Moments of Animal Genius That Will Amaze You

9 jan 2021
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Sometimes animals are so clever that it's frightening.

  • Enjoy the video friends!

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    • Shut up

      Jaymeson MannJaymeson Mann3 timmar sedan
    • I only got through the beginning. Very annoyed by your edits and narration. Thumbs down.

      Eric RockEric Rock23 timmar sedan
    • Imagine .asking a video about animals and call tortoises turtles instead

      Afrowizard AfrodoniaAfrowizard AfrodoniaDag sedan
    • @T O what

      Classy SquidClassy Squid2 dagar sedan
    • Maybe your ancestors descended from chimpanzees, but i know for sure mine decended from Adam!

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  • Where’s harambe?

    OllyDollyDingDongOllyDollyDingDong19 minuter sedan
  • Beluga whale shown in this video is escapy of russian military training camp. He was trained to fetch alongside many other animals like seals etc..

    NoCultistNoCultist34 minuter sedan
  • animal: hits window humans: *KING*

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  • My cat just jump into the bed and started staring at me after you said look at your cat I'm scared

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  • Before watching this video just know there’s been 8! Adds up to the 4 minute mark save yourself the time

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  • How would you feel being trapped in a cage? 🙄🖕

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  • The neighbors must LOVE that little girl and all the bird shit that gets dropped on their houses and yards from all those crows.

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  • ya, raccoons wash there hands before they eat and if they get food from the wild they will wash the food too

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  • I just love how he used Gordon Ramsay

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  • Every one wants freedom , humans are mean they imprisone innocent poor souls for thier whole life.

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  • Animals do have a 6th sense 🐶

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  • That goat is really *G.O.A.T.*

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  • We are not related to chimps. We all share general dna good god

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  • Of course it does its clearly cleaning

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  • Humans "aww look he plays fetch" Whale " the dumb humans keep losing their ball all the damn time"

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  • It’s a cool video but I hate the repeating boomerang effect it’s so annoying

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  • Imagine being jailed for life!

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  • rip harambe

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  • They should bring that monkey back to its natural habitat instead of taking stones away.

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  • 2:40 me when i'm at a party

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  • The monkey breaking the glass was fake

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  • If you don't know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise don't narrate nature videos.

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  • They want freedom..feeling sad for the monkey

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  • This video should be renamed how many ways can you say animals are smart. Of course they are smart a lot of them have lived far longer than we have in this environment

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  • 6:08 *this scares me*

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  • a new generation of man kind is starting, or maybe... this was the footage when man kind firsts evolved 🤔🤔

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  • Raccoons steal everything? So that’s where my functional tank with a rail gun went... Uh oh

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  • Don't fucking slave them

  • The whale was returning the humans garbage.

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  • This look into animal intelligence is fascinating, if for no other reason, it compels us to examine ourselves and consider the question, what makes us human? Oh yeah, humanity is a collection of self-absorbed pricks.

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  • Watching the raccoon steal the food and run away will always look hilarious to me 2:40

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  • 2:48 That's rocket from guardians

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  • May someone observe human space travel in same way as we saw monkey's 🐒 efforts to break glass 🤔 .

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  • that gorilla more mascular than I

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  • minute 3.39 that friend of mine smiles when he got chicken dinner in PUBG

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  • Didnt show up shapening tho rock i csll bs oy founf a pointy rock is all

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  • Claw of a crab? Oh dear what use is a crab's claw? 😂

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  • That monkey glass clips was fake

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  • my boy said aight im outta this bitch OH SHIT

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  • The first monkeys are the reasons I always wanted to reject my humanity and return to monke

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  • You feed the crow, you’re gonna get rich

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  • Lol, that frame of shattering glass is clearly a fake. Suckers.

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  • Raccoon tried to steal from my cat once. Big mistake on the raccoons part. Raccoon was found dead the next day due to injuries.

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  • This is on the process of human

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  • Be as shameless as a racoon in life to be happy.😂

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  • Imagine one day when your 20 or lesser your parents say “you almost died as a baby but then a dog saved you”

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  • I had a Magpie and it was stealing stuff from neighbours house, one day it even stole my father's 100$ but luckily we caught it

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  • 0:48 Senku:were 10000000% advanced into the future

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  • No such thing as “Mother Nature “. The same intelligent God who created you also created everything else. It’s the humans ignorance and ingratitude which makes us attribute this gift to other than the Giver! Allah is the One True God. Elevate your intellect. Peace!

