Picking up RARE parts at the LZ Warehouse!!

10 jan 2021
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Jimmy Oakes
PMB 169
61 N. Plains Industrial Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492

  • good god , i would make so much finnancial mistake being around Lz garage

    IdLikeAnEvoIdLikeAnEvo2 dagar sedan
  • Ohhh they took spirit

    Shtatic GarageShtatic Garage3 dagar sedan
  • someone buy this man a gimbal damn

    Lofi BeatsLofi Beats4 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy looks around with the camera like he's in a FPS, and using a mouse

    yeahitskimmelyeahitskimmel6 dagar sedan
  • camera in the face seems so much worse in this vid

    Kiza91Kiza916 dagar sedan
  • If you fit it you can skid it

    ben bradyben brady9 dagar sedan
  • If you fit in it you can spin in it jimmy O

    liljordy tvliljordy tv9 dagar sedan
  • Why does Jimmy film so fucking close to people's faces?!

    Brad EbrightBrad Ebright9 dagar sedan
  • new zealand

    Knoxce TipokiKnoxce Tipoki10 dagar sedan
  • in nz it’s only 500

    Knoxce TipokiKnoxce Tipoki10 dagar sedan
  • That is my dream 2 have a warehouse of rad car parts 😍

    Buck CarothersBuck Carothers11 dagar sedan
  • S15 spec R bumpers are cheep here in the UK 🇬🇧 😎. How much do they go for in the US 🇺🇸 ?

    James RobertsJames Roberts12 dagar sedan
  • Adam hiding a dyno lol

    Tim HolubowitchTim Holubowitch12 dagar sedan
  • First time I think I've seen adams part room.. an a dino? Wtf goals

    J MckeeJ Mckee12 dagar sedan
  • Yellow, fd, ls.... just what jimmy needs!

    FearlezPhantomFearlezPhantom12 dagar sedan
  • Being from New Zealand and hearing the overseas covid problems it seems pretty insane that they packed that plane out, stay safe boys xxx

    MurdMinesMurdMines12 dagar sedan
  • Karen here: why are you travelling during the plandemic? Jk trollin bra.

    chuck norrischuck norris12 dagar sedan
  • Laughed my ass off when jimmy says this is my small break from it.

    Jack HardingJack Harding12 dagar sedan
  • 420th comment 🍁

    Mason fitchMason fitch13 dagar sedan
  • You the man Jimmy!

    ryan jenkinsryan jenkins13 dagar sedan
  • I looked up the bumper Much giggles That’s an expensive send lol

    Stephen YoeeStephen Yoee13 dagar sedan
  • Love seeing you guys together

    BackwoodBanditBackwoodBandit13 dagar sedan
  • Buy the ls fd fits you well

    Zack BarberZack Barber13 dagar sedan
  • Does this mean Jimmy’s gonna ls something for a thrasher missel car

    Caynn FittlerCaynn Fittler13 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy.. 2003-05 Dodge Neon SRT-4 Hood, Front bumper, Side skirts, Rear bumper, Deck lid and Spoiler are the main reasons the cars get totalled. The hood easily was 2,000$ the cars are worth 6 easily.

    Gavin StarkeGavin Starke13 dagar sedan
  • A deep look at LZ's jdm space

    Stoney SoyboyStoney Soyboy13 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy should "Borrow" Adams LS RX-7 for a bit since he is trying to sell it .. Just saying..

    Az DAz D13 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get why you want to hate the Ls swapped FD Ls swap is the way to go!

    Hunter StanleyHunter Stanley13 dagar sedan
  • That is rx7 clean as fuck in engine bay

    funda delgadofunda delgado14 dagar sedan
  • Definitely buying an rx7

    Nathan SmithNathan Smith14 dagar sedan
  • The boys flyin spirit Lmao, its like $60 a flight Round trip

    ImprelImprel14 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy’s buying the fd

    Banks JohnsonBanks Johnson14 dagar sedan
  • Hope to see jimmy driving both yellow FDs home.

    Sup ManSup Man14 dagar sedan
  • yea Ive seen all LZs sick vids, but yours bring a whole different spin... and I wanna see donny swing the black 350!

    tyler flemingtyler fleming14 dagar sedan
  • “You know when you finish and you close it out, and your like why did I just do that” I think we can all relate Jimmy.

    EquinoxEquinox14 dagar sedan
  • coffee plugs leaking. Fucking shit coffee shop.

