I saw the Light | Major Upgrade to the Shop

10 jan 2021
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After subscriber Jason Clark noticed that our shop we poorly lite he reached out with a way to fix the problem. We saw the light so to speak and now have great lighting. Oh yeah we also got a new used John Deere tractor
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  • Another day of bf getting it done

    Napalm182 NapierNapalm182 Napier2 dagar sedan
  • ....yeah... I definitely need Dougo's mopper thing too. Been lookin for one... lol

    Pete PagePete Page2 dagar sedan
  • I got a buddy with in floor heat in his shop and when your working of stuff you can lay on the floor and your warm and leave your tools! On the floor and when you pick them up their warm it's the shit I'm telling you

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger4 dagar sedan
  • I'd either wait to build a shop or go steel, I got some lumber yesterday to repair my milkhouse ceiling, holy sh*!balls, 35$ for a sheet of 7/16 osb and 8$ for an 8' 2×4. Could get worse though I guess with the communi$t take over 🤣

    mr Billmr Bill4 dagar sedan
  • Great teaser with JD in back ground. Great ratings puller for next video.

    s healys healy5 dagar sedan
  • Great video Brian. Love the New Tractor the biggest machine we have is Fendt 1050 which is same pretty much as your Challenger.

    Liam DaviesLiam Davies5 dagar sedan
  • Great Vlog, "let there be light and there was light" and the Workshop got cleaner and more tidy, thanks for sharing

    Tony MckeageTony Mckeage6 dagar sedan
  • Lol OSHA what lol joking I know what OSHA is for all the people who are going to try to burn me lol

    AdamAdam6 dagar sedan
  • Hey Brian what size are thos lawn tractor tires.?

    Heavy truck & equipment RepairsHeavy truck & equipment Repairs7 dagar sedan
  • Now you like the mullieum farmer

    MIchael OlenickMIchael Olenick7 dagar sedan
  • Beam up BJ

    MIchael OlenickMIchael Olenick7 dagar sedan
  • Did you get the combine yet?

    Kevin KrummaKevin Krumma7 dagar sedan
  • Use an old shuttle cage as a man basket for the forklift.

    jasonike13jasonike137 dagar sedan
  • You need Cole the Cornstar to help clean that shop

    Larry KluckLarry Kluck7 dagar sedan
  • About time you guys buy a good tractor

    Dick SmokerDick Smoker7 dagar sedan
  • to start, Pump the accelerator harder and faster it is on propane!

    Robert ReznikRobert Reznik7 dagar sedan
  • Wow. I going to get led strip light for shop

    Mike BongeMike Bonge7 dagar sedan
  • Did u finally buy some good green equipment saw that green in your shop

    Robert ClarkeRobert Clarke8 dagar sedan
  • Kinda cool to hear people talk about the lights. Specially when the come from where I work at

    Colton LivingstonColton Livingston8 dagar sedan
  • Why not invest in a tuneup for the forklift? lol

    Paul RushPaul Rush8 dagar sedan
  • Brian, my forklift was hard to start too, I pulled the propane regulator off and the diaphragm had a lot of grease packed in there from years of propane. Cleaned it out and it runs like a top. Hope that helps.

    Tanner MeansTanner Means8 dagar sedan
  • Roll Tide!!!!From the Georgia- Bama line!!!! And yep,that place needed those leds. I like the 5000 in my house and lil shop,crispy. The 3000 makes me want to take a nap.

    Kenneth HeddenKenneth Hedden8 dagar sedan
    • Now I need two big light bars on the old Ram so theise fancy people with their fancy headlights can get some back on these Country roads. Damn develope mints.

      Kenneth HeddenKenneth Hedden8 dagar sedan
  • What size shop do you have?

