"Looks Like Chicken, Tastes Like Shrimp... Or S***" | Kitchen Nightmares

19 feb 2021
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  • 3:40 best description for the episode

    JOSE PINTOJOSE PINTO4 timmar sedan
  • 8:00 smooth af

    Aissa gattelAissa gattel4 timmar sedan
  • A noble elder citizen sleeping calmy in the restaurant Ramsay: Is he sleeping over there?

    AZI3623AZI36235 timmar sedan
  • 11:09

    tonichi paulinotonichi paulino6 timmar sedan
  • Customer : I like your British accent Gordon : I like your lipstick💄 🤣🤣🤣

    Thabang LehetlaThabang Lehetla10 timmar sedan
  • "I never really tasted things beforehand, never thought it was necessary, I guess that just comes with the cocky and the arrogance of me" YOU GUESSED RIGHT. He has such a big pride. Why this man is being so sarcastic when he clearly needs help? Some people out there have a huge ego.

    Fara PallaraFara Pallara14 timmar sedan

    Yea im here 123Yea im here 12319 timmar sedan

    Yea im here 123Yea im here 12319 timmar sedan
  • one of the best episode in Kitchen Nightmare

    Humble AlcasHumble Alcas20 timmar sedan
  • For me this is the best of kitchen nightmares

    Angelica Vapor Dela cruzAngelica Vapor Dela cruz21 timme sedan
  • I really cry😭🥰 in happiness

    Angelica Vapor Dela cruzAngelica Vapor Dela cruz21 timme sedan
  • Man love this episode Gordon is such a nice guy and makes people happy

    Castiel IshenCastiel IshenDag sedan
  • I may be late but this is definitely the best episode i ever watched

    TrashPlayer 93TrashPlayer 93Dag sedan
  • 25:43

    גאיה זינגרגאיה זינגרDag sedan
  • In most episode, they just change the Table cloth and bingo. Wow it's new and beautiful

    Daily Talk with kapil SharmaDaily Talk with kapil SharmaDag sedan
  • What's that looks like Rat dropping. Ohh lemme touch it.

    Daily Talk with kapil SharmaDaily Talk with kapil SharmaDag sedan
  • so in the end what about the food?

    Juste DanJuste DanDag sedan
  • why is no one talking about how he touched legit rat shit and didn’t wash his hands

    ItsUNooErItsUNooErDag sedan
  • They're asking questions and they ordered a lot of wine. BUSTED!

    LS AriaLS Aria2 dagar sedan
  • Amazing episode.

    Faisal H.Faisal H.2 dagar sedan
  • Anotony better not fuck up the marrige, or else he would be on the Italian marfias death list

    Noah Reimer-NielsenNoah Reimer-Nielsen2 dagar sedan
  • Best part is when Gordon flirts with the older ladies. Such a casanova

    RobRob2 dagar sedan
  • Gordon is the Chuck Norris of cooking,🤷🏽‍♂️

    A.B SkermandA.B Skermand2 dagar sedan
  • The parents are fucking stupid for investing in the first place

    Passive AgressivePassive Agressive2 dagar sedan
  • Why would you invest a business with your daughter’s boyfriend? WTAF🤯

    Passive AgressivePassive Agressive2 dagar sedan
  • This is the best kitchen nightmare episode Drop a like if you also agree with me ♥️

    Ronit PednekarRonit Pednekar3 dagar sedan
  • There’s a video in your ads

    Tom O’CallaghanTom O’Callaghan3 dagar sedan
  • Probably the best of gordan i have seen till now🔥🔥🔥


    Needs ChipsNeeds Chips3 dagar sedan
  • IRS closed them for good that very year

    Ariana RainbowAriana Rainbow4 dagar sedan
  • Wow that proposal brought tears to my eyes

    Nikolas CarrollNikolas Carroll4 dagar sedan
  • imean cmon we've seen worst it s not that bad

    Sara BenSara Ben4 dagar sedan
  • Basic shit...u need to taste..

    Norman PetinNorman Petin4 dagar sedan
  • 21:43 “teats are not your strong point.” The father’s laugh in this comment felt like it was the best thing he’s heard in his life.

    Allyssa Nicole De Los ReyesAllyssa Nicole De Los Reyes4 dagar sedan
  • the cow's privacy was violated.

