We try the Crispy Concords Meal

14 feb 2021
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crispy & kate try the world famous crispy concords meal from mcdonalds
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Today Kate & I try the "Crispy Concords Meal" which is a secret menu McDonalds item made by combining a McDouble and a McChicken. This is the absolute worst food review you will ever watch.
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  • i promise it's just a coincidence that it's valentine's day

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy Concords2 månader sedan
    • sussy boy

      Reversed SongsReversed SongsMånad sedan
    • Mmmmm mk

      Hollow LyricsHollow LyricsMånad sedan
    • @Caspian Ryder I am trying it out now. Looks to be working :)

      Peyton ColePeyton ColeMånad sedan
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    • SUS

      Drippy narutoDrippy narutoMånad sedan
  • 5:53

    UFO SpecialistUFO Specialist3 dagar sedan
  • Why didn't they have Pokemon mcdonald's in Washington Wtf my state sucks ass bro

    Francisco LyonFrancisco Lyon5 dagar sedan
  • They are actually related aren't they

    Shaurya ShrivastavaShaurya Shrivastava7 dagar sedan
  • Sauceeee fannnn??!!!

    Chris BreezyChris Breezy10 dagar sedan
  • i will kms if you dont love each other

    tommy medinatommy medina10 dagar sedan
  • give me her now

    Christian FullerChristian Fuller10 dagar sedan
  • That’s a mcgangbang

    Steve DiazSteve Diaz11 dagar sedan
  • Kate you didn’t seem awkward u seemed CUTE 😍

    JustCryptoJustCrypto11 dagar sedan
  • Awesome

    MrA XploreMrA Xplore12 dagar sedan
  • Tried this sandwich today, only difference is I added cheese and bacon to the mcchicken. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually was, thanks Crispy!

    Punisher_JKUPunisher_JKU17 dagar sedan
  • Is she emo 🖤

    Kim BönorKim Bönor18 dagar sedan
    • No clue

      RyanRyan11 dagar sedan
  • You should but salt on the burger where you bite it its MHHHMMM

    3kXCursed3kXCursed22 dagar sedan
  • dude she's sooo fun wth, where can i meet a girl like that

    JosiahhhJosiahhh28 dagar sedan
  • u sound like Seth Rogen when u say '"lactose intolerance" lmao

    Daniel PascanDaniel Pascan28 dagar sedan
  • 0:18

    Jus CardJus Card29 dagar sedan
  • where im from we call that the McGangbang

    Jeremy BishopJeremy BishopMånad sedan
  • Sorry but that wing shit she does with her makeup is just terrible just stop it's not cute

    chris Hansenchris HansenMånad sedan
  • i cant tell if this is a food review or a cringe compilation

    AzulzAzulzMånad sedan
  • cotton cords meal

    BixteenBixteenMånad sedan
  • You guys cute 🔥

    Oni HicanOni HicanMånad sedan
  • Lol in my town those are called McBitchins

    G 777G 777Månad sedan
  • Check out my yt 😂

  • she looks like an xmen. thats a compliment btw

    Dave DaveDave DaveMånad sedan
  • This is a mc gangbang wtf

    Michael AguirreMichael AguirreMånad sedan
  • this is a McGangBang...

    tjmelesstjmelessMånad sedan
  • 0:17 Crispy Crispy we saw that LOL

    MCM007 BRMCM007 BRMånad sedan
  • She enjoyed the food lol

    ShahkzShahkzMånad sedan
  • Watching his vids with Kate in it, i honestly think they look good together, talk about a not-so-perfect perfect couple XD

    Jared PabalanJared PabalanMånad sedan
  • damn it was kate??? i thought it was my brotha freddie

    Waad Al-UbeidiWaad Al-UbeidiMånad sedan
  • Crispy did not edit this

    whitobbleswhitobblesMånad sedan
  • I had click the vid when I saw irl anime girl

    Zz ZZz ZMånad sedan
  • I feel like she the only person that would make crispy laugh in the Omegle vids

    VZ1NK 0AKVZ1NK 0AKMånad sedan
  • what is that nose makeup..

  • K9 RevengeK9 RevengeMånad sedan
  • cool video to watch in the middle of a 72 hour fast, thanks!

    no oneno oneMånad sedan
  • i would wish to have such a nice girl like her man

    EnjoyMyHitsYTEnjoyMyHitsYTMånad sedan
  • why doesnt cate moves to you man

    EnjoyMyHitsYTEnjoyMyHitsYTMånad sedan
  • Crispy do be likin food

    KyezxidKyezxidMånad sedan
  • SEworld algorithm had me find this channel. And now I’m subscribed to see when he finally admits they are dating.

    Jaymz JJaymz JMånad sedan
  • That shit bussin

    GabGabMånad sedan
  • im eating it while watching yall eat it

    BaS!!c DotttBaS!!c DotttMånad sedan
  • Crispy Concords is Billy Russo from Punisher

    6*Gs Verlaten7776*Gs Verlaten777Månad sedan
  • Eat now Fuck later

    Gerald VillanunevaGerald VillanunevaMånad sedan
  • McGangBang

    Blake RoweBlake RoweMånad sedan
  • Wait when i got the pokemom happy meal i didnt get a sticker?

    Hung NguyenHung NguyenMånad sedan
  • Trying

    Cool Ghost12Cool Ghost12Månad sedan
  • She said "give it to me lets see what happends"

    xXpixel_kingXxxXpixel_kingXx2 månader sedan
  • Extraordinarily garbage.

    SketchSketch2 månader sedan
  • I love mc donalds man.

    Nick GNick G2 månader sedan
  • Extra crispy meal review when?

