angry berd

9 okt 2020
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have u ever just got so upset that u just get so angry that ur just SO MAD!!!

  • Just dropped JUST NOW! FRESH BABIES FOR EVERYONE! Limited supply, get yours today! or tomorrow! maybe even AFTER tomorrow, but GET THEM GO GO GO

    BerdBerdMånad sedan
    • He do be angry tho

      Lil crazy PenguinLil crazy Penguin15 dagar sedan
    • @Hungriest Potato NOBODY CARES

      DragonSonicF1DragonSonicF1Månad sedan

      Hungriest PotatoHungriest PotatoMånad sedan
    • Why is this on the official Angry Birds channel?

      DragonSonicF1DragonSonicF1Månad sedan
    • 🇮🇳

      Technical BOTTechnical BOTMånad sedan
  • Man i miss the original game

    Brice WisenerBrice Wisener43 minuter sedan
  • holy shit is that sandvich from team fortress (tf2) two???!1

    SaghettiSaghetti22 timmar sedan
  • .L.O.L.

    AmayitaAmayita22 timmar sedan
  • Oh it's like that movie that came out

    Peter LynchPeter LynchDag sedan
  • Hey wait a minute that sandwich looks familiar...

    No MainerNo MainerDag sedan
    • @Glitch King911 "ah I see you are a man of culture as well'

      No MainerNo MainerDag sedan
    • Tf2?

      Glitch King911Glitch King911Dag sedan
  • Now this is what I call marketing

    Cloud.Cloud.Dag sedan
  • Plot twist: He was paid to make this video.

    Chillz AnimsChillz Anims2 dagar sedan
  • I love the punching sounds

    Rafael BarjaRafael Barja2 dagar sedan
  • I shit you not he turned himself into a marketable figure funniest shit I've ever seen

    ChrisChris2 dagar sedan
  • Me angy

    Pivot BoyPivot Boy3 dagar sedan
  • Sandvich. Pootis.

    Belli DragonBelli Dragon3 dagar sedan
  • s

    Daddy long legsDaddy long legs3 dagar sedan
  • The purple boi got so excited that he un-squished himself just to touch the sandwich

    PaleBlueTARDISPaleBlueTARDIS4 dagar sedan
  • HAAAAAGH- *is ded*

    Nathanishungry AnimationsNathanishungry Animations5 dagar sedan
  • Stop it......... HES ALREADY DEAD!

    Obama cubeObama cube5 dagar sedan
  • Bruh, gimme my Sammich, I’m angery

    Random DJRandom DJ5 dagar sedan
  • deep breath deep breath REE

    April Young BlackwellApril Young Blackwell5 dagar sedan
  • Sandvitch

    Mitchell McClutcheyMitchell McClutchey5 dagar sedan
  • I actually chocked on my soda while laughing at this

    Anthony KAnthony K5 dagar sedan
  • no

    Ave FenixAve Fenix6 dagar sedan
  • So bird is spelled bird not berd

    Ebben CookEbben Cook6 dagar sedan
    • @user_404 why you say ??

      Ebben CookEbben Cook6 dagar sedan
    • ??

      user_404user_4046 dagar sedan
  • Wait you know 🦅 is spelled bird berd

    Ebben CookEbben Cook6 dagar sedan
  • Oh shoot the Evil Number is Here

    TiresomeVincent562 HurtadoTiresomeVincent562 Hurtado6 dagar sedan
  • 666k views and 66k likes. O-okay

    Kyra KurieitaKyra Kurieita6 dagar sedan
  • im broke so just scream.

    bri rbri r6 dagar sedan
  • Well this is a bwah moment Ahh- *Dies*

    Rob_On_My_Nob03Rob_On_My_Nob037 dagar sedan
  • He turned into a marketable toy.

    Estella AmoussouEstella Amoussou7 dagar sedan
  • Guys I think the argry birds were behind 9/11

    Trevor EklofTrevor Eklof8 dagar sedan
  • * takes sandwich *

    dekI _dekI _8 dagar sedan
  • Heavy: Where's my sandvich?

    Robbie 15Robbie 158 dagar sedan
  • 0:19 LOUD

    Ice Cube Flipaclip StudioIce Cube Flipaclip Studio8 dagar sedan
  • I love how it just cuts off his scream

    Toonmatt 92Toonmatt 929 dagar sedan
  • Big berd=heavy weapons guy confirmed

    Bucket Of ChickenBucket Of Chicken11 dagar sedan

    Mr MagicMr Magic11 dagar sedan
  • Ok HMMMMMMM I'm an angry berd now like the movie and game angry berds

    Jasper GallasJasper Gallas11 dagar sedan
  • Parody of angry birds? No no no the other video! Nice job making both!

    SomethingElse GachaClubSomethingElse GachaClub11 dagar sedan
  • Sandvich.

    Smug GamingSmug Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • Angri

    pickl hmmmpickl hmmm12 dagar sedan
  • Angry BERD

    Mimi KhasMimi Khas12 dagar sedan
  • And berd went kaboom

    Lebon W.Lebon W.12 dagar sedan
  • WHAT? HOW?

    SlashcreepSlashcreep12 dagar sedan
  • I'm not getting it I'm expecting your scream now

    SoggyPugsSoggyPugs12 dagar sedan
  • Sandwich form tf2 ????!????

    My family ChanelMy family Chanel13 dagar sedan
  • Scream for me

    the masked gamerthe masked gamer13 dagar sedan
  • That's just Heavy dropping a Sandvich and not allowing Scout to take it.

