LGR Oddware - Digispeech Plus: Sound Blaster Over Parallel

23 apr 2021
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Sound Blaster over the parallel port?! YEP. This one's all about the DSP Solutions Digispeech Plus, a sound device for DOS and Windows PCs that connects via the parallel port. It's not restricted to simple OPL2/3 stuff, nor is it a Covox Speech Thing/DSS clone. The DS311 simply plugs in, runs a TSR, and lets you select Sound Blaster mode in classic computer games using nothing more than the humble printer port. Fantastic.
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  • And now the case for this speaker could hold an mini pc

    your momyour mom5 timmar sedan
  • If you say LGR three times fast in front of an old computer monitor, it is said that you will see his reflection on your screen.

    Elbin CenisevElbin Cenisev2 dagar sedan
  • I always wonder if Clint isn't afraid of disassembling those old and rare devices. You never know whether it was made in a weird way, if you will damage it in the process. Brave.

    Lucas NGLucas NG2 dagar sedan
  • oh MY

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  • Don't need sound effects you have a clicky keyboard

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  • 21:15 Look at em'! Look at em' play that murder simulator!

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  • Man the way that guy writes the letter " i " in his note to you sure is strange lol

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  • In windows, when mixing is enabled, you hear it reducing the volume by 50%. From what I recall it does that for both music and digi playback and simply adds them together, which is a simple and cheap way to do software mixing, not very flexible in controlling the individual volume of music and sample playback, but very fast and.. as long as volumes do not mismatch too much, works pretty well.

    Bart Van LeeuwenBart Van Leeuwen6 dagar sedan
  • What is that song in the intro? I need to know!

    Arangizo KishArangizo Kish6 dagar sedan
    • Sandstorn by darude

      Lewis944Lewis9446 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 - "Assembled in Indonesia" Wow! Wow! I never know that my country was computer part exporter in 1990s. I thought it was a myth or folklore.

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  • "It's got a built-in microphone, but we'll test that later." _So like, this one time, I was really hungover and went down to Cashies..._ If you don't know, go check out DankPods, a mad Aussie man that reviews crap MP3 players and headphones.

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  • I would have immediately started trying to print things or stream random files out the parallel port just to see what it would do.

    Jared WrightJared Wright7 dagar sedan
  • Dude, you should totally do a video of a computer completely outfitted with all of the Oddware stuff you possibly can... That'd be awesome!

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  • That GameTek Jeopardy! game is probably the best one specifically made for DOS. Amazing that it finally made its way to the Internet Archive recently.

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  • What would be the optimal solution nowadays to get a soundblaster compatible sound via parallel solution to get the most out of your DOS/Win3.1ish Retro Gaming Laptop? Any recommendations?

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  • 21:10 Never thought I'd watch LGR stare blank faced at a monitor while he shoots dogs. Pretty based.

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  • An inconsistency in his text/LinkedIn: till 1994 CEO according to his text. But LinkedIn says 1990 ± 9:40

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  • When the recent bought disney sound source was considered to be exchanged at the local computer store.

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  • That test audio was beautiful :D Would make a great ringtone.

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  • Everytime you play CANYON.MID instead of PASSPORT.MID God kills a kitten. :(

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  • I really want to see you fire up that Adlib Personal Computer Music System you have in the back there. I have a love for synthesizers. I've been collecting and restoring them for almost 20 years. I love that you also have an affinity for them as well. I see your setups and I'm like "I have one of those! And one of those!" Keep it up with the awesome videos. And also: Greetings from Boone!

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  • It fascinates me with all of the functionality that can be achieved over the parallel port I originally thought only printers and then I found out scanners and then zip drives and LapLink interface. and it boggles the mind to think that networking and sound was able to be interfaced over that. Now if I could only get my hands on a parallel port network adapter that's not ridiculously expensive.

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  • Every time I hear these computer voices all I can think about is War Games and Joshua "shall we play a game?"

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  • I remember these at our library we used the 2 headphone jacks let 2 kids play and learn at once while playing the fun learning games. We never used it for the digital speech . we only used for the speaker or headphone jacks

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  • Das Reader

    Michael W. DeanMichael W. Dean11 dagar sedan
  • Didn't have a gravis gamepad laying around for Super Fighter? Oh wait, no sound card, no joystick port I guess.

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  • Imagine being brought out of 30 years sleep just to play synth for Zargon

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  • That bored digital voice Bwahahaha!! Excellent video!

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  • I don't need speech recognition to yell rude words at my computer. It knows!

