Incident Between Hoglander And Forbort That Sparked Scrum In Final Minute

19 feb 2021
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Derek Forbort thinks Nils Hoglander hit him high and retaliates with 3 cross checks
All rights go to the NHL. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. For entertainment purposes only.

  • Shoutout to all of us who uploaded the scrum without the prior incident, we really dropped the ball on that one!

    Jens95Jens959 dagar sedan
    • Finally some clarification on what happened. Thank you

      hockeycub19hockeycub199 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for uploading it

      Meth EnthusiastMeth Enthusiast9 dagar sedan
  • It is actually hilarious. Hogwarts lifts his shoulder into Forborts head then looks at the Ref like "WTF?" when Forbort returns the favor with a cross check. Hey Hogwarts, you want to poke a bear, be prepared to get bit. That smirk on the bench after the scrum is what gets a head removed in a future game.

    dochaliday69dochaliday69Dag sedan
  • What they do it won't work they just know to blame players not the players GM and coach are to blame they just don't know what to manage players

    Peter LimPeter Lim2 dagar sedan
  • Forbort POS.

    Sean HuntSean Hunt3 dagar sedan
  • So he jumps on Hogs, they called the penalty after the dogpile, but no supplemental discipline, yet rousell through punches on pool party and gets the penalty and fined after?

    Chris TaralaChris Tarala3 dagar sedan
  • The stands are empty because of the fake planned demic, while the players and refs are sweating , fighting and hugging each other..... you people are more stupid then I imagined.

    Frankie TschetterFrankie Tschetter4 dagar sedan
  • All the people hating on forbort, yet piglander has been the reason his team has lost the last 6 of 8 games... None the less, forbort is nothing special and piglander won't be either. As a canucks fan I hope piggy gets sent down to the AHL, maybe we can win some games that way

    Hockey is lifeHockey is life4 dagar sedan
  • Even though Myers is probably the biggest pussy in the league, glad he stepped in.

    none of my businessnone of my business5 dagar sedan
  • Forbort is putting hes head down

    FalflifeFalflife5 dagar sedan
  • This is why hockey will always be my favorite sport. There’s accountability for your actions.

    Nacka4lifeNacka4life5 dagar sedan
  • My only observation about Hoglander is he plays tough but he is roughing up guys above his weight class and needs protection. He better stay popular or he is going to be let to get his ass kicked!

    Pro 198Pro 1985 dagar sedan
  • I'm actually digging this whole division thing this year. Teams are getting more irritated with each other. I think it makes for more physical hockey and I like that

    Daniel HorsmanDaniel Horsman5 dagar sedan
  • hey refs, are you here?

    14maos14maos5 dagar sedan
  • Let them know guys the bigger they are the harder they fall. Bullies hit people that do not want to fight. Rookies in the game take some boxing lessons or some street fighting. That Forbot is a punk want to be bully. i love that the canucks jumped in.

    Sharon MonroeSharon Monroe5 dagar sedan
  • Canuck fans still whinny since 2011

    Bob Barkers Wrinkled Nut SacBob Barkers Wrinkled Nut Sac5 dagar sedan
  • Forbort sucks ass anyways get off the ice if your feelings are still hurt from the hit earlier you meat head 😂

    EssentiallyEricEssentiallyEric5 dagar sedan
  • So someone who is 5'9", without leaving their feet, hit someone who is 6'4" up high? lol Cmon Forbort, pick your head up. Let's get real here.

    ScottScott5 dagar sedan
  • Get out of the league is what I say. Twice his size and you're gonna complain that he hit you? You shouldn't even feel that 🤦‍♂️ (Oilers fan, I have no stake in this, I just can't stand a big guy like that being a pussy and making the sport look bad) Also in a game where his team is winning lmao

    Matt NootMatt Noot6 dagar sedan
  • Refs are ridiculous. When are they going to be credible to these missed horrible non calls? So it is now ok to cross check your opponents until they fall into the ground? These "refs" make the game dangerous. Own it up NHL.