    ArsonPea AnimsArsonPea Anims13 dagar sedan
  • That berd is gonna explode in 3 2- nah man just get it I'll scream. *A N G R Y B E R D*

    20 Wouulouned20 Wouulouned14 dagar sedan
  • And I thought super saiyan transformations were epic. Berd transcended to a whole new level.

    BlazzeredBlazzered14 dagar sedan
  • Pretty sure I’m not able to comment

    LilHeinz 94LilHeinz 9414 dagar sedan
  • TF2 sandvich

    Blue BruneBlue Brune15 dagar sedan
  • oh... oh no. i wonder how the angry berds attack?

    Weilwyn109Weilwyn10915 dagar sedan
  • You should make a tf2 Berd cus its Heavy’s sandwich

    Vidar LindbergVidar Lindberg15 dagar sedan
  • This video made my day

    RyanRedBirdRyanRedBird16 dagar sedan
  • please i only have 2 bobux

    salmon mancersalmon mancer18 dagar sedan
  • Hovy in tf2 be like

    israeli scoutisraeli scout18 dagar sedan
  • Angry berd angry berd

    HavetostayrealYTHavetostayrealYT18 dagar sedan
  • Berdz

    That one masked animatorThat one masked animator18 dagar sedan

    That one masked animatorThat one masked animator18 dagar sedan
  • PISSED BERD=AAAAA----- * TURNS TO BOMB BERD* lil berd=*then he wadel away wadel wadel then he wadle away wadel wadel till the very next day BUM BUM BUM BADADADUM

    Matthew Jayden TariganMatthew Jayden Tarigan19 dagar sedan
  • its the itsthe issthe istha itha istha Its the SANDVIIIICH !!!!!!!!!

    William KelleyWilliam Kelley21 dag sedan
  • *Me tacking the sandwish* Haters: Ooooo you will stay away from my sandwich

    Splash CatSplash Cat21 dag sedan
  • That Berd is a spy!

    FluffyLeopardFluffyLeopard21 dag sedan
  • i didnt predict that and i’m disappointed in myself

    AnneithAnneith21 dag sedan

    MintMint22 dagar sedan
  • sanvitch good.

    eric ezenhoiwereric ezenhoiwer23 dagar sedan
  • my brothers when there’s the last pizza slice:

    Gacha SkyGacha Sky23 dagar sedan
    • As someone who has a sibling, I can relate.

      Blue BruneBlue Brune2 dagar sedan
  • no one's talking about the fact that it's the tf2 sandvich?

    Lukas VerloyLukas Verloy24 dagar sedan
  • slapping berd so hard he squishes

    Gregory GregGregory Greg25 dagar sedan

    Xavier CreeperXavier Creeper25 dagar sedan
  • sure seems angry

    Kahnye WhiteKahnye White25 dagar sedan
  • Culun

    media tanam21media tanam2125 dagar sedan

    Francisco Lizarrga TorresFrancisco Lizarrga Torres26 dagar sedan
  • Nobody touches the sandvich

    gamingoosegamingoose26 dagar sedan
  • I like this skit

    BepisBestBepisBest26 dagar sedan
  • funny ha

    slushie 24slushie 2427 dagar sedan
  • The most insightful knowledge. HAAAAaAAaAAaAaaa

    BJ JacksonBJ Jackson27 dagar sedan
  • "Angry berd" My brain: Edgy Beard

    Marqui BalbuenaMarqui Balbuena27 dagar sedan
  • Where are da pegs

    Cool dude zeonCool dude zeon27 dagar sedan
  • This is a good channel to subscibe to

    HydelHydel28 dagar sedan
  • He does like his sandviches

    PuncherPuncher28 dagar sedan
  • This was a fully immersive movie that really changed my view on everything the detail and attention to character was amazing 5 star review

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna28 dagar sedan
  • it look like a sandwich in tf 2

    VN jaxxerVN jaxxer28 dagar sedan
  • fat

    kraniumnolkraniumnol28 dagar sedan
  • youtooztastic

    cheddarcheddarMånad sedan
  • I don’t get it

    N . 0 . NN . 0 . NMånad sedan
  • 4 strikes he becomes a robot

    primpyprimpyMånad sedan
  • sandvich make me strong

    NicholasNicholasMånad sedan
  • My little sandwich, what an awesome show!

    Equestrian PhotographerEquestrian PhotographerMånad sedan
  • *Angry berd*

    Stuff’n’ StuffStuff’n’ StuffMånad sedan
  • big boi baby boi baby go baby boi go boom

    bebênaldo pereirabebênaldo pereiraMånad sedan
  • That Is A SANDVICH

    Jayce DavilleJayce DavilleMånad sedan
  • I’m broke so ur gonna scream sorry 😐

    Pink BerdPink BerdMånad sedan
  • His sandwich now

    Cuddles *Cuddles *Månad sedan
  • the little bird is so cute

    ʚ:Sekoʚ:SekoMånad sedan
  • #bringback2012

    Pedro bossPedro bossMånad sedan
  • *the beeg bird is calling the sandvich a sandwich.*

    Dylan BingDylan BingMånad sedan
  • I don’t get it...

    SpinosaurusStudiosSpinosaurusStudiosMånad sedan
  • That's fat

  • wut is this? Berd: kwality content

    Hunter CheringtonHunter CheringtonMånad sedan
  • Bomb berd bomb berd

    Oshabot 16Oshabot 16Månad sedan