    MR_ JZ_12MR_ JZ_1214 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy needs the pineapple holiday button up shirt on vacay hahaha

    Brandon9TreyBrandon9Trey14 dagar sedan
  • Honestly these cars haven't been featured as much

    Sloth KidSloth Kid14 dagar sedan
  • Ahhh Good Ol’ FD Stink :)

    Ginseng.Ginseng.14 dagar sedan
  • what happened with jimmys blue FD from agesss ago

    zetoxiczetoxic14 dagar sedan
  • Shaky cam gave me a headache and I had to stop the vid halfway

    Dayne KatoDayne Kato14 dagar sedan
  • It’s not actually that funny but shit we all know how Adam like his details, when jimmy joked about the 2 fds just trading paint, there was not one smurk 😂 he was dead ass like nope

    Francois CaudwellFrancois Caudwell14 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell jimmy breathe so damn loud

    Dirty PlaysDirty Plays14 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy flew spirit smh

    Tracy GrimshawTracy Grimshaw14 dagar sedan
  • The first part of this video is foul. Wear a mask slim. That’s why them people in Florida keep catching that shit.

    MoeKageMoeKage14 dagar sedan
  • This types of videos are amazing

    Jonatán RodríguezJonatán Rodríguez14 dagar sedan
  • Wait is the Spec R bumper that rare? They're not super hard to find in NZ, but we did at least get the Silvia here

    Lucas FosterLucas Foster14 dagar sedan
    • @Anthony Ramirez Ah that'll be why then. Most of our used car market (the vast majority of all our cars) are JDM imports since you can basically bring anything in and recent model used cars are dirt cheap in Japan. Plus we got most models from new as well, hence the mountains of RB's lying around

      Lucas FosterLucas Foster14 dagar sedan
    • Yes especially considering they're still not fully legal to even import into the states yet.

      Anthony RamirezAnthony Ramirez14 dagar sedan
  • 500 dollar on ebay mate saw multiple of them xD

    headzheadz14 dagar sedan
  • Adam is a simp

    Shawn ReedShawn Reed14 dagar sedan
  • That x7 is sick

    Water LoverWater Lover14 dagar sedan
  • Adam: i fixed jimmys camera shake..... proceeds to shake all over the place.

    evan hasnerevan hasner14 dagar sedan
  • wtf why are americans travelling as if there isn't a huge pandemic going on rn

    That GuyThat Guy14 dagar sedan
  • you can get s15 type r front bumpers for like 100-300$ aud in australia

    Sid the SlothSid the Sloth14 dagar sedan
  • U sure this wasn’t suppose to be in adams channel. Seems like he was running the shiw

    Mario iMario i14 dagar sedan
  • I guess we know who doesn’t watch LZ ch!!! Busted!!!

    Cliff P73Cliff P7314 dagar sedan
  • Dj looked like a bird in the pink hair!!!

    Cliff P73Cliff P7314 dagar sedan
  • whats up with all those e36s hmmmmmm

    Nightdweller1961Nightdweller196114 dagar sedan
  • Yo Donald won the supra

    dale dan tonydale dan tony14 dagar sedan
  • 1:29 😂😂

    Rabinder Haywood SinghRabinder Haywood Singh14 dagar sedan
  • Man I love those LZ feat. videos

    Simon CarrièreSimon Carrière14 dagar sedan
  • Drive home one of the yellow fd’s!

    paulo de carvalhopaulo de carvalho14 dagar sedan
  • Shoutout to the Assholes Live Forever gear 🤘🏻

    Robert CarlileRobert Carlile14 dagar sedan
  • The s15 spec r aero bumper is around £2600 in the uk. Not cheap. so i think he paid atleast $2000 for the s15 bumper.

  • If I fits. I can wipps

    The DudeThe Dude14 dagar sedan
  • Donald is the best! 🤣🤣

    Ant MarinoAnt Marino14 dagar sedan
  • did anyone else notice that LZ had a dyno?

    joseph patjoseph pat14 dagar sedan
  • What's the name of the outro song?

    Unique WhiteUnique White14 dagar sedan
  • lol dude he fixed the shakey cam issue woah?

    one timeone time14 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love the Adam and jimmy vlogs 🥺 best vlogs ever ‼️

    Dariel GarciaDariel Garcia14 dagar sedan
  • Honestly Jimmy and the gang should just move to Florida. Y'all both (you and Adam) look like you have so much more fun when you're making videos together lol.