    JD ManJD Man8 dagar sedan
  • Check and see if the dieafram in the carb is bad that will keep it from starting they do go out

    Ron GraceRon Grace8 dagar sedan
  • keep up the good work guys love the vids, zack will be proud of you welcome to the green side

    gunsnfreedomgunsnfreedom8 dagar sedan
  • Moonshine bandit - get loose 😁😎😂

    stumpjumper 2140stumpjumper 21408 dagar sedan
  • One day that will be you on the phone all the time

    JeffJeff8 dagar sedan
  • 3000K is for the flower stage.hehe

    Kenneth HeddenKenneth Hedden8 dagar sedan
  • I know this is a vlog showing what all you do on the farm. But it would be nice if you had some "special feature" fixed video shots showing the tractors plowing or the harvesters in action - say like 5 minutes or longer with no talking, just the sounds of the machines at work. As well as the computer telemetry that "Auto Pilot's" the machines as they plow/harvest the fields.

    Weathermann AxWeathermann Ax8 dagar sedan
  • Did I miss something, who JD 4WD?

    Kevin BurrisKevin Burris8 dagar sedan
  • We have same lift try spraying starting fluid or break cleaner in the vent

    Calvin BeningCalvin Bening8 dagar sedan
  • I sure wish I had a need for a tractor that size 😂 but cows and poultry house’s I just don’t know if it’s big enough to handle all the hard work hahaha and talking the wife into a “new” hay tractor like this wouldn’t work haha what do you think all your equipment and land all price would be are 200 acres with cows and equipment and all was right at $1m then we built are first 2 chicken house for $600k in 2003 and in 2018 we built 2 more $1m crazy how prices have changed so much if sold everything today it’s worth $1.5-2m even tho I have more in it but I could be wrong. But there is about 800 acres be sold around us and I’ve really thought about buying it and getting into grain farming but idk what pricing would be between land and then I have one tractor that might be big enough I use for hay that 115 hp but y’all’s equipment is big big power to it. Thank ya for any info

    TripleHfarms LLCTripleHfarms LLC8 dagar sedan
  • You need to offer Cole the Cornstar a steak dinner with all the trimmings to come clean up your shop!

    dertrommler2112dertrommler21128 dagar sedan
  • Enjoyed

    Harvey StephensHarvey Stephens8 dagar sedan
  • Wow, what a difference.

    Kevin GordonKevin Gordon8 dagar sedan
  • i'll buy the truck, as long as they include autographs from you and dad lol

    Kiddo FarmsKiddo Farms8 dagar sedan
    • Deal

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos8 dagar sedan
  • Its a Brian approved platform, of course it is alright. I wonder if CES is the USA branch of CEF, the electrical factors I use in the UK. The logo is very similar, I also use Tamlight products. Now the eye sight is an issue it will only go one way, I have to use a head torch if light levels are a challenge. I bet the joints are starting to complain from time to time as well .........

    P SeggonsP Seggons9 dagar sedan
  • Mornin

    Hunter HeathTXHunter HeathTX9 dagar sedan
  • love the Bob Brown Narration. lol

    Tyler GeorgeTyler George9 dagar sedan
  • OSHA never heard of her 😆😆😆

    G PickeringG Pickering9 dagar sedan
  • What a tease!!

    m jm j9 dagar sedan
  • Hey Brian is that Case IH dealer still in Washington CH? Its been a while since I have been there but if he is still there I would like for him to give me a price on a combine.

    Americasdream12Americasdream129 dagar sedan
  • One of the best videos with Bob senior narrating. Love his sense of humor.

    merle bedellmerle bedell9 dagar sedan
  • Dougo likes to work hard and keep his farm looking great

    Ed CregoEd Crego9 dagar sedan
  • Your call in on that podcast was fantastic

    Vaneps0Vaneps09 dagar sedan
    • Took me a little off guard

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • OSHA approved man lift on the farm 👍 !!

    Bob The snowmanBob The snowman9 dagar sedan
  • I was just going to say the same thing about Dougo! With the cool LED lights.

    Alec WilsonAlec Wilson9 dagar sedan
  • What’s with the big. Green tractor?

