THOR vs SPEEDRUNNERS in Minecraft!

12 jan 2021
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⭐️ THOR vs SPEEDRUNNERS in Minecraft!
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  • batman

    Jessica HumpageJessica Humpage39 minuter sedan
  • Ok at the start when jelly gets sent into the revine i saw brick blocks in it

    Jackson WeberJackson Weber6 timmar sedan
  • Did they ligit not watch avengers

    posidonposidon7 timmar sedan
  • Iron man

    helen ullmerhelen ullmer21 timme sedan
  • with jelly and you and your friend

    Marlo ArevaloMarlo Arevalo22 timmar sedan
  • play roblox pls

    Marlo ArevaloMarlo Arevalo22 timmar sedan
  • "I am the thunder of god!!!" -Crainer 2021

    Millie MMillie MDag sedan
  • do the Flash or Wolverine

    Xavier HosmerXavier HosmerDag sedan
  • muL-near slogo

    JuliaJuliaDag sedan
  • Do capten americka

    Adam BellaabAdam BellaabDag sedan
  • Thor is smart and craina is a good person to be dumb

    Muhammad IsmaelMuhammad IsmaelDag sedan
  • do iron man!!!

    Bro's Show McKenzieBro's Show McKenzieDag sedan
  • It's Mjolnir

    elirchi erchielirchi erchiDag sedan
  • can you do Batman next?

    Mike VosMike VosDag sedan
  • me: thor IS STRONGER THAN SPIDER MAN 0-0 *crainer loses* me: o slogo is better then right?

    CRUELwildCRUELwildDag sedan
  • You should do hulk

    Kathy CarneyKathy CarneyDag sedan
  • You should do the fastest hero THE FLASH.

    Peytin TrumanPeytin TrumanDag sedan
  • can u do iorn man

    Monica Ah SanMonica Ah SanDag sedan
  • His hammers name is Milyer

    Maan PatelMaan PatelDag sedan
  • i love avangers speedrunner

    Ryan AsnaultRyan AsnaultDag sedan
  • I think you can be bat man

    Sana KhanSana KhanDag sedan
  • mjolnir

    Sydney HassSydney HassDag sedan
  • Can y’all try speed runner vs villains

    Xor Babatahir Sardar KGSXor Babatahir Sardar KGSDag sedan
  • you should do veom

    Fleur D.Fleur D.Dag sedan
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Please add me in your server SlogoIsTheBest

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  • Why is jelly so bad at minecraft

    Corey HilliardCorey HilliardDag sedan
  • Didn't anyone else heard slogo say "Oh sh*t" at around 2:38 also in jellys video i also heard it

    Franco SeguraFranco SeguraDag sedan
  • I want slogoman to be it

    Drayon MorganDrayon Morgan2 dagar sedan
  • I wish i could be popular

    Magic BG!Magic BG!2 dagar sedan
  • What happens if one speed runner is killed and one remains??????😮🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Loreli FitzcharlesLoreli Fitzcharles2 dagar sedan
  • I would like iron man vs speedrunners

  • Flash vs speed runner

    wolfy gamingwolfy gaming2 dagar sedan
  • superman

    Felicia KrugerFelicia Kruger2 dagar sedan
  • You also ran over two dimond vanes

    Andy MacAndy Mac2 dagar sedan
  • There was dimonds at the meatyor and the cave when you said i dont see eny dimonds

    Andy MacAndy Mac2 dagar sedan
  • Do black panther

    Quintin ChenevertQuintin Chenevert2 dagar sedan
  • Use black panther

    gaming whith jermy Chapmangaming whith jermy Chapman2 dagar sedan
  • thor's hammer is called Mjölnir

    Peerless GoodmanPeerless Goodman2 dagar sedan
  • If you found a color green or bb help you now will help you you can uranium is is a green or you can make armor and pickaxe with that

    Sheryl pinedaSheryl pineda2 dagar sedan
  • no way Crainer is worthy to wield myjolnir

    Joseph BeranekJoseph Beranek2 dagar sedan
  • I would like to see iron man v.s. speed runners

    Deku BignellDeku Bignell2 dagar sedan
  • iron men plesae

    Philip RedenbachPhilip Redenbach2 dagar sedan
  • I

    jill turnbulljill turnbull2 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe they didn't see the diamonds above them 8:15

    Yeet And DeleteYeet And Delete2 dagar sedan
  • Doctor Strange

    Joseph LucockJoseph Lucock2 dagar sedan
  • Batman

    Sunshine MoonSunshine Moon2 dagar sedan
  • What about hulk

    Love You Sew MuchLove You Sew Much2 dagar sedan
  • Slogos best crainers worst jellys second best

    Lisa RiddellLisa Riddell2 dagar sedan
  • Slogo I dare you to fall of a building in gta5

    Lisa RiddellLisa Riddell2 dagar sedan
  • You are better than jelly

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  • omg

    Jalel MasrouhiJalel Masrouhi2 dagar sedan
  • what

    Jalel MasrouhiJalel Masrouhi2 dagar sedan
  • mabye in the next vidio we can do sped runner vs hunter agenst hulk

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  • Captain marvel!!!!!!! PLS

    Loreli FitzcharlesLoreli Fitzcharles3 dagar sedan
  • Mjolnir?