    Kyle WhiteKyle White14 dagar sedan
  • If Adam has s13 parts I'll bite

    Josh BaileyJosh Bailey14 dagar sedan
  • If you fit in, you can tip in

    Ryan MastersRyan Masters14 dagar sedan
  • Who else noticed the gang of BMW’s, is that the shop next door?

    TheBossGamer FTWTheBossGamer FTW14 dagar sedan
  • ‘It’s got that FD stink to it’

    Skylar PeakSkylar Peak14 dagar sedan
  • Rotary Blowtary. G enuine M an

    GT GodbearGT Godbear14 dagar sedan
  • *If you can fits innit; You can rips innit*

    BigDirtyFoBigDirtyFo14 dagar sedan
  • 4g63t a car please

    Neverstressin99Neverstressin9914 dagar sedan

    X_XDAVIDX_XDAVID14 dagar sedan
  • “9 grand?” 🥴🥴

    Daniel CordaDaniel Corda14 dagar sedan
  • That S15 Owners Club Bumper, glad it came with Fogs. I was worried there for a second lol $25** bumper 🤭

    Aeneas MerchantAeneas Merchant14 dagar sedan
  • jimmy you buy the ls fd!!

    Brendin DorgeBrendin Dorge14 dagar sedan
  • The LS ones go for more because they are running cars.

    P MrtP Mrt14 dagar sedan
  • When you do launch control watch the boost gauge and wait till it builds boost the launch it!! You let the brake pedal way too soon!! You will see the boost raise when you do launch control!!

    Marco HuertasMarco Huertas14 dagar sedan
  • I really didnt think LZ's shop was that big 🤣

    Daniel ArtisDaniel Artis14 dagar sedan
  • The super duper secret youtuber dragrace in all of Adam's cars.... yeah :V

    TivoliterrorTivoliterror14 dagar sedan
  • "been trying to get an FD forever..." Literally had one in his garage and sold it, LOL... Or did I imagine that...

    TehJonesTehJones14 dagar sedan
    • Was a pos

      Mike HayesMike Hayes14 dagar sedan
    • Did he? I've been watching jimmy for barely 2 years so this must of been years ago.

      Anthony RamirezAnthony Ramirez14 dagar sedan
  • I have a feeling jimbo might buy the yellow fd anyone else think the same Adam did say both fd are for sale

    Adam ThomasAdam Thomas14 dagar sedan
  • I’m pretty sure Adam was making fun of Jimmy for never finishing a build when they were talking about the fd’s in the beginning

    Josh StaneJosh Stane14 dagar sedan
  • It’s 300 for a Jdm oe spec R bumper lol.

    Brandon HansonBrandon Hanson14 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy and Adam slowing reluctantly learning... LS THE WORLD! Probly the best engine ever manufactured!

    James IsanogleJames Isanogle14 dagar sedan
  • So Adam is the most awkward person

    Justin MaloneJustin Malone14 dagar sedan

    joey Howardjoey Howard14 dagar sedan
  • I love Adam way more on jimmy's videos lol! You two are great together!

    RoninRonin14 dagar sedan
  • just say the prices, jeeez hiding everything, you already bought it so whats the point of hiding it.

    MoistSnekMoistSnek14 dagar sedan
  • The haters will rile, but my uncle put a SR20 twin turbo into a FD, had a massive window banner saying "NO ROTOR" on the window and man that thing would get some comments of ill taste but it handled and performed so well. We do some crazy shit here in New Zealand with imports.

    Synthetic ChickenSynthetic Chicken14 dagar sedan
  • your gonna buy his fd?

    Anthony VillalobosAnthony Villalobos14 dagar sedan
  • Damn it Jimmy! I was hoping you’d finally get behind the wheel of a rotary powered car!!! Please tell me you’ll take her out before you go back home!

    Dylan HalderDylan Halder14 dagar sedan
  • Nothings better then the myth’s getting together and doing a vid! Maybe you should move down near Adam😂! Love the vids man! Keep staunching on!

    VuittxnVuittxn14 dagar sedan
  • why doies he film so close to faces, spinning around like that makes me fucking car sick wth

    Cody JamesCody James14 dagar sedan
  • Is lz a nervous passenger or what, he keeps grabbing everything

    Will BWill B14 dagar sedan