Pat McAfee Reacts To JJ Watt Being Cut From The Texans

12 feb 2021
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Do you think that this move is better for the Texans or JJ Watt?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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  • Cut Free**

    WindyWindy10 dagar sedan
  • For the love of god JJ please don’t go to Chicago. I don’t want to see you destroy Goff twice a year now😂

    Bronze56KBronze56K12 dagar sedan
  • You forgot the browns

    Noah MaynardNoah Maynard13 dagar sedan
  • Nice. And whoever said the colts need carson is crazy. Amd they need to quit saying the colts could build around wentz. Naw bro the colts are better when carson doesnt play for them. Dont want phillys mess up

    Mike TrevinoMike Trevino13 dagar sedan
  • Houston dropped the haamaah dahn

    Mike TrevinoMike Trevino13 dagar sedan
  • It’s feels like madden franchise mode for Tampa Bay

    Mr.ChevyMr.Chevy13 dagar sedan
  • I hope the Texans never have another winning season tbh

    Berserker5150Berserker515013 dagar sedan
  • The handsome prison ontogenetically bubble because clam correspondingly lock given a useless face. unaccountable, thoughtful cry

    Linda ElrodLinda Elrod13 dagar sedan
  • SeWattle

    Michael DelgadoMichael Delgado13 dagar sedan
  • The colts will gladly take him

    MFTSTRIFE LegitMFTSTRIFE Legit13 dagar sedan
  • Man Bill O'Brien really ran these team into the ground. Just shows you how bad management can really destroy a culture and team.

    malachi rhodesmalachi rhodes14 dagar sedan
  • 🤩

    Mara MannellaMara Mannella14 dagar sedan
  • he gets hurt a lot

    Scottys Back Yard BBQScottys Back Yard BBQ14 dagar sedan
  • Greenbay bound!

    Jared BickfordJared Bickford14 dagar sedan
  • Please come to the Chiefs!

    2nd_place2nd_place14 dagar sedan
    • We can’t pay you, but we can probably get you a ring if our o-line stays healthy.

      2nd_place2nd_place14 dagar sedan
  • Watt taking the vet minimum and moving to Tampa. Cot damn give em the repeat and keep it moving 🙄

    Andrew PughAndrew Pugh14 dagar sedan
  • Pat sounds like the joker, recording that guy in the dark knight, while jj is talking hahaha “everything...offense and defense...” waiting on him to say LOOK AT ME!!

    No NameNo Name14 dagar sedan
  • So my thing is can you now call him a diva from acting the way he did to get out of the Texans

    Kevon KingKevon King14 dagar sedan
  • Aldon Smith entered the league better than JJ Watt and returned to the league better than JJ Watt

    Panty RaidPanty Raid14 dagar sedan
  • 2:09 Watt?!

    Stephen IronsStephen Irons14 dagar sedan
  • Better for both. Texans save on cap and JJ Watt can sign with a contender.

    David BurrisDavid Burris14 dagar sedan
  • -signs with Tampa Bay-

    Original JOriginal J14 dagar sedan
  • Not the Bears. Please god no. Vikings?

    Ephemis PriestEphemis Priest14 dagar sedan
  • Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Rams, Kansas City, New Orleans are all in cap hell and would need to release half their roster to sign him. Tampa bay only has 30 mil in cap and 30 unrestricted free agents including all their best players as free agents. The Bills have very little cap room but if they make some moves could possibly sign Watt. Means losing Milano and releasing Brown. The Browns and Ravens both have sufficient cap to sign. The Colts have a ridiculous amount of cap room to sign. I think it comes down to those 4 teams.

    Eric StormEric Storm14 dagar sedan
  • It would be fun to see him go to the browns. Him and Garrett together would be insane.

    Spaghetti joeSpaghetti joe14 dagar sedan
  • Why is everyone so surprised by this the guy is old and injured all the time.

    Scott MannScott Mann14 dagar sedan
  • Chiefs fan here, our defense needs you JJ.

    C SC S14 dagar sedan
  • Nah JJ Watt cut the texabs

    Mukund JosyulaMukund Josyula14 dagar sedan
  • JJ is ring chasing now. Hope he gets one

    ridenlow71ridenlow7114 dagar sedan
  • Come to dallas

    ROYCiANO_187 WTXROYCiANO_187 WTX14 dagar sedan
  • Sooo many banners, posters, billboards, Bus Graphics, soda displays etc... are in need of replacement in Houston right now

    Tony MondolaTony Mondola14 dagar sedan
  • LMAO "Peyton Manning would go like this and babies would go quiet in the hospital."

