17 dec 2020
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the strangest discord video i've ever made
POV: You like the video
Today we're roleplaying in discord. Tranium was playing music off a royalty free website and we made up fake scenarios to improv / roleplay with the music playing in the background. I think this came out really funny so let me know if we should do this again in discord. Thanks for watching!
Friends in the vid:
Tranium - @Tranium
Soup - @Soup
Chaos - @Whos Chaos
Hyper - @HyperNovaPuma
Cheezy - @Im Cheezy
Suda - @Im Suda
Ahrora - @Ahrora
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  • i'm hulk hogan brother

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy Concords4 månader sedan
    • @Will Stanley yup, I've been using Flixzone for years myself :)

      Makai EdenMakai Eden7 dagar sedan
    • pro tip : you can watch movies at flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.

      Will StanleyWill Stanley7 dagar sedan
    • damn sameeeee bro me too relatable mannn

      I dont knowI dont knowMånad sedan

      Rylanmetors473Rylanmetors473Månad sedan
    • U should callab with zho on Omegle

      Jamesyn LoopeJamesyn Loope4 månader sedan
  • Same

    マイケル Fake Showマイケル Fake Show7 dagar sedan
  • yes

    dominantshxrkdominantshxrkMånad sedan
  • 10:06 timthetatman music

    DemonicLion47DemonicLion47Månad sedan
  • more of this please

    canofbeanscanofbeansMånad sedan
  • part 2 plz

    2inch-punisher :/2inch-punisher :/Månad sedan
  • Tranium: bed in breakfast

    Boomy NinjaBoomy Ninja3 månader sedan
  • Bungalow... BUNGALOW!? It's just a once story house.

    Call Me AutismCall Me Autism3 månader sedan
  • hey mr crispy this might seem weird but my name is jordan wellington and im a young landscaper but ever since my father died things has gone over the edge life as been really hard for me but my dream is to be a streamer and a landscaping architecture but im having a really hard time man i really do like where i live is really rough and i wanna really live to see my dream.. but the thing im asking for is a little help with that please if you can help me a little please do man i'll be on here hoping that you see this..

    skindawgzzskindawgzz3 månader sedan
  • I was waiting for the n word to come up during the diner bit. Tbh thought soup was gonna go for it

    Jacob BuiJacob Bui4 månader sedan
  • If Ur a tru rdr2fan u know what an O'Driscoll is

    Oscar GiddingsOscar Giddings4 månader sedan
  • 💀😩

    bummhoesbummhoes4 månader sedan
  • Okay as a Native of North America. This part killed the Indian out of me! 🤣 6:00

  • This shii had me deeeeeee💀💀💀😭

    Whatevr_Whatevr_4 månader sedan
  • Lmaoo this too funny 😂

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  • This is insanely funny. We need more vids like this

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  • My Name is Jeff

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  • Im the 7k like

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  • “Chaos in a diner in the 1950s”

    LuckyproductyLuckyproducty4 månader sedan
  • Do more

    Gelvin MedranoGelvin Medrano4 månader sedan
  • 5:52

    Lilly m.Lilly m.4 månader sedan

    Billie Jo HeckBillie Jo Heck4 månader sedan
  • "who will cook dinner tonight" I cant lmao

    Sigma PrimeSigma Prime4 månader sedan
  • Y’all have to do this again!

    Nathaniel KrafftNathaniel Krafft4 månader sedan
  • This shit funny at 2 am in the morning eating peanut butter

    Jonathan BohrJonathan Bohr4 månader sedan
  • What do you u use to edit??

    AndreyGEO6AndreyGEO64 månader sedan
  • I just found u keep up the good work

    Kerrie meldrumKerrie meldrum4 månader sedan
  • Part 2?

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  • How do they edit this for the rp story?

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  • You should make a video of what editing your videos look like

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  • Funniest shit I seen all day

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  • Crispy

    Yetersonpeterson XDlolYetersonpeterson XDlol4 månader sedan
  • This was the gayest but funniest shit I've ever seen in my life 😂🤣

    AfriKingAfriKing4 månader sedan
  • Caan u somehow make this a series on omegle? plz

    A GavinA Gavin4 månader sedan
  • Why is this surprisingly very entertaining

    Adrian ContrerasAdrian Contreras4 månader sedan
  • Make this a series😂😂😂

    Kalil SubaanKalil Subaan4 månader sedan
  • pepe is a racist symbol the frog

    Jesse SerranoJesse Serrano4 månader sedan
  • hit the like button if u what Crispy to play cod again

    Isaac KrutsingerIsaac Krutsinger4 månader sedan
  • You guys should host a competition for fans to have a verse in the next Mome Boys song. Give us a beat and have the rest of the gang react together

    AramisLIVEAramisLIVE4 månader sedan
  • Anyone watching Monster Hunter in a couple days?!