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  • There's an Einstein in every race.

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  • Humans are also animals

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  • Cats are life savers!! Once we had my younger brothers soft little seat thing (soft material seat, not really sure what it actually was) and someone left it on the cooker, whilst it was on. She started meowing load and came in to tell us and we went and checked it out and it was burning!

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  • *I fed a crow, he brought me iPhone 12 pro max with airpods 2!*

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  • Reject humanity return to monke

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  • *Somewhere in parallel universe* :- *"Moments of Humans that will amaze you!"*

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  • Oooh a monkey is soooo smart because he can pick up a rock and hit a window.

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  • the first monkey- Advancement Made: Stone Age

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  • When a monkey is smarter than me

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  • Imagine getting a hundred dollar notes for free everyday by the crow gangs.

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  • Here’s a answer say it before you read more Are they smarter than me Yes

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  • “Shot It Down with a stick”

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  • I thought the first one was a black kid

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  • 3:39 footage of latest riot by BLM member

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  • “Life, will find a way”

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  • They're tortoises not turtles.

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  • I wish people would learn the difference between turtles & tortoises .....

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  • Your intro needs to change

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  • Nobody talking about how that raccoon ran away..? 💀 I can’t stop laughing everytime I rewatch it just for that

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  • Beluga whale: Hey man last warning dont drop your garbage in my home.

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  • Come on! We know that cat only saved its’ oen life but, needed the humans help ..ain’t no cat got time fo gettin burnt by stupid humans mistakes. 😼🤦🏻‍♂️ JKofc.

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  • Plot twist: The world itself is a zoo and the aliens are watching us.

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    • How did you know?

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  • How hard is it to say capuchin?

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  • You guys only base an animals intelligence off the way they interact with human objects, but put then up to a test of survival where they don't have to look in a mirror, or break some glass, but survive, and I'm pretty sure you'll find their IQ higher than yours.

    Menacing EggRollMenacing EggRoll16 timmar sedan
  • The saddest part is that monkey is caged and is actually thinking of escaping. He was caged and displayed for existing as a monkey. He didn't even choose to be born as a monkey. haaayst :(

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  • Lol soon they will make rap music like the other apes did

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  • Animals are the best people.

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  • Maybe if you freeze frame, rewind, freezeframe rewind, cut, freeze frame rewind it will make the video more enjoyable, or annoying but give it a try

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  • I told ya we need to go back to monke.

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  • Maybe the crow just couldn’t stand seeing the camera lens not be shiny

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  • 🤭did the animal kingdom give up its intelligence just to be 1 with nature?!

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  • Wait...that's Redwheel

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  • 1:00 When I was a small child, I was beaten by one of these monkeys in a park in my town. He had escaped from the area reserved for them.

    Fix For FunFix For Fun19 timmar sedan
    • ​@Sceplecture I remember it was scary back then, but today I laugh when I tell this story. Not everyone is beaten by a monkey in the middle of the city.

      Fix For FunFix For Fun19 timmar sedan
    • that sounds hilarious. im sorry.

      SceplectureSceplecture19 timmar sedan
  • Crows are most intelligent birds. Don't underestimate them. They understand most of what we do.

  • So when he throws plastic in the ocean, he's just playing But when I do it, I'm "Fined no more than $1500 and 30 days incarcerated for littering"

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  • Why are they throwing the rugby ball like that 😭😭

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  • He was so scared, he’s probably half human

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  • Hey gizmo my dogs name not a. Cat

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  • Dude these retarded animals smashing shit with rocks doesn't make them a "genius".

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  • "Take a closer look at your cat" This guy has no ideab cats are about as smart as 4-year-olds. Nobody realizes how smart children are, so people think cats are rediciously dumb. They're not. For example, my cat picked up when I was done with school, every day during my last class she just paces around and waits. Cats are smart!

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  • Animals aren't dumb, they just don't speak human.

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  • i that my dad o wait he not my dad sorry he so smart i think was my dad sorry

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  • TORTOISE.... not turtle

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  • That with the bears is just sad because they beg for food and no longer hunt anymore.

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  • I'm surprised you didn't use the clip of a crow surfing a tin roof with a bottle cap

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  • Well my sisters cat keeps pising on my bed

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    • Ummmm?

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  • I think crows are some of the most intelligent birds out there.

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