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  • i need the test soundtrack

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  • Under real mode DOS you can just trap and redirect IO writes, which is what this driver does. Well it does more than that, but that's the main thing without which the whole SB emulation cannot even be attempted. Under protected mode of the CPU such as with DOS Extenders, it's... not really possible. You'd need to reverse engineer each group of games using a particular audio driver one group at a time (luckily hopefully not each game separately, though some will for sure prove unique) to hotpatch the support for the device in. ISA devices of course can implement compatibility directly in hardware. PCI devices may not, but they can include some helper hardware to help the emulation driver function under protected mode. But for this, but also AC97 USB etc, well there isn't such trapping hardware around.

    Siana GearzSiana Gearz12 dagar sedan
  • 9:47 Oh I absolutely believe that IBM sold a Digispeech with EVERY educational computer they ever sold. It's like my Uncle used to say: "ADA compliance is the biggest money making racket out there." And given this would have been sold as an ADA device, I wouldn't expect anything less than a Digispeech to accompany the sale of every educational computer.

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious13 dagar sedan
  • "Hi everyone and welcome to jeopardy" *sound of hurricane hitting the microphone*

    Sakura's FingernailsSakura's Fingernails13 dagar sedan
  • How does this compare to the OPL2LPT that you tested a few years ago?

    Nathan HardyNathan Hardy13 dagar sedan
  • Dr Sbaitso...

    Marc MMarc M13 dagar sedan
  • No The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack review?

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  • Enjoyed that lil comic Brandon made 😂

    SpacePillsSpacePills13 dagar sedan
  • Thought provoking stuff.

    Justin PakarnoJustin Pakarno13 dagar sedan
  • Hey LGR do you know anything about the Hitachi MB-S1 and Sony SMC-777 because if you do please show us the games and how it works and tell us more about them

    ROCKFURYROCKFURY13 dagar sedan
  • I'm waiting for a video in which you compare Canyon.mid from all the sound devices you've ever tried.

    thejackal007thejackal00713 dagar sedan
  • How can I get a hold of the audio sample at 13:20?

    Gabriele V.Gabriele V.13 dagar sedan
  • When you played Wolfenstein 3D on it, you couldn't hear differences in distance nor stereo. Every alerted guard sounds like he's standing next to you, where where on higher difficulties it would be usefull to hear where the guard is located, which you really can't on this device.

    DosgamertDosgamert13 dagar sedan
    • True, at least on the default settings! If you enable the "stereo" switch around back and plug in stereo headphones on the front then you get stereo playback.

      LGRLGR13 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to see you try out Coxox Sound Master and Sound Master 2, which had Sound Blaster emulation for Windows. Duke Nukem 2 is one of the few games that could use AdLib for effects *and* play them simultaneously with Sound Blaster effects for a "fatter" sound.

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  • Hey Digispeech order dog food

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  • love your voice. so i subscribed. :-D

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  • I'm just gonna comment on how great your sound mastering and compression is! Much better than most content creators in this format!

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  • Was this one of those that had the TTS parser with inline variable support (for stuff like pitch shifting, delay, etc.)? I wonder if the network options were for some IVR system integration support?

    El ChoopsEl Choops14 dagar sedan
    • @LGR perfect, thanks! I watched a video where they were using AI to write rap lyrics and then used the TTS synthesizer to attempt to "sing" it, mapping known patterns and feeding it into the variables. That was really cool

      El ChoopsEl Choops14 dagar sedan
    • That'd be the DECtalk! seworld.info/will/mIi7l7iYnI1_r4k/video

      LGRLGR14 dagar sedan
  • Doesn't Windows 98 have some built-in Sound Blaster emulation for DOS windows? Combine that with the ability for Win9x to use Win16 drivers and you might just be able to play Duke3d with this. Of course there's probably something I'm missing preventing that from working. If somebody's written a Linux driver then you could get Duke3d working via dosemu (except I'm not sure dosemu does sound at all).

    eDoc2020eDoc202014 dagar sedan
    • @LGR I looked some more and I think the built-in support is only for WDM drivers (so no luck there). However there's a program called VDMSound which has been ported to Win9x which seems like it should work with more devices.

      eDoc2020eDoc202013 dagar sedan
    • @LGR I know that's normally the case (the driver's VxDs traps hardware accesses and then mediates control of the actual hardware) but Windows does _some_ SB emulation of its own. On the following Microsoft page about Kernel-mode WDM Audio Components it is mentioned that "The SBEmul system driver (Sbemul.sys) provides Sound Blaster emulation for MS-DOS applications." (docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/audio/kernel-mode-wdm-audio-components) I don't think I've ever actually run DOS games with SB support under Win98's DOS but this _should_ mean that a SB game in a DOS window can play sound through an AC97 WDM driver which is .SYS only and has no dedicated VxD. If that works it would prove that Windows emulates the SB by itself (as only VxDs can provide emulation). Of course that might only work with WDM drivers and even then maybe not with games running in extenders. I don't have a Digispeech but maybe I could get it working with some other non-SB device in an emulator.