    Jeff McGrathJeff McGrath9 dagar sedan
  • This video was very Illuminating/enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

    Chris GossmanChris Gossman9 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for watching

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • ha!! i knew uhs had got something from JD, u been sneaking little bits in ur videos at times, so i guess i will wait to talk about that tractor then-hehe

    BigJim57BigJim579 dagar sedan
  • What size are those tires on the rack and how much do you want for them

    BigBob AlsfasserBigBob Alsfasser9 dagar sedan
  • Best Vid Yet!!!

    martymarty9 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for watching

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Old?? Wait till you look for stuff you just had in your hand.When is that Roxor getting her heater and closed cab??

    martymarty9 dagar sedan
  • Ha ha...I ordered one of those lights advertised on FB the day after xmas...I been runnin to the mailbox everday..lol..funny how age changes things...

    Dennis SandersDennis Sanders9 dagar sedan
  • Bob made perfect sense when he was narrating. just have to get used to the accent.

    Gary BergGary Berg9 dagar sedan
  • Brian - I forgot to tell you, not that you need a shoutout, but I give you props on my most recent video on the dangers of farming. Go take a look. seworld.info/will/Z2yd1brMjKCCtn0/video

    Kings’ Outdoor LifeKings’ Outdoor Life9 dagar sedan
  • I love the way you’re listening to off the husk but you have it programmed in your radio as a real sh👍🏻tty podcast !!😂😂😂

    Adam KruskamaAdam Kruskama9 dagar sedan
    • That's actually the title of the podcast 'episode'.

      m jm j9 dagar sedan
  • Geese what a tease. Wait till next vid 🙄

    Joseph SakovichJoseph Sakovich9 dagar sedan
  • Glad you are letting John Deere into your life!

    Craig MillerCraig Miller9 dagar sedan
  • There you go Brian the big green machine

    David LucasDavid Lucas9 dagar sedan
  • Best wishes to your mom!

    Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farmsBenjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms9 dagar sedan
  • Mmmmmmmm 🍕 PIZZA 🍕

    Dennis BDennis B9 dagar sedan
  • Is this OSHA approved!!!!! Bob for the win in the comments!!

    Little Smoky Country.Little Smoky Country.9 dagar sedan
  • I got a little battery power ryobi shop floor sweeper for Christmas, I highly recommend it! I love that you can sweep the floors without stirring up a bunch of dust like you do with a broom

    Clarke FarmsClarke Farms9 dagar sedan
  • Haha the pallet " it's brown farms approved" 😂

    Taylor MartyTaylor Marty9 dagar sedan
  • Puts sunglasses on to before you plug it in takes them off when plugged in lol 😝

    Fabry FarmsFabry Farms9 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on the "new to you John Deere" tractor and the lighting upgrade looks great. Forward thinking on the shop to come and always build bigger than you need now as this equipment keeps getting bigger and bigger. Never thought I would see doors on farm shops as wide as airplane hangers, but, we now have 50 ft draper heads and 120 ft wide planters,,,,,,,,,,HUGE !!!!

    Monty BolingerMonty Bolinger9 dagar sedan
    • Word is a certain guy in Canada ran a 60’ Draper

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Any info on the lights? 12' or 14' ceilings in the shop?

    Hire FarmsHire Farms9 dagar sedan
    • 16’ the lights are 31,000 lum 240w 5k color

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Haven’t even watched the video yet but can already tell it’s going to be amazing just like every other video 😂!!

    Chance LawterChance Lawter9 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • That is about as unsafe as it gets

    retired2retired29 dagar sedan
    • @Brian's Farming Videos They have special units with railings and you attach it to the forklift with chains

      retired2retired29 dagar sedan
    • Nah I have seen worse. Also feels safer than a ladder

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Hey Brian those are the same lights we put up in our welding shop. They are pretty awesome lights.

    Trevor KasasTrevor Kasas9 dagar sedan
  • So where is the Deere video? lol

    Baron ClimeBaron Clime9 dagar sedan
  • we will be seeing one of those grain carts like Larson farms bought for this fall

    Dan RabenhorstDan Rabenhorst9 dagar sedan
  • Ask your dad if he has any 26-12x12 turf tires. Or any super cub parts

    Bob SelbyBob Selby9 dagar sedan
  • Took out 450 watt lights just like those u removed and put in 150 watt LEDS just like your new lights. With a 20 ceiling the brightness improved dramatically and my electric bill was less than 1/2.

