How Chilis Got Spicy (and Why We Love the Burn)

7 apr 2021
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Today, chilis are the most widely cultivated spice crop in the world - grown everywhere from their native home in the Americas to Europe, Africa, and Asia. But how and why did chilis evolve this weird, fiery trick in the first place? And why did we learn to love that spicy burn?
Big thanks to Julio Lacerda (​​) for the excellent Capsicum domestication illustration!
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  • Plants: evolve capsaicin Humans: oh yeah baby hurt me Plants: O.o

    Eduardo MartínezEduardo MartínezTimme sedan
  • I really appreciate y’all not white washing that indigenous woman 👏🏽

    Carlos Cruz ArceCarlos Cruz Arce6 timmar sedan
  • Hank Green for the win

    Daniel ElyarDaniel Elyar7 timmar sedan
  • Chili evolution: "So get this, right... We're gonna make ourselves painful for mammals to eat us, but see those weirdo apes over there... Those crazy guys are gonna make us stars!"

    ShadowhengeShadowhenge19 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else shudder when she refers to the "fruit" of a chilli pepper? Am I the only one who pictures chilli peppers hidden in a fruit salad?

    Maxwell ZsofkaMaxwell ZsofkaDag sedan
  • Speak for yourself. I bloody hate the burn. Why anyone wants to be in pain while they eat is beyond me 😅

  • Geographically their distribution coincides in particular with the Ring of Fire.

    Robert PearsonRobert PearsonDag sedan
  • I remember my first real curry. I had to drink 6 cans of beer (more than twice as strong as American beer). I absolutely loved it. I eat curry all the time.

    Francis Srečko FabianFrancis Srečko FabianDag sedan
  • They did Hank so dirty with these clips bro🤣

    Spiritbound2346Spiritbound2346Dag sedan
  • NEXT ON EONS: Stone Age Stoners; The Prehistoric Origins of Weed and How Woolly Mamoths inspired the first dreadlocks!🤡

    Raymond AbellaRaymond Abella2 dagar sedan
  • 'plant'. not 'ply-ant'.

    Mustapha LeekMustapha Leek2 dagar sedan
  • It’s pronounced “kap-sei-sn”

    Cannabis Cultivation TVCannabis Cultivation TV2 dagar sedan
  • Chilli: *Task failed successfully*

    Sean HeanSean Hean2 dagar sedan
  • "We're the only mammal not scared of the burning sensation" My dog who kept locking chili oil off forniture when we tried to use it to dissuade her from chewing it when she was a puppy: I'm going to end this woman's whole career

    iafozzaciafozzac2 dagar sedan
  • y'all should make a video on bees.. 👀

    Daniel PereiraDaniel Pereira2 dagar sedan
  • Video on spice and haven't mentioned india !!

    50 Mrunal Jadav50 Mrunal Jadav3 dagar sedan
    • Chili peppers didn’t come from India...

      j rj r2 dagar sedan
  • I've seen many goats completely destroy chili/pepper plants with seemingly zero negative impact on the goats.

    ImUrOBGYNImUrOBGYN3 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: the hot peppers Korean food is known for are *not* native to Korea. They're basically jalapeños.

    Justin ShimJustin Shim3 dagar sedan
  • Basically, Chilis brings out the masochist in us.

    Jocose SonataJocose Sonata3 dagar sedan
    • Yeeee

      Kris toffKris toff3 dagar sedan
  • So we are all masochist by default huh?

    Δnti EntropyΔnti Entropy3 dagar sedan
  • This is why dumping ground chilies in your bird feeder is such a good way of keeping the chipmunks and squirrels out.

    Lerual NaejLerual Naej3 dagar sedan
  • Common guys, Brasil is the THIRD largest producer of peppers in the planet. 102.000 Tons in 2018. Why is it left off from the map?

    lotharnlotharn4 dagar sedan
  • Thankful! I don't know how to eat alot of my food without some level of spice. Yum :)

    Caroline YimCaroline Yim4 dagar sedan
  • We are masochists ...

    oOo GimmyoOo Gimmy4 dagar sedan
  • Love the fact that you acknowledged the natives of the land

    Ansari Mohd FirozAnsari Mohd Firoz4 dagar sedan
  • I've wondered about this for a while. When most animals bite into something that causes them pain, they stop eating it. But some human bit into 1 and was like "ooo, this would be good with some rice!"