    Hannibal BarcaHannibal Barca14 dagar sedan
  • Watt to Green Bay! Cut the check Packers!

    Seabee VetSeabee Vet14 dagar sedan
  • Steelers bound

    Darren WulfenDarren Wulfen14 dagar sedan
  • Easier to walk away from 4-12...then to be man enough to stay and help turn that around

    Willie DixonWillie Dixon14 dagar sedan
  • Kansa city needs a better defense sooooo maybe

    hulk akeredoluhulk akeredolu14 dagar sedan
  • yoooooo

    JalendashaunJalendashaun14 dagar sedan
  • JJ going to tampa babies😇

    phantom 7 cross rosephantom 7 cross rose14 dagar sedan

    Sky MarriottSky Marriott14 dagar sedan
  • If he goes to the Bucs, they are winning another ring.

    EazeYTEazeYT14 dagar sedan
  • i cant imagine anyone from Texas being mad he wants to go get a ring.

    Eakin budEakin bud14 dagar sedan
  • JJ wants his very own superbowl ring.

    bird718bird71814 dagar sedan
  • go to the pack JJ

    CavemanteroCavemantero14 dagar sedan
  • 4:33 "offense, defense, whatever" lmaoooooo this man has me dying

    AyeeJaayyAyeeJaayy14 dagar sedan
  • The build up pat did before he said JJ and Houston split ways was legendary, gave us the whole back story on why JJ watt was so loved down there . Pat needs a TV show .

    Joseph BestJoseph Best14 dagar sedan
  • The continuity is great from JJ "WHAT" because he was a heel. I believe Texans wanted Vince Young. Yeah that was a bust.

    Mychael JonesMychael Jones14 dagar sedan
  • Please go to Green Bay Packers.

    Mychael JonesMychael Jones14 dagar sedan
  • The What chants lol

    Mychael JonesMychael Jones14 dagar sedan
  • I like how pat is talking in the background while they put the video of jj watt speaking

    Logan SerbusLogan Serbus14 dagar sedan
  • 3x Defensive Player of the Year, with no post season career moments. He deserves to play for a contender.

    Ernest ParkerErnest Parker15 dagar sedan
  • I don't see him going to Pitt. That team is going to be in shambles next year and struggled mightily down the stretch.

    R NR N15 dagar sedan
  • Pat mack ad libs are hilarious

    Amadden mindAmadden mind15 dagar sedan
  • **upon his request. Big difference

    C-BeezyC-Beezy15 dagar sedan
  • Buffalo is a blue collar town building a winning culture that likes high character players. We could also use some help in the pass rush. Work your magic Brandon Beane!

    Liam EngramLiam Engram15 dagar sedan
  • As a texans fan. Thank you Jack Easterby for an this content

    danny sanchezdanny sanchez15 dagar sedan
  • JJ come on down to Miami , we've got some sh&t going on down here baby ..

    Tom JonesTom Jones15 dagar sedan
  • He going to Cleveland baby!

    Ty CobbTy Cobb15 dagar sedan
  • A lot of buzz for a guy who hasn’t played over 24 games in any 2 season period since 2015.

    B MilesB Miles15 dagar sedan
  • McAfee giving off Stone Cold vibes. haha what?

    Daniel Who?Daniel Who?15 dagar sedan
  • A.J. hawk is the star here

    Charles GroganCharles Grogan15 dagar sedan
  • Come to the Bills JJ

    Wes HWes H15 dagar sedan
  • My brownies should get em him on one side Garrett on the other......Holy S*** 🤤

    Kent HannaKent Hanna15 dagar sedan
  • Let him speak P Mac and friends!

    Mellow NES SuperstarMellow NES Superstar15 dagar sedan
  • Don't you get me EVEN more excited about my Bucs for next year! Can youuuu smelllllllllll, what the Watt, is cookin'? Let's go Bucs!

    Mellow NES SuperstarMellow NES Superstar15 dagar sedan
  • Im a titans fan in Houston and wish this guy nothing but the best. This guy is a Houstonian and will always, in my eyes, a Houstonian ,especially after what he did during the hurricane.

    ExodusExodus15 dagar sedan
  • Dallas

    Kn DtnKn Dtn15 dagar sedan
  • As a Colts fan, I am thoroughly enjoying watching the Texans implode

    Daniel MustangDaniel Mustang15 dagar sedan
  • I wish someone who is talking during JJ's monologue would just stop

    Ironjaytrain2003Ironjaytrain200315 dagar sedan
  • Pat wants every free agent to go to Indianapolis 😂

    Mr_Sandmans _Mr_Sandmans _15 dagar sedan
  • Guess who WAS a Texans fan

    Trey CantrellTrey Cantrell15 dagar sedan
  • bro this is a really good video with fine comedic feel especially the first 30 seconds. Congrats to JJ and good luck to him.