    DrakraxxxDrakraxxx6 dagar sedan
  • A shorter player is not allowed to finish his check against a bigger player, don't you guys know that!!! Forbort was only doing the right thing by viciously crosschecking him in the back three times. The refs knew that, that's why they did'nt call it. If you can't take a couple a dirty ass crosschecks from behind by an over grown Insecure baby, get outta the league.

    Avedon FiveStarAvedon FiveStar6 dagar sedan
    • @Avedon FiveStar haha ok I thought so

      Lil CumLil Cum6 dagar sedan
    • @Lil Cum Being totally sarcastic

      Avedon FiveStarAvedon FiveStar6 dagar sedan
    • can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. It's hard to detect it through text, but if you are being sarcastic I agree with this.

      Lil CumLil Cum6 dagar sedan
  • It wasn't high. He had his head down

    Jacob ConellJacob Conell6 dagar sedan
  • Forbor.. what a fking twat...

    Kimmy RaskKimmy Rask6 dagar sedan
  • Forbort is probably the worst example of a grown up hockey player

    Joel SidemyrJoel Sidemyr6 dagar sedan
  • what a pussy

    Braxton StearnsBraxton Stearns6 dagar sedan
  • Forbort is a bitch. Hoglander's hit was fair and clean.

    John-David BrophyJohn-David Brophy6 dagar sedan
  • It’s so weird to hear the “crowd” in the background audio.

    Glenn RudolphGlenn Rudolph6 dagar sedan
    • The added crowd noises are disingenuous. We didn't get a Bettman booing crowd track so what's the point? I'm just waiting for the day where the crowd soundboard operator forgets to hit the cheer button after a goal, kind of like the rare cases where the goal horn doesn't go off or goes off late.

      Coding TunesCoding Tunes3 dagar sedan
  • Refereeing failure.

    Atlas531Atlas5316 dagar sedan
  • forbort should be suspended for a game, just uncalled for especially more than once

    Ryan DesmondRyan Desmond6 dagar sedan
  • Another exemple of bad refs leading to a pile of players...

    Emmanuel CONSTANTEmmanuel CONSTANT6 dagar sedan
  • Whining announcers. Canucks are soft.

    Jack PethybridgeJack Pethybridge7 dagar sedan
    • You pretend that you're team doesn't have Scheifele, the biggest whiner in the league.

      Lil CumLil Cum6 dagar sedan
    • So is Forbert after MacEwan lit him up.

      roof pizzaroof pizza6 dagar sedan
  • NHL is girls hockey now. Clean hit... NHL has got to start penalizing retaliation after clean hits. Call instigating on retaliation every time and this shit stops.

    Man-Bag DammitMan-Bag Dammit7 dagar sedan
  • This is yet another example of how refs let games get out of hand. How did these officials make it to the professional level, I’m not complaining because everyone loves action but come on man, what a joke

    MattMatt7 dagar sedan
  • It was a shitty check and the reaction was due to it being a shitty check If the checker continues to check like that he will get many more people angry Just a shitty check, bigger guy was looking down and the checker saw that and still checked him in the face, Guarantee if this highlander keeps checking this way, he's gonna get hurt This Swedish Van player clearly knows what he's doing And I'll add one more, forbert himself doesn't think it was dirty, I think he's being a politician and he's annoyed with himself for looking down and he got pissed But this hoglander any hit he makes is gonna sneaky cuz what other choices does he have? It's his style

    Winnipeg's McLuhanWinnipeg's McLuhan7 dagar sedan
  • Haha how does forberts face look now

    Hyper LanceHyper Lance7 dagar sedan
  • Hoglander was playing like a gent, he took how many cross checks and how much excessive roughness without retaliating? Team was right to dogpile Forbort like that

    Dkyguy1995Dkyguy19957 dagar sedan
  • Forbort has no W's in his fight resume, how else you expect him to respond? Thanks for this video, it reminded me a little of the Bertuzzi-Moore incident. Kinda scary to see Hoglander's head face down in that pile.

    bPHOqbPHOq7 dagar sedan
  • lol they immediately jumped in to save this guys life?