    Nikki BerryNikki Berry4 dagar sedan
  • Now you made me hungry for tacos with a lot of chile.

    alonzo calvilloalonzo calvillo4 dagar sedan
  • Make a video about thylacoleo and it's insane teeth!

    Zofia JaworekZofia Jaworek5 dagar sedan
  • Interesting and spicy video 🙂🥵👍🌶

    Alex AllenAlex Allen5 dagar sedan
  • South America gave it to the world, Indians (Asians) took it the next level. Thanks Latinos!

    abc abcabc abc5 dagar sedan
    • Central America had it too

      Doom DoomyDoom Doomy4 dagar sedan
  • Wheres the link to the scishow hotsauce challenge?

    j mj m5 dagar sedan
  • Look at me... Look at me! _I_ am the seed disperser now!

    NmethyltransferaseNmethyltransferase5 dagar sedan
  • If you want to be more comfortable in the morning after, take psyllium half an hour before your meal. You're welcome!

    NmethyltransferaseNmethyltransferase5 dagar sedan
  • Definitely addicting. I started my spice journey with a Slim Jim (Mild) at around 4 years old. My love for spicy foods grew from there. From that point on, I just worked my way up the spice ladder, eventually growing my own peppers in my teen years (jalapeno, banana, cayenne, tabasco, and habanero peppers). I used to make salsa with them. Through adulthood I have enjoyed the wide range of extra hot peppers, ghost, scorpion, and so on. Great video!

    Chuck RustyChuck Rusty5 dagar sedan
  • Interesting that it works in the 🌶’s fav with me not liking the spices

    Stephanie WallaceStephanie Wallace5 dagar sedan
  • chilli peppers are fruit?

    AppNastyAppNasty5 dagar sedan
  • I must have an overproduction of those receptors, as I can't stand anything but the mildest chilli, curry, pepper, or mint.

    TooManyStevesTooManySteves5 dagar sedan
  • Interesting I never thought that it works that way

    Recklvss RockRecklvss Rock5 dagar sedan
  • Is it true that possession of three or more Carolina Reaper plants contravenes international weapons treaties?

    5610winston5610winston5 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of Reduction in TRPV1 is a issue , it’s similar but yet not the same as how people with type 2 diabetes have issues with insulin and high levels of glucose.

    Meg BMeg B5 dagar sedan
  • Addicting? PBS, you're better than this

    StormSoughtStormSought6 dagar sedan
  • Awesome! Love my hot stuff 😍

    Jeffrey BakerJeffrey Baker6 dagar sedan
  • Pelecing enak nih 😁

  • So wait...spicy doesn’t exist?!?! It’s an illusion?

    Seth WindsorSeth Windsor6 dagar sedan
  • I keep wondering if this lady is Canadian. She puts a long e at the beginning of the word Epoch.

    44 Hawk44 Hawk6 dagar sedan
  • wow we’re really all masochists

    lanietalklanietalk6 dagar sedan
  • Chilis are grown on 100% of North America omg

    lanietalklanietalk6 dagar sedan
  • Kind of gets you high... If you eat a pepper strong enough you don't even get the pain bit, you just go straight into "chemical relief".

    Phillip ScharfPhillip Scharf6 dagar sedan
  • wat up, my fellow great ape dispersers??

    FnidnerFnidner7 dagar sedan
  • Chilis aren't the only genus that has benefited greatly from humans' eating habits. There are currently more chickens than people in the world -- pretty good for a domesticated version of the red jungle fowl. Ruminants like cows, sheep, and goats are doing well, too. When vat or 3D printed meat becomes cheaper than regular meat, the population of those meat animals will plummet. Hopefully, someone will keep at least some around so that they don't go extinct.

    Ray DrouillardRay Drouillard7 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if you guys are still looking for "good" evolution/geology jokes, but here's a treasured joke from the Pacific NW anyway: Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's used to be a happy couple some millennia ago. Unfortunately, Mt. Hood had an affair with the 3 Sisters and St. Helen's blew her top. Edit: grammar is hard you guys

    The DenThe Den7 dagar sedan
  • you dont explain one thing. we got stomachache when we eat too many capsaicin, do those animal got the same problem as well?

    westeN westeNwesteN westeN7 dagar sedan
  • I just love learning new things!