    Christopher TrojanowskiChristopher Trojanowski15 dagar sedan
  • "businesswise, smartwise"

    Christian LombardiChristian Lombardi15 dagar sedan
  • Pat Shut up when jj talkin

    Mikael SwickMikael Swick15 dagar sedan
  • WATT?

    D GD G15 dagar sedan
  • A ten year

    Beatle JuiceBeatle Juice15 dagar sedan
  • He will go to Colts or Buckners.

    Beatle JuiceBeatle Juice15 dagar sedan
    • Or Pittsburgh.

      Beatle JuiceBeatle Juice15 dagar sedan
  • He’s chasing rings. So where are the ring chasers? What? Tampa? What? Indy?what?

    Luis AvilaLuis Avila15 dagar sedan
  • He would look terrible in green and yellow!! Lol

    Jason KeckJason Keck15 dagar sedan
  • Miami

    Jason KeckJason Keck15 dagar sedan
  • Come on Bills fans: Start the move for J.J.

    Jerry HofstraJerry Hofstra15 dagar sedan
  • Funny players are selfish & not team player wanting a trade but a GM & owner discards players like used tissues. When player injured discarded or old but want you waste prime on discount. Must be nice have ESPN on payroll making owners heros & players selfish villains because want fair pay, job security & hold team same standard like Houston coaches & GM given years to stink but player can’t stink a season.

    Edward BritoEdward Brito15 dagar sedan
  • I can imagine JJ Watt and Kalil Mack on each end. They could dominate. Go Bears

    Kris KeilmanKris Keilman15 dagar sedan
    • *Khalil

      Kris KeilmanKris Keilman15 dagar sedan
  • Pittsburgh or Tampa Bay.

    Cee BeeCee Bee15 dagar sedan
  • Steelers should get him to create the Watt squad. It’s the only consolation prize for getting steeler nation hopes up only to fizzle out at the end.

    JasonJason15 dagar sedan
  • JJ Watt could benefit from the TB12 system... call it a sham but it’s getting results just like TB12

    wakawaka1976wakawaka197615 dagar sedan
  • It would be sweet if somehow, someway, the Vikings find a way to get Watt, and Watson. That way JJ could make this year up to DeShawn Watson.

    Primetime0569Primetime056915 dagar sedan
  • Pat's commentary while jj is announcing is the joy of my life

    Joshua DarichukJoshua Darichuk15 dagar sedan
  • JJ always been a mans man.. goes straight to the people to say his truth no drama.

    Alexander PerezAlexander Perez15 dagar sedan
  • this is fine..he asked them to release harm no foul...

    49ers197549ers197515 dagar sedan
  • JJ Watt to tampa bay. next year, Patrick Henry to Tampa Bay. Otto Graham comes out of mega retirement to play for tampa bay. Jim brown signs contract with tampa bay. OJ Simpson signs one year deal to play for tampa bay.

    just some minced garlicjust some minced garlic15 dagar sedan
  • The one dimensional now has nothing to talk about

    -_--_-15 dagar sedan
  • Pat the crazy bastard that talks during the movie and your tryn to hear what the people try to say.

    Rock Ape Overlanding and AdventuresRock Ape Overlanding and Adventures15 dagar sedan
  • There's a lot of crack smoking in Houston, that's why they cutting a lot of people...

    cacapedo2cacapedo215 dagar sedan
  • They like he too good for us

    Trigger TrollTrigger Troll15 dagar sedan
  • Chicago is dumb if they dont go after JJ. But if JJ wants a ring he goes to Tampa on a 1 year contract.

    lexustech48lexustech4815 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to Miami!!! Fins up!!!

    1776 On repeat1776 On repeat15 dagar sedan
  • Deshaun stay with us just watch we released the leagues best receiver now a all pro defender in one year we got this

    PreePree15 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see him in Chicago!

    Silver99Silver9915 dagar sedan
  • So if the buccs are smart cause they already have the best team and quarter back brady then they'll pick up watts also. Or green bay should talk to watts aaron rodgers one of the greatest quarter backs of all time plus watts and the rest of the team Superbowl team right there .

    Joe SparksJoe Sparks15 dagar sedan
  • JJ and Nick Bosa 49ers!