    Timothy BaileyTimothy Bailey9 dagar sedan
  • Why do buy all that odd brand equipment changer tractor johndeere tractors and claas combines I couldn't do that we run all iH equipment kenworth 680 trucks and chevy pickups

    Mark AndersonMark Anderson9 dagar sedan
    • Everything we have runs agleader so it’s not bad. The AGCO stuff and Claas combines are the same dealership

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see Bob cam back!

    buckeye farm boybuckeye farm boy9 dagar sedan
  • Cole would be so proud of you. 🤣👍

    Don ReesDon Rees9 dagar sedan
    • They grow up so fast 😢

      Cole The CornstarCole The Cornstar9 dagar sedan
  • Even tho 5 mile from home, would seriously consider keeping for now. That's not to far.

    Jerry DeWittJerry DeWitt9 dagar sedan
    • @Brian's Farming Videos didn't know that option. Build a nice one.

      Jerry DeWittJerry DeWitt9 dagar sedan
    • It’s not the distance as much as the peace of mind being in the same driveway plus we can sell this for more than a farm shop would cost

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to the Deere family

    Matthew TaliaferroMatthew Taliaferro9 dagar sedan
  • Well played. Well played

    Chris GundermanChris Gunderman9 dagar sedan
  • Seems like you should work on that forklift to get it workin ...

    Bobby TBobby T9 dagar sedan
  • Nice seeing you guys get more organized.

    Mike GozdziewskiMike Gozdziewski9 dagar sedan
  • You know Brian, your Dad is cooler than any of the young folks!

    Billy OgleBilly Ogle9 dagar sedan
  • Cassette player, that's a deal in itself. Surprised George doesn't want it lol.

    Keith FrazierKeith Frazier9 dagar sedan
  • Some people are meant to be natural cleaners, and then we have Brian!

    Kenneth MorganKenneth Morgan9 dagar sedan
  • What?!?! Just 2 pieces? Whatd ya have for supper since thats just a snack for us big guys.

    Adam and Mallory ObergAdam and Mallory Oberg9 dagar sedan
    • @Brian's Farming Videos 🤣🤣🤣❤

      Adam and Mallory ObergAdam and Mallory Oberg9 dagar sedan
    • A Busch light

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Our electrician that is wiring our shop put in lights like that and it is crazy bright

    Andrew T.Andrew T.9 dagar sedan
  • I have the same lights in our shop and love them

    Brian BrockBrian Brock9 dagar sedan
  • Where did you buy the lights?

    Keith ThomasKeith Thomas9 dagar sedan
    • City electric supply

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • Looks good!

    Humble HaymakersHumble Haymakers9 dagar sedan
  • I seen the jolly green giant sitting there the other day. It looked good for green paint.

    Bryon 6180Bryon 61809 dagar sedan
  • Sounds likes Zac Johnson's fork truck, won't start

    Cagiest SniperCagiest Sniper9 dagar sedan
  • Working words!

    Cagiest SniperCagiest Sniper9 dagar sedan
  • Let their be light 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️.🚜🇮🇪☘️🎆

    Anthony MorganAnthony Morgan9 dagar sedan
  • seems like you want a ring main in every building with a battery charger and plug in leads for any battery to be charged or evan a trickle charge just a thought also an outside out let as well

    RAY pittsRAY pitts9 dagar sedan
  • I love watching work because its not me working.

    John CambraJohn Cambra9 dagar sedan
  • So who's JD wheel drive?

    s healys healy9 dagar sedan
    • @Brian's Farming Videos Look forward to seeing how fits into your operation.

      s healys healy9 dagar sedan
    • Ours

      Brian's Farming VideosBrian's Farming Videos9 dagar sedan
  • You can always tell a farmer by the way he sweeps... windrows... just sayin'

    Randall ParkerRandall Parker9 dagar sedan
  • seems like a tractor to use for tillage/ high speed planting would be my guess

    Brent BarclayBrent Barclay9 dagar sedan