    LukaVibesLukaVibes3 dagar sedan
  • Find diamonds you need to be on Y 14 and if you’re in a cave then you find lava look at it right now because diamonds are always found me a lava

    Nazrine Anika Mae MendozaNazrine Anika Mae Mendoza3 dagar sedan
  • Do hulk next

    Aanaaayu MishraAanaaayu Mishra3 dagar sedan
  • A man dat is a billein money

    Richard MurrayRichard Murray3 dagar sedan
  • Crainer with Mjölnir is a very scary thing “I am the Thunder God!”

    Roaring Thunder115Roaring Thunder1153 dagar sedan
    • Cool i like it

      Welmarie VolschenkWelmarie VolschenkDag sedan
  • there were dimonds obuve you

    Ice KingIce King3 dagar sedan
  • To be onsite crainer is never going to win

    Delcho NikolovDelcho Nikolov3 dagar sedan
  • I watched drained find dimonds vid and he

    caron lawrence-reedcaron lawrence-reed3 dagar sedan
  • The hammer is called mjlonir which is pronounced (melonear)

    Ethan GoldnerEthan Goldner3 dagar sedan
  • You should do next Flash

    Melissia LawsonMelissia Lawson3 dagar sedan
  • I think that you should do super-hero villains next!!

  • The hammer is actually called mjolnir

    Harvey Milton YongHarvey Milton Yong3 dagar sedan
    • The ore that Josh said it is bad is called uranium, it's a new ore

      Harvey Milton YongHarvey Milton Yong3 dagar sedan
  • My kids say that slogoman and jelly will win

    Njoki KiamaNjoki Kiama3 dagar sedan
  • Crainer : hey look at me guys i am the god of thunder ha.ha.ha..🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Taslima TaraqTaslima Taraq3 dagar sedan
  • 4:48 that was basically a shot from a movie when the object almost hits the person, but it goes right by them-

    • Ƀłⱥȼҟ ᛗꝋꝋꞥ •• Ƀłⱥȼҟ ᛗꝋꝋꞥ •3 dagar sedan
  • Mjonior

    Colin KlineColin Kline3 dagar sedan
  • 5:53 crainer says you cant escape the god of thunder

    Star Craft Kids SCKStar Craft Kids SCK3 dagar sedan
  • 😁😁😁😁😁😦👉👈🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒😎😎😎😎

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  • The next is doctor strange

    Joshua TutorJoshua Tutor3 dagar sedan
  • Ay want Batman

    ruel vitor bagangruel vitor bagang3 dagar sedan
  • Jelly wass all ways talking about food hahaha🤣🤣🤣

    Mallow joker pro vin CayananMallow joker pro vin Cayanan3 dagar sedan
  • it's said mule-nir

    Noah RossNoah Ross3 dagar sedan
  • Make one of on a Among us Impsoter

    Felix WalkerFelix Walker3 dagar sedan
  • Jelly as The Hulk

    Unbreakable DestroyerUnbreakable Destroyer3 dagar sedan
  • Next can you do black panther

    Theresakieran Moxon Stat thomasTheresakieran Moxon Stat thomas3 dagar sedan
  • GG

    Marie JeanmarieMarie Jeanmarie3 dagar sedan
    • Hi

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  • Make the Ironman one

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  • do iron man or black panther :)

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  • diamond is near redstone

    Awais IqbalAwais Iqbal3 dagar sedan
  • Flash

    Mya VaughtersMya Vaughters3 dagar sedan
  • Or antman

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  • Doctor strange please

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  • What about hulk,iron man, captain america,black panther?

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  • It is called millimeter

    Shawna GolsonShawna Golson3 dagar sedan
  • can yall take batman as the next superhero Like if yall agree

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  • I have a new idea for the speedrunner Minecraft you you have to mine the trophy with a netherite pickaxe

    Corey ColasCorey Colas4 dagar sedan
  • Josh please may you be Daredevil please.

    Nishil KakayaNishil Kakaya4 dagar sedan
  • Make a video on black panther speedrun

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  • He looks like the kind of guy to pour soup in your lap and make You apologise instead.

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    • Lol

      Jaja YuanJaja Yuan3 dagar sedan

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  • crainer:I'm the thunder god jelly:josh slogo:woh that was close

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  • Iron man

    John ScottJohn Scott4 dagar sedan
  • lol imagine if all speedruns were like this

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  • i would like to see iron man

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