    Sevastian GomezSevastian Gomez4 månader sedan
  • cringe bro

    Maiykel MirromanMaiykel Mirroman4 månader sedan
  • bro this is the funniest shit ive watched in 2020 lmaoooo

    Alexander RomeroAlexander Romero4 månader sedan
  • the 36 people who disliked are natives 😂

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  • y’all should play jackbox

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  • Omegle series is back😌😌

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  • Omegle series back??

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  • u cannot tell me they were not high asf during this

    PlayBoi _PlayBoi _4 månader sedan
  • Cheesy you Kno u look like the character evangello from back 4 blood the game

    Thecause LIFEThecause LIFE4 månader sedan
  • i watched this

    zuhnzuhn4 månader sedan
    • im better at csgo noob

      retret4 månader sedan
    • Cool

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    • Is it me or ur everywhere

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    • Noice but who asked

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  • Peppe Peepo

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  • 0:13 song name pls

    mouhib assilimouhib assili4 månader sedan
  • I got about 5 mins in and then had the realization of what am I doing

    SmashSmash4 månader sedan
  • this video actually just got me through a breakup thank you guys for the laughs

    AstriumAstrium4 månader sedan
  • They off the beans

    Smoove Shoa-dowSmoove Shoa-dow4 månader sedan
  • Today i told the blind kid he cant eat fish bc its see food

    Lorne GIPLorne GIP4 månader sedan
  • This is the hardest I've laughed in awhile, we need more videos like this

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  • Yall did hyper nasty 😂😂😂

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  • Why cheezy always trying to make it gay

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  • Took a gay turn in 4 min new record

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  • What is the name of the song in the start

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  • Almost 2 mil subs and yet his videos get like no views, whats happening

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  • Partttt 2!!!

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  • POV: you're looking at this comment. also have a nice day:)

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  • Video starts at 0:00

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  • from youtubers to rappers now actors? damn 2020 be wildin

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  • Banger

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  • Chaos fr gotta stop. I cant handle how unfunny he is

    Elijah WatkinsElijah Watkins4 månader sedan
  • I haven’t hade this good of a laugh in awhile

    Braeden ColvinBraeden Colvin4 månader sedan
  • Please make more of these

    Swizzy JSwizzy J4 månader sedan
  • a bungalow is a 1 story house

    Sl0thSl0th4 månader sedan
  • Lmao I got an add right after “Elon musk” said “quick harvest his meat”

    Hector AmezolaHector Amezola4 månader sedan
  • Damn crispy didn't get the oddriscoll reference from rdrd2

    insigniainsignia4 månader sedan
  • its lit

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  • Please do this again

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  • discord gang

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  • Look below hypers foot during the gay strip club scene

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    • Your welcome for the neck in flavor of soup Ps I already neck myself in flavor of soup

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  • Why is soup so damn funny

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  • someone in this video needs to be in the mcu

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  • This is great bro

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  • Why is this so entertaining😄😂

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  • Wtf is this videp

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  • When soup said harvest his meat an ad for bacon popped up

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  • You need more subs. This group is so funny because of editing work and jokes.

    bluebro827bluebro8274 månader sedan
  • This is like them all just acting out some weird fan fics

    AtRealBeanAtRealBean4 månader sedan
  • I've been bored stuck in my room with covid with nothing to do. This video really made my day. Thank you so much 💕💕

    AngieAngie4 månader sedan
  • "The only question is, who's cooking dinner?" My Body Left Me

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  • Almost 2 mil baby

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  • You can barely hear the music

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  • THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVVVEERR!!!!!!!!Keep it up guys:)

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  • hey crispy ik u prolly wont see this but if u do i saw your last video i just wanna ask next time u make a vid like that can you visit my channel because i have 2 followers from what i remember but if u do thx love your content keep up teh good work hope to see u hit 2 mil soon

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  • You know I really didn't think I would like this but then I did

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  • 6:03 you ain’t wanna miss this

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  • Frigga

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  • what happened with tranium I heard someone say he almost caught a case Edit: not sure if this is true but someone was saying something about it

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