    FluxFlux2 månader sedan
  • Ay m8 watchu doing @ 9:04

    사무엘사무엘2 månader sedan
  • 1:58😳😏

    Jr on MobileツJr on Mobileツ2 månader sedan
  • I tried this tonight & its realllllly good lol

    StinaStina2 månader sedan
  • I thought Kate was vegan

    Just a gamerJust a gamer2 månader sedan
  • Yoooo I just realized crispy IS THE DUDE FROM TANGLED

    Ethan SteeleEthan Steele2 månader sedan

    depressedtigerdepressedtiger2 månader sedan
  • I'm not sure if this is a joke or not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🧐

    blaze owenblaze owen2 månader sedan
  • She got a nice nose

    Danie CDanie C2 månader sedan
  • The Kate Concords Meal 6:10

    iiamGhxstiiamGhxst2 månader sedan
  • I wish she had a channel

    GHOSTGHOST2 månader sedan
  • That is the mic gang bang

    Angel SoberanisAngel Soberanis2 månader sedan
  • Crispy concords let littlemoefades give you a dope haircut please and make it a video🙏🏽💇🏻‍♂️.

    Goffuto IchigoGoffuto Ichigo2 månader sedan
  • 0:17 Crispy Caught In 4K

    PSXCHOPSXCHO2 månader sedan
  • Nah man I'll stick to the wendy's version SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH BETWEEN A BACONATOR

    ZeoZeo2 månader sedan
  • Its not shiny is holographic but i used to call them shiny too lmao

    Doom BustasDoom Bustas2 månader sedan
  • Litten is the worst Pokemon card

    doge dogedoge doge2 månader sedan
  • Bruh, no disrespect, but that’s a Mcgangbang

    Logan BergLogan Berg2 månader sedan
  • Kate is so pretty :((

    burghursburghurs2 månader sedan
  • 0:17 Caught that boy in 4k😏

    Jacob PeweeJacob Pewee2 månader sedan
    • @Z3pplin ride the lightning

      Gabi BraunGabi Braun26 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Mireles And justice for all

      Z3pplinZ3pplinMånad sedan
    • @Z3pplin what about yours?

      Michael MirelesMichael MirelesMånad sedan
    • @putter -junior- there called 🍉 brother

      Joshua SarmientoJoshua SarmientoMånad sedan
    • Umm he looked at her 🍍🍍

      putter -junior-putter -junior-Månad sedan
  • crispy Kate

    Spyce KingdomSpyce Kingdom2 månader sedan
  • Some of the hollow cards are selling for 70$

    -_--_-2 månader sedan
  • Try a McChicken in a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle straight slaps

    itsyaboiallenitsyaboiallen2 månader sedan
  • pp poo poo

    Drift SalamanderDrift Salamander2 månader sedan
  • That’s called the mcgangbang btw

    Ivy ZypheIvy Zyphe2 månader sedan
  • I love you crispy but when you say “shiny Pokémon card” it hurts a lil

    Gavin CruzGavin Cruz2 månader sedan
  • So a McGangBang?? Jesus Christ 🤦🏻‍♂️

    NeCroHaVok61NeCroHaVok612 månader sedan
  • Is this meal in Canada?

    SKULFACE ZSKULFACE Z2 månader sedan
  • Diet coke is not lame

    octokwoctokw2 månader sedan
  • The process of eating a Crispy Condords Meal is called being McGangBanged

    Ryder BatmanRyder Batman2 månader sedan
  • 4:51 imma make this noise when I go down on my girl

    Antonio StanleyAntonio Stanley2 månader sedan
  • My favorite is getting a triple cheese burger. A hot and spicy. and fries in the middle. its so fire. With a sprite of course

    BIG FELLA SnyderBIG FELLA Snyder2 månader sedan
  • Just tried it this slaps🔥🔥👑

    Saber GamingSaber Gaming2 månader sedan
  • If kate doesn't Get in a relationship with crispy means THIER GAYYYY

    ツπ Klausツπ Klaus2 månader sedan
  • My broodas just want you to know the Freddie food king made me cry in that 1 video he such a genuine person I love him 🙂

    Risk_jess YTRisk_jess YT2 månader sedan
  • Kate shoudl make her own channel,she could literally just upload a vid of just a blank screen and itd brign in some good cash

    10PercentMilk Mmmm10PercentMilk Mmmm2 månader sedan
  • I think she ate the real meal off camera

    ɢᴏᴏseɢᴏᴏse2 månader sedan
  • Crispy! Quit bullshittin' and start mackin'!

    ColeCole2 månader sedan
  • Crispy took the mcgangbang and put his name on it 😂 just added mac sauce to it

    WhngWhng2 månader sedan
  • We are so close to 2 mil, they need to date right now

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  • Step 1 Mcdouble Step 2 mchicken Step 3 all together Call the the crispy cholesterol meal

    DaRksilverkillerDaRksilverkiller2 månader sedan

    keokeo2 månader sedan
  • its called a mcgangbang. take out the excess bread tho

    Do mDo m2 månader sedan
  • Wait are they dating or nah I am confused

    A CA C2 månader sedan
  • milk the views crispy. milk the views

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  • Lucy word

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  • Is it in Canadian McDonalds?

    MAX MASTER14MAX MASTER142 månader sedan
  • Her nose is fake

    John AllenJohn Allen2 månader sedan
  • I just tried the crispy Concords meal, it was decent, u couldn’t taste the chicken at first and then it hit right when I got to the middle of the sandwich🔥🔥🔥

    XtruthfulXtruthful2 månader sedan
  • Yo kates a baddie 😳

    HaulrHaulr2 månader sedan