    Seamus KerrySeamus Kerry7 dagar sedan
  • Rule 48. Illegal Check to the Head 48.1 Illegal Check to the Head - A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted. Rule 48.1 is defined as follows as follows: A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head was the main point of contact and such contact to the head was avoidable is not permitted. In determining whether contact with an opponent's head was avoidable, the circumstances of the hit including the following shall be considered: (i) Whether the player attempted to hit squarely through the opponent’s body and the head was not "picked" as a result of poor timing, poor angle of approach, or unnecessary extension of the body upward or outward. (ii) Whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position by assuming a posture that made head contact on an otherwise full body check unavoidable. (iii) Whether the opponent materially changed the position of his body or head immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact. I would say that (ii) would definitely give Hoglander the benefit of the doubt. Of course, that is not a guarantee that the head hit could have been avoided in general, so just because Forbort was leaning down does not entirely mean that Hoglander is completely immune from getting away from a headshot based upon other factors involved.

    NattfogNattfog7 dagar sedan
    • There's no way Hoglander could have avoided it. Hoggy is 5'9 while Forbort is 6'4, and you can see that Hoglanders skates didn't leave the ice. If you're 6'4 and leaning to the point where a 5'9 player can easily reach your head with his shoulder, its entirely your fault.

      Lil CumLil Cum6 dagar sedan
  • fortbort calls a headshot then proceeds to hit him in the head 3 times lol

    Austin HaseltineAustin Haseltine7 dagar sedan
  • NHL refs are the worst humanity has to offer. What a disgrace. Forbort should have been suspended for several games.

    Jon BowerJon Bower7 dagar sedan
  • Big boy got hit and set him off, I would be too if the guy was half my size

    ed bryaned bryan7 dagar sedan
  • Let the boys fight. Officials are cowards

    The Real Jrü GordonThe Real Jrü Gordon7 dagar sedan
  • That scrum doesn't happen if you call the crosschecks.

    YachtRock4EverYachtRock4Ever7 dagar sedan
  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes

    mayntrain66mayntrain667 dagar sedan
  • Big pussy can’t take a hit

    Viral ClipsViral Clips7 dagar sedan
  • damn these refs start to remind me of the really bad ones we have in the SHL (swedens highest hockey league) the hit from Höglander isnt even that bad and def not in the head! and he gets crosschecked three times without a whistle wth....

    MrAvvemanMrAvveman7 dagar sedan
  • forbort acting like a whiny bitch

    Oncreen JesterOncreen Jester7 dagar sedan
  • Clean hit, dirty cross checks, cowardly attack.

    Len RLen R7 dagar sedan
  • Maybe forbort shouldn’t keep his head so low 🙄🙄🙄

    Gramster 44 GamingGramster 44 Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • Watched it again and Pionk pulls Virtanen out of the scrum and then turtles his head. Jake never throws a punch but somehow ends up getting two and ten, the same as Forbort. What happened to the original penalty call before Forbort attacked Hoglander? Why wasn’t he penalized for the three crosschecks? Total screwup by the refs.

    Rick McGillRick McGill7 dagar sedan
  • mad at the refs, they were the one kept their arm down, not the player.

    walter lowalter lo7 dagar sedan
  • This is why they kept Virtanen. You know he’s gonna throw a big hit next game

    Kevin VSKevin VS7 dagar sedan
  • Hoglander raised levels during the hit. Forbort sticking up for himself and the refs let it be because they saw the hit. This is real hockey. This hive-mind comment section should go play baseball.

    Ivan LIvan L7 dagar sedan
    • hog is jsut a rookie forbort is a goon looking to bully a rookie

      Fegalin ColegneFegalin Colegne7 dagar sedan
  • Wow is this comment section full of Canucks crybabies. Lol their guy jumps into a hit, gives a head shot. Now half of b.c. is crying about a couple of cross checks hahahaha Man the west us getting soft, just cause your team sucks

    chris irelandchris ireland7 dagar sedan
    • @chris ireland "how the hell else do you explain him getting hit in the face" Because forbort had his head down, it's simple really.