      eDoc2020eDoc202013 dagar sedan
    • It's not Windows that's doing the SB emulation in a DOS prompt, it's the device drivers provided _to_ Windows by your sound card. So you still need a device that's capable of doing SB emulation in DOS, whether or not it's running within Windows. And the Digispeech Windows drivers only affect emulation through Windows programs, with DOS support remaining as a separate TSR.

      LGRLGR14 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if there are any hombrew solutions to the DOS4GW support.

    StormsparkStormspark14 dagar sedan
  • What - you don’t eat dog food? Even at 20% health?

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  • Yet another very strange piece of 90's tech. It makes me long for simpler times.

    Linus FuLinus Fu14 dagar sedan
  • Ever wondered of brining back LGR tales?

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  • is he not doing sims 4 stuff anymore? he was always my go to it i should waste my money or not

    KiraKira14 dagar sedan
    • @LGR thank you! i gave up, i’m just going back to the sims 3. i can’t take their bs anymore.

      KiraKira14 dagar sedan
    • Only the expansions. "Don't waste your money" applies to everything else they sell these days, IMO

      LGRLGR14 dagar sedan
  • Oh wow brings back memories of the early screen readers.... there’s some thing oddly satisfying though about the early synthesizer speech. As a blind person, made you feel like you were living in the space-age you could access the computer. I was like three, when I first learned how to use a computer with speech, it was awesome

    Rachael RayRachael Ray14 dagar sedan
  • Big Blue is watching you.... just as paranoid about big tech way back then

    IFFY_TOOIFFY_TOO14 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, those were great days! I miss the days of computer shows and shareware disks!

    Kyle RugglesKyle Ruggles14 dagar sedan
  • How cool! I haven’t seen one of these in years! I grew up attending a two different elementary schools in the DeKalb County School District, DeKalb County, Georgia, USA. The elementary schools had them attached to what I recall was IBM PS/2 Model 25 computers. The school system used Web-Cat computer program that tested different subjects like reading comprehension, Math and social studies. For students who had a heard time reading or couldn’t read on screen print (Kindergarten through second or third grades) the Didgispeech plus was used to read aloud the instructions and other on screen font displayed on the Web-cat program. Of course headphones were provided to students so we would not disrupt others in the class working in the computer labs on other computers.

    druidhills2005druidhills200514 dagar sedan
  • For the public schools to buy stuff so crummy makes you wonder where all their economic stimulus packages are going.

    Lion McLionheadLion McLionhead14 dagar sedan
  • God I remember having to set IRQ's.. nothing was plug n play back then.

    Dillinger R.Dillinger R.14 dagar sedan
  • This vid brings me my back memories. That is the great time.

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  • does anyoe remember Dr Sbaitso?

    Tim HowardTim Howard15 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of Dr. SBAITSO... it didn't exactly repeated what you wrote, but as kids, my school friends and I realized that telling the Doctor "Crazy Crazy" and any text following made the program repeat what you just typed. And of course, for us it was swear words...

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    holden⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻holden⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻15 dagar sedan
  • yay turbovision

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  • You know, I miss the days when LGR wasn't all about audio devices. But that is my humble opinion.

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  • This is an interesting video. This has been shown by actual test.

    Drew DuncanDrew Duncan15 dagar sedan
  • Are you ever going to make a video about virtual guitar / vpick games made before Guitar Hero? There was all sorts of stuff. Quest for Fame game , Aerosmith Nine Lives CD-album and there was all sorts of equipment if you could get them somewhere. Quest for Fame Worked ok with Win3.1 and W95 if you were able to install quicktime runtimes and such. Would make a nice video if you can get around the copyright on famous songs. EDIT: Forgot to mention; they are all parallel devices ;D

    TonyZiTonyZi15 dagar sedan
  • Back when I worked for Creative Labs in the 90s, we had a prototype of the "Port Blaster", a sound card for the parallel port designed for use in Laptops that back in those days didn't have integrated sound. They were almost ready to release when they made an embarrassing discovery: many laptop parallel ports didn't provide power. The whole project was scrapped. Bet someone lost their job over that!

    Dave ComptonDave Compton15 dagar sedan
  • i just thought of something that may be a laugh for some of the young viewers "MUSICAL DISK DRIVES" lol disk drive head music it was amasing lol

    MrMADUNITMrMADUNIT15 dagar sedan
  • 311?