    MuskartsMuskarts7 dagar sedan
  • Came for the dinosaurs. Definitely staying for the real history of human civilization. 🔥💕🤘

    HailMammon MomentsHailMammon Moments7 dagar sedan
  • all nightshade plants wreck havoc on your circulatory system

    Amboula RozzoAmboula Rozzo7 dagar sedan
  • Kallie... As always, you were enlightening and extremely Charming!! It's always a joy to see you present. ....... But half this Video, all I was thinking was POOR HANK!!! 😜😂

    Carmine's RC Tips and Tricks!Carmine's RC Tips and Tricks!7 dagar sedan
  • This was surprisingly informative for such a short video, great work!

    Blueberry LaneBlueberry Lane7 dagar sedan
  • It's called HOT- the word -SPICEY- is for lite weights that don't eat them! 😁👍👍

    Jack SnavelyJack Snavely7 dagar sedan
  • 6:43 guy is dying from the heat AND STILL EATING IT. Commitment!

    Sarah FortinSarah Fortin7 dagar sedan
  • Puffer fish: has poison to avoid being eaten Chilli: has capsicum so mammals can't consume . Human: i eat all

    Ha Chi NguyenHa Chi Nguyen7 dagar sedan
  • Actually my heifer Shadow LOVES doing heat shots with me. I make my own sauce's, put it on a mushroom slice. CHOMP..

    Richard MountzRichard Mountz7 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for skipping New Mexico on ur map or even mentioning us known for green chili it’s the only place that green chili grows yes there may be different kinds of chilies but green chili is only growing in New Mexico I can even go to McDonald’s and get a green chili double cheeseburger if anybody’s been in New Mexico they know we put green chili on everything

    Vidal BacaVidal Baca7 dagar sedan
  • Humans are really weird animals. They'll eat anything, even stuff that a sensible rat would not touch.

    typograf62typograf628 dagar sedan
  • "Level of 2 neurotransmitters suddenly rise, endorphin and dopamine" Hmmm sounds like drugs. It is definitely a drug and I am addicted to it 😂😂😂

    Tuan Minh NguyenTuan Minh Nguyen8 dagar sedan
  • As a Latino I cant get enough of pique :) Chili peppers are the best! The sweet burn is awesome.

    Xavier2291Xavier22918 dagar sedan
  • this channel should not be pbs eons, it such be "epoch"

    Diname123 DeerDiname123 Deer8 dagar sedan
  • So you're telling me that we like spices because we're all secretly masochists.... yea I can see that xD

    Bubbles of the CoastBubbles of the Coast8 dagar sedan
  • 0:55 this map is not exactly accurate, as Brazilians eat loads of pepper and many people cultivate them at home. Maybe you're talking about mass agricultural production (wich we also do).

    Leonardo MilaniLeonardo Milani8 dagar sedan
  • So if the burning sensation we feel is from the body releasing chemicals to activate that receptor to make us feel that, approximately how much of pain is resulting from fire and how much is from our own bodies warning us?.

    Matthew MaxwellMatthew Maxwell8 dagar sedan
  • knowing the Amazon basin was a hub of domestication and interexchanging of vegetables, including spicies, and later on seeing most of if out of the map on the video hurt more than i thought imaginable.

    Marcelo AlmeidaMarcelo Almeida8 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 Wait, what happened there? Teleportation?

    Ruben La RochelleRuben La Rochelle8 dagar sedan
  • To the generations that dedicated their lives to raising Chili peppers, THANK YOU !

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay Oceans8 dagar sedan
  • The acknowledgement at the end there, made me very happy.

    TheSokweTheSokwe8 dagar sedan
  • Rather than the silent tribute to native people's, why don't you do an episode about archaeology and native people's lands?