    Yukki AmagiriYukki Amagiri4 dagar sedan
  • they got closed later on for not paying taxes🤦‍♂️

    Neeraj YelpaleNeeraj Yelpale5 dagar sedan
  • I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but this was funny with the old people coming in and Gordon’s reaction

    Peter SwartsPeter Swarts5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine fucking up the last night dinner with the critics and after that asking the girl to marry him XD

    Nerulon SkyvenNerulon Skyven5 dagar sedan
    • And she says No

      Rishan AhmedRishan Ahmed4 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fZfMl7XRmYJ-mmQ/video

    Princess JanePrincess Jane5 dagar sedan
  • 14:01 what is the difference?

    Blue FoxBlue Fox5 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂👏🏾👏🏾 YES! Gordon

    Paradise TeamParadise Team5 dagar sedan
  • I get those goosebumps everytime yeah, I don't know the text yeah,

    Jakson MoveJakson Move5 dagar sedan
    • Yes chef

      Rishan AhmedRishan Ahmed4 dagar sedan
  • bro remsy i also need to get married where are you 🤣❤️

    KMメAlpha YTKMメAlpha YT5 dagar sedan
    • just joking 🤣

      KMメAlpha YTKMメAlpha YT5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine a guy with no experience in italian cooking saying he doesn't know what he is talking about for a guy with 21+ years of experience in industry.

    vidit singhvidit singh6 dagar sedan
  • Wait just because Anthony didn’t react to his tantrum n respond...Gordon walks out? What a turd...🤣😭

    KH4L1DKH4L1D6 dagar sedan
    • @Rishan Ahmed lmao... He needs reactions for his show... It doesn't work otherwise 🙄

      KH4L1DKH4L1D4 dagar sedan
    • Panini head like you won't understand

      Rishan AhmedRishan Ahmed4 dagar sedan
  • Question 🙋🏽‍♀️ Are they told to say they in a nuts shell don’t need Ramsey? Because the all seem to say

    MillyfadeMillyfade7 dagar sedan
  • Had like 10 ads to whatch this video

    BeastFlankerBeastFlanker7 dagar sedan
  • Somebody know what situation they are right now?

    Freddy JFreddy J7 dagar sedan
  • Dude Gordon Ramsay has that amazing kindest in him that I love so much:)

    Deoxy GXDeoxy GX7 dagar sedan
  • I just have one question......does Gordon pay for the renovations? 🤔🤔🤔

    XaurabhhXaurabhh7 dagar sedan
    • Show's producers does

      Rishan AhmedRishan Ahmed4 dagar sedan
  • The best ending ever

    BanzaiiBanzaii7 dagar sedan
  • Is the pen in the ear is a new style in a wedding 👰😂

    Treesha JayakodyTreesha Jayakody8 dagar sedan
  • "Now I'm locked out"

    N I G H T C O R E - P A N D AN I G H T C O R E - P A N D A8 dagar sedan
  • Weird the father was already wearing a tux... almost like they knew a wedding would happen

    AND MEAND ME8 dagar sedan
  • The restaurant is permanently closed

    Razik KhanRazik Khan9 dagar sedan
  • The “Golden Girls” were the hero’s.

    shinikwa 11shinikwa 119 dagar sedan
  • he really just told those two people to get engaged and married then and there, all the while he's wearing a white apron

    Arsh HassanArsh Hassan9 dagar sedan
  • This is amazing😍😍😍

    PhamKhat OngPhamKhat Ong9 dagar sedan
  • Good job Mr. Ramsay 👏👏

    Kasturi rajKasturi raj9 dagar sedan
  • Best episode!🥰

  • Amazing ending

    OminousImpressionOminousImpression10 dagar sedan

    Franco SanchezFranco Sanchez10 dagar sedan
  • He got them married 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Badmus OluwapelumiBadmus Oluwapelumi10 dagar sedan
  • Gordon Ramsay has been such a blessing on so many families and on so many restaurants.

    Yamini PrasadYamini Prasad10 dagar sedan
  • What a title 😂😂😂 and what an end! 👏👏👏

    Soleil TounsiSoleil Tounsi10 dagar sedan
  • Anthony wants to learn something from Chef Ramsay and he's listening. It's rare wish him the best

    AdelyaAdelya10 dagar sedan
  • Its almost like he has some ADHD, cus he has that careless souless personality, i have autism, adhd, and i got no respect for him

  • Best kitchen nightmare episode ever

    Suhaeb hussainSuhaeb hussain10 dagar sedan
  • Gordon: Now I'm locked out It got me WHEEZING

    LXLX11 dagar sedan
  • please restaurant chefs, don't waste food

    Naufil ZahidNaufil Zahid11 dagar sedan
  • Love to the T and love to the G.