    Ruben HernandezRuben Hernandez15 dagar sedan
  • Mid 90's, sound device, networking software? Could it be some form of Voice over IP device as well? There were a few out there but none really gained any traction.

    Jon-Paul FilkinsJon-Paul Filkins15 dagar sedan
  • Watching this on a windows 95 pc

    philphil15 dagar sedan
  • OK you know what video would be cool to see you do? Match-up the best actual DOS rig you can put together (best sound adapter/graphics/etc) with a modern gaming computer running DOSBox, then play the same games and compare the experience.

    David ThatcherDavid Thatcher15 dagar sedan
  • best channel on utube

    Ray TorkRay Tork15 dagar sedan
  • It was amazing how an interface that was intended to send characters to slow printers had so much bandwidth that it could support SCSI drives.

    Scott LarsonScott Larson15 dagar sedan
  • Super Fighter sounds incredibad on this

    Orion AkeOrion Ake15 dagar sedan
  • I remember canyon.mid on an actual SB missing the same things! (Such that hearing the full instrumentation later didn't sound right to me.) It played correctly in the DOS player, and also in Windows 3.1 after some setting in MIDI setup was tweaked. I wonder if that would work here.

    Peter MayPeter May15 dagar sedan
  • Love this review!

    Jens HartmannJens Hartmann15 dagar sedan
  • Looking at that 25 pin D-Sub male connector, well I still make this crap from time to time. We make them as replacement for old swiss textile machines,

    MrScraTczMrScraTcz15 dagar sedan
  • Next Episode Of LGR Oddware: IBM Aptiva 2168 Unboxing

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  • you just need some Joshua lines from war games....... even though it sounds different.

    Deathshaker 00Deathshaker 0015 dagar sedan
  • 13:22 BREEZE.WAV

    William WilliamWilliam William15 dagar sedan
  • "you'll always sound precocious" not "you'll really sound precocious" you got the lyrics wrong

    RawrItsTayL0RRawrItsTayL0R15 dagar sedan
    • I didn't write them, that's the demo file it came with.

      LGRLGR15 dagar sedan
  • 7:10 Gotta love that unnecessary xenophobia.

    Kaitlyn PetersonKaitlyn Peterson15 dagar sedan
  • @21:00 i like how the face mirrors, its almost like you are the -dukenukem- bj blaskowitz.

    Flint GrahamFlint Graham15 dagar sedan
  • I really wouldn't call sound blaster emulation in software t that doesn't work with protected mode software as actually being sound blaster compatible. The requirement of a 386 for sb indicates it needs to use virtual x86 mode to emulate the sb hardware maybe the device contains some hardware to make it eaier to emulate but no mixing of the opl and pcm sfx really suggests they were trying to avoid too much cpu usage in the emulation so didn't implement a software mixer except in windows with reduced sound quality

    MonochromeWenchMonochromeWench15 dagar sedan
  • neat

    WarriorWarrior15 dagar sedan
  • :D

    plan7aplan7a16 dagar sedan
  • Its weird how Jeopardy is still on the air, With the same set, same sounds, same host (just alex is 25 years older now). Nothing has changed. Wheel Of Fortune has been revamped a few times.

    scottcol23scottcol2316 dagar sedan
  • Aside: That's a really nice PCB layout.

    Maggie McFeeMaggie McFee16 dagar sedan
  • 10:26 - I swear at my 386 every now and again. Nothing has changed since I was 13.

    The KombinatorThe Kombinator16 dagar sedan
  • The colour, the red text, and just the form factor really. It looks like an NES peripheral, minus a Nintendo logo.

    That Sodding GamerThat Sodding Gamer16 dagar sedan
  • Very cool to see, as usual. Reminds me of my parallel port CD player that contains a midi sound card/speaker under Windows. Certainly an oddity.

    AstonMartin fanAstonMartin fan16 dagar sedan
  • Very cool! 🤘 🎸

    S.J. L.S.J. L.16 dagar sedan
  • I think it is still a viable option today: an SB/Adlib for that era laptops, or IBM PS/2s without sound cards. Can it be reverse-engineered, or developed something similar (I know of OPL to LPT, but miss SB emulation)?

    HeretiqueHeretique16 dagar sedan
  • The only DSP I would like to hear and not some fat dork making a complete jackass of himself.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne16 dagar sedan
  • I had that Jeopardy game! RIP Alex Trebek, he was the best.

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  • Woot!

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  • Bring back LGR Foods!!

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  • I wish I could like more than once. Your production value is fantastic.

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