      Lil CumLil Cum5 dagar sedan
    • @Lil Cum he didn't cry at all an took care of it himself. An it was because he jumped into a headshot. You said it yourself forbert is 6'4 an the kid is 5'9, that's 7 inch difference. how the hell else do you explain him getting hit in face, without sounding like a moron, or burning your city must be too young to remember your sedin sisters...they would be shaking their heads at you right now talking this shit

      chris irelandchris ireland6 dagar sedan
    • But he didn't jump? Forbort is a 6'4, 28 year old man who started crying and pissing his pants like a baby when a 5'9 20 year old checked him. When was the last time y'all made it to the Stanley cup finals? Or won the presidents trophy? Oh wait...

      Lil CumLil Cum6 dagar sedan
  • not sure how after all this the penalties were even especially when the Jets were getting the original penalty!

    Rick WeberRick Weber7 dagar sedan
  • Forbort’s a plug

    Ben HillyardBen Hillyard7 dagar sedan
  • Forbort what an embarrassment

    theboyrofftheboyroff7 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😈👾👾☻

    Brent Holy RiderBrent Holy Rider7 dagar sedan
  • I will agree with all of y'all and say Forbert is a lil beeyotch for cross checking 3 times then starting a fight with a guy a half a foot shorter than him

    Alex VogelAlex Vogel7 dagar sedan
  • Hoglander next game forbert going to hit you hard. Hope it is to the head, spend a month out thinking about how I liked that pos hit

    Fred ThorneFred Thorne7 dagar sedan
  • What a big baby forbert is. The check was not even high in the first place. Plus he was just fine after the check anyways. He was just pissed that a small dude like that hit him good.

    Mr. K HMr. K H7 dagar sedan
  • There is only one Nils Höglander. Fuck Forbort. Little bitch. Jumping from behind. What a loser. Take a hit give a hit. Thats what it's all about

    Ted LindahlTed Lindahl7 dagar sedan
  • Referees failed to issue numerous penalties throughout the game. It was pathetic and if anyone want to argue it was for the purposes of 'game management', I call bullsh!t. If you know how WWE works, you might grasp how the NHL instructs referees to manipulate any particular game. Referees are ultimately controlled by the NHL and if they are not willing to expose those referees to judgement for their performances transparently, we have to realize how their product operates. Players know how the league manipulates games through the referees but at the end of the day, want to earn a paycheck. Referees are caught between without a voice. The NHL has not been a legitimate competition for several years and betting on it would be like betting on the WWE.

    Dino QuiringDino Quiring7 dagar sedan
  • This has got to be the worst season I have ever seen in terms of reffing...Not a canuck fan at all but where was the cross checking call?Happening right in front of the refs too..

    Troyjanwarrior1Troyjanwarrior17 dagar sedan
    • @Lil Cum yeah man I think they got some beer leauge refs this year.

      Troyjanwarrior1Troyjanwarrior15 dagar sedan
    • You don't even need to be a canucks fan to see how bad the reffing is all around the league... I've watched a few New Jersey games, a lot of Vegas games, and some Colorado games. There was always at least 1 bad call or multiple missed calls in each game. The refs this year are a joke.

      Lil CumLil Cum6 dagar sedan
  • See how refs casually watching them. It's because they are also from lame ass Whinypeg Shits!

    Real GoodReal Good7 dagar sedan
  • Wow Forbort is such a pussy

  • If you don’t want rough stuff don’t start hitting. It’s the nhl toughen up nucks fans

    Travis PennerTravis Penner7 dagar sedan
  • The kid hit this giant clown and the giant clown acted like a giant clown, I don't even like the Canucks and i agree with the Canuck fans, that dude is a baby

    Mate ZvicerMate Zvicer7 dagar sedan
  • Why everyone complaining this is hockey .. game was over it’s just between those 2 in garbage time

    Bobby HulllBobby Hulll7 dagar sedan
  • Hope Myers didn’t drop the gloves, not sure how much embarrassment can Vancouver handle lol

    tsifty1tsifty17 dagar sedan
  • The poor spelling and grammar in this thread is nauseating.