    Salve LegioSalve Legio11 dagar sedan
  • head chef: i dont think he knows what he is taking bout gordon : IM A PROFFESIONAL CHEF , IDIOT

    Pradyumna MadanPradyumna Madan11 dagar sedan
  • This is one of the best episodes hands down

    sama igasama iga11 dagar sedan
  • Anthony starts milking cow: Cow: Why are we still here just to suffer...

    King Bark 123King Bark 12311 dagar sedan
  • So the boneheaded chef thinks Gordon doesn't know what he's talking about. 🤣

    Christopher HanChristopher Han11 dagar sedan
  • That Tony needs knokking out and dragging out of that restaurant.

    Peaky_BlinderPeaky_Blinder11 dagar sedan
  • Best episode ever. It genuinely made me tear up.

    Sr NachoSr Nacho11 dagar sedan
  • " I like your lipstick."........oh ramsay ..just awesome ...........

    Marium Akter SarnaMarium Akter Sarna12 dagar sedan
  • At first I wondered how American restaurants can grow and survive when the portion sizes are so huge... then I remembered they don’t have a wage lmao

    PleoryoPleoryo12 dagar sedan
  • Yep arrogant kid you need to know more boi cause when I handle a company I was 27 and it took me 5 year's to learn all those experience :)

    Kai JinKai Jin12 dagar sedan
  • Gordon really is a match maker❤️

    ManishaManisha12 dagar sedan
  • Damn wholesome episode

    Esther YanEsther Yan12 dagar sedan
  • Idk why but Gordon getting locked outta the restaurant killed me 😂

    Lorelei_LilyLorelei_Lily12 dagar sedan
  • This has to be one of the best episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, if not the best.

    MrHusain5253MrHusain525313 dagar sedan
  • What an amazing guy

    Adoa BcAdoa Bc13 dagar sedan
  • 'While Anthony may not taste his food, the customers are.....and they are not impressed." Narrator anonymously roasting him, LMAO🤣

    Andrew ReedsAndrew Reeds13 dagar sedan
  • Gordon just called shrimp shit

    Ludvig BohlinLudvig Bohlin13 dagar sedan
  • I'm getting addicted watching these videos especially when Gordon was roasting someone. LMAI

    Dark MonarchDark Monarch13 dagar sedan
  • You don't love the way the British make fun of Americans and they don't even get the hint? G: golden girls A:ohhh🤭😍😍😍🥰🤗 Euro: he call them old and they didn't even understand🙈

    ANNANN13 dagar sedan
  • Chef Ramsay You are a great person ❤

    Karun DebbarmaKarun Debbarma14 dagar sedan
  • this show is not about cooking, its about Gordon fixing other peoples life xD

    Darius WeiszDarius Weisz14 dagar sedan
  • imagine Gordon ruining his life with this ring, after they broke up and her dads lawyer made him lose everything xD

    Darius WeiszDarius Weisz14 dagar sedan
  • stop the video and press 37:09 wtf xD

    Darius WeiszDarius Weisz14 dagar sedan
  • Looking at this chef you can see he has potential to be amazing I hope he followed the advice and the business took off for his parents in laws sake

    EllegaitorEllegaitor14 dagar sedan
  • 08:52 wasn't the Guy on the right just censored? 😂😂😂

    Sl1pp1Sl1pp114 dagar sedan
  • gordon cried a bit there 38:48

    yuvraj deveshwar senyuvraj deveshwar sen14 dagar sedan
  • When the food comes Me: It looks good!! Gordon: it's piece of sh** Me: it's piece of sh**

    Kinshuk ChoudhuryKinshuk Choudhury14 dagar sedan
  • Did fucken Gordon show he has a soft spot?!

    VoltageVoltage14 dagar sedan
  • Wow is all i can say with tears rolling down my face💞

    Sarah SantosSarah Santos15 dagar sedan
  • Interesting how being young makes people incapable. My mom started her own restaurant in 1999 when she was just 18, and it's still running to this day, and she have had 2 other restaurants in other cities, but now it's back to one. It's always been family based, and january 2022, I'll be prepping to start my own cafe as well. I'm currently 18, so I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    David NguyenDavid Nguyen15 dagar sedan