drives it

    U.S.S.R UselessU.S.S.R UselessMånad sedan
  • Traves (american) never has heard of the English language.

    LLMånad sedan
  • I felt myself getting dumber while listening to traves

    GB ProductionsGB ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Somehow I can relate to Travis.

    a man who is trying to be chilla man who is trying to be chillMånad sedan
  • this brings back times

    Rida 00Rida 00Månad sedan
  • you could title any of traves videos "brain melting" and it will make sense

    goth girlgoth girlMånad sedan
  • My brian stems are slowly melting to the point that I forgot what I am writing about mid sentence.

    ThatGuyAgain665ThatGuyAgain665Månad sedan
  • comment

    JustaGhostJustaGhostMånad sedan
  • I need to find a video of travis playing ancestors (the monkey game where he smashed the rocks)

    CB flyswatCB flyswatMånad sedan
  • i landed on the _æ_

    NOXXNOXXMånad sedan
  • 9:12 "little gamer" timestamp

    Lovely LaxativesLovely LaxativesMånad sedan
  • At one point I made a loud squeak sort of laughing noise, it’s currently 3:05 in the morning traves made me wake up my family

    StariStariMånad sedan
  • this is a prime example of someone who thinks as they speak

    The Fuzzy OcelotThe Fuzzy OcelotMånad sedan
  • But did Travman kill BastiGHG ? Get

    VVS18VVS18Månad sedan
  • 3:44 vid?

    Legionary assassinLegionary assassinMånad sedan
  • 7:10 Ted IS the villager

    EnchantedBBQEnchantedBBQMånad sedan
  • Travis is the personification of sleep deprivation and caffeine.

    TylerIsADumbTylerIsADumbMånad sedan
  • Shellnuts

    치즈치즈Månad sedan
  • 20:58 I need to hear this everyday

    Luke ManciniLuke ManciniMånad sedan
  • Travis is one of the most purest people.

    Plasmo no.1Plasmo no.1Månad sedan
  • Why does Travis just always have the worst audio quality?

    DerpyCactus 37DerpyCactus 37Månad sedan
  • 3:03

    Heinz KetchupHeinz KetchupMånad sedan
  • 0:36 what video is this I need it

    NFL Madden Game HighlightsNFL Madden Game HighlightsMånad sedan
  • If i like her pictures x3 is in this, pls timestamp

    KatieKatieMånad sedan
  • Garfield in America will always be one of my favorite clips

    mikey scootermikey scooterMånad sedan
  • this may be the 3rd time im watching this

    mikey scootermikey scooterMånad sedan
  • Traves is my idol

    AxeWAxeWMånad sedan
  • We need travis, slime, and Eef in the same room. If such a video already exists, tell me please.

    Paul PetkauPaul PetkauMånad sedan
  • Traves is one of my favorite people

    BigMaxPorterBigMaxPorterMånad sedan
  • what’s 2:57 from I really want to hear the reaction

    Jonathan DavollJonathan Davoll2 månader sedan
  • "ubdernmeath your mom" i don't know why that always gets me

    Eli WaltonEli Walton2 månader sedan
  • 2:56

    Willie KWillie K2 månader sedan
  • Travis is a national treasure

    ubrntly's home.ubrntly's home.2 månader sedan
  • what is 19:17 from

    Munksterrr \oMunksterrr \o2 månader sedan
  • traves is just my inner primate brain personified

    CiphercloneCipherclone2 månader sedan
  • 0:35 just a self-reminder reminder of muffled little gamer

    Am I homophobic if I hate myself?Am I homophobic if I hate myself?2 månader sedan
  • Traves has a character arc every time he speaks

    Potato KingPotato King2 månader sedan
  • “How far under age?” *Moonlight Plays*

    Rosser JacksonRosser Jackson2 månader sedan
  • He's literally the little brother of the group and I love it

    A. TheilA. Theil2 månader sedan
  • After travis realized he typed "how does not has bed" He didn't say "oops" he said "oaps"

    GummyDummyGummyDummy2 månader sedan
  • Traves is just the next step in human evolution

    Chariot 7Chariot 72 månader sedan

    deepsea squeeze treesdeepsea squeeze trees2 månader sedan
  • :)

    DuxifyDuxify2 månader sedan
  • nap

    VincentVincent2 månader sedan
  • "yo mama" "YO mama" "aw"

    lakesalpallakesalpal2 månader sedan
  • we need a Traves in a Shutnell

    KevinKevin3 månader sedan
  • He is the embodiment of Gir.

    shufflescottomshufflescottom3 månader sedan
  • whats the texture pack at 0:22

    #25#253 månader sedan