    Danny BostyDanny Bosty7 dagar sedan
  • Clean hit when hockey get so soft

    Dave gonyouDave gonyou7 dagar sedan
  • What a joke forbort is

    theiren mouldtheiren mould7 dagar sedan
  • I hope one of these days a small guy like Hoglander McSorelys a goon like Frobert, then maybe the NHL will get it through their thick fucking heads to stop this shit when it starts.

    Takao81Takao817 dagar sedan
  • NHL is a joke nowadays A clean nice hit And the big fella cries And the referee is blind

    HondaMan VtecHondaMan Vtec7 dagar sedan
  • Hoglander has already been more successful in his quarter of an NHL season than Forbort has in his several seasons of being a 7th defenceman at best.

    Conall RossConall Ross7 dagar sedan
  • The fake crowd loved it! Gutless cross checks and gutless reffing. NHL becoming even more of a joke at protecting skill players

    Bradley SmithBradley Smith7 dagar sedan
  • Typical oaf piece of shit that can't stand getting the wind taken out of him by a little guy, typical highschool bully, fuck pieces of shit like Frobert.

    Takao81Takao817 dagar sedan
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    James 122James 1227 dagar sedan
  • Too much hugging and not enough swinging.

    SG1SG17 dagar sedan
  • Forbot is a twat...take the hit from the smaller guy ya pussy.

    rick cloustonrick clouston7 dagar sedan
  • Refs had money on the jets

    A DA D7 dagar sedan
  • Good job protecting the boys!

    Markus AllenMarkus Allen8 dagar sedan
  • Forgot better wat h his back this next game I hope Roussel fucks him up

    Gaylon DucsayGaylon Ducsay8 dagar sedan
  • Forbort played like a jackass

    WaltherPPK909WaltherPPK9098 dagar sedan
  • Stupid refs but also stupid players who jumped and dog piled Höglander like that, I think we all would like it if we could avoid another Steve Moore incident. Obviously they should defend him but don't risk breaking him on the ice?

    JohJoh8 dagar sedan
  • Forbort should get banned for this on the basis that he's obviously a big baby and his pride took a knock after being (what looks to be) cleanly hit by a smaller guy. The ref should also undergo retraining. How could he miss those blatant crosschecks (and an (attempted) hook prior to that). Terrible refereeing.

    fghftghfghgffghftghfghgf8 dagar sedan
  • so no one are allowed to hit Forbort? What a clown

    :p:p8 dagar sedan
  • National Soft League.

    Kristoffer ThorsheimKristoffer Thorsheim8 dagar sedan
  • Forbort is such a baby

    Sam CSam C8 dagar sedan
  • Forbort is a loser and a crappy player.. guess he signed a contract that he pays to stay.

    Andreas SjobergAndreas Sjoberg8 dagar sedan
  • Now that Forbort made himself a lauhing stock, does he not get a suspension?

    Mulph 77Mulph 778 dagar sedan
  • Wow. Tough guys in Winnipeg. Going after the rookie for making a clean hit.

    Per WahlgrenPer Wahlgren8 dagar sedan
  • Keep your head up.

    jwjw8 dagar sedan
  • That hit was in the jaw and wasnt called because the guy is microscopic compared to forbort. Pause at 25 second mark

    Calvin CobbCalvin Cobb8 dagar sedan
  • lmao you're so fuckin tough Forbort

    iamtt1iamtt18 dagar sedan
  • Wearing an old-school uniform of the team that Carolina used to be - on Carolina's home ice - is just idiotic.

    storyofcorystoryofcory8 dagar sedan
  • vancouver main feed cameraman is so exhausting to watch, with all the zoom in-out-left-right-up-down

    Hare BrahsHare Brahs8 dagar sedan
  • the refs were asleep all game

    James SiebenJames Sieben8 dagar sedan
  • Brutal hit get Hoglander out of the league! *sarcasm*

    horderulzforeverhorderulzforever8 dagar sedan