Kids With DISABILITIES Get SHAMED, What Happens Next Will Shock You | Dhar Mann

2 maj 2021
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- Sister Ashamed Of Her Disabled Brother, She Instantly Regrets It:​
- Life Tips:​​

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00:00 Sister Ashamed Of Disabled Brother
05:59 Popular Girl Humiliates Disabled Girl
10:19 Student Humiliated Special Ed Kid
20:00 Recommended Video To Watch Next

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  • I would beat his friend 😢♥️♥️

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  • Q

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  • I hate that teacher well u were on special Ed not like u were goin to be great

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  • Now I want mrs. green as a teacher

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  • this is a try not to cry challenge :(

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  • So actually he’s not your sibling

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  • This is Like One Of Video I Like!

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  • She probably got concussed when she was pushed by the brother to save her. That would make sense of why she didn't remember her brother being his by a car

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  • I thought seon was a girl😅

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  • you could ran over the bully's

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  • There's a classmate of mine who can't read, like Lewis in the video, and we don't make fun of her, but we tell her the word if she can't pronounce it.

  • Brothers seeing the sister getting saved.. oh you made a mistake my sister is annoying

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  • 11:05 - I didn't call any *on* else

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  • This made me cry 😭😭like fr

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  • I hardly cry, but this video really flowed my tearss

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  • Im pretty sure there was a mean girls refrence for wearing pink on wensdays

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  • I love the disabled kids they are so cuteee 🥺💕💕💕

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  • you forgot the kid where hes autistic and gets bullied

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  • "so you see"-dhar man

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  • It doesn’t matter about the limp it matters about 💗 Love

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  • Why does the kid in the 3rd act look like musty’s brother

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  • Cool NOT,BURN

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  • I know what it’s feels like to be in a wheelchair to in kindergarten my ankle was broken and I cannot play outside when it was recess

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  • I feel for the kid really, but I can't blame the kids for not wanting him on their team.

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  • You know it’s gonna get real good when the character says “so you see”🙃

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  • I fell bad for him I want to be friends I have tears right now

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  • The story from Lewis was cool!

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  • Powerful message

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  • they’re acting and I don’t think there siblings irl but I ship them kinda bc when she was helping him with the food she was blushing 🤦🏼‍♀️😃

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  • Love the story

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  • It did make me sad who ever bullies a guy they shouldn’t it’s not a very nice thing

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  • 2 question s and who agrees with me ? Why Do ads have to ruin the best parts of every single videos ? I wish ads would pop up before the video starts like in the movies or after the video is over.

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  • grant 0:12 his broken leg was his right leg but in 4:03 the doctor showed the left leg broken. ??????

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  • sooo sad so the brother saved the little girl when she almost got ran over 😞☹️ The sister was so sad and decided to be nice😭😔😞

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  • lewis: lookin in da book Me: *CHILD GEORGE NOT FOUNDDDDDDDDD*

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  • We may be different outside but we're all the same on the inside

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  • Okay there's a guy who is exactly like Lewis in my class, 8th grade. Sometimes, i feel bad for him because the class bullies him a lot. But the wrong turn on that guy in my class is that, he is not a bully, but he doesnt care either and is quiet. But i hope he excels just like Lweis

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  • That girl needs to change her attitude

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  • 11:51 Are are dumb yourself you cant even realize the definition of d-u-m-b

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  • Last messages in Dhar Man's video is "What happens next is shocking"

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  • I was crying there was a beautiful speech and story I would sacrifice my life for my sister because I've never seen her in many weeks in months and days I never get to see you I only get to call her back I'm crying you have to sacrifice your limbs or your body to save your loved one so you won't have to be alone okay you don't have to be like standing there to sing one you have to one after her or him do you have to save them if you love them only family member you have saved them there was a speech and I hope you love you love ones out there okay and you are the best I want to shout out because I have a speech to say every single comment okay I'll be gone to the next video

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  • "So, we're wearing pink tomorrow?" "Yeah, It's Wednesday" Me: *oN wEDnEsDayS wE wEaR piNk*

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  • poor Ayden :(

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    • There's absolutely nothing wrong with having Disabilties

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  • WHAT I WOULD THE LUCKYEST IF MY BROTHER ACTULLY WANTED TO PLAY WITH ME SHAME ON YOU/your very good actors dont take that personally/

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  • Why would you shame someone who’s disabled ? Especially your own blood . That’s so mean . I wanted to slap Kelsey

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