    Bodhi SpearsBodhi Spears8 dagar sedan
  • Please explain me that map that shows where they grow chillys nowadays! Finland is marked red while Baltic’s grey. Some kind of nonsense. Please explain if that map has some meaning or it’s just some random colouring

    Aurelijus SipkauskasAurelijus Sipkauskas8 dagar sedan
  • Love this channel..... always hard to watch the Science and history videos whenever they have that cultist who was willing to manipulate science and information I’ll because he had a horrible case of “TDS”..... maybe Mr. Greene will change his ways

    Mike HonchoMike Honcho8 dagar sedan
  • Chili mimics the spicy defenses of insects that birds eat. Chili looks like an insect. Birds got used to eating spicy insects, and chili mimics the flavors of insects. Chili is like a lure, a lure for chickens to eat.

    Malo OtuaMalo Otua8 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand how people can enjoy this. It’s so painful, it’s like shoving a working chainsaw in your mouth. Why would anyone want to add pain in their food?

    Galit JustMeGalit JustMe8 dagar sedan
    • I feel bad for you

      j rj r2 dagar sedan
  • Making myself an egg/cheese/habanero wrap in the morning. Wish me luck!

    Timothy SotirTimothy Sotir8 dagar sedan
  • There are no Chilis in Russia?

    Grey WindGrey Wind8 dagar sedan
  • This girl is so gosh dang cute 😍

    inverse_of_zeroinverse_of_zero8 dagar sedan
  • I am here because I too am curious as to how humans enjoy these because...well I don't.

    Sara3346Sara33468 dagar sedan
    • @j r good on them! Not really relevant to my comment though.

      Sara3346Sara33462 dagar sedan
    • Billions of people from many different cultures enjoy it

      j rj r2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe also because we excrete them ASAP before we can properly digest them?

    DougallDougall8 dagar sedan
  • Stop making me hungry scishow

    legion999legion9998 dagar sedan
  • I like how this implies chiles are sentient

    gibran trejogibran trejo8 dagar sedan
  • Nope! Yes there are mammals like us that ARE afraid of that heat!!

    Richard AponteRichard Aponte8 dagar sedan
  • Why Brazil is not appearing to cultivate any peppers in your maps? I’m Brazilian and a big fan of chilli peppers and they are really widespread through our culinary and largely cultivated

    Matheus Ravel Timo BarbosaMatheus Ravel Timo Barbosa8 dagar sedan
  • İf you think about it humans are literaly physchopats, we eating basically literally worst things to eat, alcohol is literaly poison, mint supposed to kill bugs and chilie is totally a fruit evolved for torture mammals...

    Lord GrunwalderLord Grunwalder8 dagar sedan
  • Could u do a video on if are past relatives had the ability to talk

    Callum ThomasCallum Thomas8 dagar sedan
  • Watching this makes me want to eat something spicy.

    JasonJason9 dagar sedan
  • Hank!

    Fabiano Seixas FernandesFabiano Seixas Fernandes9 dagar sedan
  • Lastly, it is a scientific fact that very hot chilies can and do burn tissue in the body. So it's not just in "the mind" as the video suggests. Chemical burn is real. People may experience swelling of bodily tissues in the mouth, lips, if they touch their eyes...and also their butthole.

    Yvette Mari RoblesYvette Mari Robles9 dagar sedan
  • I don't think it was just about thrill seeking and dopamine. I know in my family chilis are considered medicine. They help keep your digestion strong, keep pathogens in check, help move blood (circulation), and strengthen the immune system. Mexicans and people all over Latin America understand and know this to be true.

    Yvette Mari RoblesYvette Mari Robles9 dagar sedan
  • In conclusion: humans are weird. Add that to the list of weird human things like fermented beverages, bread and soap

    DeathTheDolphinDeathTheDolphin9 dagar sedan
  • Ancient humans to birds : Look at me , look at me .... I'm the captain disperser now

    Abhi PrakashAbhi Prakash9 dagar sedan
  • 0:51 Russia, Y U no grow peppers? I'd think they'd like the extra heat during those insanely cold winters.

    grovermaticgrovermatic9 dagar sedan
  • No real damage?! My anus tells me otherwise

    NobodyNobody9 dagar sedan
  • 9:50 Please Marry Meeee !!!

    Ahmed ElshafeyAhmed Elshafey9 dagar sedan
  • more of her pls

    deLeon2046deLeon20469 dagar sedan
  • I'm of nordic decent, and l can't even look at one of these without pouring sweat, turning bright red and running for the fridge. No high, just pain.

    Peter RobinsonPeter Robinson9 dagar sedan